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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

get to know me........

here's a list of things you may or may not know about me

1. my initials are AJL
2. I have an eclectic taste in music(according to myself)
3. my favorite color is black
4. I have over 25 black t-shirts
5. I'm a huge fan of the colbert report
6. I am amazingly good at super turbo puzzle fighter
7. I'm overweight(pretty obvious right?)
8. I'm not as fat as I was a few months ago
9. I wear a size 14 shoe(finding shoes is tough)
10. I have 3 myspace pages(2 of them for music)
11. I'm way taller than Al Roker
12. I'm a Detroit sports fanatic
13. I live on the eastside of Detroit
14. I was born at Fort Ord in Monterey county,California
15. I do not have a birth certificate
16. I can legpress 600 pounds
17. I was nearly kicked out of canada in 2007
18. the number 17 is my favorite number
19. I've been a fan of pro wrestling since i was a baby
20. I absolutely hate coffee
21. I kinda like coffee cake
22. I think the blue collar comedy tour would be great if they got rid of bill engvall
23. I'd rather listen to lil wayne than nas any day of the week
24. I once met Ann Curry(she's a borderline midget)
25. I lost 2 jobs in the span of one week last year

comment and link me to lists of things i dont know about you

wtf?(part 3 of who the hell knows how many)

wtf is this?

its the duct tape bandit. yes its old but damn its still hilarious

and in a related post

Sunday, January 18, 2009

closing in

By now you all know that we're literally about a day and a half away from having a new president of these United States of America and to be honest i'm kinda excited about that. Its gonna be good to see a new guy in charge instead of someone who's been in washington for the last 30 years watching things get worse and worse without doing anything about it or even saying anything about it. Obama in the last few weeks has proven to me that he really doesnt waste time getting down to business and thats a habit that I should probably pick up. I know alot of people are probably gonna be choked up when they see him getting sworn in. I wont be one of those people. I'll be too busy celebrating and looking optimistically towards the next 4 years. thanks for reading this random nonsense

Friday, January 16, 2009

youtube of the week

so yeah to generate myself towards this blog and to get more traffic i'm gonna start writing more and one of the great ideas that i have is to have a youtube of the week(maybe even youtube of the day) which will feature some of the funnier and more interesting videos on youtube. here's the first one

Saturday, January 10, 2009

things that need to stop in 2009

1. hating the radio - this one is obvious for me. people bitch and moan all day about how all they play is crap on the radio but they fail to realize that the radio basically plays whatevers popular at the moment and just because your favorite rapper isnt popular doesnt mean that the radio is a big government conspiracy to ruin your listening experience and make you a slave of some sort some way or another

2. hating soulja boy - I'm not really a fan of him and to be honest a lot of his music is just asstastic garbage but I'm not gonna hate on him. It just seems weird to me that alot of older rappers really hate him when their records stop selling(Ice T,Ghostface Killah,others). quit hating on him and get back to making your music and maybe it'll start selling again and on the net people really seem to hate this dude to the point that they'll watch his videos on youtube,rate it,subscribe and then write a comment. they'll call him broke or a bitch in the comment while not realizing that he just made almost a dollar off of them just stopping by to hate

3. rappers beefing through youtube - you aint tough nigga. we're really supposed to take you serious because you got your boy to record you with your shirt off threatening random people that you refuse to name. my whole life i've always heard that beef involves minimal talking and alot of violence.quit talking tough and get back to making albums

4.saying hip hop is dead - really? its dead? you just made a rap album and hip hop is dead? so why did you just make the album? another thing that annoys me about it is that people love saying hip hop is dead but cant explain why or how. the usual common answer is "soulja boy killed it" or "the south killed it" or a combination of the two. people who say that usually dont look at the fact that soulja boy actually does 2 of the main elements of hip hop(rap,breakdance) while most rappers dont or the fact that hip hop isnt always about struggling or being a drug kingpin or both at the same time

5.old rappers being pissed off at younger rappers - see number 2 on this list

6. rappers trying to sing for real - I dont really mind you doing your hook even though i would prefer to hear an R&B singer singing a hook.I dont really mind a rapper experimenting with autotune but if another rapper does like kanye and makes a whole album of singing out of key i swear i'm gonna go to a best buy store and break every last one of those cd's. it didnt sound good with kanye(sounded pretty bad actually) and it wont sound good with 99.99999% of rappers.

7.nerdcore - I think its great that nerds want to rap about dungeons and dragons and mac osx but damn would it kill some of them to focus more on the rapping aspect of rapping and not on how many times you can mention a computer in the song

the fuck is this shit?

8. e-thuggin - nigga you aint tough. it seems like people have really become angry on the internet lately. people are really quick to throw insults and threats at eachother now.this is happening alot now because people hide behind pictures of naruto cartoons on the internet and spend all day trying to start arguments on real rap talk or myspace. clearly most e-thugs would never even attempt to do or say 95% of the things they say on the internet in real life. about 60% of those wouldnt walk out of the house if they didnt run out of cheetos and diced ham

yeah theres alot more i can rant about but i'm tired. leave a comment and leave more comments

Thursday, January 8, 2009

umm......totally worth the money?

so is this worth $14,000 to you?

yes? no? maybe?

Monday, January 5, 2009

random tv boredom

tyler perry's house of payne really isnt a good show at all. the plots arent that good. the writing is weaker than bud light and they really need to step up the production value on the show. with all that said there are a couple of things i really like about the show mainly the character Dana.Not because she's a great character or anything but because the actress that plays her(Denyce Lawton) happens to look incredible but then again the show isnt lacking when it comes to nice looking women to stare at

Saturday, January 3, 2009

new year,new goals

so yeah its 2009 and its time for a since its time for a change i might as well outline some of the things i want to change/do/improve on this year

1. get a decent job. i'm sick of bouncing from dead end job to dead end job that doesnt pay anything and always end with me being laid off. its seriously prohibiting me from doing what i want to do and its the reason why i havent been able to do the next couple of things on this list such as.........
2. get my finances in order: I have a small amount of debt which would be totally manageable if not erased completely if i were actually making money and if i dont do that i wont be able to do number 3 on this list............
3. get a car: to be honest i'm just sick and tired of walking,catching a ride with someone else and worst of all waiting an ungodly amount of time for the bus and end up late to whereever i should be at. and on another note i'd love to have a pontiac. i just happen to have a thing for pontiacs

4. get in college somewhere:it can be wayne state or it could be wayne county community college. i really dont care just as long as i'm in a college working towards a degree in international business or business logistics. so yeah basically i want to eventually be that guy in the suit that gets paid $125,000 a year to tell other people what other people are going to buy

kinda like that nigga but without the line of sex toys in my likeness

5.get in shape: not just lose weight but lose a few pounds and get my body looking right. this may be the hardest thing to do or possibly the easiest depending on how i go about doing it. if it all works out correctly i'm gonna be walking around shirtless for no damn reason in the winter

6.sell some damn music: yeah i do music and in the past i have sold a few beats/tried my ass off to get songs that i've helped make played on internet radio stations(you wont find any currently) and it feels good to know that people think that the music i've helped make is kinda good but i wanna make it better so in 09 i'm gonna make it alot better and learn to play an instrument while i'm at it so i can be kind of a one man version of kool and the gang