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We're finally out of Iraq.

99 Problems

He got 99 problems but Mitt ain't done.


20+ weird things you may or may not have wanted to know about Sarah Palin.

Monday, October 26, 2009

dont forget to......

stop by this blog everyday. you'll never know when i'm gonna update this blog with a new layout,design,song,video or just a long rant about nothing. so make sure you visit early and often and comment as much as humanly possible. while your at it check out the other blog i contribute to the coffee table for all types of wonderful insights into music and for some of the most kickass free and legal downloads available anywhere. I now leave you with a video oh and shoutout to Goodwill for letting me contribute to the coffee table

post blog note: I didnt know there was a video for boom boom clap until just now. talk about being late on some shit

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fail of the week

on a personal level this may in fact fail harder than the republican Hispanic heritage month video that didnt include Sonia Sotomayor. The GOP has finally decided to re-design and rebuild their website. while the site is ok to look at it was way overpriced at a cool 1.4 million dollars and to add to it they probably could've done it for free. case in point check out these two sites. 1 is my old myspace music page which desperately needs an update and the other is the official site of the GOP.

made 2 and a half weeks ago for close to 1.4 mil by professionals

made mid 2007 by me alone with freely available software

the bottom line is that they hired professionals to make a glorified myspace page with a sparkly american flag at the bottom of it. by the way the sparkly flag can be acquired for free

special thanks to for the inspiration
thanks to for having the facts
and thanks to myself for having that myspace page

and a special thanks to you for visiting my current/main myspace pages and

More Google maps madness

zoom all the way in and you're gonna be in for a huge laugh. I promise

click here to zoom in on the craziness

this video is still funny to me

and you've ever heard of gucci mane or Oj da juiceman this shit might be hilarious to you. The funniest part about this is that gucci's verse is actually kinda good and better than most of the real gucci manes verses on songs he was dead serious about.

and for comparison here's a song with the real versions of Oj da Juiceman and Gucci Mane and not Twinn and Fatt Kidd(the guys providing the music and lyrics from the cartoon)

the quest for a trending topic

I've been thinking and I think its time I found a way to get a topic to trend on twitter. so this goes out to any and everyone who reads this......find a way to include #T1anddrebone somewhere in your tweets. that is all

Friday, October 23, 2009

100th post

which means that i'm gonna post a picture of a scantily clad young woman. oh and on another note i wanna congratulate myself for continuing to blog instead of just giving up and going to watch porn or something

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I think I have a new favorite website

and that website is called this is why you're fat .this site probably keeps jillian michaels up at night due to her nightmares of seeing morbidly obese people dive head first into gigantic bowls of melted butterfingers covered in pudding slathered on top of more melted candy bars and finally topped off with some ice cream and thin mints.oh and a diet coke just to keep things healthy. the site is so disgustingly hilarious that i think i might have diabetes just looking at while i go get some insulin shots you guys can leave a comment and check out this is why you're fat

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

so......we're resorting to making fake twitter accounts now

Apparently some people are so upset about their guy not winning the last election that theyve decided to make fake twitter accounts to make the victors look bad. Don't believe me? well here's some proof thanks to the hartford advocate . you should probably click that link and laugh at how low some "educated" people are willing to go

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

funniest thing i've ever seen on google maps

right here

yes i know this post is short but you know you're gonna like it

random observation

People who dont want to get the swine flu vaccine but are worried about the swine flu are stupid.Why would you not want to treat something that you're scared of? just think about that

Monday, October 19, 2009

I havent seen this video in forever

which means you probably havent seen it in a long time too.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My favorite Wu-Tang tracks

first up is in my humble opinion one of the best hip hop songs ever produced. to be serious though i feel like all of these songs are top quality and top tier rap song but the chorus of this song is probably the realest thing i've ever heard and it made understanding the world and why people do what they do so much easier.

this next song is awesome for so many reasons from the amazing descriptions of women,to the various flows to the melodic hook to the smooth beat this song has everything you could want in a song and lots of it

the youtube description pretty much says it all "best video of all time" and i cant put up that much of an argument against that but to add to it the beat is just incredible and method man absolutely kills it on this one.

I honestly wish they would've made a video for this one but unfortunately that didnt happen but with that said enjoy my favorite song off of the ghostface killah classic album "supreme clientele"

cold beat,colder flows and 3 presidential mc's. nothing more needs to be said

I'd kick my own ass if this song wasnt in here. one of my favorite beats ever and when you add raekwon murdering the track to it,its basically unstoppable. I dare you to find 10 tracks better than this by anyone not named pac,biggie or big l

i dont even need a description here but just know its good. scratch that its great

the best song on digital bullet and the sexiest video out of this bunch you've been watching. the rza - la rhumba

Friday, October 16, 2009

theres a rep for that

I laughed at it and you probably will too

photobucket pic of the day

time has a way of changing people

song of the day

not only is this the song of the day but its one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs for so many reasons but especially because of the smooth bassline in it

Thursday, October 15, 2009

kinda random but

I had no idea Meghan McCain was so damn sexy.......and apparently she isnt as crazy sounding as her dad so thats kind of a good thing too

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

song of the day

Lofat featuring Young LA and Rocko - walk it to the bank(remix)

photobucket pic of the day

Monday, October 12, 2009

song of the day

my obligatory nicki minaj post

for those of you who havent heard of her(all 9 of yall)Nicki Minaj is a rapper who just happens to have the weird balance of looking good and having some decent rhyming skills. so obviously that combo has helped her get a big buzz on the streets and on the net it doesnt hurt that she's a part of young money(lil wayne's record label). while the buzz has been great not all of it has been positive. as with anyone that comes up in the music industry there are going to be people who spend their lives trying to tear you down and thats the case with the video below. I'm sure most of us couldnt care if she has fake breasts,or fake hair or that she may or may not wear asspads. most guys shouldnt care considering that if given the chance we would all still sleep with her and any guy that says otherwise is a liar or possibly even gay. there i said it. the real fact is that she was fine looking before she got all the enhancements and alot of us became fans of hers because of those enhancements+her ability and if we suddenly act like she somehow lost her ability because she has fake breasts we werent looking at her for the right reasons to begin with.

On a sidenote this video was probably done by some fat ugly chick with nothing to do or some dude thats mad about not being able to get in her

photobucket pic of the day

because we all need to see a good picture every once in a while. first photo is one i took of Ann Curry last year when she was here in Detroit

you think this first video is hilarious.......

well the second one only gets funnier......and it might be the second gayest thing ever shown on regular tv next to the show ghost hunters

If you want to buy one of those for whatever reason you should be clicking here right now

Friday, October 9, 2009

Misplaced Priorities?

It was announced that BET would be doing a documentary style show about Michael Vick and alrady people are angry about it to the point of wishing death on him. I dont see the reason for the Vick hatred when we have people dying everyday over foolishness. Have we lost all compassion for people that theyre less important than animals? Are we really that uncaring to our fellow man that their deaths dont mean anything yet we can have outbreaks of protests over a few animals dying.Where are the protests for the kids who have to deal with losing their family members to murder? Where are the protests for healthcare reform? Where are the protests for the wars we have going on? Why arent we so angry over homelessness in this country? Yes abusing,torturing and killing animals is terrible but these animals arent people. we walk past people in need of help everyday and the most we can do is make a rude comment about how they should "get off those drugs" or "get a fuckin job". With all of this going on in the world why are a few pitbulls so important? Is it because of who was behind it? Is it due to his race? Is it because we've ignored the problem for years and now we need someone to blame for it? Somebody answer that for me

Song of the day

Ja Rule - How many wanna die.

I havent been a ja rule fan in a long time and its because this song is basically his peak. a great song from a good rapper that fell off. enjoy

the notorious P.A.B.

number one in the hood G

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

song of the day

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where has it gone?

What happened to being humble? What happened to having manners? What happened to humility? It seems that these things are missing from the internet. Why is that? We arent that bad in real life. Infact some of us are quite nice in person,but why are we so damn angry on here? It seems as if the internet is a haven for people to be angry,hateful,racist and just generally say things that they would never even whisper out loud in real life. the anonymous nature of the internet and the fact that you can literally do a ton of mischief and get away with it lends to this internet culture of mean spiritedness. I have personally received death threats over the internet before just for saying things like "I didnt really like that song too much". Obviously thats a cowardly act done behind a screen and thats where the real problem lies. People on the internet have huge delusions of grandeur. From the internet thug to the girl who spends all day on myspace and facebook talking about how pretty she is(when she's a 7 at best) or the anonymous blogger who spends all day trashing celebrities they dont know or will never meet. With all this said those delusions of grandiocity are just a cover for a real problem with these people and thats low self esteem,very low self esteem.People with normal self esteem usually dont feel the need to say how great they are all the time or trash others to make themselves appear great.Just get over yourself internet people. We can see that all of your tough talk,trash talk,"overconfidence" and celebrity worship is really just a cry for attention. Dont take your life frustration out on us just try to fix it in real life

chill out tough guy you arent scaring anyone

Monday, October 5, 2009

song of the day

T da Pimp - the ownders manual

more unsigned hype from Detroit. I'm not just posting this because I met him once when i was a teenager,or because the guy that does promotions for him lives in my old neighborhood. I'm posting this because I've been a fan of his for a while and this song is effin awesome. support some Detroit hip hop and enjoy the song

something for you beatmakers

get NX synth 2 for free(and legally) right here.....after you sign up to the website but its definitely worth it.

they wont send you any emails,spam,porn,german porn,hatemail or anything weird. they just want you to register

all i'm sayin is..........

Some of this stupid shit has to stop

Thursday, October 1, 2009

fail of the week

I didnt think a whole organization could fail this hard but it just did. thats right i'm lookin at you Republican national committee. Not only did they leave out mel martinez(republican senator from florida),they also left out the first Supreme court justice of Hispanic origin. thats right they forgot(or purposely left out) Judge Sonia Sotomayor.The video of this epic failure is below.Also notice how michael steele looks like a dork in that bowtie while he awkwardly tries to pronounce spanish sounding names and skip over words.

oh and to add to the failure......they did the press release in english,didnt do it in spanish,tried to translate it to spanish and messed it up so bad that its almost unreadable in both languages.

here's a link to it

song of the day

the Detroit in me makes me post this song. that and the fact that seven the general has one of the better flows i've heard in a long can contact him on Twitter. he's seriously cool as hell with his fans and just all around good on the mic,but seriously just take some time to enjoy the song.