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Obama Crosses the line twice!

Game Over!

We're finally out of Iraq.

99 Problems

He got 99 problems but Mitt ain't done.


20+ weird things you may or may not have wanted to know about Sarah Palin.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

When will it end?

When will our television "news" stations stop repeating things that are untrue and hideously biased. You may be wondering what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the fact that the news,fox in particular is pushing a lie about the legislative process in this country and thus making America stupider. The current lie has to do with the rumored plan that the Democratic majority in the house and the senate might pass a health care reform bill through reconciliation. As expected republicans are up in arms and freaking out saying that reconciliation is unconstitutional and a bad idea despite the fact that they've used it before and in fact most of the times its been used they've used it.Now we have fox purposely confusing reconciliation with the nuclear option even though they're dramatically different. Now I know that some stations lean one way or another but lets try to at least report the facts first. Seriously though fox,cut it out. Its getting old and its not helping anyone.Watch the latest confusion of facts below

this cant end well

Remember when you were taught as a kid that its never a good idea to run around swimming pools? Well its also a bad idea to try to perform backflips near them too

Backflip Backfire - Watch more Funny Videos

random act of failure

Sometimes you have to pay attention when driving. this is one of those times

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Afternoon distraction

Its still the afternoon in most of America which means that the title still makes sense but enough about all of that. Below is a news anchor getting in a pretty awesome shot at the weather girl. Check it out and enjoy

Hilarious news.... - Watch more Funny Videos

A quick update from the red cross

As many of you already know one of the strongest recorded earthquakes in history has hit the nation of Chile and it has prompted tsunami warnings for places ranging from Argentina to Alaska.Earlier today the Red Cross issued an update. The video of that update is below

Oh and if you want to watch live coverage/receive updates on Hawaii as it prepares for the tsunami click here

this just in...

Sean Hannity is still insanely dumb. On last nights episode of whatever the hell he hosts on fox,Sean Hannity claimed that the president was showing special treatment to atheists due to the fact that the white house held a staff level(very low level) meeting with the Secular Coalition for America. What Sean Hannity conveniently forgot to tell his viewers is that the president is a Christian and always has been and he forgot to mention that since he has become president,President Obama has personally met with several religious leaders of many different faiths but I guess since the president isnt spending all of his time pretending to love Jesus while waving a gun around and talking about blowing up countries that worship slightly different from the majority of people here,he's clearly a bigot and not good enough for fox. You're probably sick of me by now. Watch the video below

Just killing time here

I'm working on something more worthwhile but while I do that check out the pic below,click on it and enjoy more hilarity

funny graphs and charts
see more Funny Graphs

Photobucket picture of the night

As some of you may or may not know former presidential candidate John McCain is running for reelection to the senate out in Arizona. He's going to have a tough time beating his primary opponent JD Hayworth who according to fox news is a former congresswoman who happens to have a penis or a congressman with a vagina. The picture leaves me lost on figuring out which is which.

Midnight distraction

This may in fact be one of the best bridal showers I have ever seen. Maybe I'm new to it but I didnt know that women got together and partied in nothing but their sexiest lingerie. You can check out this heaping batch of awesome and more at

Friday, February 26, 2010

Video of the day

As we all know the president held a bi-partisan summit on healthcare yesterday in Washington,DC. Jon Stewart of the daily show has the highlights and lowlights.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Bipartisan Health Care Reform Summit 2010
Daily Show
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Political HumorVancouverage 2010

Afternoon distraction

I dont know if you've already seen this or not but Orlando Magic player Vince Carter did something thats insanely tough to do the other day. He was able to hit a full court shot while sitting down. Watch the video below

Vince Carter Hits Full Court Shot Sitting Down - Watch more Funny Videos

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Video of the day

The news can be a very depressing place with all the economic woes,war and violence going on. Sometimes the insanity of the world finds a way to bleed through to the news team itself. Watch and enjoy the insanity below and keep a good eye on the background

Afternoon distraction

I know you're getting sick of politics so I'm just gonna make your day better by randomly posting pictures of cars oh and the song at the bottom is just added in because it fits the vibe of this blog posting.

Random Observations

I'm still watching the healthcare summit and just like the last post i'm going to point out some things I've been noticing

1. The lunch break was 20 minutes longer than what they said it was going to be

2. Obama is still making a ton of sense

3. Mike Enzi somehow sees a 500 billion dollar cut in medicare thats nowhere in the bill

4. Dave Camp reminds me of Dick DeVos. see the comparisons below


Dave Camp

5. I am thoroughly annoyed with Ben Stein and I hate those damn Comcast commercials starring him and Shaq

6. I would much rather listen to soulja boy attempt to rap instead of a lot of the BS going on during the healthcare summit

7. I wish Wolf Blitzer would shut up

8. Tom Harkin had some pretty good quotes and made a ton of sense when he spoke

9. When will they stop talking about how big the bill is? its not hard to read 2000 pages in almost a year

10. I dont have C-Span 3(I didnt even know there was a C-Span 3),MSNBC has switched to Olympic coverage which means I either have to watch fox halfway show the summit while spitting out talking points or watch CNN and be annoyed.

11. number 10 is truly frustrating to me

12. The president is still talking and yet the news outlets decide to cut away to their randomly picked talking heads talking about nothing

13. Finding the live stream of the healthcare summit has helped me feel better

14. Marsha Blackburn is an idiot and the president put her back in her place

15. Joe Biden sensibly just explained why a mandate would be helpful in the bill

16. Steve Urkel tweets a lot about random things

17. Whenever Joe Biden speaks everyone in the room gets a scared look on their faces.

18. Why is John Boehner so damn orange and tan? its February and he's from Ohio he should be super white right now.

19. John Boehner is darker than Barack Obama and only a little bit lighter than James Clyburn.

20. Where the hell is that music coming from?

21. Why are the republicans steadily saying that the bill will raise the deficit when the CBO says that it will actually save us money?

22. Paul Ryan looks a little bit like an older version of wrestler Cody Rhodes

23. Paul Ryan has simultaneously pissed off Obama and Biden

24. Paul Ryan had a tongue slip and said "lets work on a clean shit of paper"

25. I'm glad that the president mentioned the donut hole in Medicare

26. How did the republicans go from saying it would be 400biilion in the hole with the bill to saying its 11 trillion worth of deficit? the math isnt making sense to me

27. the president agreed with John McCain on a point and even that angered McCain

28. I'm glad the president mentioned how that prescription drug plan that W pushed through still needs to be paid for

29. All of the minorities in the room are democrats and 4/5 of the women in there are democrats

30. Chuck Grassley stopped making sense 10 years ago

31. Shut the fuck up about taxes. I'm sick of it

32. While watching this I got an email that said that an arrest warrant was just issued for former mayor Kwame M Kilpatrick

33. Did Chuck Grassley just say that hospitals dont take medicaid?

34. When did hospitals stop taking medicaid? The last time I was in the hospital they told me that it would've been much cheaper and easier for me if I were eligible for medicaid

35. Kent Conrad was on point when he said that the healthcare system is the 800 pound gorilla thats ruining the budget right now

36. Grassley is a flip flopper

37. this song has been on my mind all day

38. John Boehner still annoys the hell out of me

39. here comes the abortion bullshit again. shut the hell up you syracuse orange mascot looking idiot

40. Obama like myself is clearly getting frustrated with people reverting back to talking points

41. I am done for the next few minutes with blogging

Random Observations

I'm currently watching the healthcare summit and I've been noticing a ton of things.Things that I will be posting in list form.

1. Eric Cantor looks kinda like Stephen Colbert.

2. Most of the republican members there seem to have not read the 11 page proposal put forth by the president earlier this week.

3. MSNBC needs to stop cutting in every 10 minutes to have some random political strategist come in to spout some nonsense

4. Andre Mitchell annoys me and as I'm writing this MSNBC did what I mentioned in point number 3.

5. Tamron Hall is sexy as hell. The picture below explains what I'm saying

6. John McCain made himself look like an idiot

7. President Obama is in a pretty angry mood today and with good reason

8. President Obama got a pretty good line in about the election being over at John McCain. which you can see in the video below

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

9. As soon as Louise Slaughter began to speak you could hear half the room start to get up and leave when she mentioned that the pre-existing condition is cruel and inhumane

10. For the first time in a long time the trending topics on Twitter dont contain the words Justin Beiber

11. Weren't the Olympics on today?

12. CNN has had to fact check almost everything said today.

13. CNN just fact checked the exchange between senator Lamar Alexander and the president and the president wins based on facts(huge surprise there)

14. The president has thrown a few zingers at the republicans today

15. Why does the picture look so different on Fox compared to MSNBC and CNN?

16. James Clyburn is the only elected official from South Carolina making sense on a consistent basis

17. Why the F is Ben Stein on CNN?

18. Joe Biden was so upset at Eric Cantor that the president barely held him back from jumping over the table and kicking some ass on live tv

19. Roland S Martin is the only person on tv to mention that scoring politics like a game of football is a stupid idea

20. I'd much rather be listening to music

21. Expect another blog on this

Midnight distraction

If you can go to sleep after seeing this you are a better person than i am. If not you're a normal person like I am

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I need your help!

Yesterday I posted this as the photo of the day.Well now I've just submitted it to the extremely popular site failblog and I need you to help me get it on the front page.All you have to do is click on the picture below,vote for my picture and then tell your friends and then keep the cycle going. Any and all help is appreciated.

the Fail A times
moar funny pictures

Al Sharpton gets upset

In something you may have missed from the other day civil rights activist Al Sharpton got into a pretty heated on air fight with television and radio host Tavis Smiley. The fight basically started over Tavis Smiley clearly distorting a quote of Al Sharpton from the New York times. Al Sharpton took exception to being misquoted and distorted and basically let Tavis have it. You can listen to the hilarity below and find out exactly how it sounds when Al Sharpton gets mad

A quick update

A week ago I wrote about how I was planning on not eating any type of candy until after Easter. So far it's been going well,well not really but I've been able to avoid eating junk. If you're wondering no I have not lost any weight yet but I am surprisingly more energetic and even when i'm tired i'm not nearly as tired as before.If I can keep this up and thats a big "if". It will be the first time in a long time that I have been able to set and keep a long term goal. Wish me luck and look for another update about this in a week.

Sexy and Deadly

In some news thats probably gonna shock you a really great looking lingerie model is wanted by police all around the world for running a huge drug cartel. Yes you just read that right. She's wanted for using other models to move cocaine for her.This means that now she can release an album and build a career in music off of rapping about how she used to move coke. Read more about it by clicking on the picture

Angie Sanselmente Valencia the worlds sexiest criminal

UPDATE: CNN finally did a story on this which includes her life story. watch their report below

midnight distraction

Recently there has been a push by a ton of pole dancers from around the world to get pole dancing recognized as a sport and eventually in the olympics. There's already a national federation of pole dancers and world pole dancing championships. I for one am in favor of seeing this as a sport and I kinda think that they could just look at some Ludacris videos as training for the olympics.Watch some skilled pole dancers in the 2 videos below

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

free music

Houston,Texas rapper extraodinaire Trae tha truth is coming out with a new album in a few weeks and to get the fans(myself included) hyped up and excited about the upcoming album he's letting people get the first single for free. You can get it and check it out by clicking on his picture which is right below this paragraph and right below a couple of videos for his older songs.

Ok now you can download the new song "I am the streetz" by trae featuring the game,rick ross and lloyd by just clicking on the picture below

Photobucket picture of the day

I was on the LA Times blog earlier today when i spotted this failure in spelling on whats supposed to be a respected news website.

you would think with Kanye having a career that includes hit songs and hit albums and ridiculous publicity stunts that he would be famous enough for the LA Times to spell his name right. I guess I was wrong and now here's a song just because i wanted to post one

Clyburn calls out Steve King

The other day I posted this. For those that didnt click on the link it was a video of Iowa rep Steve King not denouncing the terrorist attack by terrorist and nutjob Joseph Stack. Instead of denouncing and condemning the attack representative King basically went on to talk about how much the IRS tax code sucks. While its true that the tax code needs to be tweaked it does not justify terrorism and apparently I'm not the only one that thinks like this. South Carolina congressman James Clyburn spoke up on tuesday about how terrible it was and took some time to call out Steve King for being so petty and political that he wont even denounce a terrorist attack. You can watch the video of it below

I missed this last night

Last night the WWE had another unremarkable episode of Raw which means that instead of watching it I turned the channel to watch olympic coverage.To be fair though wrestling has fallen off since I was a kid so turning the channel seems normal but..I made a huge mistake doing that because I totally missed seeing the Undertaker get burned up by his own entrance.Luckily for me it made the real news and they have video of it which you can watch below along with another video of how his entrance normally looks when he isnt getting burnt up.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

the normal entrance when he isnt getting burned

its just like 24

Yup according to Glenn Beck,President Obama inviting republicans to the white house for a televised discussion on healthcare reform is a set up just like on an episode of 24. If true this clearly means that the president is really a secret double agent who is out to bring down the American government by being in the American government. Listen to the craziness below

random act of failure

I dont even need to write anything right here just sit back and watch the fail

Biker Shows Off Awesome New Spin Trick - Watch more Funny Videos

Monday, February 22, 2010


I never thought I would see the day when anyone in this country,let alone a state representative would not condemn a terrorist attack. First and foremost I want to say that Joseph Stack is a terrorist plain and simple. You cant fly a plane into a federal building on purpose and not be a terrorist. In fact what he did was exactly what the 9/11 hijackers did but where they unfortunately succeeded at killing thousands of innocent people he for the most part failed but unfortunately killed a man who can only be described as a great American and a hero.Whats been angering me is how some of the crazier people out there have been calling Joseph Stack a hero because of his anti-government views.I dont care where you fall at on the political spectrum terrorism is never cool or justifiable and on top of that the man killed a Vietnam Vet who was in the process of going back to school to he could get a degree to teach disabled children. Now back to what my first sentence in this rambling rant was saying. GOP rep Steve King who has been a fierce opponent of the IRS and taxes in general for years was interviewed by a person from the political website "Think Progress" about the attack and instead of coming out and condemning the attack he talked about how shitty the IRS was. Read the transcript of it here or watch the video below

yo wtf google?

While I was making my last blog talking about how the first lady was going across America talking about ways to make healthy food more accessible and affordable and making school lunch menus healthier for the kids I happened to search for an image. In searching for that image I typed in "Michelle Obama" on google,hit the image search button and the second picture on page 1 pissed me off. Weren't they supposed to be fixing that? and no i'm not gonna dirty up my blog by posting the picture on it but if you want to see it type in Michelle Obama on google an have the safesearch turned off....or click here and be warned that you might get upset.

Update: I tried to look more into it and from what I've been able to find the image was once removed by google because the site it was posted on contained malware. Google has even gone as far as buying ad space to explain why the image reappeared in its search results on page 1. Oh and if you type in "Jew" on google this pops up as one of the first results for some odd an offensive reason. Oh and I was just informed by a friend of mine on twitter that if you turn the safe search feature on,the offensive picture of Mrs. Obama actually moves up from number 2 to number 1

Video of the day

The first lady Michelle Obama talks with CBS about how she's trying to make healthy food more accessible and affordable for families and making school lunch menu's healthier. You can watch the report below

The president has a plan

As many of you already know the president released his proposal for healthcare reform today. He's pitching his proposal as a starting point for congress and as expected people on both sides of the political spectrum are flipping out over it.His proposal actually goes further in reforming the system than the bill congress passed on christmas eve in some ways. It even removes the kickback that Ben Nelson got for the state of Nebraska and its abortion language isnt nearly as ridiculous as it was,but enough of me talking about it.Read some selected bullet points from the proposal here and read the entire thing here

Sunday, February 21, 2010

random act of failure

This failure is so bad that its criminal. Sit back and enjoy the fail which happens to be a silent fail.

Dumb Criminal Fails Jumping Into Window - Watch more Funny Videos

after watching that failure of an escape all i can think of is this classic song by the Beatnuts.

We're still at risk

But its not because of President Obama. Those are the words of former secretary of state General Colin Powell. On Sunday's edition of "face the nation" on CBS the general was interviewed and he was asked about how he felt about our current state of national security,how he feels about voting for President Obama considering that not much has changed in one year(except for tax cuts,a stimulus package,a jobs bill and the economy is starting to recover albeit slowly). The general also discussed the dysfunctional nature of our current system of government. You're probably sick of me by now so you can just scroll down a bit from here and watch the interview.....after the picture

Watch CBS News Videos Online

random act of failure

I dont really need to write anything here. Just watch the video and enjoy stupidity on a grand scale.

Photobucket picture of the night

Boston Celtics guard Marquis Daniels has a chain with a 3 pound replica of his head made out of gold and diamonds. read more about it by clicking on the picture of it

Saturday, February 20, 2010

wtf? part 11 of who knows how many

In one of the stupidest things i have ever seen former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum has actually said that the military is full of shit. Well he didnt word it like that but what he actually said is still pretty dumb. According to this man that has never served a day in the military,the military is too worried about being politically correct and cant "see straight" because the top brass in the military is in favor of repealing "Don't ask,Don't tell" and allowing openly gay people to openly serve our country. this is a man that actually believes that the military was brainwashed into being in favor of repealing "Don't ask,Don't tell". Anyone that knows about Santorum knows that he clearly hasnt been in favor of any type of gay rights and he even compared being gay to pretty much wanting to anally rape a dog. Now I get that he isnt gay or in favor of anything gay but lets be one is gonna worry about somebody being gay in the middle of a war. I'll bet money that no soldier has ever been in a shootout in some foreign country and stopped in the middle of the shootout to ask his fellow soldier if he was attracted to him sexually. Doing something like that would be more retarded than Sarah Palin getting mad at the word retarded when its not being used by her or rush limbaugh. Oh and if you're ever on look up the word "Santorum" you're either gonna laugh or be disgusted or both.the video of today's stupidity is below

excluding someone from serving in the military when they want to serve in the military is counterproductive to our national security and trying to undermine the greatest military minds in our country because you have a personal bias against someone else is a dick move on a grand scale of foolishness

Friday, February 19, 2010

accessibility and affordable = better health

While it doesnt get talked about as much its very important to know that a healthy diet can lead to a ton of savings when it comes to health care. Obesity related medical costs run into the billions every year and its actually gonna get worse if we dont do anything about it. you combine that with the increases in insurance costs(if congress doesnt do something about that soon) its going to be a clusterbomb of fat,sick and broke people in the future. so with that said the first lady Michelle Obama discusses how she's trying to help make healthy food more accessible and affordable for the average American specifically the children. If everything works out it should make doing this a little easier for me and the kids of the future will be healthier than the kids of today. Watch the 20 minute long video of her below


In a state with an almost 15 percent unemployment rate health insurance prices are about to increase by 56 percent.Thats what was being proposed by Blue Cross/Blue Shield here in the great state of Michigan.They didnt get that high increase approved but they were approved for a 22% increase which still sucks. In a state with the highest unemployment rate in the nation and already in the middle of a depression,a foreclosure crisis and facing steep cuts in services just so the state can avoid being billions of dollars in the red doing something like this will not only make problems way worse it may actually end up killing a few people. I honestly wouldnt be surprised if you find a ton of people way behind on insurance payments because of the increased costs and when you realize that insurance companies are making a ton of money and asking for more of our money while giving us less coverage it seems kinda criminal.Oh and this isnt just a Michigan problem. In California where the cost of living is already insanely high they're about to get a 39% increase in premiums and in Oregon theyre about to get hit with a 20% increase. Now I know what some of you are thinking "I can afford to pay for it,how about the rest of you people start paying your fair share and maybe it wont be so bad". While that sounds good and fine remember that wages are only increasing slightly while energy prices are going up,food costs are going up,rent is high,mortgages cost a ton of money,the cost of gasoline is still weird at best and lets not get into how much its gonna cost to send either yourself or your kid to college. When you put all that into perspective spending a few hundred bucks extra on insurance that may or may not cover everything just seems like someone spitting in your face and saying "fuck you,pay me!". Honestly after seeing this it just makes me more and more frustrated that we havent reformed the system yet to something more like the one they have in France or at least the Canadian system. Almost anything would be better than having the cost of not being covered increase by 40-50% year over year

I agree with Bill O'Reilly

Well its not really an agreement but more of me acknowledging that he said something that made some small bit of sense. What Bill O'Reilly actually said made a ton of sense. He's telling conservatives to stop trying to bash the president over BS. BS such as him being "too liberal" or being black or making things up like "he wasnt born in America and he's a socialist". Bill O'Reilly went on to explain that while disagreeing with the president on policy issues is fine,personal attacks are cheap,pointless and distracts from their real message. You know you're making very little sense at all when someone like O'Reilly is the only one making sense and this is a guy that has a habit of saying stupid things on a daily basis and calling it a tv show but I'm gonna stop running my trap and let you watch a classic O'Reilly freakout while i search for an embedded version of last nights "talking points memo" from the O'Reilly factor

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Photobucket picture of the day

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama were called for a parent/teacher conference at daughter Sasha's school. lets hope she had good grades. pics of the Obamas are below

trying something new

For many Christians specifically the Catholic ones this period of the year is known as Lent which is the 40 days leading up to Easter. During those 40 days people typically give up certain foods,festivities and even material goods(internet,cellphones,tv etc) and perform other acts of penance. Now I'm not a Catholic but the idea of Lent seems like a great excuse for me to accomplish a goal and test myself.I decided to do this because since Christmas I had lost over 20 pounds but in the last couple of weeks i plateaued and then started to gain the weight back and thats never good. With that said since fat Tuesday I've given up junk food and so far its been a success but 2 days is just the beginning. While I havent lost any weight yet I expect that doing this might make me lose a few pounds just because i'm not putting in as much fat and junk. One very good and unexpected side effect is that its already saving me money. I've already saved $4 in the 2 days since i started this test and if it keeps going at this rate i might have a decent amount of cash saved. Its also teaching me that i spend way too much money on BS. I should clarify that by junk food I'm talking about chips,those little cakes they sell at the store,soda,most of the "juice" thats being sold in corner stores,candy,candy bars and pretty much everything sold at the corner store to be serious with you. I'll be updating everyone on how i'm doing,if i've fallen off and how much money i have actually saved

Christmas weight: 283
End of January weight: 260
Current weight: 266<-----I plan on dropping some of those in summary...... no more of this(for a while anyway)

and hopefully it leads to this

thats right a random white woman counting my pile of money

Photobucket picture of the night

I know I'm late but below is a series of pictures of the world's tallest model,a woman who goes by the name of Eve. when i first saw the photos i thought "this has to be fake" but they arent. check out some photos and a video below....and for more pics click here and here.So my question to you is after seeing the photos and video.....would you sleep with her?

my bonus question is why would they have a woman thats 6'9'' wear some heels?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Photobucket picture of the day

This one comes courtesy of amazing Canadian photographer Greg Aspa. you can follow him on twitter by clicking here and to see more of his amazing photography check out his website by clicking here.hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as i do

midnight distraction

this midnight distraction is the song "Lux Aeterna" by Clint Mansell. If this sounds vaguely familiar to you its because it was sampled in the video below the song

thats right it was sampled in lil jons "throw it up"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Photobucket picture of the day

Guess who isnt the number one most democratic country in the world. if you said Vietnam,North Korea,Libya,Saudi Arabia and Egypt you're right but also not number 1 is the good old USA. According to we're not even in the top 15. hell if it were the NBA the USA would not even make the democracy playoffs

Afternoon distraction

watch this guy stop a crime in progress by just being in the right place at the right time. watch closely or you'll miss it

Dude Tosses Bike At Thief - Watch more Funny Videos

midnight distraction

no need to explain why i posted this one. just sit back and stare in amazement

Hot Dog Trick - Watch more Funny Videos

Monday, February 15, 2010

if i would've said this

I know that people would say that i'm just playing the race card and that the whole tea party movement isnt just a bunch of angry white racists crying about "taxes and socialism" as code words for "Obama is a nigger". Come to think of it I've said it before and had that exact thing happen and then i was called a coon just for the hell of it. Anyways here's a video of Keith Olbermann saying what I've been saying for months

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

fail of the day

this can only end bad. seriously though why didnt they do this during the fall

Moron Cuts Tree and Crushes His Porch - Watch more Funny Videos

wtf? part 10 of who knows how many

In Utah there is legislation currently being discussed to actually cut the 12th grade to save money. the legislation was first brought up by Republican Senator Chris Buttars(who is best known for saying dumb things) and now he's trying to get it past the state senate. if it works Utah will be the only state with no 12th grade. while i think its great to save money cutting education is a terrible idea

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Photobucket picture of the night

Civil rights leader and icon Jesse Jackson chats with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in the moments before the 2010 NBA All Star game. this particular game ended up setting a record for the largest crowd ever at a basketball game with 108,713 people at cowboys stadium in Dallas,Texas

Afternoon distraction

this distraction comes courtesy of Canada,the land of maple leafs,Tim Horton's and peace......except for this one time here in the Canadian parliament

Canadian Politician Gives Legislature The Finger - Watch more Funny Videos

Saturday, February 13, 2010

fail of the day

today's fail comes courtesy of the Getty Images which ran this photo during their coverage of the lead up to the NBA all star game which takes place this sunday night at 8pm. Anyone thats a fan of Chauncey Billups or the NBA knows that this photo is factually wrong by 2 entire years


political ad of the day

As many of you may not know all around crazy woman/chick that should be topless mud wrestling with Sarah Palin,Michelle Bachmann is running to get re-elected in Minnesota. Recently she released a campaign ad telling her supporters to meet up with her(outside of Minnesota) for a rally and needless to say that her opponent Tarryl Clark took a little time out to point out the utter ridiculousness of that add by replaying the ad and pointing out factual errors and stupidity. Below is that video followed by a few of Michelle Bachmanns greatest moments in crazy

and now a few moments in crazy oh and watch her say the name of this blog in one of the videos

after watching that last video and dying laughing at her.......I changed the name of this blog and it was one of the best decisions i've made in a long time. so thank you representative Bachmann for inspiring me to keep laughing at the lunacy known as politics in America

Afternoon distraction

working on some other things on here and in real life but for now enjoy 2 of the funniest videos i have ever seen on youtube brought to you by the creative team behind the hit comic strip/cartoon series "the boondocks". sit back,enjoy,laugh and realize that everything in this is satirical

midnight distraction

i ran across this and just thought it was funny. enjoy,laugh and check out more fails like this by heading to failblog

Friday, February 12, 2010

wtf? part 9 of who knows how many

Recently on the popular auction site Ebay one of its users put an old NES up for sale.Now normally this would not be newsworthy or even worth anybody attempting to mention but this story is very,very different. This story is different because the regulation NES sold for over $13,000. You read that right. An old Nintendo sold for $13,000 even though the value of it is really only about $50 at the most. what made this particular sale on ebay so different is that it came bundled with 5 games and amongst those 5 games was a game called Stadium Events which happens to be the rarest video game ever made with only 10 known copies in existence. What really drove up the price of the game isnt the fact that people wanted the cartridge,they wanted the box that the game came in.Yes thats right..$13,000 for one video game and $10,000 of that was for the box that the game came in.It kinda makes you want to see about selling those old sega games

worth $10,000