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We're finally out of Iraq.

99 Problems

He got 99 problems but Mitt ain't done.


20+ weird things you may or may not have wanted to know about Sarah Palin.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Afternoon distraction

A couple of months ago I wrote about an all white basketball league and how insanely racist the whole idea sounds. Well thanks to the daily show I am now able to see what the owner of this league looks and sounds like and its not good but actually quite hilarious. Watch below as Jason Jones of the daily show interviews Don "Moose" Lewis of the AABA.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorHealth Care Reform

A musical recommendation

In an effort to expand my musical horizons I have been scouring music forums,random websites and youtube to find all types of music. Recently while I was on youtube I ran into a video from an up and coming electronica/trip hop producer from South Carolina who goes by the name of "The Icarus Project". Upon finding the video I immediately started asking questions. The Icarus Project was nice enough to answer a few of them and what you're about to read is the exchange we had via e-mail.

Random Observation

I dont know why but it only took forever for someone to finally come up with a concept like this. The concept I'm talking about is using the Tiger Woods scandal to sell sex related products. Watch below as a Tiger Woods impersonator shows why libigrow will put some tiger in your wood.

commercial 2 from libigrow on Vimeo.

Midnight Distraction

As many of you may or may not know RNC chairman Michael Steele has been in hot water recently for allowing "staffers" to spend a ton of RNC money on things that have nothing to do with trying to get republicans elected and reelected. One of the things that really has republicans angry and everyone else laughing is the fact that nearly $2000 was spent at a bondage themed strip club. As a man who may or may not have visited a strip club $2000 is a ton of money to spend at a strip club in one night. In fact it goes beyond making it rain and steps into thunderstorm territory. Now that I've bored you with politics and what not enjoy this video that basically sums up everything with hip hop.

I cant wait for someone to photoshop the GOP into that picture.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A presidential meeting

Kinda killing time while I go get something to eat but check out this picture taken by Dan Lothian of CNN of president Barack Obama with French president Nicolas Sarkozy in the east room of the White House today. President Sarkozy was in DC to discuss amongst other things international financial regulations in an effort to prevent the world economy from completely collapsing like it almost did in 2008. Meanwhile president Obama is eager to talk with the French president about increasing troops in Afghanistan.

Oh and president Sarkozy and his supermodel wife took time to stop at Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington DC for lunch. Watch that video below this sentence.


Proving that you don't necessarily have to be Glenn Beck to be crazy and borderline racist Doc Thompson decided to show off his best beck impersonation by saying something stupid.He actually says that businesses that have signs in Spanish are only helping out illegal immigrants. On another note not all illegal immigrants are Mexican which only adds to the level of stupid in the statements you're about to hear below. To be fair you cant expect to hear something smart from a guy that says that the healthcare reform bill was racist because of the fact that black people don't tan. In fact both of those insane comments happened only a few minutes apart on todays episode of "The Glenn Beck program". Listen to both clips below

Midnight Distraction

If its one thing I have enjoyed over the years its baseball. In fact I cant wait for the season to start so I can cheer for my tigers and hope that they dont choke like last year. If things go right they might just win the division but I digress. What I enjoy almost as much as baseball is insane Japanese television. Below is a video that combines both of them in awesome fashion. Watch and enjoy the epic awesomeness.

Samurai Warrior Vs 93mph Fastball - Watch more Funny Videos

Monday, March 29, 2010


Proving that you don't even have to put together a completely coherent thought to be on a radio show Mark Steyn and his weird British accent were on the Rush Limbaugh radio show saying something that made no sense. Listen below as he goes from talking about how the healthcare reform legislation effects liberty to talking about government manufactured condoms.

Just killing time here

Kinda killing some time here but check out this clip from Glenn Beck's radio program where his fill in host Joe Pagliarulo brings up the false claim that the healthcare reform legislation that the president signed into law last actually funds abortion. I guess he didnt read the bill and didnt notice that the president signed an executive order saying that the legislation will not use federal funds for abortion. Listen to the stupidity below.

Random act of failure

Sometimes when you have to go you just have to go but sometimes you might want to go somewhere else when its time to go. Watch below as one man ruins the shopping experience for a ton of people shopping in a mall.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Free Music

Every once in a while I am lucky enough to bring you free music. Today is one of those times. In fact its not just a free song. Its a free mixtape worth of instrumentals. Check out the beats below and if you want to download 140mb of free music legally click on the picture of the mixtape cover below.

Stating the obvious

After months and months of insane rhetoric and even a few death threats and acts of vandalism its good to see someone say "hey this isnt really helping anything". This time it comes in the form of David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun who was on Sunday's episode of Reliable Sources on CNN. Watch below as he explains why he thinks the GOP has been not only instigating the insanity but they may also be the cause of it.

Midnight Distraction

Sometimes you really should just stop trying to bother people. In fact when it comes down to it bullying people can be very risky. Watch below as I show you a few examples of bullies getting what they had coming to them.

KO by Super Quick Sucker Punch - Watch more Funny Videos

Shirtless Loser Receives One-Punch KO - Watch more Funny Videos

Also you should never ever fight a guy that doesnt want to fight

Kid Teaches Shirtless Bully a Lesson - Watch more Funny Videos

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Afternoon distraction

As you may have seen on the news during the last couple of days a couple of dogs really took a bite out of crime and nearly ate a whole police car. What you saw on the news was only a few seconds of this epic act of doggery. Watch the entire unedited video below and enjoy the insanity.

Dogs Attack And Chew On Patrol Car - Watch more Funny Videos

Random act of failure

Catch 21 is a game where you take cards in hopes of defeating your competition without going over 21 yourself. But.... it helps to be able to add correctly.Watch below as a woman somehow forgets basic addition to the point that it costs her the game and some money.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In an earlier edition of Glenn Beck craziness our running joke of a hero Glenn Beck was upset at Nancy Pelosi and John Lewis for comparing the healthcare reform fight to the civil rights fight. This time he decides to get mad at Nancy Pelosi for an earlier statement she made about the insanely violent rhetoric thats been going on. He not only gets upset at her he blames her for the rhetoric because she walked through a crowd of protesters to get to work. Watch and enjoy the insanity below.

A quick update

Last week I updated everyone on my quest to avoid junk food until Easter. I know Easter isnt here yet but so far I've been able to avoid the junk food and lose 10 pounds over the last month. During the last week however I was pretty sick and honestly didnt lose a single pound because I spent most of the time coughing and sneezing to the point that at one point I thought I may have actually broken something. Now I'm glad to say that I'm not sick and I'm making up for lost time by exercising more and hopefully trimming off a little extra body fat. Next week will be probably the most difficult week of my quest with an upcoming trip to The Palace of Auburn Hills to see the Pistons play and the Easter holiday/the end of my quest being so close that I can taste it. Hopefully I wont screw it up but if I do you'll find out here.

Photobucket picture of the day

What you are staring at is a picture of president Barack Obama having a telephone conversation with Russian president Dmitry Medvedev discussing a nuclear arms treaty. Learn more about the treaty by clicking on the photo of the president.

Just couldnt resist

In a desperate attempt to gain attention again(and succeeding by the way) Ann Coulter got on tv last night and spouted some stupidity. Watch below as she explains how to improve airport security.

Random act of failure

What you're watching is an arson. Yes this is an actual felony caught on tape which unfortunately has no sound. During the video you can see a man light a building on fire. During the arson the master of pyrotechnics manages to not only torch the building he also lights himself on fire. He also finds a smart way to light his getaway vehicle on fire. Watch and enjoy the insanity below.

Dumb Arsonists Set Themselves on Fire - Watch more Funny Videos

oh and this song makes a ton of sense and is awesome

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this edition of Glenn Beck craziness our running joke of a hero starts off by talking about cap and trade but somehow goes off into a rant about long term principles and then he somehow compares today to 9/11. I kid you not,he actually said its just like 9/11 and then went on to probably get a quote from Ghandi wrong and then he ends it by saying that the government is working against America and lying. Check out the insanity below.

Video of the Day

Today's video of the day is the president speaking in Iowa about what healthcare reform can do to help America,the rumors about healthcare reform and he even takes some time to talk to a protester in the middle of the speech. Watch,enjoy and be informed below.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

wtf? part 13 of who the hell knows how many

I never thought I would see the day where I would completely agree with Elisabeth Hasslebeck on an issue that doesn't involve her saying that Rosie O'Donnell sucks. Somehow today decided to be the day that Elisabeth Hasslebeck got slightly more attractive to me by saying how insane it is for Sarah Palin to keep up the aggressive rhetoric which has been leading to violence,vandalism and death threats against members of congress. This is huge news considering that she actually campaigned for Sarah Palin in 2008. Watch below as a woman known for not making much sense makes a ton of sense.

Song of the day

This song of the day comes courtesy of Linda Clifford with her 1979 song Never Gonna Stop. Any one who is a fan of hip hop will immediately recognize that this song was sampled twice in the year 1996 by Nas in his song "street dreams" and by 2pac in the song "All eyez on me" off of his album "All eyez on me". Basically what I'm saying is whenever this beat is used it always sounds good.

Random act of failure

Kinda wasting time here but check out this awesome video of bad luck. I did not see this coming. I seriously thought it would be something like the guy would drive off with the pump in the car or something like that but what actually happened is hilarious. Watch this awesome failure below.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In the last episode of Glenn Beck Craziness our running joke of a hero Glenn said that the president and the media is setting up the teabaggers to look like violent racists.He explains how its being done in this edition. In the video below he compares the teabaggers to civil rights activists and says that the government is making our culture violent.He also if you havent noticed completely deflects away from all of his own rhetoric which has been stirring up the more extreme members of the tea party movement. Watch the insanity below.

Fox news win?

Continuing his streak of doing actual journalism and proving that he should be hired by a network not known as Fox News Shepard Smith once again tries to point out how psychotic the political rhetoric has been lately. Watch below as for some reason this wasnt pulled off of the air immediately by the people at Fox. But then again this isnt the first time he's said something on tv that makes a ton of sense and on a couple of occasions it has pissed off the Fox News viewer base.

G. Gordon Liddy hates Muslims

Maybe I'm overblowing it but it seems as if someone on his radio show may in fact hate Muslims. Why else would he casually say that he wants to kill them? Listen to the insanity below.

Its a big effin deal

Remember when the president was about to speak before signing the historic healthcare reform bill and vice president Biden turned towards him and whispered "this is a big fucking deal"? If so congratulate yourself because you were somewhere near a tv. It was such a big deal that on Fox News Special Report with Brett Baier,Brett didnt even waste his time leading off with the signing of the healthcare bill which is actually one of the biggest pieces of legislation in the history of this country in both scope and cost but instead he lead off with Joe Biden using the "F" word. Seriously though Joe Biden saying fuck is not that big of a deal. The man is an adult and we've all heard profanity before. Watch the lunacy below.

Random act of failure

A while back I posted this blog about possibly the worst product name ever and it turns out that there was more than 1 commercial and I've found the other one. Sit back,watch and enjoy the ridiculousness of AYDS.

Midnight Distraction

Watch below as a kid with way more skill and intelligence than I had at that age finds a way to beat the claw game that doesnt involve breaking the glass,grabbing something and running as fast as you possibly can. I can honestly say that the only thing this kid did wrong was not grab one of those bears out of the machine. Other than that this video is filled with childhood awesomeness. Watch below and enjoy.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this episode of Glenn Beck craziness our hero makes the case that the government is extremely arrogant and doesnt listen to people like him. In his argument he notes that if some extreme left wing nutjob kills someone it will be ignored on tv,radio,the internet and everywhere else it can be ignored. If a Muslim extremist kills someone the person will be rushed into counselling and then the case will be swept under the rug. According to Glenn Beck this is totally different for people who happen to lean towards the right politically. He makes the case that the tea party is being made out to look like violent racists because of a senator being called a nigger and another one being spat on. And just because several offices of democratic representatives were vandalized and there was an alleged assassination threat doesnt mean that tea partiers are violent. its all just a set up by the liberal media. Listen to the insanity below.

And it begins

Yup I saw it coming from a mile away. Republicans are already campaigning for election and reelection by talking about how bad healthcare reform is even though it was just signed in to law 4 and a half hours ago. In the video below Scott Sipprelle endorses himself like any good politician but during that he spouts out a pretty blatant lie about how the healthcare reform bill will put the country in more debt. This statement clearly shows that he did not read the CBO score or he doesnt believe it. Either way its a huge lie and his opponent should point it out repeatedly during debates and political ads. Watch and enjoy the nervous insanity below.

Random act of failure

I'm probably gonna do 2 of these today but this first one might be one of the most epic failures in the history of America. 13 states and unfortunately the one that I'm living in have filed a lawsuit to stop healthcare reform from coming to the states.Thats right these guys who all happen to be republicans are suing the government to stop all of the reforms from taking place. Click on the picture of Michigan attorney general and general douchebag Mike Cox to see the entire lawsuit.

Just killing time here

Pretty much killing time so I can go out and finally eat today but listen very closely to vice president Joe Biden as he embraces president Barack Obama during the historic signing of the health care reform bill. See if you can catch him saying "this is a big fucking deal".

Midnight Distraction

Believe it or not these photos have not been doctored in any way,shape,form or fashion.In fact this is a real photo of a real person done by artist Alexa Meade who has a knack for doing insane art using hyper realistic body paint. Learn more about the artist and see more photos by clicking right here.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this episode of Glenn Beck Craziness our old friend and running joke Glenn Beck is very upset with healthcare reform passing. He's also upset that Georgia representative John Lewis compared the passage of healthcare reform to the civil rights struggle. In the beginning of the video he shows a picture of representative Lewis hand and hand with speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi and then he goes on a small binge of crazy due to the civil rights comparison all of the time totally forgetting that John Lewis has been a civil rights activist for several decades. Part of the reason for the arm-in-arm march across Capitol Hill Sunday was because tea party protesters had called Lewis "nigger" and also spat on another member of the Congressional Black Caucus.Watch the video below

Video of the Day

Here is president Barack Obama speaking last night on the historic passage of healthcare reform. Notice that in the background vice president Joe Biden was on the verge of tears. Its good to see that our president and vice president are passionate about us as Americans having the basic human right to have access to healthcare. Sit back,watch and enjoy a historic moment because in the future this will be in 6th grade social studies books.

Fox news win?

Proving that he probably shouldnt be on Fox news Shepard Smith confronts RNC chairman Michael Steele about some of the insane rhetoric republicans have been spitting out in the last few days. He specifically confronts Steele about some republicans saying that healthcare reform will be Armageddon. Watch below as Michael Steele gets flabbergasted by the thought that Armageddon wont be happening due to healthcare reform.

Limbaugh is a total tease

As you may or may not know we finally have some healthcare reform in America. Before reform was finally passed we had over a year of tweaks,changes,debates,debacles,craziness and insane rhetoric. A part of that insane rhetoric was a man you may know as Rush Limbaugh. Rush has been and still is against every single type of reform passed last night for several reasons. In keeping with his strong opposition to the bill Rush occasionally made some things up and even overstated his own opposition to the bill. He even famously said he would leave the country if health reform passed.You can watch the video of him saying that right below this sentence.

Now after you've just watched that realize that today Rush just backtracked on his statements in the video above. Listen below as he backtracks on his own bold claim and then twists his own words around.

Who did what

Now that the house of representatives have voted on and passed the most sweeping changes to healthcare in a half a century people are feeling great. Now people are wondering well who were the democrats that voted "NO"? Well you're about to find out because below I will be posting a list of the ones who voted against the reforms.Clearly the list below is going to make a lot of people pretty angry with their representatives in congress

Adler (NJ)
Edwards (TX)
Herseth Sandlin

you can see the total list of yes and no votes on it by clicking here.

Midnight Distraction

After months and months of delay,deliberation and debates we are finally at the moment where we can say that we have healthcare reform in the United States. It was a long and winding road filled with insanity. Below is a video of the last push by the tea party to stop the reforms.

Right after the page break will be a list of the people who voted in favor and against the original senate bill when it reached the house of representatives,the benefits of the bill and a song that describes how I feel about everything.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Photobucket picture of the day

Below are 2 photos of the president making phone calls to members of congress to try to get them to vote in favor of healthcare reform. It looks as if the efforts of the president worked because so far it looks like healthcare reform may actually pass.

Song of the day

Today the song of the day is "Real Compton city G's" by the late Eazy E who was a founding member of the legendary rap group NWA. If you're wondering why I picked this one its because I seriously haven't heard this song in a long time and every year it sounds better and better to me. Not many songs do that to me. Hopefully you'll enjoy this song as much as I do.

Just killing time here

I really wish this thing had some sound on it but unfortunately security camera footage sometimes dont have sound. This is obviously one of those times. Watch below as a man gets himself fired from driving a forklift.

Random act of failure

Every time I'm on a city bus I always have a weird feeling something like this would happen. Sometimes if you're driving a vehicle capable of carrying 40+ people and weighs several tons maybe you should always pay attention. Watch below as we get 2 views of a terrible bus driver and a shockingly calm passenger.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here we go again

As you may or may not know there has been a ton of debate,rhetoric,screaming and insanity over the issue of healthcare reform. Bringing back a complete lie and some insanity fox news has people saying that the healthcare reform bill will specifically deny seniors coverage because it costs way too much to take care of grandma. Watch the idiocy below.

Random act of failure

I used to be a huge fan of wrestling when I was a kid. I just couldnt help enjoying seeing fake people beat the fake hell out of each other. Maybe I was a fan because as a kid it was way more convincing than this failure of a video. Watch and enjoy below as 2 guys who clearly never made it to the WWF. Dont forget to send this link to your friends too.

Midnight Distraction

Believe it or not the video below is from a kids show. Without the proper context it looks absolutely disgusting and way too sexualized. Maybe its because its midnight-ish where you're at or maybe because you have a very dirty mind but the fact remains that this really needs proper context and without it its hilarious as hell. Sit back,watch,enjoy and feel free to send this to your friends.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fox news fail

You may or may not have seen this earlier today but fox once again did another segment going against healthcare reform. To help out with this they decided to enlist some celebrity help. The celebrity help comes in the form of Gene Simmons who happens to be the lead singer of KISS. Apparently Gene Simmons voted for Obama but hates everything the president has done such as growing the GDP,capturing terrorists and whatnot. He did also mention his life insurance company while saying the president and the government shouldnt get involved in healthcare. Watch Gene Simmons look like an idiot in the video below.

Political ad of the day

Pretty much killing time here but check out this political ad from Tarryl Clark who just happens to be challenging the woman I named this blog after... Michele Bachmann.In the ad she goes after Michele Bachmann on the issue of healthcare reform and points out that despite the fact that Minnesotans are paying ridiculous amounts of money for insurance Michele Bachmann is against them having the same cost effective and quality healthcare that she gets at a discount as a member of congress. Watch the video below

A milestone update

As you may or may not know for the last few weeks I've been avoiding junk food like crazy with success in avoiding the junk but limited success in weight loss. I know the lack of a ton of weight is probably due to me not having perfect portion control but whatever. I'm still losing weight at a rate of 2 pounds a week which puts me at 259. When I started 4 weeks ago I was at 266 and on my way to going back to the ridiculous weight I was at when the year started. Well anyway when I woke up today I noticed that today was officially 1 month since the last time I've had any candy,cakes,cookies,pie,chocolate and massive amounts of sugar. During the first 2 weeks I would get insane headaches but now I actually feel energetic. Also adding to the fun is that during the last month I've saved over $40 on junk food and spent it on other things...such as buying a belt for the first time in a while. I'm less than 2 weeks from completing my original goal but I'm gonna see if I can stretch it out for another 2 weeks just for the hell of it. Look for another update next week sometime and thanks for the continuing support and comments.

Free Music

Thanks for stopping by and just as the title says you are in store for some free music. In fact its about to be a ton of free music. The music comes courtesy of coast to coast mixtapes and legendary rapper/producer/pioneer of g-funk Warren G. If you have never heard of Warren G you should be ashamed of yourself and if you have you will love this new mixtape. Listen to a preview of it below and download it to your PC by clicking on the picture below the music player.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random act of failure

In this classic video of a classic failure you'll see exactly why I will never ever buy "Japanese" weaponry from QVC or the Home Shopping Network. Sit back,watch and enjoy as these 2 guys nearly kill themselves during an on air sales pitch.


As everyone knows by now the CBO released the budget score for the healthcare reform bill and it turns out its gonna actually cut down our deficit by a ton in the next 10+ years. This actually cuts down one of the huge talking points those opposed to the bill have been spouting off since the president first proposed the idea over a year ago. As you may expect Republicans are still in solid opposition to the bill but now instead of tax and spend and abortion its now basically come down to saying the CBO is full of crap...or at least thats the story over at fox. Watch the videos below.

and after that there was a reaction to the reaction from democrats in the house of representatives.If you notice in this video representative Clyburn from South Carolina mentions that he's happy about the fact that the healthcare reform bill reduces the deficit by 130 billion dollars. It took less than 10 seconds from them actually playing the raw,unedited footage to outright lie about what was just said.

And now just for kicks and giggles here's a song that kinda makes some sense.

Photobucket picture of the day

What you are staring at below is a picture of the original healthcare reform bill. Today the CBO score for the reconciliation bill came out and its a good score. It saves the country hundreds of billions of dollars over the next 20 years.The healthcare reform bill also expands medicare coverage and makes insurance prices less ridiculous. You can download the reconciliation bill which will face a vote this weekend by clicking on the picture of the original bill.

Just killing time here

I'm pretty much killing time here but check out this hilarious video of Stephen Colbert talking about the census,the insane Michelle Bachmann and the ongoing series of crazy known as Glenn Beck. In the video Colbert points out how Michelle Bachmann is against the census because it invades privacy...or at least she was until she found out the census is used to draw and redraw congressional districts and she could actually be in danger of not even having a district if the people of her district take her original advice of not even signing the census. He goes on from there to get on Glenn Beck's ongoing stupidity. Watch and enjoy the insanity below.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
United States Census 2010
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorHealth Care reform

According to Sarah...

According to Sarah Palin the whole issue of healthcare reform is unconstitutional. Watch below as she talks with Sean Hannity about the unconstitutionality of the process of voting for healthcare reform and how reforming the system is unconstitutional. This is obviously a bold statement for someone who isnt a constitutional lawyer. Its also pretty hypocritical for someone who has received free government run healthcare for the last few years thanks to being the governor. Oh and theres that thing about her family going to Canada just to get free healthcare when she was a kid which by the way is illegal.Watch the insanity and idiocy below.

Random act of failure

I'm basically killing time here but check out this classic video of a white house press briefing where some idiotic reporter asks white house press secretary Robert Gibbs if the president who happens to be black is for or against slavery. Great answer by Gibbs and an epic fail of a question. Watch the video below.

Reporter Fail - Watch more Funny Videos

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Song of the day

I was going to pick one song of the day but I really hadn't been listening to a ton of music today which is insanely weird for me but for some reason the infamous Mobb Deep has been on my mind so in honor of me having a huge urge to hear some Mobb Deep this edition of "Song of the Day" will consist of Mobb Deep songs. Not just any song but my 10 favorite from them. Get ready to enjoy some exciting hardcore rap music.The songs are after the page break/commercial break.

Glenn Beck Craziness

In today's episode of Glenn Beck Craziness we have our old friend Glenn Beck doing an interview with radio talk show host Peter Boyles. During the interview Glenn is asked about birthers and the 9/11 truthers. As you can see this is not going to end well but listen and see how this ends up being a big ball of crazy that includes the president not being born in America,socialism,freedoms being taken away and Marxism.

Afternoon distraction

If you're Irish like I am you know that today is a very special day for Irish people.Thats right people its St. Patrick's day and that means its time for Irish people,Irish Americans and anyone in the general area of an Irish person in America to party. While the partying is insanely fun and festive and good times are had by all some people tend to drink a little bit too much. There is nothing wrong with partying,having fun and celebrating your Irish roots or just celebrating because you know some guy thats Irish or your ex-girlfriend happens to be half Irish,just dont end up like these people in the videos below.

Screaming about nothing

Over the last few days republicans and people on tv have been screaming about the fact that speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi is considering using "deem and pass" to get the current healthcare reform bill through the house of representatives. The screaming has come from republicans who believe this process is unconstitutional even though they admit to using it before. In fact republicans have used the very same technique the majority of the times it has been used in the last 10 years.Watch below as Stephen Colbert clone and Virginia Representative Eric Cantor admits to deem and pass being a legitimate and often used rule and then calls it sneaky,underhanded and unconstitutional all in the span of 30 seconds.

Midnight Distraction

We've all seen some pretty odd things in the background during live news reports but this may take the cake. Watch as during a report about a suspected terrorist plot a man streaks in the background covered in only a mask. Oh and he was wearing shoes. Watch the insanity below.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Video of the Day

The White House released a video earlier today that explains in about 2 and a half minutes exactly why we need healthcare reform immediately. Watch and be swayed by the video below and realize that the president didnt pull those numbers out of his ass when he says insurance in some spots is going up by 25% or more.With increases in price like that and a recent UCLA study that says California has a 25% uninsured rate we need a change immediately and to be honest we needed it 5 years ago.The video is after the page break for those of you that didnt come here via a direct link.

Here we go again

What is it with Rush Limbaugh continuously comparing the president to some sort of 3rd world dictator? Seriously he always seems to try to find some way to compare the president with some sort of dictator or witch doctor. Listen to the latest tale of Limbaugh stupidity below.

Afternoon distraction

If its one thing we all hate it's bad drivers.Watch as this idiot in a Lincoln somehow doesnt notice that the entire road is blocked off due to a rock slide. Maybe he needs thicker glasses or his license completely revoked. Watch the stupidity below.

Driver Slams Into Rockslide - Watch more Funny Videos

how is this acceptable?

While falsely claiming the current healthcare reform bill funds abortion representative Louie Gohmert called the bill an abortion. What Mr Gohmert fails to realize or maybe he does realize and doesnt address is that the bill clearly does not use federal money to fund abortions outside of the current federal and state laws.This goes to show that despite his fierce opposition to the bill he has not actually read the bill. Clearly this is a desperate man who is upset that he isn't getting his way and he'll just make things up to continue to get attention. Watch the insanity below.

Random act of failure

I dont know if I've ever seen a worse product name in the history of products but this commercial pretty much takes the cake. This is a diet that you,I and no one else wants to get on.What really shocks me is that with some further research(mainly Wikipedia)I found out that this product didnt even change its name until 1988. Watch and enjoy the insanity below.

Seriously though the commercial was hilarious but AIDS is nothing to laugh about. Wrap it up,make sure whoever you're with is wearing a condom and make sure you get tested often.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

If you were one of the 12 people that visited this blog earlier you may have read a line where I said something similar to "I could probably fill up this blog with insane Glenn Beck clips and not run out of material for a long time". It turns out that besides from the line being sarcastic it may actually be borderline true. This time he's going against healthcare and if he wasnt completely serious in these clips this would be hilarious but since he's serious its just sad. He is actually against giving people the right to have access to healthcare. Thats right people should not have the right to not die on the street. Let that sentence marinate and watch the videos below in which he makes up an imaginary woman and then goes off on her for wanting healthcare and in the second video he calls healthcare reform a bloodstream disease and brings back up the death panel lie. What more can you expect from a man that once said that the president wants to kill babies? The videos are after the page break.

Glenn Beck Craziness

I am absolutely amazed at the fact that I probably could update this blog 4 times a day everyday with insane rants,comments and tv clips from Glenn Beck. If you've been following this blog,and I hope you have been following it you know that this is an ongoing series of me posting the most insane Glenn Beck radio clips. In todays clip Glenn Beck goes on a rant on how health care is a communist plot and its gonna collapse the system. Listen to how he smoothly makes the transition from insanity to telling you to check out his official sponsor.While you're here feel free to check out my official sponsors and feel free to buy something. The Glenn Beck insanity video is right after the page break.

Midnight Distraction

As a guy and especially as a guy in his early 20's I absolutely love strippers and I love it when non-strippers try to spice things up by stripping. If I could see it everyday all day I dont think I'd ever get anything done in my life but fortunately for everyone that isnt possible. One thing I love more than seeing strippers succeed at stripping and looking sexy is seeing strippers fail hilariously. Yes I know that makes me sound like a terrible person but you cant help but laugh when anyone falls on their ass. Below are a few awesome stripper fails. Sit back,watch and enjoy the sexy,sexy failure.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Almost done

After what seems to be years...or almost a year of debates, summits,protests,screaming,yelling and insanity coming from every direction we're almost at the point of voting on a healthcare bill through reconciliation. This point only took what seems like forever and it took the everyone finally saying "f this I'm sick of debating" for the democratic majority to finally grow a pair and thanks to the sudden pair that has grown on the democrats we may in fact get some sort of health reform and a system that doesnt suck.If you have the mental and physical stamina to read the healthcare bill click on the picture of the original house bill below and start reading the PDF file of the house reconciliation bill.Be warned that it is 2300 pages long.

According to Bill....

According to Bill O'Reilly black people should really stop bitching about being picked on by the cops because white people get arrested way more than black people do. He even throws out some stats to prove it. Unfortunately those stats dont separate non-Hispanic whites from Hispanic whites which basically means that a huge chunk of those whites that Bill O'Reilly was talking about were probably Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. Even if Bill was right which he isnt it turns out that when people get arrested and charged certain types of people are much more likely to serve serious time.Of course I'm sure most of you knew that but what else can you expect from a man that was shocked to see black people not act like idiots at a restaurant.Video of everything I was just rambling on about is below.

Afternoon distraction

Karate and martial arts in general is always amazing when done right. When done wrong its even more amazing and quite frankly hilarious. Watch as this karate master shows you the proper way to break a stack of bricks using only your left hand. its really quite amazing.

Brick Punch Fail - Watch more Funny Videos

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just killing time here

Kinda killing time because I really havent been on here all day due to being nowhere near a PC and AT&T working on the phone lines in the area. Watch and enjoy this random act of amazing ability and always remember to recycle and protect the environment. The Earth needs any and all help it can get and if you can protect the Earth and look cool at the same time always film it.

Tough times ahead?

As we all know by now Bart Stupak who has recently become famous for trying to bring down healthcare reform because he believes that it may fund abortions just for the hell of it. Well now he has a challenger in the relatively unknown Connie Saltonstall. In any other year this would be an easy victory for Bart Stupak but in this year when the economy is terrible and he's not serving the people of Michigan and is actually trying to grandstand just to get on tv this could be tougher than he bargained for. It could be tough for one very good reason and that reason is that he's being beaten in a race for funds. Yes Bart Stupak who has had a stranglehold on that spot for 17 years is being beaten so far by a woman that not many people outside of Northern Michigan know about. I smell another Scott Brown story in the making but this time with a decent candidate. Lets hope that Connie can pull off the upset and get in there and actually attempt to do something for Michigan.

Speaking the truth

On Friday television talk show host Ed Schultz was pretty enraged at some idiotic comments by the people over at Fox news. Watch below as he explains why its dumb and then rambles on about it for another minute or two.

Random act of failure

When you run a political blog like I sometimes do with this one you tend to watch a ton of news. I on occasion or to be perfectly honest most occasions spend all day watching the news,reading news sites and searching for videos to throw on this site. This time I give you a ton of news related videos that are full of fail.Some of these are classics(like the second on the list) and some of them may not be as well known but still funny. Sit back,watch and enjoy because you're in for a ton of videos.

this anchor lets us get a nice view into her sex life with one hilariously sexy slip of the tongue

The last 3 are the funniest news bloopers I have ever seen on youtube and the guy in the last video actually reminds me a lot of a news reporter from here,not looks wise but the personality and demeanor is the same.