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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reaching my limit

I haven't been on here in a while and its frustrating me. As much as that,the current pain in my left calf and my string of weird luck is frustrating me it isn't as bad as the BS in DC. Everyday it is becoming increasingly apparent that some of our elected "leaders" would much rather posture for the cameras instead of even attempt to work on solutions. Some of them even go as far to actually bet against America. Let me say this again, Eric Cantor will make a nice amount of extra income if America defaults. As the house and the senate desperately try to hammer out a deal that will keep us from becoming the deadbeat dad of industrialized nations, he will be betting against congress actually doing their job. What really adds to this level of ridiculousness is that he may get his way because as we all know, congress is filled with lazy and apathetic democrats,melodramatic republicans and the borderline psychotic tea party members. With this mix of sheer stupidity its clear that lawmakers will fail at making a law and then as always blame Barack Obama. When all else fails it is always a good time to blame the president. Sure he only signs the law but we all know that he should have done the job of everyone in congress and came up with a bill,vote on it,reject it,redo the bill,vote again and then pass it with a two thirds majority before sending it to himself to sign. I guess what I'm saying here is that congress is full of middle aged people who act like children. Sometimes I wonder if it would serve this country better to have toddlers run it for a while. Sure we may end up with a 56% tax on broccoli and spinach but I'm fairly sure that they would raise the debt ceiling without much ridiculousness. Something else that bugs me is people who say that America should be run like a business should not spend more than it takes. On the surface this sounds great but they totally avoid pointing out that businesses can just raise prices for their service. The only way a government can be run like an actual business would be to raise prices for the services it provides. Of course since the government isn't selling cheeseburgers for $3,the only way they can theoretically raise prices is to raise taxes. I have no problem with raising taxes on rich people. Even Ronald "republican Jesus" Reagan raised taxes. In fact he did it several times. I had to get that bit of frustration out. If you were able to stick around and read that here's a video for you.