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Friday, March 30, 2012

Ad of the day

In this day and age political ads have become a form of art. A good political ad can be hilarious and still deliver a big blow to a candidate at the same time. Mix in some high production values and you have a memorable ad that'll get a ton of airplay. Below is an add that meets some of that criteria. In this ad for American Crossroads,a SuperPAC lead by Karl Rove, we get to see President Obama as an evil James Bond who has switched allegiances to work with the Russians. The whole concept stems from a hot mic moment between President Obama and President Medvdev of Russia in which the president explained that he'll be more flexible to negotiate,make deals and pass laws if he gets reelected. Click on the video below to see one of the better ads in the last week or so.

Just killing time here

This video has been floating around my facebook timeline all day. In it we may or may not hear Rick Santorum almost slip up and drop what may or may not be half of the word nigger when referring to Barack Obama. I'm not going to say if he did or didn't but what I'm asking you for is a video of the full speech. If you have it,leave a link to it in the comments or tell me about it on twitter. What do you hear in this somewhat doctored footage? It took no time to find the full speech. Thanks Jennifer.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

R Money

I haven't done much on Mitt Romney on this site and that's a bit of neglect on my part considering that I actually once met the man in person. In my few posts about him I've noted his policy positions and how they seem to change depending on who he's talking to. What I haven't done is spotlight that Mitt is worth more than the last 5 presidents combined and doubled. Of course thanks to the latest piece about him on ThinkProgress,he's putting the focus on himself. Click on the photo of Mexican Mitt Romney meeting shaking my hand in 2008 to see more about his giant house with a car elevator in it. Oh and before you do that check out this video of a car lift in action in real life. It's clearly a toy that only a wildly rich man would even think of getting.

If you missed it

If you've been anywhere near a TV or computer or radio or people during the last few weeks,you already know about the Trayvon Martin tragedy. The Florida teen was shot dead after being followed by self appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, who deemed him suspicious after seeing him walking towards his father's house in a gated community. Since the shooting there has been tons of justifiable public outrage over the fact that the shooter has yet to be arrested despite admitting to shooting the child after following him for several blocks. To the reasonable mind,this sounds like a case of a vigilante who let his biases and suspicions get out of line to the point that he murdered a kid who was simply walking home in the rain with some candy and a soft drink. Of course to George Zimmerman's lawyer this sounds like the kid who was several inches shorter and almost 100lbs lighter attacked Zimmerman in a vicious attempt to murder the armed vigilante. Watch below as Zimmerman's lawyer completely dodges an interview with MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell due to the fact that he didn't like the line of questions that were about to be asked.

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If you made it through that,here's a video of Detroit police chief speaking at a rally here held to honor Trayvon Martin and call for an end to gun violence in the city. Click to see why I actually follow him on twitter.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ad of the day

In today's ad of the day we get a glimpse into the not too distant future of America if Barack Obama wins this upcoming election. We get to see that America has become a horrible place to live thanks to a dead economy,a lack of religious freedom and the ever increasing nuclear threat coming from Iran. We get to watch as our once great country turns into a wasteland of zombie-like people struggling to survive while looking for a way out. Click and be amazed by the horror movie that could be America in 2 years.

Ad of the day

In today's ad of the day we get a glimpse into the not too distant future of America if Barack Obama wins this upcoming election. We get to see that America has become a horrible place to live thanks to a dead economy,a lack of religious freedom and the ever increasing nuclear threat coming from Iran. We get to watch as our once great country turns into a wasteland of zombie-like people struggling to survive while looking for a way out. Click and be amazed by the horror movie that could be America in 2 years.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo of the day

The internet has been filled with info about the miscarriage of justice that is the Trayvon Martin case. We've seen everything from press conferences to marches to students walking out of class to Geraldo Rivera showing his true colors in response to the travesty that happened down in Florida. Today we got to see the president give his thoughts on what happened and now we get to see the Miami Heat show some respect to the slain Miami teenager. Click on the photo below for a larger version.

If you missed it

If you haven't been following the Trayvon Martin case,I still hate you as an individual. I'm not even being a little bit snarky here. I'm totally serious. It takes someone who has been in a coma for the last few weeks to not know about this.

With that said,if you've been on twitter today you may have noticed that Geraldo Rivera was trending. You may be asking yourself "Why is the mustachioed news veteran trending? Did he shave his face again?". If that were the reason behind him trending,the world would be a much better place. Instead he's trending because he decided that he would play devils advocate and blame Trayvon Martin for Trayvon Martin being shot and killed. He does this by saying that the clothes that he wore are responsible for his death. In Geraldo's mind,the hoodie was the problem. In his mind hoodies are a good reason to get shot. Besides from showing that he's getting old,he's also showing that he's a bit of a racist. In this video he explains that if you're dark skinned,you shouldn't wear a hoodie because you look like a criminal. Due to looking like a criminal by wearing a hoodie in February(perfect hoodie wearing weather) Trayvon Martin was profiled and then murdered. I guess what I'm saying is that Geraldo is blaming the victim's clothing choice and thus he's no better than a guy who blames a woman who just got raped for her being raped. If there's anything positive to this is that this video does at least expose that fox has 3 racist idiots on it's staff and that white people are still free to wear hoodies. Click on the video below and be amazed.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just killing time here

Its election season and of course this means that every single politician out there will be begging you for money left and right. Just today I got emails from the DNC,RNC,3 different superPACs and Barack Obama's campaign team asking me for money. Of course being a good citizen of these United States,I see nothing wrong at all with donating a couple of bucks to a campaign with a candidate that I see as fit for the job. What I've always wondered is who are the guys that make the big donations. Who are these people that are donating tens of thousands of dollars at a time to a campaign or a political action committee? Thanks to CBS we now know that these people are guys like Bill Maher and Foster Freiss. To see who else thinks it's a great idea to spend $1million on a campaign,click on this sentence.

If you missed it

If you've been missing the coverage surrounding the Trayvon Martin case,you're probably an idiot and I hate you. I sincerely hate you and everything about you if you've failed to see this on TV or the internet. If you want to catch up on the facts of the case,you can click here. If you want to see smooth voiced,MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor discussing the latest news in this miscarriage of justice,click on the video below.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Head to Head Twitter Showdown

Sometimes I like to pick on T1 because I'm a cruel woman who strives to embody all the ice queen stereotypes that society likes to label women with. He knows I'm really just complete clown shoes, but is gentlemanly enough to take me halfway seriously.

That in mind, I figured this would be a funny little thing to post. An infographic that shows how much more popular T1 is than I am, but also shows that I run my mouth a lot more. In other words, stuff we already knew, but infographics are fun!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Picture of the day

Not much to say here. These are just a couple of photos of the president enjoying St Patrick's Day like a true Irishman with his cousin Henry. Feel free to share with your friends.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Just killing time here

I don't know if you knew this or not but the president has been trying like crazy to raise funds for his reelection campaign. Today he took his fundraising express into the city of Atlanta to hold yet another fundraiser and to speak with some everyday Americans who may or may not personally know Tyler Perry. Also,while he was there he got an endorsement from Atlanta rap legend Ludacris. Pictures from the event are below.

I want those headphones!!

Song of the day

Today's song of the day comes courtesy of the group D.O.P.E and TI. Before today I had never heard this song but it's been on my mind all day. Click on,listen to and enjoy "Harry Potter". If you like the song,download the mixtape,it's free!

Picture of the day

It turns out that not everyone is an Obama fan. Of course if you'd paid attention to the latest polls you would have known that. There are people who don't like his handling of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are people who don't like the way the economy has been during the last couple of years. Of course there are always those people who just don't like him because he happens to be a nigger. Here's one of those people.

UPDATE: The woman that runs the site that sells these unshockingly popular stickers,doesn't see any racism at all in it. In fact she doesn't think that the word nigger is racist despite the dictionary definition of it being particularly offensive to black people.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Limbaugh lunacy

Now that people have started to stop caring about Rush calling a woman a slut and a whore for wanting the insurance that she pays for to actually cover things that concern her health,he's back to being kinda normal. By that I mean he's back to saying whatever he can to get a rise out of old white people. In this edition Rushington F Limbaugh IV goes after President Obama for granting certain tribes the right to occasionally shoot a bald eagle. This would almost be a valid argument if Rush didn't turn this into an "Obama hates whitey" rant session. He also accuses the president of trying to enact certain laws for certain races,kinda like a Jamal Crow type of deal. Listen below as Rush Limbaugh accuses the president of trying to make America a better place to live for black people.

Afternoon Distraction

Ever since I was a kid I've wanted to eat dinner at the white house. You may be asking why would I want to do that. Well,I kinda want to do it because white house state dinners are always ridiculously extravagant. They are always filled with celebs and the food is always expensive. Being someone that grew up eating ramen noodles and spam,the thought of bison wellington sounds kinda great to me. Oh and that's exactly what they're eating tonight at the white house. To see the entire menu for the state dinner to honor our good friends in the U.K.,click on this sentence. Want to see the president and first lady welcome the prime minister? Click on the video below.

Song of the day

Sometimes there are songs that pretty much describe your entire life. For me this may be one of those songs. There's a different lyric that I can relate to from this song every single day of the week. Click on,listen to and enjoy G Dep's best song,"everyday".

Monday, March 12, 2012

March Madness!

It's the middle of March and if you live in America,this can mean only one thing....The NCAA tournament is about to control the news cycle! It's already getting tons of coverage on everything from local news to CNN to ESPN. The basketball fever is so crazy that even my site got a ton of extra hits just for mentioning basketball 2 years ago. As with every March Madness,people everywhere are making brackets and placing their allegiances with teams that they think might go on to win it all. One of the most famous bracketologists in America happens to also be the president of these United States. This year President Obama is making a bracket and inviting people to challenge his skills in picking winners. Everyone that does better than him will get their name plastered on the front of his campaign website. If you're ready to be internet famous for knowing more about college basketball than the commander in chief,click on the picture of the 4th best player on NBA Jam.

Midnight Distraction

If you've ever watched the news(obviously you haven't),you may have noticed that the reports seem to follow a formulaic pattern. It always starts and ends the same way if it isn't some breaking news story. Below is a step by step guide on how the average news report is made.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ad of the day

Running for office is tough business. It doesn't matter if you're running for president of the United States of America or running for student vice president at the University of Calgary,it's going to be tough. Some politicians have an innate ability to connect with people and get their message across. It's how President Obama was able to gain momentum in 2008 and it's how Ron Paul is surviving during this attempt at running for president. If you're not Ron Paul and you don't have the ability to easily connect with college aged white men,what do you do? Well,if you're Hayley Wade you connect with the voter in the most intimate of settings to let them know that you're going to be looking out for them. Click on her totally real and not at all photoshopped ad below to see how she did in her attempt to be student vice president at the University of Calgary.

Random act of failure

I'm gonna have to come out and admit that I'm a news fanatic. I kinda have to be one to write on both this site and another totally unrelated hip hop site. I wake up in the morning and watch the news. During the evenings I'm watching the news and sending borderline inappropriate tweets to local reporter Mara MacDonald,who only reports on happy stories. And even while I'm doing that I'm following other reporters online. I admire news reporters. I admire people like Melissa Moon who are able to take the most boring thing and turn it into a news story that hundreds of thousands of people are willing to learn about. With that said,turning meh in amazing isn't the only tough thing about doing the news. There's also the occasional physical danger. Those physical dangers can range from finding out on live TV that you're allergic to bees to occasionally smashing into light pole while trying to interview someone. Below is one of those two things that I just listed. Click,watch,share and enjoy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Limbaugh lunacy

In the ensuing firestorm of lost advertisers and public backlash from his insane week worth of comments about Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke,Rush Limbaugh has been on a campaign to clear his good name. He has done this by apologizing and clarifying his words. He has also taken a bit of time to say that those advertisers suck for leaving his show. Right after getting that off of his chest,El Rushilini moved on to the issues that really matter...How much of an ugly whore Dennis Kucinich's wife is. Of course this pattern of sexism and ridiculousness is not his fault even though it's from his own mouth. He knows who the real culprits are for his sexism and it's not him. It's guys like Too $hort,Snoop Dogg,UGK,Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell and P.Diddy that are truly to blame for Rush,a man in his 60's spouting off an entire week worth of personal attacks on a random woman. On his Monday show(which I missed because I have a life) Rush went on the offensive of what he sees as a double standard. He said and I quote "Talk about a double standard,”“Rappers can say anything they want about women. It’s called art. And they win awards.”. As expected,a few rappers had a few things to say about him suddenly using them as a scapegoat just because he got called out for being an idiot. Click on the picture of one half of UGK,Bun B below.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Midnight Distraction

About 2 years ago I wrote about a senator from The Netherlands who had a rather unfortunate name. The post remains to this day,one of the more popular things I have ever posted on here. It turns out that this senator not only still has a job,he has decided to weigh in on the recent elections in Russia. Click on the picture below to see what Tiny Kox had to say about the landslide reelection of Vladimir Putin.

Insomniac Theater

I'm pretty sure the people that read this site probably saw it but it doesn't hurt to see it again. With that said catch up on Monday's episode of the Daily Show by watching all of Monday's episode of The Daily Show. Click,watch be amazed and share this blog with your friends.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Derp certificate

If you're wondering why this post is called "Derp certificate",you clearly haven't seen the internet meme. With that said you can click this sentence to find out more about where the word "derp" comes from. Now that you've seen the complete and comprehensive history on that word,you now understand this entire blog a lot better.

I don't know if you've noticed but lately the economy has been trying to somewhat improve. In fact during the last couple of month we've added a few hundred thousand jobs nationwide. I for one am hoping this trend continues because it would be nice to see more people(including me) making money. Of course as the economy continues to try to improve,it kinda takes away one of the major complaints that critics of President Obama have had about him. So instead of bitch about the economy,they have to find a new issue to get Americans riled up. This issue happens to be where the president was born. Below is a picture connected to links where people with more time than I have,have decided to see how much the issue of the president's birthplace pops up and how does it coincide with other pressing issues of our time. Click the picture and be amazed.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Just killing time here

Sometimes when I write on here,it's literally just to see if my keyboard is working properly and my "S" button isn't stuck or acting weird. Other times I write just to see myself write. This may be one of either of those times. With that said,there is not much I can say that this picture isn't already saying. Look,laugh and enjoy a fish that might make Kanye West happy. Oh and make sure to share this.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Picture of the day

This has always been and will always be true. We will never be able to avoid being hypocritical when it comes to shit like this.

If you missed it

If you missed it like most of America did last night,Jon Stewart had a pretty epic rant about contraception and the ridiculous debate around it. In the segment below he particularly goes after the Blunt Amendment. Click on the video below to see some truths wrapped in hilarity wrapped in some classic Jon Stewart smugness.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Midnight Distraction

As many of you may have read or saw on tv or even received as a breaking news update on your smartphone,conservative blogger/CNN contributor Andrew Breitbart died at the age of 43. The age of 43 is too young for anyone to go. With that said there are tons of theories floating around as to how and why he died. Click on the photo below to see 25 of the most ridiculous Andrew Breitbart conspiracy theories.