Monday, July 13, 2009

its been awhile...........

so you wanna know just how much has changed in the month and a half since i've posted on here? well here's a short list

I was hit in the face with a brick(nobody saw that coming)
I've been to the ER twice
I found out that the bone around my eye is broken(yeah you saw that coming)
My entire eye is out of place and its gonna need exstensive surgery(bet you didnt see that coming)
Michael Jackson died(same day and time as the eye diagnosis)
I saw up close what it looks like right after you get shot in the face(not pretty)
I lost 15 pounds(i feel good about that)
I lost my job(fuck that job)
I got the hospital bills(I owe somewhere in the neighborhood of $5000)
I found out that the city wants me to work during the next election(hooray for easy money!)
so yeah my life has kinda sucked lately but it could always be worse. I could always be

if this post is boring to you here's a video for you to enjoy

i still cant do the robot like that