Saturday, September 17, 2011


The other day I vaguely mentioned that on the day of my birth Sarah Palin was having sex with one of my favorite basketball players of all time. This revelation comes from a new biography on Palin written by author Joe Mc Ginnis who goes on to reveal a ton of other strange things about former governor Palin. Below the photo is a list of some of the juicier details from his book about Sarah Palin.

Baby oil: It disgusts Sarah -- because she associates it with sex. Page 146.

Sarah proselytized teammates, preached about "The Rapture." Page 20.

Sarah had a propensity for walking around naked on athletic trips. Page 21.

Todd has "most amazing beer drinking capacity I've ever seen." Page 27.

Sarah dated black men in Anchorage. Page 24.

Sarah and sisters "had fetish for black guys for a while." Page 24.

Vigorously defended high school teacher arrest for molesting students. Page 28.

Sarah never went, according to a security official. Page 142. (to the Wasilla Bible Church)

Sarah and Todd Palin did lines of cocaine with friends off the top of an oil drum. Page 146.

Deployment of Track to Iraq: "Her lack of emotional involvement was scary." Page 182.

Dinosaurs: Sarah believed that humans lived alongside them. Page 120.

Driving skills: Sarah always got lost in her Suburban. Page 140.

Glen Rice: Sarah linked up with Rice during 1987 basketball tournament. Page 24.

"She hauled his ass down but she freaked out afterward... I fucked a black man! She was just horrified" (quote from friend). Page 25.

"We just hit it off... It was all done in a respectful way, nothing hurried," Rice said. Page 25.

Mechanix Illustrated: "As deeply as [Todd] delved into literature." Page 23.

Racism: Todd and two friends beat up only black student in school. Page 22.

Sarah left college in Hawaii because "people of color made her nervous." Page 23

Sarah fired all the non-white staffers in governor's office. Page 219.

Screensaver: On first day in office, Mayor Palin changed text on her official computer to read "GOD LOVES YOU SARAH PALIN." Page 89.

Sexual Harassment: Palin accused city officials of "ogling her butt" during step-aerobics class. Page 63.

Sir Mix-A-Lot: Sarah sang "I like big butts and I cannot lie" in the kitchen. Page 63