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Friday, November 7, 2014

Another challenger appears

Another day and another challenge to Obamacare. It seems that even though it's been law of the land for going on close to half a decade, some people will not let their hatred of slightly less expensive health insurance and federal subsidies. This latest challenge could, if it works, make insurance completely unattainable for millions of people. Watch NBC's Pete Williams explain the whole thing below and be glad that it isn't about race at all.

The games we play

I'm a gamer. I come from a family of gamers. Just about every one of my friends growing up was pretty heavy in to video games. I'm 26, but I can remember a day when video game nerds were begging for video gaming to become mainstream, and during the last few years, this has happened and the world is better for it. Of course, with anything that becomes mainstream, it has to be able to work for a larger audience. This is why hip hop has evolved from being dominated by one part of NYC in the mid 80's to being a global phenomenon in the year 2014. It's why blockbuster movies are test screened in front of several different types of audiences. Nothing that plans on being mainstream, and accepted in America, and the world in general will stay exactly the same way it was when it first started in some guy's basement.

Of course, for some people, the very idea of having other people enjoy their hobby and wanting it to be more representative of how society actually looks, is about as offensive as kicking their grandfather in the face while he's enjoying dinner. This seems to be especially true for gamers during the last couple of years. As consumers, critics and even the industry itself have pushed for games to be more inclusive and actually represent it's broad customer base, there has been a backlash by a subset of gamers who just can't deal with games that don't feature the same tired, white, male anti-hero who basically has women and minorities as either racially insensitive sidekicks, stereotypical villains, weird sexual objects, background decorations or someone that the hero just has to save if he's ever gonna get laid by something that isn't a hooker. Even in games where you can build a character from scratch, the options for female and minority custom characters are scarce. These are just some of the broad things touched on by Anita Sarkeesian in her Tropes vs Women in Video Games series on youtube. For just mentioning this, she got death threats. In what world does a slightly boring video that brings up a few major points about sexism in media warrant constant death threats?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A few thoughts on rape culture

While on Facebook the other day, I was able to observe a pretty good debate about sexism, privilege and how bad is it when you can't talk to a woman without trying to drug her. After watching people argue over this article for a good 3 hours, I finally chimed in. Below is that chiming in. Agree? Disagree? Let me know either on here or twitter.

Seriously though, while it's good that people are talking about rape culture and the epidemic of sexual assault, the conversation is going in a circle. No one wants to admit that they are or were part of the problem. Everyone wants to rewrite history and appear as some sort of angel, and if that fails, deny the very existence of rampant, acceptable and violent sexism. This doesn't even touch on how this intersects with race, income levels, religion, regionalism and American culture at large.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Midnight Movie Magic!

I should honestly blog more, but I haven't had the chance to with the upcoming school year and also just being hired in to a new job. The new job is important to this post. Not because I'm finally getting a steady paycheck, but because the hotel where I work has a pretty clear view of where they're filming a pretty vital scene for the new Batman vs Superman movie. In fact, they're filming the movie down the street from where I work.

Before I could get a decent picture, I was able to find out that the area on Fort between Griswold and Washington is standing in for Metropolis and the entire area is going to be destroyed in a chase/fight. Below are a couple of pics that I took of the trailers being set up at 3 in the morning, and below that is a video that someone was able to take during the day of the scene being filmed. Click here to see more, and much better pictures from Deadline Detroit.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Bragging about myself

I have a weirdly hard time selling myself and I don't think that highly of myself. It has always been one of my weird flaws. It's a weird mixture of a lack of confidence and tons of life experience telling me that I'm not that important. And when I really think about my life during the last few years, I should honestly be amazing at bragging about myself, all the time.

A few years ago I was guy bouncing between awful jobs that paid little, offered even fewer benefits and were run by total idiots who had never heard of streamlining and safety rules. I was a guy being bit by boredom and the occasional felony while working in a liquor store for almost 2 years under an owner who had 0 idea as to how he's supposed to run a store and even less of an idea of how to talk to women. I was a guy who was proving his dirt bag, deadbeat uncle right by not being in school, or even taking the time to finish high school and having no idea of what direction I wanted to take my life. I wasn't unhappy with my life, but it wasn't the life that I wanted to live and when work started drying up, I realized how much I did not like being the last one hired and first one fired.

Bouncing between awful jobs in the middle of a recession and getting stuck with weird, unworkable hours at minimum wage with no benefits kinda forced me to reassess my life. Did I really want to hit 30, 40 or 50 breaking my back for someone else while watching some jackass who had no idea how to do what I do orders me around? When I realized that the answer was no and that I would probably end up having to smack the dog shit out of the supervisor at one of my old jobs if he ever stepped to me the wrong way again, I decided to focus on finding out what I wanted to do in life, and what better place to do that than college? With that thought in my head I decided to enroll and at least take a shot at getting a life that allows me to save up for retirement one day.

My experience in college so far has been a weird one. I have never been more frustrated by not knowing things in my life, while at the same time I have never been happier at how much I already knew and how much I'm actually learning. I'm not just learning that I still hate math and can basically mop the floor with most people when it comes to knowing history, I'm also learning what actually gets my mind turned up. I've learned that, when I want to be, I'm not terrible at writing. I've learned that I'm not bad when it comes to the subject of politics. I've learned that I'm not only good at sociology, I'm great at it and can explain why Denmark, as it is today, may actually cease to exist one day. Of course the biggest thing I've learned is that I can kinda mash all of those things together and make my own direction in life, and if I'm passionate enough, this letter notifying me that I've made the dean's list will only be the beginning of great things for me.

Not bad at all for a guy who dropped out in the 10th grade all those years ago.

Friday, August 1, 2014

The end of an Eric

Earlier this year, now former house majority leaderEric Cantor was soundly defeated in a primary election. Thursday marked his last day and he used this last day to reflect on his family, life, time in congress and how he sees America's role in the world. Oh, and he took some time to say that America is going backwards because of things like progressive politics and whatnot. Click and listen to a member of the government admit to sucking at being a member of the government and then blaming the government for his suckitude. First, we have Stephen Colbert going to CBS and now his lookalike is leaving congress. Truly a sad time for this country.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Midnight Distraction

Not too long ago I posted a piece of one of my final papers from my first year in college. That paper was about why our current minimum wage is an unfunny joke to millions of hard working Americans. You may or may not know this, but the current wage of $7.25 has been around for 5 years even though the cost of living has gone up and $7.25 really only buys about a gallon and a half of gas. It's so bad that Mary Poppins should legitimately consider a career change. Watch below as she explains why her life and job sucks.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Who would I pick?

If you've been following this site, you may have known about my trip to Netroots Nation a while ago. In the post I mentioned that I had been interviewed by a weirdly high amount of people wanting to know my opinion on things. One of those people/groups/media outlets was the Washington Post. Watch below as a bunch of randoms, and the most random guy in a white shirt at 50 seconds of all, give short answers on who they think the democrats should choose in 2016.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Broken System

Something that I haven't talked about a lot on here is the broken prison system here in America. This is pretty awful considering my personal stance against the entire idea of privatizing prisons and the weirdly, purposefully racist ways we enforce and prosecute criminal activity in this country. Case in point: somebody like me will definitely go to prison if I get caught with more than a gram of kush, while the average Livonia resident probably wont go to jail even if he had a brick of coke. At least California is acting like they notice the disparity. Add up the myriad of racial disparities, even when it comes to committing the same offenses, the complete waste of money private prisons are, the high recidivism rates and the rampant abuse and you have a recipe for disaster. Click on the video below to be not surprised by the level of care that we don't put towards our prison system.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Netroots experience

The other day, I wrote some on my first day at Netroots Nation 2014, and apparently, it was a decent read. With that said, I'm going to use this spout off some more of what I observed during the biggest progressive political convention of the year. Get ready for random pics, observations, analysis and stories in the form of unconnected paragraphs.

Despite being there for 3 days, in my hometown, a few blocks from my current school and in a building that I had actually spent some of my better childhood moments in, I still felt out of my element. It took me a minute to put my finger on why I was so out of my element, and surprisingly, to many people on twitter who don't know me, it's because I was surrounded by nerds. Large herds of nerds and politically wonky people talking about wonky political stuff and splitting hairs on things like proper terminology. Another part of what made it so not my element is that 95% of the people there clearly had the type of money that allows them to take an entire week off, on purpose, and pay for a hotel room and passes to Netroots Nation and spend most of that time hitting local bars, enjoying the food here and occasionally protest the weirdly inconsistent water shutoffs with the guy that plays the Hulk in the Avengers movies. This is a heavy contrast from me actually going to Netroots thanks to a ton of help from some very special people, and in a literal, physical sense, right after applying and interviewing for a second job that'll hopefully become a main job on top of being a full time student.

Being at Netroots, I could tell, that the people there could tell, that I was basically an outsider. I also, think that I looked like an outsider to the members of the media there, either that or I looked like I might make for a good interview because I was interviewed no less than 5 times during my time there. The interviews ranged from the Free Press here in Detroit, who honestly may have reporters who know my face from memory due to their headquarters being across from my school, to the Washington post. When the articles start popping up online, they will be posted on here in an effort to brag about myself.

One thing that I learned about Netroots is that it is fantastic for networking if you're the outgoing type that doesn't mind being annoying enough to just walk up to a random and start handing out business cards and trying to sell yourself as if you're a hot minor league baseball prospect. This isn't a trait that I possess, and I even called it annoying in the last sentence. I don't possess this trait because of the fact that in a general sense, my sheer presence either intimidates, creeps out or makes people uncomfortable. A decade and a half of hard stares, street crossing, weird aggressiveness and purse clutching has basically taught me to not walk up to random white people for any reason whatsoever, and in a room full of mostly random, mostly white people, it becomes pretty tough to just walk up to them and try to sell some of my better qualities.

Speaking of white people; a lot of white people saw a tweet that I sent out during my second day at Netroots. I made a joke about being the only young black guy in the room, and I've been getting weirdly racist and politically partisan responses to it and the responses to it ever since. Seriously, check it out and be amazed. I guess I should also point out, that like America, the convention was pretty white, but not Romney speech white. I actually saw a lot of color once I left the herds of white nerds.

Knowing some people via twitter is a big help as it made the whole networking thing kinda easy and a little fun. As an example, thanks to one person I know via the online microblogging service, I was somehow in a game of political/music/sports trivia with internet radio host and attractive high school science teacher Nicole Sandler, and even weirder I was the guy that knew all of the sports related stuff at the table. One of the questions was such a softball that I had to somewhat explain why I was right about it, and it all came down to my knowledge of the great Alaskan shootout. At least we beat Dave Weigel.

Day 3 of Netroots was filled with meetings, more meetings, discussions, speeches and more discussions. Topics ranged from online harassment to street harassment to building a diverse coalition to an entire hour and a half of speeches and buzzwords and talking points on how to not sound like a total douchenozzle when talking about heavy issues on your website. I may have failed the whole not sounding like a jerk thing, but then again I'm a man with bitchy resting face and this adds to my whole intimidating white women with 0 effort, but this isn't about that. It's about the wealth of info I learned during my 3 day experience.

I guess I'll wrap up this oddly long read for my blog by pointing out the obvious, and the obvious is that the whole thing was one gigantic psychological and sociological experiment. I saw a crowd of insanely smart people with good hearts who are still slightly out of touch with the people that they want to help. I saw groups of young innovators trying to change the way we look at, absorb and even think about politics. I saw obvious political hacks who were clearly just there because other, much more important people were there. I saw adynamic state rep candidate who I should have been working for, while also seeing a gubernatorial candidate who still hasn't honed his public speaking skills. I saw a lot of people who needed a hero, a reason to believe, and someone to believe in but no idea who that person is and what the reason is. But, mainly, I saw that despite the ridiculous infighting within the democratic party, there are some people who still have their eyes on the larger picture of trying to win as many elections as possible, and when it comes down to it, that's the only thing that any political group should be focused on.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Netroots Nation Day 1

Stepping in to something like Netroots is like stepping in to a different world for me. This is despite the event taking place in my hometown, in a building that I'm familiar with, which is only a few blocks away from where I go to school, and only about a mile or so from where I work. It's such a weird experience going from my neighborhood, which is marginally famous for having a well known clergyman getting carjacked and beaten in it, to stepping in a building filled with political activists, campaign people, bloggers, podcast hosts, academics and people who I've only ever seen on twitter. To say that this is different from my daily life is an understatement. I guess I'm saying that I was out of my element.

I was surprised at how quickly I was able to get my pass and proceed to the nerd-heavy festivities. I spent maybe the first hour or so just observing people, and one thing became apparent to me: No matter how fancy and connected someone is, they will always grab as many free snacks as possible. I got to sit down and hang out with people representing the Michigan Democratic party and they were surprisingly down to earth for people who have an insiders view on people who could do huge things in not only this state, but the country and world at large. This was followed by me meeting a person that I had followed on twitter for a couple of years. To say that I was nervous is stating the obvious, but not stating it loud enough. Luckily we're both kinda awkward in real life so it worked out and there's a picture of us floating around online somewhere. We would have hung out more if it weren't for the fact that she had to get back to work waiting on the Vice President of this great country to show up for a pep-rally type of speech. Did I mention that I got to see that?

Around 2:00pm, the entire mood changed. You could see police officers, bomb sniffing dogs, uniformed secret service officers and even a few secret service guys in their classic black suits. On top of the crush of law enforcement was a swarm of local, national and international media. You couldn't take a step without seeing someone from channel 4 or NPR trying to interview people waiting in the very long line to get in to the ballroom to see the vice president. Surprisingly, to me at least, the police were courteous and friendly while searching through my bag for dangerous objects like frisbees and apples. I guess not being in the poor areas of Detroit will get you some service with a smile instead of a sarcastic non-response and possible beating for calling them out on it. Where was I? Something about Joe Biden?

After the room was packed to the gills with people, we waited for an hour longer than expected, but with good reason as the Vice President was on the phone with top officials from Ukraine figuring out how they were going to investigate the Malaysian Airlines flight that was shot down over Ukrainian airspace. During this wait, I spent some time going around the room and see if any local officials were there. Surprisingly, I found my old English professor, who would probably give this blog a C, at best, sitting next to a local political consultant. I should point out that she is a former member of city council. I was also interviewed by a reporter from the Detroit Free Press during the wait. After alerting the crowd as to why he was late, what he was doing, what he thinks may happen next and his feelings on the matter at hand, he got down to the meat of a speech which was more pep rally than serious policy debate. He touched on issues ranging from increasing manufacturing in this country to gay rights to the immigration issues in America. And what prompted him to jump in and talk about trying to get something done about the immigration crisis was a group of people demanding that the Obama administration "Stop deporting our families!". I found it reassuring that Joe agreed with them, even when some in the crowd got annoyed at them for having the nerve to heckle the Vice President. After that it was more hyping the crowd up and trying to get everyone in a better mood despite the awful news of the day, and with the closing of that speech, came the closing of my day at Netroots.

To sum up my day, I had fun, I learned a lot and I got to network with some people while getting closer to an elected official than I had been in years and I even got harassed by a white guy who said that I don't care about black people. I'll try to do another one of these tomorrow, and hopefully it wont suck.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Midnight Distraction

Netroots Nation 2014 is taking place in Detroit this week and that means that this city is going to be flooded with outsiders. As with any big event, or even just a normal day in the city, there are tons of people eating at tons of places and with the invention of apps that let you review everything, you can let everyone know of your experience. With that said, it looks like Mark had a great time at A&W.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Motown Maritime Madness

If you've been following the news out of Detroit lately, you know that the city is getting very aggressive about shutting off delinquent water accounts. This means that anyone that's more than one month overdue faces the threat of randomly having their water shut off regardless of how much they owe. I personally wouldn't have a giant problem with it if the billing system weren't notoriously broken and if it weren't for the fact that the shutoffs seem to be inconsistent. We're spending a lot of time, effort and money going after people for a couple hundred dollars while spending 0 time going after the owners of Shelbourne Square Apartments for their almost $254k in past due water payments. If you think that's bad, just realize that the state of Michigan owes the city much more than that and we're probably never going to see that money. Click the photo below to see how much the state actually owes the city.

Monday, July 7, 2014

David Gregory is an idiot.

With the controversy surrounding the fact that tens of thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America have made their way to the U.S. during the last few months, there has been an almost predictable amount of ridiculousness, misinformation and think pieces written on the issues at hand. While it's fine for bloggers and randoms to not be totally up on something, it is unacceptable for someone the caliber of David Gregory of "Meet the Press" to be so wrong. For a man with so much influence and with so many connections to power in this country, he comes across extremely incompetent in this clip when he has to talk to the one person who has more info than anyone in the country when it comes to immigration either legal, or illegal. Watch as David Gregory struggles to change the subject every single time DHS Secretary Johnson shoots down one of his false talking points.

This will probably be a weekly series, seeing as how he has a habit of being this stupid on TV.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Midnight Distraction

Monday kinda sucked just off of the simple fact that it was Monday. Try not to let that get you down and enjoy a picture that most of you probably wont see. Here's secret WWE fan Jon Stewart and his son backstage with WWE personality Zeb Colter at WWE's "Money in the Bank" pay-per-view, which by the way was pretty awesome. If you're not a fan of WWE, you may know him from the fact that Glenn Beck and Alex Jones personally hate him for being a near exact copy of a tea party politician, or if you live in the great state of Tennessee, you may know that his granddaughter is the inspiration behind Amelia's Law, which goes into effect as of me typing this sentence.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


As everyone who has been paying attention knows, Michele Bachmann has had an irrational level of hate towards President Obama for years. Thanks to the recent house G.O.P. plan to sue the president for something or other, she got the chance to show off more of her hate boner on Fox news, where even the usually hilariously bad Neil Cavuto had to laugh her out of the building for being an idiot. Click, watch and be amazed.

Video of the day

If you were in Detroit, any of the downriver communities, or the area surrounding Windsor,Ontario,Canada you may have seen the impressive fireworks display on Monday out on the Detroit river. I've been to quite a few and every year it seems to get better and more fun, and if you're in the city in late June, feel free to check out one of the most impressive displays of pyrotechnics in the world. With that said, most of us only get to see it from the ground, but this time, thanks to the city of Detroit, we get to see it from the sky while flying through a quickly revitalizing downtown. Watch and be impressed.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Rush to judgement

A few weeks ago, I wrote a fairly well received rant about how America tends to act like sexism doesn't exist and doesn't have any effects whatsoever on how America operates. Today's rush to judgement is another example of how sexism is being looked over and ignored despite having very real consequences. The particular consequences in this example is that women make 23% less on average than a man who does the same job. Of course none of this matters to Rush Limbaugh who has made a living off of saying sexist things and then pretending that sexism doesn't really exist. Click, listen and be amazed.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Starbucks University

If you know me in real life, you know that I often joke about how overpriced Starbucks coffee and assorted beverages are. I honestly just can't see myself paying that much for one cup of coffee, even if it is a ridiculous 59 ounces. Of course, I may have to soften my stance on $8 coffee considering the big announcement the company made on Monday. Starbucks is teaming up with Arizona State University to offer workers full reimbursement for tuition if they're enrolled in one of ASU's online degree programs. Usually something like this comes with the catch that you have to work for the same company, forever. This plan doesn't have that catch and Starbucks doesn't expect everyone to stay after getting a degree at an extremely reduced rate. The program is open to anyone who works more than 20 hours a week for Starbucks. If you want to read more, click on the picture below.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The end of an Eric

In a bit of shocking news, Stephen Colbert enthusiast and steakhouse over-spender, Eric Cantor, lost in the Virginia republican primaries. This loss means that one of the most powerful men in congress is now without a job and would possibly qualify for Obamacare if his state were to actually expand medicaid. Click on the picture below to realize that Eric Cantor spent more on food than his challenger spent on his entire campaign.

College basketball enthusiast Sarah Palin is already dancing on his grave.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No longer neutral

Considering that this is a website, I have done a surprisingly small amount of posts about net neutrality. In fact, until I search through all 1700 on here and find relevant content, I'm gonna say 0 posts. With that said, net neutrality is important to everyone. No one wants to live in a world where there's a slow lane online and a slower lane. Hell, we already rank behind Estonia when it comes to download speeds despite paying the most for internet access. Combine this with the fact that in America, our internet providers are basically borderline illegal monopolies that have a record of awful customer service, and it becomes easy to see why the FCC's move to end net neutrality is hot garbage. Don't take my word for it. Listen to John Oliver rant about it for 13 minutes and follow that up by commenting on the FCC's page about how ridiculous they are.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Tweet of the day!

You may not know much about the U.S. ambassador to Switzerland and Lichtenstein, Suzi LeVine, but you should know that she made history not too long ago. How did she do this? She did it by becoming the first ambassador to be sworn in on a kindle. Check out the tweet below, and feel free to check out the video below that which explains what she's going to be doing in lovely Switzerland.

Moment of clarity

Anyone who watches cable news knows that Fox news sides pretty heavily with republicans. In doing so they sometimes tend to defend things that they should really disassociate themselves from. In this particular video clip, the panel at fox decides to debate whether having "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson speak at official G.O.P. events is a good idea or a great idea. Despite this, Juan Williams, the only person among the group who isn't white, happens to point out that someone like Phil Robertson would be awful for the G.O.P's plan of expanding their tent to include more than just old, white men. Watch below as Juan Williams' moment of making perfect sense is drowned out by ridiculousness.

A discussion about misogyny

In my last post, I mentioned how America is a country filled with misogyny from all directions and how a mixture of over the top misogyny and entitlement led Elliot Rodger to the conclusion that his problems with getting laid was reason enough to go on a murderous rampage. The videos below are basically a much better discussion on the issue from people who are experts when it comes to some of the ridiculousness here in America. Click, and be enlightened.

Monday, May 26, 2014

The picture will never change

I love this country. I really do. It's hard for me to not love America. This is a country with a lot going for it. We're a country that can kick the entire world's ass at any sport at any given time just because we feel like it. Case in point: soccer isn't even a top 5 sport here and we still have one of the top ranked national teams in the world. We constantly come up with new gadgets and gizmos and scientific breakthroughs. We're a country that the rest of the world looks up to. With so many things going right, how come we can't seem to get rid of 2 glaring wrongs? I'm talking about our overabundance of gun violence and our rampant sexism.

As I write this, we're in the midst of another mass shooting at a school that didn't need to happen and probably wouldn't have happened somewhere like Australia. This time it's a whiny, rich 22 year old, black andAsian hating racist with Aspergers, which is surely going to be used as a way to justify the shootings. We're not going to look at the 140 page manifesto where he basically plans out every single event. We're not going to follow his online activities where we find out that he sympathizes with "men's rights activists" and that he basically hated any woman who didn't immediately throw themselves at him because his dad was an assistant director on "The Hunger Games". Instead of all of that, we will just chalk it up to him being mentally disturbed as if this takes away from the fact that he planned out several crimes and intended on targeting several people.

If we're going to shoo away this latest mass murder by saying "Oh, he was crazy and you can't stop crazy.", maybe we should come up with ways to stop crazy from going crazy on us normal Americans. How can this be done? It's fairly simple if you ask me: make it more difficult to get a hold of weapons. I'm not saying that we should ban guns, I'm saying that we should come up with a process to weed out potential psychopaths. Maybe the background checks should go deeper than just criminal history and look at mental health history. Why would we let a man currently receiving therapy for his mental problems have access to a gun? You wouldn't let a known drunk drive your car, so why let a chronically depressed and suicidal man have a gun? That, to me seems backwards. If we aren't going to do anything at all about mental health in this country, we should at least make sure that they don't get guns. Of course, knowing how much this country bows down to the NRA, everything in this blog wont happen and we'll answer this latest mass shooting by asking for fewer restrictions on guns and the ability to carry assault rifles in hospitals, churches and bars.

Also, if I'm going to keep talking about Elliot Rodger, I may as well point out that he was a sexist dick who felt entitled to sex with any woman he deemed worthy of being near him. This type of thinking isn't a trait of some sort of autism, but really something ingrained in him culturally. Sexism and misogyny are rampant in societies all around the planet, and sometimes it takes extreme cases to even get people to bring up the issue at all. It goes deeper than Rick Ross putting in a line about date rape in an otherwise forgettable song. It's deeper than Daniel Tosh bombing during a set and resorting to rape jokes for shock laughs. If you want to see how bad misogyny is in America, look past offensive song lyrics and bad comedy and look at our politics. We regulate women more than we regulate guns or even food. We choose what type of medicine they can take, what they can't take, what they can do with their bodies and how much they get paid for doing the same work as men, and it turns out that all of those things are horrible. We've essentially outlawed abortion in many parts of this country, legalized a 2 tier wage system that shortchanges 51% of the population and have even tried to change the definition of rape because it made a few old men uncomfortable. None of this helps America at all and it's about control. It's about old men, and idiots, wanting to have control over people who they see as less than human and incapable of making their own decisions, and it's this type of pathology, rhetoric and policy from people who are supposed to be our leaders that leads to guys like the entitled Elliot Rodger feeling like he has imminent domain over the bodies of all women.

In conclusion, as long as this country is filled with idiots, nothing will be done about our broken mental health system, the easy access to dangerous weapons or the dangerous sexism. We can blame who we want to blame on this most recent tragedy but the fact of the matter is that we're all to blame on some level for voting for idiots who have the power to change 2 of 3 of those things but don't while not even bothering to address everyday sexism.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gettin' that redneck money!!

While everyone is bitching and moaning once again over Ann Coulter doing her best to troll America, we have to realize that she is just that. In fact, I would not be surprised if she isn't really a republican. Also, I'm pretty sure that this clip from the formerly awesome Cartoon Network show "The Boondocks" got her 100% right. Click, laugh, learn and be amazed.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Ad of the day

It's election season and we all know that this means it's time for poignant and dramatic advertisements from the fine men and women running for various seats in congress. Today's ad comes courtesy of a former congressional staffer who's billing himself as an outsider. He's really a down to earth guy that made more than the American family makes in a year, in 6 months of being a secretary to a congressman. When it comes to having a platform, he's basically your standard new-school conservative that hates high taxes, or really any taxes on rich people and also loves vague, unnamed parts of the constitution that Obama has violated. Oh, and he's going to shoot the president with a cannon if he doesn't repeal Obamacare immediately.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Video of the Day

If you've been watching the news lately, old white guys have a new hero in their never ending battle against government overreach on the white man. Of course, I'm talking about Cliven Bundy, who currently is fighting it out with the government over the fact that they want him to pay for illegally grazing on their land for years at a time. What you may be surprised to find out is that not only is Mr Bundy an American hero, he's also an intellectual who has musings on things like the negro and why the negro was better off during slavery.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Stone Cold Truth

If you've been in America lately, you may have noticed that gay marriage is a hot topic. People are for it, against it, fighting about it in court and judges are making rulings about it. I'm even taking pictures of weird protests about it. Basically, everyone has some sort of opinion on it, and with that said, it's time to hear one more.

If you're a fan of pro wrestling, you probably know Stone Cold Steve Austin for being a loudmouth drunk who has no time for games, bullshit or even pretending to care about his job. He's also the only person in WWE history to win the Royal Rumble on 3 different occasions. He was basically an over the top version of what most guys in the 1990's wish they were. Currently, he's a retired wrestler who spends his time drinking beer and spouting off about the current state of pro wrestling, and when he isn't doing that, he's apparently doing podcasts about marriage equality. Click on the video below to hear the man who spent twenty years in a pair of black underwear being thrown around by other shirtless men, make a lot of sense on the issues of religion and gay marriage.

Follow the money

If you live in Michigan like I do, you may have seen one of the hundreds of political ads currently filling up the airwaves. If you're also like me, you may be wondering who's paying for the overabundance of commercials. It isn't me, you, Sharkiesha or even the candidates themselves. In fact, most of the money for these commercials, radio ads and internet pop ups are coming from outside groups. How much is "most" of the money? Try 7 out of every 8 dollars spent on political attack ads coming from groups not based in Michigan. Adding to the mayhem is the fact that a lot of the funding isn't publicly disclosed, and some of the ads are misleading at best. Basically, the political agenda on TV isn't being driven by the voters or spun by candidates, but increasingly controlled by a group of unknowns who are willing to ruin this state in order to get a little bit richer. Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, this is a gigantic problem. If you feel like reading more on how some rich guys in Washington are trying to control Michigan, click here.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Video of the Day

Gin and Juice is one of my favorite songs of all time and when it comes on, I can't turn it off. This version is no exception. In fact, it may have reignited my love for the song out of sheer hilarity. Click, look, listen and enjoy.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Midnight Distraction

These young boys may be heroes, but this headline about them probably gets a few details about their heroism a little wrong.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

I need your help!

If you've been on here lately, you may have noticed that I've actually posted a couple of posts within the last week. Well, here's another one, and it's pretty big. I'm trying to get in to Netroots Nation 2014, which happens to be taking place in an area that I know very well. All I need from you is a vote and you can do that by clicking on the photo below.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Video of the day

None of my doctors were this cool, but then again, I never actually broke my ankle, just a few tears and sprains.

The Fair Wage Argument

The following is a piece of a research paper that I had to do this semester that sort of explains why the minimum wage should be raised. Read, analyze, enjoy and give me a grade.

"While it is unusual for us to take a public position on a public policy issue of this kind, we simply believe it is time for Congress to take a responsible look at the minimum wage and other legislation that may help working families,"

Those are the words of former Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott during a 2006 testimony before congress, discussing the need for an increased minimum wage, we are at that point again. Everyday in America, there are people who work full time, for minimum wage and despite working 40 or more hours in a week, can't afford to completely cover basics such as rent, utilities and food. As stated before, this problem can be helped by raising the minimum wage from it's current level of $7.25 an hour. In the richest country in the history of the world, we shouldn't have people working full time and still be in poverty. One way to reverse this is to increase the minimum wage. According to a February 2014 report by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, increasing the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour could lift as many as 1 million people above the poverty line and off of government assistance, thus freeing up those funds to be used for others, and this is reinforced by a March 2014 study by Rachel West and Michael Reich of The Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) at University of California at Berkeley which concludes that raising the wage would also save $46 billion in expenditures towards the Supplemental Nutrion Assistance Program(SNAP) over the span of ten years.

As expected, many would argue that increasing the minimum wage would slow down hiring, increase prices, which in turn would lead to fewer customers and even lead to layoffs in the fast food industry and other low wage industries. This argument is being presented by many of the executives in the restaurant industry, particularly the fast food industry. Of course this argument is refuted by a study by David Madland and Keith Miller of The Center for American Progress which analyzed the impact of raising the minimum wage on the overall economy, and according to their study, raising the wage would have a minimal at best effect on jobs. What this means is that people aren't going to get fired due to a higher minimum wage, and according to a 2011 study conducted by Dr. Timothy Richards of Arizona State University with help from Dr. Lisa Mancino at the U.S. Department of Agriculture entitled "Demand for Food-Away-From-Home: A Multiple Discrete/Continuous Extreme Value Model" showed that an increase in the minimum wage would probably increase prices by a slight amount, but it wouldn't stop many people from going out for fast food or hurt the bottom line of places like McDonald's which reported a profit of $1.5b in the third quarter of 2013, which according to the National Employment Law Project, is $300 million more than what McDonald's workers receive in public assistance every year while still holding down jobs.

Increasing the wage would not only get a lot of people off of food stamps, it would stimulate this sluggish and unstable economy. According to a 2011 study by the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank entitled "The Spending and Debt Response to Minimum Wage Hikes" by Daniel Aaronson, Sumit Agarwal, and Eric French∗, increasing the wage by just $1 an hour would lead to an extra $250 per quarter per houseld, per month, and an extra $700 per quarter in spending on average. Most of this spending is for long term, durable goods such as cars and furniture. This extra disposable income from a higher minimum wage could lead to billions in economic stimulus and President Franklin Roosevelt even called the minimum wage “an essential part of economic recovery,” in the 1938 State Of The Union speech.

The program given to everyone in attendance during 1963's March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom has a list of ten demands to help meet the goals of the organizers and attendees at the event. Goals 7 and 8 dealt with wages and goal number 8 specifically called for a raised minimum wage of $2 an hour,up 75 cents from the then current rate of $1.25, and in today's dollars, this would be over $15 an hour. Inflation is one subject that does not get a lot of discussion when it comes to the debate over wages. Over the years the American dollar has lost a lot of it's buying power and because of this, despite having a minimum wage that's $7.25 in most states, it's really like making 95 cents an hour back in 1963, when Martin Luther King and a myriad of other civil rights leaders were pushing for a minimum wage of $2. What this means is that people making minimum wage today are around 30% poorer than people making minimum wage 50 years ago.

Thanks to the rate of inflation, the cost of living has gone up dramatically during the last few decades making it increasingly difficult for people on the lower end on the wage scale to live comfortably. During the last five decades food prices have gone up drastically leading to many people turning to programs like WIC and SNAP for help covering this essential need. A dozen large eggs could be bought for 50 cents in the 1960's, but today, you'll be lucky to find a dozen eggs of any size for less than $2. The increased cost of living isn't just being felt in the price of things like eggs, ice cream and cookies, it's also effecting the cost of things such as rent, utilities, healthcare, child care, education, transportation and even entertainment. All of this can combine to make life difficult for people at the bottom of the wage scale and makes it nearly impossible to save up enough money to build an emergency fund for any unforseen circumstances.

In conclusion, the minimum wage is too low to sufficiently live on in this country and raising it would be a surefire way to help not only people making minimum wage, but America in a general sense and if something isn't done soon, we will continue to see the problems listed in this paper.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Video of the Day

In this edition, we get to see community organizer, anti-white activist and possible foreigner, Barack Obama, on an episode of the hit internet comedy series "Between two ferns". He was on there to sell Obamacare to people in my age bracket, discuss spider bites with Zach Galifinakis and talk about how awful the last "Hangover" movie was. Click on the video below for awkward laughs and a big revelation about the Bush administration.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Midnight Distraction

I haven't done one of these in a while but that's mainly because I'm not on the computer as late as much as I used to be. In this one we get to see a state representative from Minnesota insinuate that if the NBA were to end today, blacks would go out and commit crime from the boredom of not having basketball to watch on television. Click and be amazed.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Picture of the day

Currently in the state of Michigan, the legality of banning gay marriage is on trial. The entire case stems from a Detroit-area couple who want to adopt each other's children but can't due to not being married, and they can't get married because they're a lesbian couple. To change this, the two women decided to sue the state of Michigan to get the 2004 ban on gay marriage overturned. As expected, this issue is a deeply emotional one that brings out people on all sides of the issue to debate about it.

Seeing as this trial is not only taking place in my town, but literally down the street from where I attend college, I had to stop by and see the swirl of activity surrounding the courthouse. As I stepped off the bus and in to the 12 degree weather with the chorus to Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz's "Knockin Heads Off" blaring in my earbuds, I could see a crowd near the federal courthouse. There were news vans, cameras, random people walking back and forth from office building to office building and none of them stood out as much as the silent protest in front of the steps. They literally said nothing while walking back and forth in a loop in front of the building. The closest any of them came to speaking to me was the nasty look I got when I asked if I could snap a photo of them. I guess it's better than having my morals questioned. Those photos are below.

Monday, February 24, 2014

John Dingell to retire

John Dingell, who represents Michigan's 12th congressional district, is set to retire this year. John has served in congress since 1955 when he took over the seat that was held by his father. Of course, when you serve the public for almost 6 decades, you get to be there for a lot of huge moments such as the civil rights act, title IX and a myriad of military operations by the United States. To learn more about who might be replacing Detroit's favorite congressman, click on this sentence. To see his voting record, click on the picture of a 29 year old Dingell below.

UPDATE: His wife, Debbie Dingell, is apparently going to try to replace him in congress. Read about that right here.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another International Incident

The Olympics are in full swing and we've hit one of those big moments that the world was waiting for, the U.S. vs Russia in a very hyped hockey game. The game lived up to and exceeded expectations and even had me on the edge of my seat at 9am. Of course, while everyone enjoyed what turned out to be a thrilling victory for the Americans over a tough Russian team led by Detroit Red Wings star Pavel Datsyuk, the excitement may have been a bit of a distraction to the NBC graphics department.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Video of the day

February is Black History Month. It's a time to celebrate the accomplishments and contributions of Black people to America. It's also the only time of year when we get complaints as to why there isn't a "white history month" despite the fact that every kid learns about white people everyday, even during black history month.

When celebrating Black history month, try not to look like an idiot like the school in the video below. Click, be amazed and share.

- Watch More Funny VideosHow A School Chose To Celebrate Their Black History Month Is Insane

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Video of the day!

Many of you may not know this but I occasionally like to watch videos of random TV things from around the planet. In particular, I have a bit of a fondness for Japanese game shows. From the mentally draining challenges to the physically demanding and nearly impossible scenarios, I am pretty hooked. This video is something that I wasn't aware of until today and now I'm sharing it with you. Be amazed at a game show prank that would get everyone sued in America.

Monday, February 3, 2014


Last night's super bowl was a pretty big blowout for the Seattle Seahawks who went on to win their first ever championship. Needless to say the night was a celebratory one for football fans and it was pretty hard to bring down the mood and ruin the party. Of course, this doesn't mean that it's impossible. During the press conference in which super bowl MVP Malcolm Smith expressed how being in the super bowl, winning the game and then being voted as the MVP was beyond anything he could have ever dreamed of as a youngster playing football with his friends, a guy decided to try to steal his thunder by babbling on about easily debunked conspiracies. Watch below as a guy who should have been searched and turned away by security ends up on ESPN.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Waging War

In recent months, America has finally had the long delayed talk of increasing the minimum wage. I for one am all in favor of increasing it because you can't live off of $7.25 an hour. Also, how is it possible to work full time, in America and still be below the poverty line as a single person? How is it possible that a person working full time needs food stamps? In all seriousness we as a nation should be more embarrassed by this fact than we are by the fact that most of what's on Facebook is gibberish. That and the fact that every other time we've raised the wage the economy didn't crash and in fact it kinda made things better. Of course if you want to see all of that laid out but funnier, click on the video below.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Picture of the day

This one needs little to no explanation. With that said, I'm going to urge everyone to actually watch the state of the union tonight.

Laura Ingraham is an idiot

Not too long ago, Michigan governor Rick Snyder announced a plan that he hopes will help improve the economy in my place of residence, Detroit. His plan pretty much comes down to asking the feds to grant more VISA's to highly skilled people who want to live and work in the city. By more, I mean that he's looking for 50,000 over the span of 5 years. IF this idea is approved and works how the governor thinks it might, it will make Detroit an attractive place for future immigrants, increase the population of the city by thousands, increase the tax base substantially and may even result in a few extra businesses opening up which means that there will be some jobs available for residents. I personally might not like most of Snyder's policies but I'm smart enough to realize that having more people in this city means that the city gets more revenue to use for things like basic services and (hopefully) improving some of the infrastructure problems. Of course, not everyone is on the "Let's not be idiots when it comes to immigration" bandwagon. One of those people against it is Laura Ingraham, who it should be noted, does not live in the state of Michigan. Following in the footsteps of Oakland County(not in Detroit) executive L. Brooks Patterson, who has built a career out of saying borderline racist things while bashing Detroit in an attempt to keep state dollars flowing in to Oakland County, Ingraham is now suggesting that America build a wall around the city to keep the immigrants and blacks, especially the blacks, from getting out and harassing kindly white people in the real parts of America. Click, listen and be amazed.

A game of inches

One of my giant pet peeves happens to be people who don't vote. I honestly have 0 respect for those people because voting is literally the least you can do and you don't do it. In the past we've seen elections come down to very small amounts of voters either voting or not voting. Of course, nothing beats the craziness that happened in Virginia because 11 people decided to vote. Click, be amazed and think about this the next time you're making a Facebook status.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Monday, January 27, 2014

Random Act of failure

You ever wonder why MSNBC's ratings are consistently in the toilet? Well, if you did, this is why. Watch as a congresswoman gets interrupted so we can hear about the biebs. Well, I guess this is better than interrupting a speech on national security to go on Facebook.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just Killing time here

I don't know if you knew this but I also run another site. In fact it was just started today and this post is basically a preview of the type of content on there.

"your vagina is your busins but once another life is involved they have rights too"

Translation: This guy respects your personal space and rights until you or he finds out that you're pregnant. Once that happens, get ready to have your life become meaningless in his quest to save a baby that he may in fact not give one fuck about once it's born.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Random Thoughts

I'm supposed to be working on English homework but for the life of me I can't think of what to write. So to clear my brain and get things going the right way, I'm going to write out some random thoughts that have been bugging me that are entirely too long to tweet.

1. I should just get a loan and use the money to outright buy a house. It's not really that expensive in Detroit.

2. Expanding on that first thought... Why do so many people here blow their tax returns on things like Cartier frames and rims that don't even fit the car that they're driving when you can literally buy the mostly fine house down the block and never have to pay rent again? I don't get that at all.

3. What's the deal with every single of my classes this semester giving me a writing assignment? Even my CIS class wants me to do entirely too much writing on things not related to computers.

4. It is never OK to ever compare anything to slavery unless it's actual slavery. I get pissed off when people compare shitty jobs or a mother in law that shorted them after spending all day helping them move to slavery.

5. You probably can't compare things to the Holocaust either. Nothing that happens on your iPad will ever reach the level of a genocidal maniac trying to exterminate most of his own country.

6. People who complain about the lack of a white history month should not be allowed to speak to adults in America. Especially considering that white people make up around 70% of the American populace and everyone else combined makes up about 30%.

7. I don't actually know my lineage. I know that I have some English and Irish(on my mom's side) in me but since I'm obviously black that means that I'm of African descent. I don't know which parts of Africa I come from and that bugs me. My niece who's considered "mixed" will have an easier time finding out at least half of her lineage thanks to the fact that her dad's side is totally Irish.

8. The racial double standard in America is astonishingly clear and noticeable when you compare the debates surrounding Richard Sherman's excited post-game interview to the debates surrounding Justin Bieber driving drunk and drag racing through a neighborhood. The fact that a guy with a masters degree from a prestigious university is a thug for not cursing while yelling during an interview but a public urine enthusiast and vandal with a known drug problem is a misunderstood kid for coming very close to killing several people tells me everything I need to know.

9. I have a hard time watching cable news due to the fact that it's mostly a circle jerk for the people that work there.

10. Speaking of awful journalism, I don't get the fandom surrounding Glenn Greenwald. He has views that I agree with but it's too easy to spot the obvious bullshit in a lot of his articles and on top of that he's thin skinned. Kinda like Kanye West working for a newspaper.

11. Ray J was always an awful singer and I don't think that America should ever forgive him for making Kim Kardashian famous by having boring sex with her. I know I wont forgive him.

12. No one in America gave a shit about the deficit until a black man was placed in charge of white people's money. It has to be weird being a white person who has never even had a black supervisor to be living in a country with a black president. If we really cared about the deficit we'd get rid of no-bid government contracts, cut the budget for congress, invest in renewable energy and get rid of private prisons altogether seeing as their a gigantic waste of taxpayer money.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Video of the day

The big issue for white hipsters and people who would have never been arrested and then thrown in jail for having a joint is legalizing marijuana. Despite my first sentence, I'm in favor of legalizing it, taxing it at a very high rate and then using that money to pay for healthcare. Of course, on the other side of me on the kush spectrum is Nancy Grace. She's been dedicating hours upon hours of her show to pointing out dangerous things done by people while high on marijuana. Of course, as recently as 2013, she was singing a totally different tune. Watch below as Nancy Grace destroys Nancy Grace in an argument on the dangers of marijuana and the psychological state of people who use it.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

The Angry/wimpy Black Man

It's MLK day and the day after the NFL conference championship games. To say that today is a day that has people talking is kind of stating the obvious. Last night, after 4 teams were whittled down to two teams, the focus quickly turned to the upcoming super bowl. Of course before we get to that we have to get to the fact that Seattle corner back Richard Sherman has been the name on everyone's brain today. Of course for me, Richard Sherman is symptom of a bigger issue that I've noticed during my 26 years of life.

This all stems from his post game interview where he loudly exclaimed that he's the best defensive player in the NFL. Somehow this rubbed some people the wrong way(despite his numbers backing up his claim) due to the fact that he was loud, boisterous and willing to trash talk another player. I personally have 0 problem with this because sports is basically a struggle between players to assert athletic dominance and sometimes the way to help assert that dominance is through self reassurance and even a good dose of trash talking. What bugs me however is that being loud, animated, boisterous and sure of yourself is looked down on despite the fact that we as a nation tune in to see players be exactly that. I find myself wondering how I would have been if it were me, instead of Richard Sherman who made the play that every kid playing the sport of football dreams of, the winning play, the play that sent your team to a super bowl and a fan base of millions out in to the streets to celebrate. How would I react to being asked about that play only a few seconds after making it? Would I show raw emotion and call out a player who in the past had gone out of his way to be a complete and total ass towards me? Or would I give a canned answer followed by slick product placement for Bud Light? Looking at the circumstances, I find it hard to believe that I, nor anyone else would show anything other than raw emotion that may even come across as a bit of a rant.

With that said, why is it so fine for someone like Jim Harbaugh to get loud, throw a hissy fit, go on profane tirades and invade the personal space of others but totally classless for a player to voice his honest opinion(without being profane) on the sport during an interview? Is it the sheer optics of seeing an imposing black man yelling in the general area of a waif-ish white woman? Is it our sliding scale of sportsmanship that says it's fine for hockey players to beat each other bloody but the same action among NBA players is considered thuggish, a bad look for a race of people and against what's considered decent in American society? Or could it be that we as Americans have yet to come to terms with the hypocritical nature of wanting someone to excel at their job but being offended when they mention that they're excelling at their job?

Whatever it is it seems to be a huge double standard that goes beyond just the realms of professional sports. We openly celebrate politicians such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for being a loud, assertive, authoritative and even dominant alpha male while at the same time being caught off guard and even offended when President Obama shows some of these same traits on occasion. When the president does on occasion show his frustration with the continuing gridlock in congress, he gets painted as an angry black man, a bully and even a racist when he even bothers to mention that racism still exists. This characterization isn't just from his political opponents but also from people who otherwise agree with him on policy issues and the blogosphere on all sides of the political spectrum. Of course the other side of this is that President Obama is often portrayed as a complete and total wimp thus making his occasional showings of public frustration even more jarring to people.

As a black man, and as a man in general, the one thing that you can't be seen as is a wimp. You really can't even be soft spoken or the quiet type in a lot of situations. From personal experience, I can point out that not being loud, assertive and trying to dominate the conversation can lead to people questioning your loyalty, ability and motivations. It also instills a false belief in people that you're a pushover and therefore gives them a right to routinely and purposely go out of their way to disrespect you. Even in a work situation that doesn't involve running full speed in to 300lb men who are shouting profanities about your mother at you, this can and does happen. No one wants to be that guy. No one wants to be the wimp and most guys really aren't angry alpha males who feel the need to go out of their way show the world that they're the angry alpha male. There has to be a middle ground somewhere and I'm sure that most people fall in to it. Of course, until we acknowledge that middle ground and stop having a weird double standard about it, guys like me will always be left out in the cold as either too aggressive, too arrogant or weak depending on how we decide to answer a question on any particular day.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Doing the right thing

In a rare move that actually expands our rights as citizens, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the feds will no longer be allowed to profile people based on religion, gender, country of origin and sexual orientation. This move is basically an expansion of what counts as "racial profiling" and it's a huge win for everyone, particularly Muslim men who were targeted pretty much at random for being out and about and brown during the last decade. If you want to read more of the good news, click on the picture below.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Video of the day

Earlier today, I kinda caught a glimpse of New Jersey governor and yoga enthusiast Chris Christie conducting a press conference about a scandal of some sort. It turned out that he was spending an hour and a half talking about how his right hand manwoman ordered for one of the busiest bridges on the planet to be partially closed, during rush hour for the simple fact that a democratic mayor didn't endorse republican Chris Christie's reelection campaign. In the middle of this long, rambling and oftentimes nonsensical news event, the governor mentioned that he had 0 idea that his chief of staff, the person who has to run everything by him, sent out an order to purposely ruin traffic and cost New York and New Jersey time and money in the process. The fact that the guy in charge didn't know about something that could backfire on him being done by someone close to him made me think of a classic scene from "The Simpsons". Mainly, this one.