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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The problem with nerds

I don't often get on here and rant about gamers,video games,systems and how much I dislike the wii but sometimes I need to let off some steam. I really,really tend to dislike gamers in general. There are quite a few reasons behind that. It ranges from the rampant fanboyism of people who will never play an XBOX game because an XBOX isn't a Playstation to the continually unsportsmanlike conduct of players online to some people being just plain crybabies and sore losers. Of course my biggest problems with gamers happens to be the blatant,accepted and even encouraged amounts of racism,sexism,homophobia and religious bigotry. I can't count the amount of times I've been online playing a game and someone has said something stupid. On occasion the stupidity reaches epic proportions and people resort to being angry at a video game company for even attempting to do the right thing and donate money to help out earthquake victims. And,yes this has happened before and I even wrote about it a couple of years ago. The sexism is just about as bad as the racism when it comes to gaming online. It's almost to the point that I can't play a game with any female relative in the room because of the ridiculous amount of insults being blasted through the TV screen. Yes,I know that I can mute the voices with a few presses of a button but this doesn't change the fact that way too many gamers seem to have a dislike of anyone that isn't a white male. If you think I'm kidding just look at the ridiculous reactions that people had because of Aisha Tyler actually hosting an event at E3. This led to her writing a response basically telling the idiots to go fuck themselves and this then created another shitstorm of sexist racism from pissed off nerds who were offended that a female would have the gall to tell them anything about a fucking video game. I guess what I'm saying is that some of you gamers need to get over yourselves and realize that it's just a game and games are made for everyone. If not go die in a fire while losing another round of team snipers on Halo:Reach. Click on the video below to see someone else eloquently speak on the issue.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Detroit is getting a new bridge!

It feels good to post something nice about my city and this is one of those good times. Despite our budget woes and other assorted problems we have somehow been able to find a way to reach an agreement with Canada to finally build a second bridge over the Detroit river. Or at least that's the rumor that's going around since everyone has found out about transportation secretary Ray Lahood,Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Governor Rick Snyder scheduling a "signing ceremony" and photo op in Windsor,Ontario and across the river here in Detroit for tomorrow. This is sure to anger people like Matty Moroun who has been vehemently opposed to a second bridge due to the fact that he actually owns the Ambassador Bridge that currently connects the 2 countries. His reasoning is that a new bridge would cut into his money and thus cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars a year. This is despite the fact that the governor has made sure to make a deal with the feds and Canada that basically has Michigan paying none of the expense but getting all of the rewards of having a new bridge in one of the busiest trading areas on the planet. As expected the almost entirely GOP Michigan house has taken up his cause and have been trying for years to stop the building of a second bridge. I for one am happy to see the governor actually doing the right thing and getting this thing done because it'll help revitalize a pretty desolate area of the city and bring in a lot of much needed jobs to the city. If they get moving on this thing quickly,I may in fact be one of those jobs. To learn more about the new bridge,click on the photo below. Now if only we can get that light rail thing done on Woodward......


Have you ever watched the show "Game of Thrones"? If so,you're just like me and a couple million other people. One thing I love about the show is that they don't shy away from violence. It's on there and it's pretty awesome at times. If you were watching in season one you may have missed quite possibly one of the weirdest things to ever appear on TV........a beheaded former president. In season one episode ten,Joffrey points out to his bride to be the head of her father who he has just had killed. A few spots down from her father is the head of former president George W Bush with extra long hair. You may be wondering why the president is making an appearance in the show. It turns out they kinda ran out of heads and used his. Obviously HBO is pretty pissed off about this and they're not hiding the fact that they aren't fans of beheading presidents. If you wanna see the clip,click on the video below.

Midnight Distraction

Detroit is a town with a lot of things going on in it and obviously not all of them are good. Illegal dumping happens to be one of the things going on here and it's a huge problem. Not only does it make the city look bad but it's a health and safety hazard. A couple of years ago I nearly had to hit a guy with a baseball bat for trying to illegally dump his random trash near my house and then getting offended when I told him to grab his shit and leave. Needless to say cooler heads prevailed and I'm not currently in prison for assault with a deadly weapon.

Thanks to our illegal dumping problems you do on occasion get to see news stories about the ridiculous blight in the city. The video below happens to be one of those occasions where the news talks about how an illegal dumper is ruining an otherwise decent neighborhood. What makes this stand out isn't the fact that the guy left parts of several trees in the middle of a street that people have to drive through,it's his answers to the reporter's questions. Click on the video below to see an amazing mix of stupidity,shifting the blame and unabashed sexism from a man who claims that he's a martian from the suburbs.  Also,the martian tree dumper is currently in jail for indecent exposure thus capping off the best week of his life.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Afternoon Distraction

It's been a few days since I've been on here ruining your day with ridiculousness. Of course this is because I've been doing other things like trying to find a real job and maybe one day a life that doesn't suck. One of the jobs that I'm not qualified for is truck driver. I'm not qualified because I do not have any form of a CDL and I can't drive anything bigger than an F-150. However,I do know that the life of a trucker isn't an easy one. They have weird hours and are often lonely. Also,they occasionally have to deal with people trying to rob them. Luckily one company has figured out how to stop some of that. Check out the photo below.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Terry Jones is still an idiot.

Some of you may know pastor Terry Jones for being a man who preaches Christianity while doing the exact opposite of anything a good Christian would do. Some of you may know him for his fantastic facial hair combo. A few of you may even know him for being the guy to videotape himself burning a Quran and then wondering why some people would be offended by him burning their holy book and then insulting them. If you're in Michigan,you may know him for insulting everyone in Dearborn by saying that the town is filled with Muslim terrorists who hate America. If you're in Michigan you may also remember his visits here where he tried to burn a Quran outside of city hall in Dearborn,an event that got so heated that police had to step in to keep angry townspeople from beating the dog shit out of him on live television. You may also remember that time his gun went off in the FOX 2 parking lot. Well now we have something new to remember him by. He has decided to step his foot into the political arena and let the world know exactly where he stands on the issues of the day. He's doing this by hanging an effigy of president Obama. I'm pretty sure he wont see what's so offensive about hanging a black man as he's just exercising his free speech rights. Click on the photo below for more.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

End of an era

The other day I wrote about how Thaddeus McCotter went from what was sure to be an easy and decisive win in his reelection bid to being in a heated battle thanks to a ton of fraudulent signatures. It turns out that things are much worse than they originally appeared to be. I say this because as I mentioned in my last blog he now has GOP challengers coming out of the woodwork to fight him for his spot. I also say this because congressman McCotter has officially ended his reelection bid and will not attempt to keep the seat that he has held for 10 years. Could he have ended it because the state attorney general here is investigating whether anything criminal happened with those fraudulent signatures? We'll never know,but for now check out what he had to say about the matter by clicking right here. With Thad McCotter no longer running for election out in the suburbs,it truly is the end of an era in Michigan politics. I just hope that we don't end up with an idiot representing that district.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

If you missed it

If you missed it earlier today,Fox News actually did something that it had never blatantly done before. They actually produced and aired a straight up attack ad against president Obama. Normally the somewhat right leaning network would have on a bunch of talking heads,Karl Rove and random white guys to point out how much Obama sucks and that he wasn't born in America. Today,they dropped the veil of being a news channel and turned themselves into a youtube channel run by some random hick who hates(insert group here) despite never meeting (insert group here). Click on the video below and be amazed.

Midnight Distraction

It's still midnight somewhere and you still need to be distracted. With this said,there were some pretty big storms over Oklahoma on Tuesday. Check out the sexy,sexy weather pattern.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Turbulent times for Thad McCotter

Many of you may know Thad McCotter as a congressman that represents the suburbs of Detroit in a solidly republican district. A lot of you may know him as a failed presidential candidate. Some of you may know him as an excellent guitar player. A few of you may even know him for being the guy to point out that banks lose money on a good chunk of the foreclosures that they do. What you may not know however is that he's running for reelection this year but will be doing it as a write in candidate. Why do it as a write in candidate when you're the republican representative of a congressional district that has elected the same republican representative since 2002? He's doing this because in his attempt to gather up the minimum 1000 signatures needed to run,there may have been small hints of fraud to the tune of over 1000 signatures. Honestly he should have had enough signatures to not even have this problem considering the sheer size of Livonia. Now what should have been a cakewalk for McCotter will now turn into a battle between an obscure tea party republican,an even more obscure democrat and an even more obscure guy who follows Lyndon Larouche. Or as this article points out,a slightly more well known local democrat could enter the race and actually make it interesting. To read more about McCotter and his possible fraud,click the picture below.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just Killing Time Here

Baseball season is in full swing and despite my Tigers currently underachieving by a lot,the game is still fun. Did you know that a lot of college baseball teams are currently in the playoffs? Indeed they are and the action is great. Check out this amazing game-saving/game winning catch by Derrick Salberg of Lower Columbia College. Watch as he robs a guy of a 2 run homer that would have tied the game.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Just Killing Time Here

One thing that has always bugged me is the fact that so many people believe in conspiracy theories. These theories run the gamut from things like the teletubbies secretly being gay to Obama faking his birth in Hawaii to Jay Z and Elton John being members of the Illuminati who are here to brainwash us with hypnotic pop and hip hop melodies. Basically what I'm saying is that most of these theories are dumb. They're dumb because the people who believe them spend all day looking at things that aren't there and totally miss the ridiculousness that is out there for everyone to see on a daily basis. Luckily Jay Smooth has decided to do a video that touches on the new,hot conspiracy and in the process articulated my thoughts on conspiracy slightly better and funnier than I could do in this blog posting. Enjoy the video.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Newt Gingrich owes me money!

It's been about a month since the world has heard from or cared about Newt Gingrich and cable news stations are probably happy about that. Newt gave up his bid to become president in April and has kept a relatively low profile since. Of course now we know that the low profile may be because Newt owes a few people a lot of money. Among the people that he owes are former republican rival and pizza maven Herman Cain and quite possibly my favorite website,Twitter. Want to know who else he owes money to? Click this entire sentence to find out.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Random act of failure

It's almost summer time which means that yes,it's getting very warm outside. I for one can't wait for summer to get here because it means that I get to wear basketball shorts everyday and not look even a little bit out of place. Also,I tend to shed away weight like crazy during the summer which means that I'll be looking like a male model by the time my grandma's birthday gets here in July. One of the best things about summer however,isn't my slightly improved body,it's those lazy days where you just lay around and do nothing. In the video below you get to see one of those lazy summer days as a few dudes sit around the pool and do nothing. As you've come to expect from this site,things will go wrong quickly. Click and enjoy the insanity.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sick of it

I think I'm almost at my breaking point when it comes to idiots in this country. It took about 25 years but I'm there now. I was never one of those people that believed that as soon as we got a black president that racism would magically end. In fact I always figured it would get worse and I've reached the conclusion that I was unfortunately right. The election and then presidential reign of Barack Obama has given a lot of people the courage to be more open about their racism and bigotry. What shocks me however is the creative and insane ways that people are showing their true colors. We're getting everything from an increase in racial and religious profiling in New York City to people coming up with more and more ways to try to justify why it's perfectly fine to shoot an unarmed black teenager in his own neighborhood. Of course occasionally black kids will get shot by the cops and it barely makes the local news.When we live in a country where people will find ways to justify why unarmed children should be shot down in the streets,we have serious problems.

Of course there are other instances of ridiculousness that have made me a little upset. Let's not forget the whole questioning of the president's religion in a country that's purposely secular. Why should anyone care about what religion the president practices when this country has made a big deal about the fact that we're free to believe whatever we want to believe spiritually? The answer to that is because this president happens to be different from the other ones. How else could you end up with conspiracies of him being a radical Muslim that pals around with terrorists and a follower of black liberation theology which happens to only be found inside of Christianity? Also,the fact that he could possibly be a Muslim(he isn't) is being used as some sort of a bad thing is an explosion of bigotry and racism. Why is equating the president being Muslim to him being a horrible person and possibly a terrorist an explosion of racist bigotry? Well,I'd ask anyone who happens to read this to close their eyes and see what image pops up first when they think of a Muslim. I bet that image wont be a guy that looks like Dirk Nowitzki. The image you're seeing is probably Osama Bin Laden or if you have a less Steve King-like view the image you're seeing is probably a random middle easterner or Dawud Walid. And then there's the never ending issue of where the president was born. People refuse to believe that this president was born in America despite his birth certificate being publicly available for years and even a newspaper article that tells of his birth in Hawaii the same week that he was born. Even today we still have people who believe that he was born in Kenya despite this overwhelming,50 year old evidence that makes them look like complete idiots. Even more shocking is that I know that most people don't know where John McCain,the man that Obama beat to become president was even born at. I don't even think they care. Oh and if you did want to know,John McCain was born in Panama. Between this bullshit,the new plan to make the president look like a black militant,the Trayvon Martin case and my own life,I've kinda had it with the dumber class of people in this country. I pray that one day we as a country can stop being so stupid and focus on the things that really matter such as making sure everyone in this country is healthy and educated. It probably wont happen for a long time but until then we can still pretend that all men are created equal while continuing to treat everyone unequally. Of course this whole thing was a waste of time because I'm sure someone is gonna tell me that it isn't really racist until the word nigger gets thrown around a few times.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jay Z supports gay marriage

I completely forgot to post this earlier but this is actually big news. If you were online earlier you may have read about Jay Z putting together a large music festival scheduled to take place later this year in Philadelphia. So far they haven't announced the entire lineup of acts that will be joining Jay at the festival but it is sure to be a huge deal by the time it gets here. What we do know is that Jay has invited the president to show up at the "Made in America" festival. Also,we know that Jay Z stands behind the president on his decision to endorse gay marriage. In fact he had a lot to say about the issue as you'll see in the video below.

“I’ve always thought it as something that was still holding the country back. What people do in their own homes is their business and you can choose to love whoever you love. That’s their business. It's no different than discriminating against blacks. It’s discrimination plain and simple...I think it's the right thing to do, so whether it costs him votes or not - again, it's not about votes. It's about people. It's the right thing to do as a human being.” - Jay Z

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Picture of the day

If you've been online,in front of a TV,near a radio or just near people today you may have heard the big news.....Joe Biden is gonna be on Jeopardy. The other huge news you may have heard about is the fact that President Obama came out in favor of same sex marriage. The move has been met with mixed reaction with many people celebrating the fact that he wants all Americans to be equal and many others saying that he's straying away from what God wants for us as a country. One person that has been quick to criticize the president is his opponent Mitt Romney. Mitt has said that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. Of course Mitt wasn't always so against gay marriage. Check out this old newspaper from back when he was Senate candidate Romney.

Video of the Week

There is pretty much nothing this week that'll top whats going on in these videos. If you somehow missed it today,the president came out in support of gay marriage. This is a huge stand to take for a man who's a devout Christian,the current president and currently running to be reelected as president. This may cost him a few votes with people more religious than I am but this will probably win him a lot of votes with people who believe that everyone should have the same inalienable rights as Americans regardless of their sexuality. I commend the president on letting his view on this evolve to the point that he's now on the right side of history. Click on the videos to see him come out in support of gay marriage. Click on the pic to see that there are already tumblr pages celebrating the president's announcement.

UPDATE: In the first 90 minutes after announcing his support of gay marriage,the president has raised over 1 million dollars on his campaign website from a flood of small donations.

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Afternoon Distraction

If you've been watching "Jeopardy" this week,you already know that the teen tournament is going on. During this tournament we get to see America's best and brightest nerds battle it out for money that'll amount to a free ride all the way through college plus enough to buy a new car. If you're watching "Jeopardy" today,or tonight if you're somewhere like Detroit where they show it at 7:30pm,you'll see someone rather special on there. That's right,you'll see gay marriage supporter,foul language user and United States Vice President Joe Biden on the show presenting a category. Click on the picture of a very young Alex Trebek to find out a little more about what's going on.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Video of the day

It's been a while since I've featured my favorite congresswoman/reason for the site's name on this site but today is as good a day as any to do it. Today the world got to learn that the Minnesota master of monetary matters,tax lawyer and congresswoman Michele Bachmann is now a Swiss Miss. That's right she's officially claiming dual citizenship here in the United States and in Switzerland. She was able to become a Swiss citizen thanks to her husband being the son of 2 Swiss immigrants. With this new citizenship she now has the legal ability to run for office in Switzerland. This news officially takes Michele Bachmann from being an American embarrassment to being an international incident waiting to happen. Check out the video of her talking about her Swiss citizenship below.

Ad of the Day

It's election season and as expected we're being bombarded with ads. Up until now most of the ads have been coming from the republican presidential candidates and outside superPACs but this one comes from the guy that everyone is going after,Barack H Obama himself. In his latest ad,which happens to be the biggest ad buy for anyone during this election season,the president tries to convince us as to why we should give him one more chance. The ad takes the time to mention that the wheels fell off of the economy in the summer/fall of 08 and that while he's been in office we've seen 2 years of steady job growth. While the ad does make it look like the president has grown us into a Utopian society,it does mention that times are still tough for way too many people and that scores him a few points with me for at least being honest about how things are in America. Click and enjoy the ad.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Song of the Day

If you've been online or listening to pretty much any radio station today you may have heard of the passing of legendary Beastie Boys member,musician,director and human rights activist Adam Yauch,who was better known by his stage name of MCA. The news has been sending shockwaves through the music industry and there has been an outpouring of emotional support from fans everywhere. Artists from every genre have taken to social media to express their condolences today. Everyone from Big Boi of Outkast to Perry Farrell from the legendary alt-rock band Jane's Addiction have expressed their sorrow at Adam Yauch's passing. He was 47 and he leaves behind a wife and daughter. Below is a statement released by the remaining members of the Beastie Boys about the passing of MCA.

Adam Yauch | 1964-2012
It is with great sadness that we confirm that musician, rapper, activist and director Adam “MCA” Yauch, founding member of Beastie Boys and also of the Milarepa Foundation that produced the Tibetan Freedom Concert benefits, and film production and distribution company Oscilloscope Laboratories, passed away in his native New York City this morning after a near-three-year battle with cancer. He was 47 years old.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Yauch taught himself to play bass in high school, forming a band for his 17th birthday party that would later become known the world over as Beastie Boys.

With fellow members Michael “Mike D” Diamond and Adam “Adrock” Horovitz, Beastie Boys would go on to sell over 40 million records, release four #1 albums–including the first hip hop album ever to top the Billboard 200, the band’s 1986 debut full length, Licensed To Ill–win three Grammys, and the MTV Video Vanguard Lifetime Achievement award. Last month Beastie Boys were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, with Diamond and Horovitz reading an acceptance speech on behalf of Yauch, who was unable to attend.

In addition to his hand in creating such historic Beastie Boys albums as Paul’s Boutique, Check Your Head, Ill Communication, Hello Nasty and more, Yauch was a founder of the Milarepa Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness and activism regarding the injustices perpetrated on native Tibetans by Chinese occupational government and military forces. In 1996, Milarepa produced the first Tibetan Freedom Concert in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, which was attended by 100,000 people, making it the biggest benefit concert on U.S. soil since 1985′s Live Aid. The Tibetan Freedom Concert series would continue to stage some of the most significant benefit shows in the world for nearly a decade following in New York City, Washington DC, Tokyo, Sydney, Amsterdam, Taipei and other cities.

In the wake of September 11, 2001, Milarepa organized New Yorkers Against Violence, a benefit headlined by Beastie Boys at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom, with net proceeds disbursed to the New York Women’s Foundation Disaster Relief Fund and the New York Association for New Americans (NYANA) September 11th Fund for New Americans–each chosen for their efforts on behalf of 9/11 victims least likely to receive help from other sources.

Under the alias of Nathanial Hörnblowér, Yauch directed iconic Beastie Boys videos including “So Whatcha Want,” “Intergalactic,” “Body Movin” and “Ch-Check It Out.” Under his own name, Yauch directed last year’s Fight For Your Right Revisited, an extended video for “Make Some Noise” from Beastie Boys’ Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, starring Elijah Wood, Danny McBride and Seth Rogen as the 1986 Beastie Boys, making their way through a half hour of cameo-studded misadventures before squaring off against Jack Black, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly as Beastie Boys of the future.

Yauch’s passion and talent for filmmaking led to his founding of Oscilloscope Laboratories, which in 2008 released his directorial film debut, the basketball documentary Gunnin’ For That #1 Spot and has since become a major force in independent video distribution, amassing a catalogue of such acclaimed titles as Kelly Reichardt’s Wendy and Lucy, Oren Moverman’s The Messenger, Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop, Lance Bangs and Spike Jonze’s Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait Of Maurice Sendak, and many more.

Yauch is survived by his wife Dechen and his daughter Tenzin Losel, as well as his parents Frances and Noel Yauch.

I couldn't pick just one song so here's some of my favorites from the Beastie Boys.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Respect My Vote!

It's election season and we're already being bombarded with ads,television coverage,articles,internet memes and conspiracy theories despite the election being six months away. What we're missing however are the facts on the candidates,their positions and how it would effect us. On top of that there's another issue that often gets overlooked during elections. This issue is the fact that in a lot of places it's perfectly legal for people with felonies on their records to go out and vote. Of course in this country we have a habit of not letting anyone know that because if someone has a felony or any sort of record they're probably an awful person. Fortunately there are organizations out there dedicated to making sure that everyone that can vote,knows about it and actually goes out and votes.

One such organization happens to be the Hip Hop Caucus. The Hip Hop Caucus is a non partisan organization dedicated to helping people between the ages of 18-40 get active in elections and in the community at large. Some of those people that they do help become active in elections and communities at large are felons. Through their "Respect My Vote" program they've been extremely active in trying to get proper information out and get everyone that can vote,registered to vote. In an attempt to help get the word out they've decided to use Atlanta rapper 2chainz as a spokesman. Their reason for using him comes down to the fact that he's basically the type of person that they're aiming at. As a man who has made a few bad decisions in his life that resulted in a felony,he has found a way to turn his life around and do something that could potentially help people. To learn more about The Hip Hop Caucus,click this sentence.

Off topic but I hope that they have their national conference in Detroit.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just Killing Time Here

During the last couple of weeks I have actually been able to lose a few pounds. This is partly due to me drinking a lot more water and cutting back on sugar. Partly due to me making it a priority to not be as lazy as normal and partly due to me being broke. With that said I can't resist the carbs of a good piece of bread. Give me two slices of bread and some cheese and I'm a very happy man. Looking at this bread below is making me hungry. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The President Speaks the White house correspondent's dinner. This is usually the best part of the night and it didn't disappoint at all. Second best part of the night was Brooke Baldwin of CNN looking spectacular. The speech is after the pic.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sound Advice

Mitt Romney has been seen as having a problem with connecting with regular,run of the mill,average Joe Americans. People believe that his charmed life and immense wealth puts him slightly out of touch with regular people. Just because a man was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has a car elevator inside of his garage that's about twice the size of the house that I live in does not make him out of touch. And just because this same man once had to sell some of his stock portfolio while he was in his early 20's to pay his way through an Ivy League college while the current president just got done paying off student loans also doesn't make him out of touch. Of course this sound advice given to some college students in Ohio today probably wont help him look more normal. Click on the video below to see a man so out of touch that he doesn't realize that he's sounding like a total and complete jackass. Click on the video below as one man tells broke college students to borrow money from their parents who still haven't paid off their own loans. Click to see one man tell us to take the Jimmy John's route and just borrow $25,000 from mom and dad because clearly they have $25,000 just burning a hole in their pockets. Enjoy the video.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

If you missed it

If you're one of the people that missed the much ballyhooed and hyped about episode of Jimmy Fallon last night,here's one of the best parts. In the clip below you get to see President Obama slow jam the news. In particular The Roots,Jimmy Fallon and The President lay down a smooth r&b track talking about the consequences of congress doubling the rates of student loans. Click on,be amazed and laugh at The Barackness monster below.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ad of the day

Today's ad of the day comes courtesy of French presidential candidate Francois Hollande. Francois Hollande represents the socialist party in France and recently bested president Nicolas Sarkozy in the first round of voting. The two men will face off in May to decide who's going to be in charge of the most fashionable country on the planet for the next few years.

In the ad below we get to see Francois Hollande show that he's cool,he's hip and he connects with the people in the Parisian suburbs,unlike Nicolas Sarkozy. We get to see a diverse cast of characters show their support for the socialist candidate by holding up electoral cards with his name on it and we even get to hear a few of the voice their support. Oh and the background music is "Niggas In Paris" by Jay Z and Kanye West from their wildly popular "Watch the Throne" album. Click on the ad below to be amazed by a soundtrack choice that would never fly in America for the obvious reasons. Click below that to hear the entire song by Jay Z and Kanye West if you're ok with having an epileptic seizure from the flashing lights in the video.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Buzzkill Playlist

That last blog is already getting a ton of hits and it gave me a great idea. Why not post all of my favorite horrible songs in one blog to make it easier for you,the reader to find them? With that said here's a helpful guide to the worst songs ever posted on here. Click on the links below to enjoy a playlist sure to kill any buzz you have on 4/20.

1.) CJ and Victoria "My Town" - If you've ever wondered what it's like to hear screamo music mixed with hip hop,wonder no more. In this song we get to see two teenagers scream over a cartoon background to the point of nearly splitting an ear drum.

2.) "Christian Side Hug" - I honestly don't know the name of the group in this video but they are awesome. In this rap song we get to hear a group of God fearing young men warn us of the dangers of improper hugging. An improper hug would be any hug that isn't a side hug. A default front hug can lead to genitals rubbing together which would make you a fornicator. Don't be a fornicator!

3.) B-Shoc "Jesus Lean" - Think "Lean Back" by Fat Joe but with worse rapping,a somehow worse dance despite being the same thing and a generically bad southern style beat. Also,there's a strong message of Christianity in this song somewhere.

4.) Ray Jr. featuring Erika Kayne "She Said(Don't cum in me)" - The title is pretty self explanatory but that barely scratches the surface as to why this song is amazing. In it we get to hear Ray Jr try to lyrically lay some pipe over a sexy beat with the incredible Erika Kayne belting out a chorus that sticks to you. As a bonus the song does have a message of pregnancy prevention. Also,the girl singing the hook actually tweeted at me right after I originally blogged about her song.

5.) "Move it like Bernie" - This song is actually my favorite among this entire list due to the fact that the guy actually can rap. The major problem with this is the incredibly ridiculous concept behind this song. If you haven't guessed by now the song is actually based off of the movie "Weekend at Bernies 2". In particular it's from this scene. This song actually took off and became a minor hit in the south,got parodied in other videos and even made the news here in Detroit.

6.) The Wolfe Pak "Wat kind of girl" - This song is by far the worst of the bunch and I've personally disliked this one for over a decade. How have I disliked this unknown song for a decade? Well it turns out either my mom or aunt was given the CD containing this song while out at a club years ago. Somehow the CD was never thrown away and since it was still around my brother decided to upload it on Youtube and it made it's way to this site. Between the disjointed beat,annoying "instruments" used on the beat,the mixing,mastering and volume problems and lyrical weakness,this is a song you're sure to hate. If the rest of this list hasn't blown your 4/20 buzz,this one will finish off whatever buzz you had.

Midnight Distraction

If there's one thing I love more than winning,it's horrendous music. I'm literally able to listen to Soulja Boy and not shoot myself from the awfulness of his lyrics. I'm able to listen to "Friday" by Rebecca Black and not go off the deep end. What I'm saying is that bad music doesn't bother me. In fact it kinda amuses me. With that said here's another to add to the prestigious list of awful music videos to be featured on this site. Check out some hot problems.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photo of the Day

The President stopped through town yesterday for a few fundraising opportunities. In addition to giving a couple of speeches and raising a million dollars,he also took some time to check out what's actually inside the Henry Ford Museum. Below is a photo of the president sitting in the same bus that Rosa Parks once sat in. Click for a larger picture.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Photo of the Day

There has been rumors floating around that SNL is trying to get republican front runner Mitt Romney to host an upcoming show. I personally would love to see it. I'm not a Romney voter but seeing someone like him participating in sketches on a show that has made it's living making fun of him lately,would be awesome. Also, I would love to see if Mitt has any sense of comedic timing or is he as awful as Lindsay Lohan when it comes to actually being funny. So,what does the man,the Mitt,the legend,Romney think of it? Click on the photo below to find out.

If you missed it

If you missed it last night,Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg put on a great show to close out Coachella. The show,which lasted slightly longer than an hour included tons of guests. Guests ranged from Kendrick Lamar to 50 cent to the late 2pac. They actually bought out a hologram of 2pac to perform a couple of songs despite the fact that Tupac Shakur has been dead for over 15 years. Also,that last sentence makes me feel old. Click and be amazed at a cyborg 2pac performance and the full set right under that.

Midnight Distraction

It's past midnight but I figured it would be pretty awesome to give you one small thing to laugh at before I post yet another awesome video on here in a few minutes.

As everyone knows,proper advertising is always a key to success. I know it,you know it and anyone with a brain knows it. In fact I'm trying to put that into theory by finally applying to college at some point in the near future to get a degree in advertising. Of course this depends on how this turns out. With that said,click on the photo below and laugh..

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just killing time here

I haven't posted anything all day for some reason and that sucks for a myriad of different reasons. With that said here's a short video that shows you why you should always know what you're doing if you're going to be handling weaponry. Click on the video below and be amazed that this guy is still alive.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Problematic Patterns

Now that the republican primary season is basically over,Mitt Romney has decided on going after Barack Obama. Obviously this makes perfect sense and if the latest CNN poll numbers are any indication,he has some huge issues he needs to fix. While he's not doing too badly with independents,he's getting destroyed in the polling when it comes to who women would rather vote for. In some polls the President is winning by as much as 31%. Mitt has a long way to go to make up the difference among women and saying that you're unsure about the Fair Pay Act,which makes it illegal to shortchange women just for the simple fact that they're women,isn't a good idea. Combine this with a bruising primary season that has actually seen  his favorability rating drop by 12% and an increased amount of attacks by the Obama campaign and you have a recipe for disaster. Check out the poll numbers below.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Afternoon Distraction

If you've been online during the last couple of weeks you may have noticed a pretty hilarious tumblr page getting a lot of mentions around the internet. That page is called "Texts from Hillary" and it chronicles a fictional series of hilarious texts between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a whole host of random people ranging from President Obama to President Clinton to sending a somewhat rude but hilarious text to Sarah Palin. Now it seems that Hillary Clinton has actually decided to join in on the hilarity and this bit of awesomeness is your afternoon distraction. Click on the photo below to see more.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Song of the day

Today's song of the day comes courtesy of Brick Squad member "Bo Deal". In the remix to his lead single "Wow", Bo enlists the help of some more well known members of the hip hop community. This includes French Montana,Trae tha Truth(who happens to be in my top 20 all time),Twista(ditto) and Waka Flocka. Click on the video below to hear the song. Click on this sentence to go to my other site to download 2 versions of it.

What the fuck?

As many of you may or may not know,I sometimes check my facebook account. While doing this earlier I happened to see a photo circulating up and down my timeline among people who live in and around Detroit. The picture is a sign that one of my friends reported seeing off of a freeway not too far from my house. I'm not gonna say that I'm shocked,just sad that such ridiculousness still exists in this supposedly post racial society. I'm hoping that someone from MSP or the department of transportation has already seen it and taken it down. Click and be disgusted.

Update:Apparently MDOT has seen this and they're trying to figure out if it was done by a random vandal or  one of the subcontractors who actually own the sign. Watch the story about it from my local fox station below.

Friday, April 6, 2012

If you missed it

You may have missed it earlier but there was a forum on women and the economy at the white house today. During this forum we got a 20 minute long speech from the president that touched on many topics centering around women and the economy. We get to hear him gloat about the recent uptick in jobs and downward tick in the unemployment rate. We also get a few jokes about his wife,mother in law and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. From there we get a somewhat long winded speech about the women who have inspired him over the years. We also get to hear what his administration is trying to do to make life more equal for women in this country. This includes making the workplace a more fair place for everyone. He also points out that women have been getting screwed over monetarily forever but thanks to him signing the Fair Pay Act,that will be coming to an end. Meanwhile in Wisconsin,it's now legal to shortchange women on their paychecks again. God bless America! Click on the video below.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Photo of the day

I was on my way home earlier today and I finally reminded myself to get a picture of this building. I think the sign on the side of it is pretty awesome. Click on it to get a better,nicer view.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Photo of the day

Today's photo of the day comes courtesy of the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. In this pic we get to see First Lady Michelle Obama present country/pop star Taylor Swift with the "big help" award. I can't even make a joke about the look of complete shock on Taylor Swift's face because I would have probably started crying if it were me.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Ad of the day

In this day and age political ads have become a form of art. A good political ad can be hilarious and still deliver a big blow to a candidate at the same time. Mix in some high production values and you have a memorable ad that'll get a ton of airplay. Below is an add that meets some of that criteria. In this ad for American Crossroads,a SuperPAC lead by Karl Rove, we get to see President Obama as an evil James Bond who has switched allegiances to work with the Russians. The whole concept stems from a hot mic moment between President Obama and President Medvdev of Russia in which the president explained that he'll be more flexible to negotiate,make deals and pass laws if he gets reelected. Click on the video below to see one of the better ads in the last week or so.

Just killing time here

This video has been floating around my facebook timeline all day. In it we may or may not hear Rick Santorum almost slip up and drop what may or may not be half of the word nigger when referring to Barack Obama. I'm not going to say if he did or didn't but what I'm asking you for is a video of the full speech. If you have it,leave a link to it in the comments or tell me about it on twitter. What do you hear in this somewhat doctored footage? It took no time to find the full speech. Thanks Jennifer.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

R Money

I haven't done much on Mitt Romney on this site and that's a bit of neglect on my part considering that I actually once met the man in person. In my few posts about him I've noted his policy positions and how they seem to change depending on who he's talking to. What I haven't done is spotlight that Mitt is worth more than the last 5 presidents combined and doubled. Of course thanks to the latest piece about him on ThinkProgress,he's putting the focus on himself. Click on the photo of Mexican Mitt Romney meeting shaking my hand in 2008 to see more about his giant house with a car elevator in it. Oh and before you do that check out this video of a car lift in action in real life. It's clearly a toy that only a wildly rich man would even think of getting.

If you missed it

If you've been anywhere near a TV or computer or radio or people during the last few weeks,you already know about the Trayvon Martin tragedy. The Florida teen was shot dead after being followed by self appointed neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman, who deemed him suspicious after seeing him walking towards his father's house in a gated community. Since the shooting there has been tons of justifiable public outrage over the fact that the shooter has yet to be arrested despite admitting to shooting the child after following him for several blocks. To the reasonable mind,this sounds like a case of a vigilante who let his biases and suspicions get out of line to the point that he murdered a kid who was simply walking home in the rain with some candy and a soft drink. Of course to George Zimmerman's lawyer this sounds like the kid who was several inches shorter and almost 100lbs lighter attacked Zimmerman in a vicious attempt to murder the armed vigilante. Watch below as Zimmerman's lawyer completely dodges an interview with MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell due to the fact that he didn't like the line of questions that were about to be asked.

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If you made it through that,here's a video of Detroit police chief speaking at a rally here held to honor Trayvon Martin and call for an end to gun violence in the city. Click to see why I actually follow him on twitter.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ad of the day

In today's ad of the day we get a glimpse into the not too distant future of America if Barack Obama wins this upcoming election. We get to see that America has become a horrible place to live thanks to a dead economy,a lack of religious freedom and the ever increasing nuclear threat coming from Iran. We get to watch as our once great country turns into a wasteland of zombie-like people struggling to survive while looking for a way out. Click and be amazed by the horror movie that could be America in 2 years.

Ad of the day

In today's ad of the day we get a glimpse into the not too distant future of America if Barack Obama wins this upcoming election. We get to see that America has become a horrible place to live thanks to a dead economy,a lack of religious freedom and the ever increasing nuclear threat coming from Iran. We get to watch as our once great country turns into a wasteland of zombie-like people struggling to survive while looking for a way out. Click and be amazed by the horror movie that could be America in 2 years.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo of the day

The internet has been filled with info about the miscarriage of justice that is the Trayvon Martin case. We've seen everything from press conferences to marches to students walking out of class to Geraldo Rivera showing his true colors in response to the travesty that happened down in Florida. Today we got to see the president give his thoughts on what happened and now we get to see the Miami Heat show some respect to the slain Miami teenager. Click on the photo below for a larger version.

If you missed it

If you haven't been following the Trayvon Martin case,I still hate you as an individual. I'm not even being a little bit snarky here. I'm totally serious. It takes someone who has been in a coma for the last few weeks to not know about this.

With that said,if you've been on twitter today you may have noticed that Geraldo Rivera was trending. You may be asking yourself "Why is the mustachioed news veteran trending? Did he shave his face again?". If that were the reason behind him trending,the world would be a much better place. Instead he's trending because he decided that he would play devils advocate and blame Trayvon Martin for Trayvon Martin being shot and killed. He does this by saying that the clothes that he wore are responsible for his death. In Geraldo's mind,the hoodie was the problem. In his mind hoodies are a good reason to get shot. Besides from showing that he's getting old,he's also showing that he's a bit of a racist. In this video he explains that if you're dark skinned,you shouldn't wear a hoodie because you look like a criminal. Due to looking like a criminal by wearing a hoodie in February(perfect hoodie wearing weather) Trayvon Martin was profiled and then murdered. I guess what I'm saying is that Geraldo is blaming the victim's clothing choice and thus he's no better than a guy who blames a woman who just got raped for her being raped. If there's anything positive to this is that this video does at least expose that fox has 3 racist idiots on it's staff and that white people are still free to wear hoodies. Click on the video below and be amazed.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just killing time here

Its election season and of course this means that every single politician out there will be begging you for money left and right. Just today I got emails from the DNC,RNC,3 different superPACs and Barack Obama's campaign team asking me for money. Of course being a good citizen of these United States,I see nothing wrong at all with donating a couple of bucks to a campaign with a candidate that I see as fit for the job. What I've always wondered is who are the guys that make the big donations. Who are these people that are donating tens of thousands of dollars at a time to a campaign or a political action committee? Thanks to CBS we now know that these people are guys like Bill Maher and Foster Freiss. To see who else thinks it's a great idea to spend $1million on a campaign,click on this sentence.

If you missed it

If you've been missing the coverage surrounding the Trayvon Martin case,you're probably an idiot and I hate you. I sincerely hate you and everything about you if you've failed to see this on TV or the internet. If you want to catch up on the facts of the case,you can click here. If you want to see smooth voiced,MSNBC contributor Goldie Taylor discussing the latest news in this miscarriage of justice,click on the video below.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Head to Head Twitter Showdown

Sometimes I like to pick on T1 because I'm a cruel woman who strives to embody all the ice queen stereotypes that society likes to label women with. He knows I'm really just complete clown shoes, but is gentlemanly enough to take me halfway seriously.

That in mind, I figured this would be a funny little thing to post. An infographic that shows how much more popular T1 is than I am, but also shows that I run my mouth a lot more. In other words, stuff we already knew, but infographics are fun!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Picture of the day

Not much to say here. These are just a couple of photos of the president enjoying St Patrick's Day like a true Irishman with his cousin Henry. Feel free to share with your friends.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Just killing time here

I don't know if you knew this or not but the president has been trying like crazy to raise funds for his reelection campaign. Today he took his fundraising express into the city of Atlanta to hold yet another fundraiser and to speak with some everyday Americans who may or may not personally know Tyler Perry. Also,while he was there he got an endorsement from Atlanta rap legend Ludacris. Pictures from the event are below.

I want those headphones!!

Song of the day

Today's song of the day comes courtesy of the group D.O.P.E and TI. Before today I had never heard this song but it's been on my mind all day. Click on,listen to and enjoy "Harry Potter". If you like the song,download the mixtape,it's free!

Picture of the day

It turns out that not everyone is an Obama fan. Of course if you'd paid attention to the latest polls you would have known that. There are people who don't like his handling of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There are people who don't like the way the economy has been during the last couple of years. Of course there are always those people who just don't like him because he happens to be a nigger. Here's one of those people.

UPDATE: The woman that runs the site that sells these unshockingly popular stickers,doesn't see any racism at all in it. In fact she doesn't think that the word nigger is racist despite the dictionary definition of it being particularly offensive to black people.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Limbaugh lunacy

Now that people have started to stop caring about Rush calling a woman a slut and a whore for wanting the insurance that she pays for to actually cover things that concern her health,he's back to being kinda normal. By that I mean he's back to saying whatever he can to get a rise out of old white people. In this edition Rushington F Limbaugh IV goes after President Obama for granting certain tribes the right to occasionally shoot a bald eagle. This would almost be a valid argument if Rush didn't turn this into an "Obama hates whitey" rant session. He also accuses the president of trying to enact certain laws for certain races,kinda like a Jamal Crow type of deal. Listen below as Rush Limbaugh accuses the president of trying to make America a better place to live for black people.

Afternoon Distraction

Ever since I was a kid I've wanted to eat dinner at the white house. You may be asking why would I want to do that. Well,I kinda want to do it because white house state dinners are always ridiculously extravagant. They are always filled with celebs and the food is always expensive. Being someone that grew up eating ramen noodles and spam,the thought of bison wellington sounds kinda great to me. Oh and that's exactly what they're eating tonight at the white house. To see the entire menu for the state dinner to honor our good friends in the U.K.,click on this sentence. Want to see the president and first lady welcome the prime minister? Click on the video below.

Song of the day

Sometimes there are songs that pretty much describe your entire life. For me this may be one of those songs. There's a different lyric that I can relate to from this song every single day of the week. Click on,listen to and enjoy G Dep's best song,"everyday".

Monday, March 12, 2012

March Madness!

It's the middle of March and if you live in America,this can mean only one thing....The NCAA tournament is about to control the news cycle! It's already getting tons of coverage on everything from local news to CNN to ESPN. The basketball fever is so crazy that even my site got a ton of extra hits just for mentioning basketball 2 years ago. As with every March Madness,people everywhere are making brackets and placing their allegiances with teams that they think might go on to win it all. One of the most famous bracketologists in America happens to also be the president of these United States. This year President Obama is making a bracket and inviting people to challenge his skills in picking winners. Everyone that does better than him will get their name plastered on the front of his campaign website. If you're ready to be internet famous for knowing more about college basketball than the commander in chief,click on the picture of the 4th best player on NBA Jam.

Midnight Distraction

If you've ever watched the news(obviously you haven't),you may have noticed that the reports seem to follow a formulaic pattern. It always starts and ends the same way if it isn't some breaking news story. Below is a step by step guide on how the average news report is made.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ad of the day

Running for office is tough business. It doesn't matter if you're running for president of the United States of America or running for student vice president at the University of Calgary,it's going to be tough. Some politicians have an innate ability to connect with people and get their message across. It's how President Obama was able to gain momentum in 2008 and it's how Ron Paul is surviving during this attempt at running for president. If you're not Ron Paul and you don't have the ability to easily connect with college aged white men,what do you do? Well,if you're Hayley Wade you connect with the voter in the most intimate of settings to let them know that you're going to be looking out for them. Click on her totally real and not at all photoshopped ad below to see how she did in her attempt to be student vice president at the University of Calgary.

Random act of failure

I'm gonna have to come out and admit that I'm a news fanatic. I kinda have to be one to write on both this site and another totally unrelated hip hop site. I wake up in the morning and watch the news. During the evenings I'm watching the news and sending borderline inappropriate tweets to local reporter Mara MacDonald,who only reports on happy stories. And even while I'm doing that I'm following other reporters online. I admire news reporters. I admire people like Melissa Moon who are able to take the most boring thing and turn it into a news story that hundreds of thousands of people are willing to learn about. With that said,turning meh in amazing isn't the only tough thing about doing the news. There's also the occasional physical danger. Those physical dangers can range from finding out on live TV that you're allergic to bees to occasionally smashing into light pole while trying to interview someone. Below is one of those two things that I just listed. Click,watch,share and enjoy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Limbaugh lunacy

In the ensuing firestorm of lost advertisers and public backlash from his insane week worth of comments about Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke,Rush Limbaugh has been on a campaign to clear his good name. He has done this by apologizing and clarifying his words. He has also taken a bit of time to say that those advertisers suck for leaving his show. Right after getting that off of his chest,El Rushilini moved on to the issues that really matter...How much of an ugly whore Dennis Kucinich's wife is. Of course this pattern of sexism and ridiculousness is not his fault even though it's from his own mouth. He knows who the real culprits are for his sexism and it's not him. It's guys like Too $hort,Snoop Dogg,UGK,Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell and P.Diddy that are truly to blame for Rush,a man in his 60's spouting off an entire week worth of personal attacks on a random woman. On his Monday show(which I missed because I have a life) Rush went on the offensive of what he sees as a double standard. He said and I quote "Talk about a double standard,”“Rappers can say anything they want about women. It’s called art. And they win awards.”. As expected,a few rappers had a few things to say about him suddenly using them as a scapegoat just because he got called out for being an idiot. Click on the picture of one half of UGK,Bun B below.