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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

24 Goals

Some of you may or may not know this but as of this very moment I am now 24 years old. This is a huge milestone because it means that I've gone one more year without being shot to death or beaten to death. And while I'm happy about this it just means that I have to now take some time to focus on what I want to do to improve this rut that I call my current life. Last year I made a list of goals that I wanted to achieve. While I didn't get all of them done I did accomplish some of the bigger ones on the list and that lets me know that there is something in me that still wants to try at life and not swallow a ton of pills. Below is a new,revamped list of 24 goals I want to accomplish by my 24th birthday.

1. Make $50,000 before taxes. - this may be incredibly difficult to do but it's definitely worth a try. If you guys can keep up the good work of liking this blog enough to occasionally look at it,I'll be well on my way to part of that goal.

2. Make home improvements. - I live in a big,old home in Detroit and with any old house there are some things that need to be fixed and updtated.

3. Get a car - I hate catching the bus and on top of this the city is notorious for horrible bus service. When you add this to a 45 million dollar budget shortfall,the bus seems like a worse and worse option.

4. Lose at least 30 pounds - I'm trying to get myself in shape and the one code I haven't been able to crack is getting rid of this flab.

5. Buy a rifle - I wanted to do this last year but with my money being weird all year,buying that semi-automatic rifle was just a little bit down the list of priorities.

6. Get steady employment(again) - I had a pretty decent job last year but lost it thanks to having to rely on a bus that occasionally didn't show up to get me to work.

7. Have $2500 in savings - By this time next year I expect to have at least that much in a savings account just in case I need emergency money.

8. Buy more furniture - I wouldn't mind having a new bed,chair and couch. Oh and I kinda really want to remodel the basement.

9. Remodel the basement - The basement is huge and built pretty much perfectly. All it really needs is a few upgrades,some new paint and a couple of new items to become amazing.

10. Take a picture with at least 5 different local reporters - I wanted to do this last year but somehow didn't. If it helps I did kinda(literally) bump into one of the hottest reporters in the city at a casino.

11. Run in a marathon - I wanted to do this last year but just didn't. I did however run in a 5K and kicked some ass while doing it. If I can't get in a marathon,I'm gonna at least try to get in the turkey trot.

12. Put at least 1000 posts on this site. - I plan on flooding this site with so much content that you wont be able to turn away,ever.

13. Go to a WWE event. - I've been kind of a wrestling fan ever since I was a kid and one of these days I want to see it in person just to see what it's like.

14. Dunk - I haven't been able to do it since I was 20 which just goes to show that I've gotten lazy. I was able to dunk with ease when I was 14 and this includes the time just after I tore my ankle up and started gaining weight.

15. Travel outside of Michigan. - I kinda want to see America just to see how different and weird it is compared to the cozy confines of being surrounded by arson,the Dexter Boys and NFL.

16. Go meatless for a month. - Last year I was able to go an entire 2 weeks without meat and that was huge for me. I want to try to top it.

17. Go without junk food for a month. - I've done this before. I can do it again.

18. Average 100,000 pageviews a month. - You seriously need to tell your friends to visit this site on a daily basis.

19. Get a new wardrobe. - I'm planning on dropping a few pounds and with that comes the realization that everything I currently own might be a little too big.

20. Face a fear. - Could it be my crippling fear of heights? Or could it be my dislike of public speaking? We'll find out and maybe I'll get paid to speak on top of a building with a glass roof.

21. Buy some stock. - I kinda like being able to say that I own part of [company name here]

22. Buy a couple of domain names. - And while I'm at it I can help get this site off of the ground.

23. Meet an elected official. - I do kinda run a semi-political website and it would be cool at least meet someone in a position of power. Maybe I can even get an interview out of them.

24. Meet President Obama. - This is the one with the lowest likelihood of being done but hell I met Mitt Romney once totally by accident and it resulted in my younger sister getting his autograph. I even have a picture to prove it. I have to scan that autograph one of these days.

Is there anything else that you think I should shoot for? Leave a comment and let me know.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Video of the Day

What happens when you get people who know nothing about football talking about Detroit Lions player Ndamukong Suh getting suspended for stomping on another player? You get this ridiculous video below. Click,watch,laugh,be amazed and share this with all of your friends.

Monday, November 28, 2011

999 problems

And bitches are all of them.......

As I've pointed out numerous times on this blog,republican presidential contender,Herman Cain has been getting mountains of bad press lately. Most of that stems from the many sexual harassment allegations against him. In this latest piece of bad press a Georgia woman reveals to an Atlanta Fox affiliate that she had a 13 year affair with Herman Cain. She also gave the station his cellphone number, which they immediately sent a text message to and got a message back from him. You can watch this interview with Herman Cain's mistress below.

Georgia Woman Claims 13-Year Affair with Herman Cain:

Afternoon Distraction

I don't know if you know this but I'll be turning 24 in less than 2 days. I'm pretty excited about this because it means that I've survived one more year without being shot to death. I didn't finish everything on my old list of goals but at least I'm still around to construct a new list of goals. Oh and there will be cake.

Apology accepted?

Many of you who are all into political blogs and random tomfoolery may already have been following this story but for those who aren't I'm going to lay out this awesome story. On a recent field trip to Topeka,Kansas, a high school student tweeted about how much she thought that Governor Sam Brownback sucks. In fact you can click this entire sentence to read it. After that tweet went out things seemed normal for the teenage girl until someone in the governors office flagged the tweet,called the school and the principal ordered the girl to apologize. From this one act of trying to censor free speech a firestorm erupted and instead of the girl apologizing for exercising her right to say what she wants,the governor has apologized to her. Click on the photo below to see the apology.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Midnight Distraction

Thanksgiving is now over in this great country of ours and most of us(not me) are stuffed with food. I'm sure most of us spent the day eating,watching the Lions basically give a game away to Green Bay and hanging out at the Thanksgiving parade. Of course before we could get to the dinner part of Thanksgiving,we had to get a turkey. Most settled for going to a store and buying one. Others actually went out and shot one. Of course to catch a real,live turkey you need to know how to call one. Watch below as an expert in the field of hunting turkeys teaches a news team how to call turkeys.

Lady Does Turkey Call All Wrong - Watch MoreFunny Videos

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just killing time here

Nothing to write here folks. Well,there's nothing except me saying that I ran into Doug E Fresh at the Thanksgiving day parade here in Detroit. Check out the photos of him hyping up the crowd that you will see nowhere else on the entire internet.

Photo of the day

In this Thanksgiving edition we get a triple dose of the president and the first family stopping by a food bank to feed those in need. Click on one of the photos below to see even more photos. Oh and there's even some video of it. Look,listen,watch,enjoy and share with everyone.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Self Newtered

We all know Newt Gingrich as a GOP presidential candidate,author,man on his 3rd marriage,lover of fine jewelry and a historian. What I'm saying is that we know him for a lot of things. In his current endeavor of trying to capture the white house and get America back on track Newt has been met with stiff competition from the republican field. Of course his latest slip up wont help him in his quest. That slip up happens to be not filing in time to be on the Missouri primary ballot. Click on the photo of the portly presidential primary person below to learn more about it.

Picture of the day

An occupy wall street protester hands President Obama a note during a stop in New Hampshire. To get a closer look at the note and see the president get mic checked by a group of protesters,click on the photo below.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Random act of failure

If you were watching the GOP debate earlier tonight you may have already seen this. If not you're going to be flabbergasted. Even if you did see it,you may want to see this again and laugh. Click,watch and be amazed as Rick "the mix" Santorum answers a question about foreign aide to Africa.

Song of the day

This song has honestly been on my mind all day and because of that it's on heavy replay. This particular song may have been the best thing related to rap music I've heard in a long time. Well,this and finding out that GZA from the Wu Tang Clan is going to be giving a lecture at Harvard. With that said click on,listen to,watch and enjoy the video.

Glenn Beck Craziness

The other day I posted about how some NASCAR fans took the time out of their busy schedules of chugging Budweiser,pretending to be Dale Earnhardt and totally hating Sterling Marlin for the last 10 years to check out the sprint cup finale in Miami. Before the race started NASCAR made it kind of a big deal to show that they love the troops. They did this by having a wounded Iraq war veteran there to promote his charity that supports military veterans. Oh and the first and second ladies of these United States were there to promote the white house initiative to support the families of our brave men and women in the military. Of course as soon as the public address announcer introduced the first lady thousands upon thousands of fans took the time to boo the first lady,second lady and an American hero. This has caused a storm of ridiculousness that caused media giant Rush Limbaugh to weigh in,heavily. Rush basically said that she should have been booed for being a bourgeois ass nigger that's married to the guy that's ruining America with his black elitism and condescending attitude. This was so ridiculous that even Mr. Nappyheaded Hoe himself,Don Imus thought it was a bit over the line. Now we have Glenn Beck jumping in to defend Rush by saying "Yes,they are pretty damn uppity and need to be knocked down a few pegs.". You can be amazed by Glenn Beck defending El Rushilinio by clicking on the video below.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Failing towards success

As many of you may know by now,congress has been trying to cut down some of this massive deficit we have here in America. Of course they've been doing this by suggesting that we cut spending and maybe even change the tax rate by a little bit. With these ideas going nowhere thanks to a lack of support from both sides of the aisle,a super committee was formed. This committee was charged with the task of finding a way to cut $1.2 trillion from our deficit. As expected they failed and failed miserably mainly due to some members balking at the idea of raising taxes even a little bit on the top earners in this country. Of course it's been proven that if they would have actually done nothing it would pretty much wipe out the entire deficit and pay down a huge amount of the debt. I guess what I'm saying is that congress basically spent the summer actively shooting itself and America in the face. No wonder they have only a 9% approval rating. Below is a chart released by economists today that shows what would happen if congress does nothing after this unsurprising show of incompetence on the part of congress.

Hint: Their stupidity just may slash the deficit.

Photo of the day

The president signed a bipartisan bill to help military veterans who are currently struggling in this sluggish economy. This marks the first time in a while that both sides have come together to do something even partly worthwhile that'll help the American people. Click on the photo below to read more about the bill and whats in it.

Random act of failure

My birthday is in 9 days and I can't even begin to explain how excited I am by this. No matter how old I get I will continue to celebrate the occasion that is my birthday. Why do I celebrate this? I celebrate this because I like knowing that I've gone another year without being killed and beaten to death with metal pipes. One thing I haven't had in a while however is a cake. I want a big one with big ridiculous candles in it. Maybe I should rethink that thought after seeing this video.

Happy Birthday Fail - Watch MoreFunny Videos

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Losing the race

I'm not that big of a NASCAR fan. I honestly don't see the point of driving in a circle for 5 hours hoping that someone crashes,catches fire and quite possibly dies. Or if that doesn't happen we could at least see a fistfight. I guess what I'm saying is,that I don't really like NASCAR because it bores me with repetition. However I do realize the power of sports to bring Americans together regardless of how they feel about politics or life. I figured since NASCAR is one of the most popular sports in this great country of ours that it would hold true there but apparently I was horrendously wrong. Earlier today first lady Michelle Obama and second lady Dr Jill Biden showed up at the Homestead-Miami speedway to grand marshall the Sprint Cup Finale which happens to be one of the most important races of the year. Oh and they were there to promote Joining Forces which is a white house initiative to get people to help our brave men and women of the military in any way they can. They were there with an Iraq war veteran who has survived enough situations to fill up a franchise worth of insane action movies,his wife and their 4 sons. As soon as the public address announcer announced the names Michelle Obama and Dr Jill Biden the crowd broke out in a resounding chorus of boos. They booed the first and second ladies who were there to promote the military. How patriotic of my fellow "Americans". Click and be disgusted.

Just killing time here

Before he was a state rep,community organizer,senator and eventually president,Barack Obama was the editor of the Harvard law review. During this time he also started to hone his on camera skills. In the video below you'll get to see a young,deeper voiced Barack Obama in a "Black History Minute" ad from TBS in 1991. In all seriousness though seeing this makes me remember those classic skits from "In living color" where they spoofed these ads. With that said click on the rare Barack Obama ad first and then get a good laugh out of Tommy Davidson parodying the first ad.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Video of the Day

Everyone knows that college football can be exciting. It's one of the most popular things on American tv. With hundreds of colleges on tv at any given time and entire channels dedicated to this one part of an even bigger sport,it would be stating the obvious to say that we as a country get a little worked up about these games. Lee Corso is an ESPN correspondent. Lee Corso is known for being an expert on college football. He's also known for being enthusiastic about every game that he has to work at due to his love of the sport. Of course while discussing today's Houston/SMU game he got slightly too excited before throwing on a cougar head. Click below and get effing excited for Lee effing Corso.

Song of the day

Honestly this song has been on my mind for about a day and I am not that upset by it. It also helps that I've been listening to a ton of Ludacris lately. Oh and it turns out that Luda and Bill O'Reilly don't exactly hate each other anymore which kinda proves that somewhere in there Bill might be a decent guy from time to time. Click below to enjoy some music and click here to find out about Bill O'Reilly donating to the Ludacris foundation.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Just killing time here

It's 4:30am,I'm still somehow awake and a little bit bored. Thankfully I have internet access and in my incessant trolling of the internet I've come across some great stuff. Earlier during the night/early morning I decided to stop by Deadspin and read up on some sports related ridiculousness. Of course they're covering what was willingly allowed to happen at Penn state. In the midst of that one of the many readers of the site sent in a picture from the NCAA football 12 video game from a matchup between Penn State and OSU. Check out the ridiculous headline that the video game itself generated for the fictionalized match.

Winds of change

In some news that's sending shockwaves in the political world,the Obama administration is actually sending a high ranking official to Myanmar. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton will be visiting the reforming nation next month. This will be the first time in 5 decades that a US secretary of state will be in Myanmar. To read more and learn more click on the picture of Hillary Clinton below.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Picture of the day

Actress/woman I may or may not have a bit of a crush on,Anne Hathaway stopped by an occupy wall street protest in New York City today. Check her out stylishly supporting people who want the system to be more fair to regular Americans.

following up

Earlier today I kinda sorta wrote about the new anti-piracy bills that congress is currently considering. I want to thank all 6 of you that read it. Now that the day is finally off and running and it's not 3am anymore I'm starting to find out how some members of congress feel about this bill. So far I've found out that Nancy Pelosi isn't in favor of it.

Song of the day

I haven't heard this song in a long time but it's honestly one of my favorites ever from both artists involved. What I'm talking about is the song "Iz they wildin' wit us" by Busta Rhymes and Mystikal who are two of the fastest rappers in the game. When I first heard this as a kid my mind was blown by how insane the song was. Now as an adult it's still mindbendingly amazing to me. Also amazing is that this may be happening again in the very near future now that they've both signed on with Lil Wayne at Cash Money records. Click,listen,enjoy and try to see if you can keep up with what they're rapping about.

End of an era?

I don't know if many of you saw this today but congress is debating on a bill that may change the way the internet operates. In an attempt to stop piracy online congress has come up with SOPA a bill that toughens the penalties for intellectual property theft. It has bipartisan support in congress but it also tons of opposition. Some of the people opposing it are internet giants Yahoo,eBay,Facebook,Reddit and the parent company of this site,Google. Executive Chairman of Google,Erick Schmidt said that the bill addresses the problem of piracy but gives governments and certain corporations the power to shut down websites at will. Also the people at the Huffington post aren't exactly big fans of this either because of how broad the definition of "piracy" is in this bill which could conceivably make this post on the other site I write for a crime. If you want to read the entire bill yourself and come to your own conclusions click on the photo of one of my local congressmen, John Conyers below.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Picture of the day

Congress is immensely unpopular right now. In fact they're so hated that more than 90% of Americans don't approve of them. In this handy graph by Colorado democratic senator Michael Bennet we get to find out that Americans are more willing to risk getting herpes from Paris Hilton than actually approve of congress' lack of effort.

Glenn Beck Craziness

Glenn Beck is a man who knows a lot about politics. He knows what the American people need at this important point in our history. He knows that with "president" Obama in office this country and the world could be headed towards a tragic ending. Unfortunately for us Glenn doesn't endorse candidates. It's just not in him to endorse a candidate. Of course this doesn't change the fact that he's close friends with Rick "the mix" Santorum who happens to be currently losing badly in the GOP presidential primary. Glenn calls Rick the next George Washington which may mean that Rick has no teeth and owns a plantation somewhere. Click on the video below to watch Glenn not endorse a close personal friend who happens to be running for president.

Good news everyone!

The economy has been pretty shaky at best lately. In fact people are still struggling to find job openings. Of course there is one very niche industry that seems to be on its way to creating new jobs. If you're an astronaut I have great news for you.......NASA is hiring! Click on the photo below to apply.

Ad of the day

I don't know if you know this or not but Michele Bachmann has been getting murdered in the polls recently. She has gone from frontrunner to someone that republicans are quickly trying to forget. As republican primary voters try to wash the taste of Bachmann out of their mouths,Mrs Bachmann is trying to remind them of the good times that they had. She's doing this by putting out the political version of a diss record,an attack ad. In this attack ad she plays clips of "gaffes" and other assorted quotes that call her opponents conservatism into question. Click on the video below to see team Bachmann call out the other GOP contenders for not being true conservatives.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Picture of the day

Herman Cain now has an action figure. For a little bit less than $40 you can own a small version of a big man in the GOP primary. No word on if it comes with pizza but it's awesome to look at. Click the photo to see more of it.

99% problems

If you've been on the internet and specifically Facebook and Twitter during the last 14 hours or so you may know that the "occupy wall street" protesters in New York are in a crazy situation right now. And by crazy I mean that the cops have decided to evict them from Zucotti park and it has led to isolated incidents of violence along with several arrests and tons of property destruction. In the madness that was going on during the raid/eviction a city councilman was injured while being arrested. If you want to keep up on whats happening in NYC and around the country when it comes to the protest movement click on the photo of New York police commissioner Ray Kelly below.

Back on the market

After a slight bit of controversy,legendary rapper/entrepreneur Jay Z has put his "Occupy All Streets" t-shirts back up on his Rocawear website. The controversy stems from the fact that Jay Z is selling the occupy wall street themed shirts but not actually donating any money to the protest movement. It even led to one of the leaders of the protest in New York to call Jay Z a scrotum with the political sensibilities of a hood rat(hooray for subtle racism!). I may or may not support Jay Z on his t-shirt selling venture but I will say that calling someone out for selling a somewhat overpriced t-shirt via a $600 iPad makes you look like an idiot. And personally I think the shirts aren't that bad looking despite not being in my size but not good looking enough to be worth $22. If you want to buy a shirt or read dozens of comments from people bitter about the shirts click on the photo below.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Eatin'

As many of you may know by now,Herman Cain is not only running for president but he also used to run a successful pizza restaurant chain. When he wasn't allegedly harassing women and trying to get forced blowjobs he was enjoying the food related perks of being in charge of a pizza empire. In a recent interview with ultimate men's magazine GQ,Mr Cain was asked about how what you eat effects your manliness. As expected he thinks that pizza makes a man a man and anyone that disagrees with it can kiss his entire ass. Of course there are certain toppings that separate the real men from the sissy's. Click on the photo below to see how you can avoid being a sissy by putting the right toppings on your pizza.

Agreeing with McCain

It's not often that I'll openly agree with John McCain but this is one of those times where he's so right that you have to be a bit of a jerk to disagree with what he's saying. As everyone may know by now senator John McCain is a war hero. He served in Vietnam where he was captured,imprisoned and tortured. If anyone knows about how horrible torture can be,it's him. With that said he was more than a little bit disappointed when the question of torture was brought up during a republican presidential debate over the weekend. With the notable exceptions of Ron Paul and John Huntsman every single person in the debate said that they don't think that waterboarding is torture. This is despite it being officially listed as torture by several countries including this one. In fact in 2009 president Obama officially banned it's use by the military and called it a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda. Of course Michele Bachmann vehemently disagrees with this but no one cares because she's in 5th place in a 8 person race to see who's going to finish behind Mitt Romney. Before I get too off topic click on the tweet below to see what senator McCain had to say on the issue of torture.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


As a teenager I was able to come up with some rather inventive ways to consume alcohol and not have my parents know about it. I think every teen has a little bit of McGyver in them when it comes to hiding things from their parents. Back in my day we would just soak gummie worms and gummie bears in vodka to get a candy infused buzz. Or we would find a slightly older friend/relative that would buy us drinks if we paid them a couple of bucks to look the other way about us drinking. Kids these days however are kind of stupid. They're now doing things that I would have never done because I honestly like not tearing up sensitive areas of my body. Also, I wouldn't have done this because I'm a dude and that's just not the type of thing that I do. Click on the video below to see how kids are putting themselves at risk just to get slightly drunk.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Afternoon Distraction

Everyone kinda loves strippers. If you think I'm lying you probably haven't noticed how popular poledancing classes have become in recent years. You also may not have noticed that some of the stigma about stripping has been stripped away from the public consciousness in the last decade. I know for a fact that I have no problem with strippers because I'm a man in his 20's. Someone else who loves strippers is this Russian anchorman. He may have to take his love of strippers off of tv though due to the news being a family program. Click and be amazed as one man forgets that he's at work and work happens to be live TV.

Just killing time here

I haven't posted anything on this site in a few hours and as always I will now make up for it with some ridiculousness. As everyone that knows me knows about me I am a huge fan of NBA basketball but since they're on a lockout I have to settle for not seeing the best basketball players in the world play a game that I love. This also means that I miss out on the greatness that is Automotion and this pisses me off mightily. I'm also missing out on seeing the awesome cheerleaders in NBA cities that aren't Detroit. Thankfully we have Facebook which is filled with NBA teams trying their hardest to keep fans interested despite the fact that they've decided to keep the players from actually playing basketball. The Charlotte Bobcats have been using this extended offseason to post brand new photos of their Lady Cats. On one posting however a fan tagged the photo and let the entire world know what type of thoughts go on in his head when he's at the arena watching the Bobcats finish 10th in the eastern conference. Click on the photo below to see how other fans and the team responded to this ridiculousness posted on the team's page.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rush to judgement

As you all may know by now this week has been insane when it comes to huge news stories. It's kinda like a dream scenario for local and national reporters and pundits to have a week that's nearly overloaded with huge stories and for Rush Limbaugh no story has been bigger than the accusations against Herman Cain. Of course since Rush isn't a journalist and doesn't have to even begin to appear objective,he wont. In today's Rush to Judgement, El Rushilino lets it be known that he thinks that these allegations are false. He also takes some time to make fun of Sharon Bialek a little more because,why not? He also touches on the joint press conference 2 of the women accusing Herman Cain are having. And if you guessed that he's gonna say that they're having this press conference together to synchronize their periods and attract bears to the area,congrats you win a dollar. Click and be amazed.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Have you ever seen something so bad that it wasn't even funny? Something so horrible that it just made you feel a sense of sadness and made you want to jump in and help the person involved with it? If you were watching the republican debate that took place at the amazing Oakland University in the wonderful city of Rochester,Michigan you saw that very moment on live tv. What you saw was Rick Perry detailing how he would immediately save the country some money if elected but what it turned into was something crazy. It turned into a man who looks like he may have been on a mix of Ambien,opiates and slightly too much vodka. Watch below as Rick Perry forgets what Rick Perry was just talking about in a question directed specifically at Rick Perry.

Afternoon Distraction

If you've been here lately you've noticed that I've been having a field day writing about presidential contender Herman Cain,his ridiculous sim city tax plan that doesn't even work in the game and I know this because I have owned sim city 1,2,3 and 4 at various points. I've also written about how he may be a serial sexual harasser and probably an attempted rapist. I recently wrote about how a 5th woman has come forward accusing him of harassing her when she worked for him to which his political action committee website responded by calling her an ugly,leftist skank. This post adds to the Herman Cain legacy on this blog by adding some more hilarity to the menu. Instead of going after him for sexual harassment the people at funny or die have decided to go after his entire personality and his policies. They've decided to do this by using the immortal "Iron" Mike Tyson as a hilarious Herman Cain stand-in. Click,look,listen and be amazed by Herman Cain's plan to use illegal immigrants as a cheap source of alternative energy.

If you missed it

If you missed yesterday's episode of the Colbert report,first of all you should be ashamed of yourself and secondly you missed a good one. As expected Stephen Colbert took the time to address the sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain. In this hilarious 4 minute clip we get to hear an analysis of the situation that cuts through the partisan bullcrap and gets to the real point of the can we make possible crimes sound hilarious. Click,look,listen and be amazed. Oh and make sure you take the time to share this.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Indecision 2012 - Herman Cain Won't Be Stopped
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire BlogVideo Archive

Just killing time here

I haven't posted in a few hours and thus I must do something here to keep you entertained. Instead stripping and doing the dougie I'm going to give you a video. In this video you'll get a chance to see a race car driver show off his stunning skills on the track. You'll be amazed at how he ably handles this car through turns and curves at breakneck speeds. Also,there's boobs in this video. Click,look,enjoy and share twice.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5 times the trouble

As you may know already, Herman Cain has been in the news a lot lately for being accused of sexual harassment. Yesterday,Sharon Bialek came forward and basically accused the republican presidential hopeful of trying to rape her. Today another former employee,Karen Kraushaar has come forward to say that she too was harassed by Mr Cain. In the video below Herman Cain recalls her complaints against him and denies that any wrongdoing happened despite the fact that he says that the NRA paid her off to shut up about it. Also,according to this HermanCainPAC site she's an ugly,leftist skank sent there by the democrat machine to make Herman Cain look bad. Enjoy the video.

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Song of the day

I'm still pretty upset at the news of the overweight lover,Heavy D passing away. The details are still very scarce but he was one of my all time favorites and I grew up listening to his music.The song below is one of my favorites from him.

If you missed it

Herman Cain has been in the news for lots of reasons lately. He's been rising in popularity in the GOP primaries. His tax plan has been receiving scrutiny for basically being a ripoff of sim city 4. He has also been on tv a lot because of a pattern of sexual harassment allegations that have come up. Of course now the allegations by yet to be named women have turned into a press conference featuring a former employee of his and attorney Gloria Allred detailing a possible attempted sexual assault. Herman Cain decided to sit down with late night funny-ish man Jimmy Kimmel to promote his campaign and address while dodging questions of the harassment. Watch a couple of highlights of the ridiculousness below.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rush to judgement

It hadn't even been 5 minutes since I wrote the last post on this blog about the problematic pattern of sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain when I found this interesting clip. In it we get to hear the great defender of downtrodden black millionaires everywhere,Rush Limbaugh describe why Herman Cain is being unfairly targeted. He points out that these women are just kinda wimpy for not feeling comfortable being in a hotel room with a random dude who's talking about delivering a big sausage pizza to them. He's also pissed off that no one has taken the time to get the names,phone numbers,twitter usernames,email addresses and home addresses of the alleged victims.

Problematic pattern

In recent weeks a very problematic pattern has emerged for presidential contender Herman Cain. He has been accused of sexual harassment by 3 different women and as you're gonna see in the video below one woman accuses him of trying to sexually assault her. Mitt Romney may have 99 problems but a bitch ain't one. Click,watch and be absolutely shocked at the allegations aimed at Herman Cain.

99 problems

In recent weeks the focus of the GOP primary has somehow avoided Mitt Romney. This is despite the fact that Mitt Romney is the odds on favorite to win the GOP nomination and go head to head with Barack Obama for the presidency in 2012. Mitt is known as being a man of many faces and many positions. He frequently gets called out by democrats and republicans for flip flopping on his stances on the issues whenever it seems like the somewhat popular thing to do. Of course with all of this now marinating and slowly roasting in your brain you may want to know more about Mitt,where he stands on the issues and just a few random weird things about the presidential contender. Luckily for us the people over at Think Progress have compiled 99 awesome/problematic facts about Romney. Click on the picture of Mitt shaking my hand in 2008 to learn more about the man,the Mitt,the legend,Romney.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Just killing time here

I needed to post something on here to help myself get towards my personal goal of posting 200 different blog posts on here within the span of this month. With that said I think you may enjoy this one. I don't know if you know this or not but I've always wanted to go on the game show "Jeopardy". I literally have a ton of useless knowledge in my head and that show may be the only way that I can make $10,000 for otherwise useless crap. Also, I'm planning to go on there and give hilarious answers to serious questions but I doubt anything I say will top this video. Click on the link below and be amazed as one woman lets us in on some of her personal business.

Some good news

It's not often that you hear or see good news on tv or online but today is one of those weird days. Over the last few months the economy has been stagnant at best but it may be starting to move back in the right direction. In the month of October the US economy added 80,000 new jobs and this was with the government actually firing 24,000 people. Also,the numbers for August and September were revised upwards. To read more about that click here.

Song of the day

I haven't posted a song on here in a minute and honestly who can hate on good music? Anyway I was having a twitter back and forth about legendary rappers with a local reporter and the name Rakim came up. Once Rakim was mentioned this was the first song to come to mind. Click,look,listen and enjoy.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Random act of failure

Anyone that sees me knows that I'm a man that loves to eat. I'm not a competitive eater or anything like that but I can put away large amounts of food with no problem. I can eat almost anything. Of course I have to know what it is before I eat it. I wont just eat anything and I'm not gonna eat a gummy body part. It could be the wrong body part. This may or may not be the wrong body part though.

Less than zero

Everyone in this country knows that for a long time we've been basically getting shafted so large corporations can make insane profits. It seems like things are getting more expensive every year while service gets worse. Just look at how Bank of America tried to charge people money for using their money. Thankfully they and a few other banks thought better of it after they started losing thousands of customers while getting bad press. Of course if companies like that just can't rip off your accounts they can still make a killing through our hard earned tax dollars. Did you know that during the last few years a lot of America's largest and most profitable companies have paid just over half of the taxes that the law requires them to pay? Did you know that some of them have actually paid no taxes at all while receiving massive subsidies from the government? Do you want to find out which ones they are and read more about how you're paying for some rich guy to sit on a yacht smoking a diamond encrusted cigar while listening to a platinum coated iPod touch? If the answer is yes,click on the photo below.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sick of it

In recent months it seems like everyone has grown tired of this current congress and their sheer stupidity,laziness,childishness and inability to do anything worthwhile for America. In fact just about everyone is sick of congress and they now have their lowest approval ratings ever. One person who has been especially angry at congress is president Obama. Earlier today he took some time to let some steam off and go after congress for not even considering the massive jobs bill that he's had sitting out there for months but instead voting on the motto "In God We Trust". Watch below as the president points out some sheer stupidity by a group of supposedly grown men.

Midnight Distraction

Halloween was a couple of days ago and as always it was awesome. The parties,the candy,the ridiculously awesome costumes and everything about it was fun. One of the best things about Halloween for me is seeing the normally serious local news lighten up during this yearly celebration of death and mayhem. It's always funny to see the morning news team dress up in something outside of business suits while doing the news. And as a bonus a lot of the female anchors and reporters have incredibly nice bodies that would otherwise not be seen on a normal day. One more thing we get to see when local news teams get into the Halloween spirit is incredibly ridiculous reports. On Halloween morning I got to see a weatherman do a report on what you would really need in case the zombie apocalypse ever actually happens. In this double dose of videos you're basically going to see the type of report that would make up the opening sequence of an episode of teenage mutant ninja turtles. You're also going to see a veteran reporter get scared half to death in hilarious fashion. This video has actually made it on to national TV.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Random act of failure

Over the weekend there was a massive winter storm on the east coast of the United States. It dumped several inches of snow,stranded airport passengers,made life generally horrible and it unfortunately led to a few deaths. It also left millions of people without power. Or was it thousands? I'll let you figure it out.

Midnight Distraction

I'm currently looking for a collection of god awful Halloween costumes but to help you pass the time here's some ridiculousness. Click on the insanity below to see more of the same.