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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just Killing Time Here

As you may have noticed due to the wall to wall news coverage,there was a shooting at the capitol today. While most people are confused,dismayed and shocked by today's events:there are some who see this as a set up by the government for some reason. By some people I mean Alex Jones and his special brand of idiocy. Click on the video below to hear the grand master of grandiose garbage gab about government ghoulishness.

Afternoon Distraction

As you may by now the government has been shutdown thanks to a series of douchebag moves,temper tantrums and clear neglect. This issue has been so contentious that it's on every news channel. Due to the need of every news channel to fill up air time by talking to members of congress,a few idiots get on television from time to time. The idiot this time happens to be Representative Todd Rokita of the great state of Indiana. Watch below as he talks himself in a circle over Obamacare while trying and failing to flirt with CNN anchor Carol Costello. Oh and there's this thing.

It's been a while.....

I know that I keep saying that I'm going to spend more time on here and I really should. Some of you may also be wondering what's been up with me and what's been going on. Well,with that said here are a few answers.

As many of you may know already,I started college back in August. So far the experience has been pretty awesome. I'm meeting new people,learning new things and most importantly I'm not hanging around the house and bugging my family. As a total bonus the scenery is just beautiful. I'm actually sort of mad at myself for taking so long to go back and do this. I could have been spending years enjoying time in a nicer area and having fun instead of bouncing between low paying manual labor and even lower paying manual labor.

In other,equally,if not more important news:I am now a proud uncle of a fantastic niece. She has already been a great influence on my life and my outlook of the world and it's only been a month. It's pretty amazing to see the human brain develop from a newborn perspective. It's insane to think that she's already gone from not knowing which way was up to pick and choose what type of music she likes. On top of all that it's pretty damn awesome being an uncle. It's like being a dad but with no responsibility.