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Thursday, June 26, 2014


As everyone who has been paying attention knows, Michele Bachmann has had an irrational level of hate towards President Obama for years. Thanks to the recent house G.O.P. plan to sue the president for something or other, she got the chance to show off more of her hate boner on Fox news, where even the usually hilariously bad Neil Cavuto had to laugh her out of the building for being an idiot. Click, watch and be amazed.

Video of the day

If you were in Detroit, any of the downriver communities, or the area surrounding Windsor,Ontario,Canada you may have seen the impressive fireworks display on Monday out on the Detroit river. I've been to quite a few and every year it seems to get better and more fun, and if you're in the city in late June, feel free to check out one of the most impressive displays of pyrotechnics in the world. With that said, most of us only get to see it from the ground, but this time, thanks to the city of Detroit, we get to see it from the sky while flying through a quickly revitalizing downtown. Watch and be impressed.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Rush to judgement

A few weeks ago, I wrote a fairly well received rant about how America tends to act like sexism doesn't exist and doesn't have any effects whatsoever on how America operates. Today's rush to judgement is another example of how sexism is being looked over and ignored despite having very real consequences. The particular consequences in this example is that women make 23% less on average than a man who does the same job. Of course none of this matters to Rush Limbaugh who has made a living off of saying sexist things and then pretending that sexism doesn't really exist. Click, listen and be amazed.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Starbucks University

If you know me in real life, you know that I often joke about how overpriced Starbucks coffee and assorted beverages are. I honestly just can't see myself paying that much for one cup of coffee, even if it is a ridiculous 59 ounces. Of course, I may have to soften my stance on $8 coffee considering the big announcement the company made on Monday. Starbucks is teaming up with Arizona State University to offer workers full reimbursement for tuition if they're enrolled in one of ASU's online degree programs. Usually something like this comes with the catch that you have to work for the same company, forever. This plan doesn't have that catch and Starbucks doesn't expect everyone to stay after getting a degree at an extremely reduced rate. The program is open to anyone who works more than 20 hours a week for Starbucks. If you want to read more, click on the picture below.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The end of an Eric

In a bit of shocking news, Stephen Colbert enthusiast and steakhouse over-spender, Eric Cantor, lost in the Virginia republican primaries. This loss means that one of the most powerful men in congress is now without a job and would possibly qualify for Obamacare if his state were to actually expand medicaid. Click on the picture below to realize that Eric Cantor spent more on food than his challenger spent on his entire campaign.

College basketball enthusiast Sarah Palin is already dancing on his grave.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No longer neutral

Considering that this is a website, I have done a surprisingly small amount of posts about net neutrality. In fact, until I search through all 1700 on here and find relevant content, I'm gonna say 0 posts. With that said, net neutrality is important to everyone. No one wants to live in a world where there's a slow lane online and a slower lane. Hell, we already rank behind Estonia when it comes to download speeds despite paying the most for internet access. Combine this with the fact that in America, our internet providers are basically borderline illegal monopolies that have a record of awful customer service, and it becomes easy to see why the FCC's move to end net neutrality is hot garbage. Don't take my word for it. Listen to John Oliver rant about it for 13 minutes and follow that up by commenting on the FCC's page about how ridiculous they are.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Tweet of the day!

You may not know much about the U.S. ambassador to Switzerland and Lichtenstein, Suzi LeVine, but you should know that she made history not too long ago. How did she do this? She did it by becoming the first ambassador to be sworn in on a kindle. Check out the tweet below, and feel free to check out the video below that which explains what she's going to be doing in lovely Switzerland.

Moment of clarity

Anyone who watches cable news knows that Fox news sides pretty heavily with republicans. In doing so they sometimes tend to defend things that they should really disassociate themselves from. In this particular video clip, the panel at fox decides to debate whether having "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson speak at official G.O.P. events is a good idea or a great idea. Despite this, Juan Williams, the only person among the group who isn't white, happens to point out that someone like Phil Robertson would be awful for the G.O.P's plan of expanding their tent to include more than just old, white men. Watch below as Juan Williams' moment of making perfect sense is drowned out by ridiculousness.

A discussion about misogyny

In my last post, I mentioned how America is a country filled with misogyny from all directions and how a mixture of over the top misogyny and entitlement led Elliot Rodger to the conclusion that his problems with getting laid was reason enough to go on a murderous rampage. The videos below are basically a much better discussion on the issue from people who are experts when it comes to some of the ridiculousness here in America. Click, and be enlightened.