The greatest of all time calls it quits!

Obama Crosses the line twice!

Game Over!

We're finally out of Iraq.

99 Problems

He got 99 problems but Mitt ain't done.


20+ weird things you may or may not have wanted to know about Sarah Palin.

Friday, December 31, 2010

A year in review 2

Earlier I posted a blog that basically showcased some of my favorite political posts from the past year. Now I'm gonna be showcasing a few of my favorite failures this year. Click on the links below and be inspired by unsuccessful people being unsuccessful.

1. Sometimes the impossible happens and a sexy woman catches fire while submersed in water.

2. Doing it yourself can be fun as long as you stay safe.

3. Being out of shape is bad for your health but getting into shape can be hilariously dangerous.

4. You might want to give this man a few feet in this situation.

5. Speaking of things catching on fire.....

Check back later to see the best of the rest which will include ridiculous rants,sexy videos,unintentionally dirty signs and maybe a gift or two.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A year in review

Below are some of my favorite posts on this site from the past year. This is part one of a multi-part series which will highlight some of the more compelling and ridiculous moments on this site. Click on a link below and enjoy a trip down memory lane.

BP tried to pull the wool over everyone's eyes and this site was one of the first to catch them doing it.

Basil Marceaux unsuccessfully ran for governor of Tennessee and it was hilarious.

The RNC literally got caught with its pants down.

Sarah Palin has no idea who she's endorsing or which state he's even in.

Speaking of the lovely Mrs Palin,her underling Joe Miller had a bit of a premature celebration. If you're unaware of what happened after that series of tweets just realize that there currently isn't a senator Joe W Miller.

Failed senate candidate Christine O'Donnell kinda looks a little bit like a porn star.

The Obama administration officially owns the word "Obamacare".

A local politician from Detroit makes history and almost no one noticed it. I'm a bit ashamed in those of you that didn't pay attention to him.

Check back later for some of my favorite funny videos and pictures from 2010. You're gonna love it.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Afternoon Distraction

When I'm not wasting your time on here I'm usually on the internet wasting my time. During one of those time wasting adventures I came across something great. I happened to run into a few awesome videos by a couple of dudes named Chris and Shirley on funny or die. These hilarious bunch of videos were written by Sam Sero and you can follow him on twitter by clicking on his name. Below is my favorite one out of the bunch. Look at,laugh at,enjoy and share this video with everyone.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Just killing time here

I haven't posted anything on here in a minute and I need to make up for that. To do that I'm gonna make you laugh. Everyone loves it when we see kids achieve awesome things. We love seeing young athletes and we especially love seeing kids who are smarter than adults. It really gives us some hope for our increasingly bleak future. Of course if the kids do something big like win a citywide spelling bee it'll probably help to make sure that the school knows how to spell.

Random act of failure

One of my favorite commercials of all time has to be the commercial in which Kobe Bryant jumps over a moving car. Clearly it can't happen in real life but the commercial looked great. Unfortunately some people did not understand this. Check out the original commercial below and a copycat failure below that.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Yesterday was all music and it was wonderful. I even gave everyone a Christmas present. Today is basically only gonna be this because I'll be too busy watching basketball,eating and generally having fun to be on this thing. With that said here is the greatest Christmas song of all time by one of the greatest groups of all time,RUN DMC. Sit back,relax,enjoy and share some amazing music.

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Christmas gift

I've been in the Christmas spirit all week. I've been so in the spirit that today its been all Christmas music on here. Of course thats about to change because this isn't Christmas music at all. Its more like a Christmas gift of a brand new Rick Ross mixtape. Check out a song from the mixtape below and click on the photos to download the clean and dirty version of the mixtape.

This mixtape features guest appearances by.....
Trey Songz
P Diddy
Wiz Khalifa and more



Christmas Rappin' 2

In keeping with my earlier promise of posting nothing but Christmas music that doesn't suck I decided to post this amazing Christmas song that I grew up on. Sit back,relax and enjoy a Christmas classic from Snoop Dogg,Daz Dillinger,Nate Dogg,Bad Azz and Tray Dee. If you've never heard this song before now I feel sorry for you.

Christmas Rappin'

It's getting close to Christmas. In fact its very close to Christmas. In fact Christmas is less than a day away as of me typing this sentence. With that said here's some Christmas music that doesn't suck. Sit back and enjoy a Christmas classic by Kurtis Blow. I'll be posting more Christmas music that doesn't suck throughout the day.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The president speaks

Today is the president's last day at work in the white house before he takes his Christmas break. Before he leaves the white house and hops on air force 1 on his way to Hawaii to spend some quiet time with his family he's gonna take a few minutes to take some questions from the press. You can watch that press conference by staying on this site and enjoying it live below.

Song of the day

I was watching UConn beat up on Florida State last night on their way to their historic 89th win in a row and this song kinda stayed in my mind the whole game. It really got stuck there when the game ended and I could hear the song blasting over the speaker system and saw the players singing along to the chorus. So because of that,the historic winning streak and the slew of legislative victories by the Obama administration this week I decided to post this song. Click on it,check it out,enjoy and have a good day.

Just killing time here

I've never robbed a Walgreens before but I'm very sure there are some ground rules when it comes to knocking off a drug store/market full of random crap. I think the first rule would be to bring a weapon. The second rule is to always check your surroundings for cameras,witnesses and a quick escape route. The guy in this video clearly didn't pay attention to any of those rules and thus he ends up on this site for all to enjoy. Click on the video below and laugh at one of the worlds best criminals.

Robbery In Progress - Watch more Funny Videos

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Afternoon Distraction

With Christmas being just 4 days away everyone seems to be in the holiday spirit. I happen to be in the holiday spirit despite my finances being less than festive at the moment. Of course if you do have the ability you should always buy something nice for your family members and friends. Whatever you do,don't buy a kid a book for Christmas. Trust me on that one.

Kid Hates Books For Christmas - Watch more Funny Videos

A dose of insanity

Something that somehow hasn't been getting a lot of news coverage has been the 9/11 first responders health bill. The bill has been out there for months but has yet to be approved due to the bill being constantly blocked by senate republicans. Recently some top republicans have come out and said that the bill should be passed due to our moral responsibility to some of America's greatest heroes. Also in favor of the bill is former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. Watch the video below of him explaining why providing health coverage for heroes is a great idea. After that feel free to click on the picture of Tom Coburn to find out why he plans on blocking the bill again.

Midnight Distraction

Everyone enjoys a nice refreshing sports drink after spending a couple of hours playing the sport of their choice. For me the sport is basketball and the drink is Gatorade G2. Apparently my sports drinking habits are shared by NHL stars but unlike this particular player me drinking a Gatorade wont end up on the lowlight reels. Click on the video and enjoy.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Just killing time here

I haven't posted anything new on here in a day and a half and I know that this makes you very angry. In fact I can see you eyeballing me from here and its a little scary. To make up for this here are a few football teams that weren't as lucky as my LIONS were on Sunday. Look,laugh,enjoy and share this with other people.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Something you may have missed

I didn't know this but apparently the Obama administration and the department of health and human services are finally trying to win the messaging war when it comes to healthcare. How are they doing this? They're doing this by using Google adwords to buy the word "Obamacare" on Google. Click on the photo below to find out a little more about it.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Random act of failure

I've always wanted to go to a P Diddy album release party. I've always imagined that the party would basically take place in a big mansion with a dj spinning some of Diddy's greatest hits and with tons of women in hot tubs. Apparently my imaginings of his album release party were fairly on point. While watching the Ustream of his party everything that I thought would happen did happen. Of course one unexpected and hilarious thing did happen and that is the point of this blog. Look below as a sexy hip hop moment turns into an absolute moment of hilarity with special guest Kevin Hart.

Limbaugh lunacy

In this edition El Rushilino is a little angry about all of the spending going on in Washington DC. He doesn't like the tax deal that the president made with the republicans. He doesn't like the fact that congress may be close to ending "Don't ask don't tell". He doesn't like the idea of the START treaty. In fact he takes a little time to put the governments misdeeds into perspective and it gets him a little emotional. It gets him emotional because congress is basically raping him repeatedly and selling the footage of it on the internet. Listen below as Rush Limbaugh finds yet another way to use hyperbole to be offensive.

Random acts of WTF

Have you ever decided to go on an internet search for something totally innocent and ended up finding something insane? Of course you have and not too long ago it happened to me. I decided to search for another hilarious video of some skateboarder falling on his ass to pass the time on here but instead I ran into video after video of a pastor. What makes this unique is that this pastor,while having no formal training or education seems to have gained a following on youtube for his hate filled speeches against everything. Watch this little gem of a video which stars him and a man asking why he's being so angry towards the president.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

color me shocked!

Currently there's a big debate in congress over ending earmarks. Some members of congress want to end them because from time to time earmarks aren't used on things like improving mass transit or parks but instead used on bridges to nowhere. As expected,some members of congress who oppose the idea of earmarks have no problem taking earmarks. Senators such as Lindsey Graham,Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn are all opposed to earmark spending but have earmarks in bills currently being debated. Earlier today senator Cornyn went on fox news to talk about his 16 million dollars worth of earmarks.

Random act of failure

Some things just seem like a bad idea from the very beginning. Jumping off of a roof,on to a trampoline and into a pool is one such idea. Watch below as a crowd forms to watch an imminent and dangerous failure happen.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Something you may have missed

Something we all kinda missed the other day was the president and congress actually getting something done. What we missed was the passage of the Healthy,Hunger-free kids act. The bill basically makes school lunches suck a lot less by expanding options and making them more nutritious. If you want to find out how they plan on doing this feel free to click on the photo below.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Random act of failure

Anyone that knows me or follows this site knows that I occasionally watch MSNBC. In fact I watch it a lot during the week. Of course I should have been watching closely because I missed this awesome failure. Look at,laugh at,enjoy and share this entire thing.

Glenn Beck Craziness

Last week our hero caused a bit of controversy when he said that 10 percent of all Muslims are terrorists. He tried to clear this up by actually going through a bunch of numbers and polls and to his surprise he was wrong about 10 percent of Muslims being terrorists. It turns out that according to him its closer to 40 percent. As expected this angered terrorist sympathizer Fareed Zakaria and he took a little time out to point out the fallacies in Glenn's numbers. Watch that and what Glenn has to say about it below.

surprisingly good news

This last weekend has been cold,snowy and just overall ridiculous. Here in Detroit we got 7 inches of snow,lots of wind and freezing temps. Of course this wasn't so bad because we got to see something rare on Sunday. We got to see the lions beat a divisional opponent. They beat the packers 7-3. The people of Minnesota however weren't so lucky. They got a foot and a half of snow and on top of that the metrodome collapsed. Click on the video below to see the metrodome collapsing thus leaving the Minnesota Vikings without a home.

Thanks to that collapse the game will now be played here in Detroit at Ford Field. Tickets are free for everyone and they'll be handed out on a first come,first served basis. I'm seriously considering going to that game if the -9 degree wind chill doesn't bother me too much.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just killing time here

Wasting a little time here but it feels good to be able to bring some good news every once in a while. Today's good news comes courtesy of the government who is actually about to save a little bit of money. Of course when I say a little bit I mean somewhere around 500 million dollars. They'll be saving the money by consolidating the IT department. To find out how they're gonna do all of that click on the photo below and get ready to do a lot of reading.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Song of the day

Today's song of the day comes courtesy of one of my favorite producer/rappers. Of course I'm talking about the legendary Dr Dre who's finally releasing songs from his long overdue and highly anticipated album "Detox". Click on the video below and enjoy the newest one from the good doctor called "Kush".

Midnight Distraction

As everyone knows that I spend a lot of time on youtube looking at videos,laughing at stand up acts and listening to music. Every once in a while I'll run into something truly bizarre on youtube. Things such as the Christian side hug,Move it like Bernie,The Jesus lean and this one from last night that I can't even say in front of my mother because the name is just that bad. I now add this mixture of crunk-rock and ridiculousness to the mix. Listen to,enjoy and be amazed by CJ and Victoria in their debut single "My Town".

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

Glenn Beck has a dream. He has a dream that one day America can return to the greatness that it had during an imaginary version of the 1950's. A time when race didn't matter because the only real race was white people. A time where Mexicans didn't exist. And a time where the DREAM act would have never been thought of. Unfortunately today isn't that time. Today is a dire time for Glenn and all Americans and when I say Americans I mean white people. White people are in danger of living in an America where the children of illegal immigrants will actually have a chance to become real American citizens if they go out and do something productive in life. This could mean a flood of young and productive kids of shady descent living in this country and being actually equal to real people. Listen below as Glenn tells one man how to take advantage of this giveaway to the Mexicans.

God hates you

On a daily basis this site is pretty much filled with the obscenely ridiculous aspects of the world. Today is no different and in fact it may be a little worse. Many of you may know about the Westboro Baptist Church which happens to be a group of inbred family members from Kansas. I've written about them a few times before. I'm writing about them today because they're planning once again to find a way to piss people off. This time they're planning on picketing the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards,who happened to once say that she has no problem with gay people getting married. Click on the photo below to read the disturbing announcement from a group of people who exemplify the words blasphemous,ridiculous and evil.

Midnight Distraction

Sex is always fun. If you're not having fun having sex,you're probably not doing it right. Some of us get to do it all the time. Some of us don't do it often enough and some of us just can't get enough even though we get it often. Of course there are some things we all must know when doing it. First and foremost always wear protection but if you somehow aren't wearing protection(why would you do that?)you should listen to the song below and pay close attention. Oh and this song is totally serious.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dumb DeMint

Earlier this week the president announced that he had reached a deal with the GOP to cut taxes and extend unemployment benefits. As expected no one is really happy with the deal,not even the president himself. One person especially not pleased with the deal is senator Jim DeMint. The senator is a little upset because of the fact that the deal wasn't all tax cuts. In fact he's mad as hell that we're even thinking about paying unemployment benefits to lazy people who wont get off of their asses and go to work. Look and listen below as senator DeMint tells the lazier people amongst us to go out and get a job.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just killing time here

We all know that the economy has been tough. In fact the unemployment rate is still 9.7 percent and the president just recently made a deal to extend unemployment benefits for a year. Some people will do everything in their power to make money. Some will search for new careers. Others will try to create a job of their own and others will turn to doing illegal activities. Sometimes these illegal activities become a little ridiculous.

Something you may have missed

Today everyone has been focused on the deal the president made with the GOP over tax cuts and unemployment insurance extensions. Something most of us missed today was the fact that the government made 12 billion dollars from Citigroup today. Click on the photo below to read more about it.

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this edition our hero doubles down on what he said yesterday about 10 percent of all Muslims are terrorists. In fact he brings in a guy to spout off a few numbers to back up what he said. Of course his numbers basically say that some people in majority Muslim countries really don't feel that bad when terrorists attack foreigners. By the end of this we all figure out that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are terrorists and Glenn Beck was wrong about his number from yesterday.

Oh and Glenn lets us know that without him we would never get actual news. Take a listen to that ridiculousness below.

Midnight Distraction

On Sunday the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs played in a defensive battle that ended with the Chiefs winning 10-6. The win means that the Chiefs have swept the season series against the Broncos but thats not the story here. The real story here is during the pregame. During the pregame while the announcers were going over the keys of the game and what each team had to do to win I remembered hearing loud boos in the background. Apparently those loud boos were due to a singer not knowing the one song every American should have memorized.....the national anthem. Watch below as one man finds out what its like to have 60,000 people angry at you at the same time.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this edition Glenn is a little mad at the media. This is an expected emotion considering that Glenn is the one true voice in the media and everyone else is working with the terrorists. In his tirade against the media Glenn lets it be known that the media isn't covering the radical socialist communists that are invading America through the democratic party. He says that there could be as many as a million people in this country are planning to violently overthrow the government. He also lets us know that probably around 10 percent of Muslims are terrorists. To put that in perspective he thinks that 157,000,000 people are terrorists just based on the religion they choose to follow. Of course this may also include Minnesota congressman Keith Ellison who happens to be a Muslim.

Midnight Distraction

Indiana is one of the great states in America's heartland. It's known for being the home state of James Dean and David Letterman. It's also known for being a state with a lot of basketball history and farmland. Of course this is a new crop growing in the Hoosier state.

according to the original description under this photo,the photo was snapped in Goshen,Indiana thus explaining the rest of the body of this post.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just killing time here

I haven't posted anything on here in a long time and its about time I made up for that malfeasance. With that said click on the photo below and get ready to enjoy some ridiculousness. I really need to accomplish my goal of getting a car just so I can go to this place.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Random act of failure

As an American I have a deep love and appreciation for America. I love this country. I love the people in it. I love the overwhelming majority of things about this country. What I don't love is awful spelling. Look at the photo below and notice how an act of simple patriotism turns into a horrible spelling mistake.

Friday, December 3, 2010

free music

I haven't offered a big download in a long time but I'm about to make up for that malfeasance right now. For a long time I've been a fan of Detroit rapper K-deezy. Ever since the song "In my hood" came out a few years ago I've basically been hooked. Below is his newest mixtape. Check it out,enjoy it and if you have a datpiff account download it.

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this edition Glenn talks about taxes. He's afraid that if the Bush tax cuts expire this could be horrible news for him. In fact he feels victimized by a possible tax increase. He not only feels victimized he feels dejected,cheap,disgusting and violated by the government raping his company and raping his wallet. Listen below as Glenn describes his horrible encounter with a rapist in a dark alley known as Ben Taxlesberger.

following up

Not too long ago I posted a blog about a Texas representative who thinks that president Obama isn't an American. He's so firm in his belief in the president not being an American that he has introduced a bill that will force the president to produce a real birth certificate if he steps onto Texas soil. Recently this very same rep did an interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN and it went exactly how you thought it would go. Watch,laugh and enjoy 12 minutes of ridiculousness below.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Afternoon Distraction

The TSA recently introduced new security measures. Those new security measures include going through a scanner that can see under your clothes and check for weird bulges. The measures also include a full body pat down for people who don't want to go through the scanner for whatever reason. Lots of people are up in arms and upset about having to go through a scanner that can see their naked body or having to be pat down like they're some sort of suspect. Personally I have no problem with the scanner or pat downs considering that the police pat downs that I've had to go through for being black on a Thursday are way more invasive. With that said here's one woman that found a way to beat the system even though she's in a wheelchair.

Song of the day

Today's song of the day comes courtesy of legendary west coast rapper Snoop Dogg. When Snoop isn't getting ready to perform for the future king of England he's still making music. Below is his newest single that he's trying to promote called "Wet". Listen to it and if you like it click on his picture below to download it.

Making sense

Every once in a while I might be staring at a tv and its somehow looking at fox news. It happens from time to time and its good to see exactly how different the same story can appear over the span of 3 different networks. Earlier today on Fox they were debating the possible extension of the Bush-era tax cuts. As expected the fox analysts and pundits pretty much agreed that the tax cuts should be extended for everyone and especially for the wealthier people amongst us. Of course this went unchallenged until Juan Williams decided to step in and point out how ridiculous it is to talk about wanting to chop down our massive deficit while wanting massive tax cuts for rich people at the same time. Watch,listen and be amazed by the video clip below.

Just killing time here

This year has flown by. It's flown by so fast that I just had a birthday and its already December. Since it is December you can expect to be bombarded with Christmas paraphernalia. Of course some Christmas crap is a lot better than others. This is probably not gonna get you in the Christmas spirit.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this edition our hero has some grim news for us. He lets us know that there are some people out there who think a little differently from the way that real Americans think. These people are evil and not to be trusted. He lets us know that over in Europe they're trying to find new ways to freeload off of the governments over there. He also lets us know that things such as education,food,shelter and healthcare are not basic human rights,they're privileges afforded to people who pull themselves up by their bootstraps and work hard for them. The DREAM act is just another way for freeloading Mexicans to freeload off of America according to Glenn. Listen below as one man tries to stop the United States from becoming Soviet Russia.

22 goals

Yesterday I posted a blog about how I wanted to accomplish 23 things before my 24th birthday. Well now I can officially say that I accomplished one goal. I accomplished the goal of getting my own domain name. Go ahead and type in on your browser. It should take you to this awesome site which will in the coming weeks get a whole new look and feel. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

23 Goals

Today is my 23rd birthday and this makes me very happy. I love knowing that I went one more year without being shot to death,even though I got kinda close to breaking that streak a few weeks ago. Anyway I,like many people enjoy my birthday. Its a day to celebrate and generally be happy. With that said here are 23 things I wish to accomplish before November 30th 2011.

1. Get a steady job - The economy here in Michigan and throughout the country sucks. It sucks so bad that for the better part of a year I haven't had a real job. If it weren't for odd jobs and finding ways to make money online I would have made nothing in the last year.

2. Lose another 25 pounds - during the last year I actually lost close to 30 pounds. I went from 287 to 258. While this is great and I'm a lot healthier and a little better looking I want to lose some more weight just so I can look nicer without a shirt on.

3. Get a car - I'm sick of walking,the buses are slow during the winter and driving makes things easier.

4. Get a new wardrobe - I'm planning on losing weight and obviously the stuff I have on right now wont fit too good. It'll probably be mostly in black but I'll look good in it.

5. Attend a game by all 4 Detroit sports teams - Last year I got lucky and scored free tickets to a pistons and tigers game. This year I plan on going to a game from those two teams,the lions and the red wings.

6. Travel out of state - I don't know where yet but I'm leaning towards California.

7. Attempt to become a police officer - I don't know if I'll make it but I really want to try it. I wanted to try it a while ago but ultimately decided against it. This time I'm gonna man up and do it.

8. Buy some guns - It couldn't hurt to have one around here because you never know what might happen.

9. Get a hunting license - I really want to go deer hunting but of course I need a license. this situation shall be rectified within the next year.

10. Buy a new tv - my tv is old,takes up way too much electricity and is pretty useless since I don't have cable at the moment. I'm gonna upgrade it to an HD.

11. Spend at least one night in a suite at the motor city casino and hotel. Preferably in the presidential suite.

12. Get back to selling beats - Before I got interested in blogging I used to make and sell beats to rappers who were "ballin on a budget". I want to get back to that.

13. Take up yoga - This would be different for me and it would probably make me lose weight at a quicker pace than what I've been doing.

14. Go one entire month without meat - Back in February and March I went more than a month without junk food. I'm gonna try to go meatless for one month in 2011.

15. Make this site extremely popular - When I first started this site I barely got 100 hits in a month. Now I'm averaging several hundred hits per day. While that is great I would like to have this site averaging several thousand hits per day in one years time.

16. Get a domain name - That could be happening very soon.

17. Buy some stock - This assures that I'm never technically penniless. It also means that I'll be worth at least as much as one share of stock.

18. Run in the free press marathon - This would be a good way to show off the 25 pounds that I will have hopefully lost by then. I don't think I'll finish but it will be good to run in it and kinda look like an athlete.

19. Make home improvements - This is always a good idea and it never hurts to fix things that need to be fixed.

20. Catch up on bills - Out of everything on the list this is the one thing I really want to get done the fastest. I owe a lot of money to a lot of people and its annoying the hell out of me.

21. Redesign this site - While the current setup is nice I think that it may be close to time to get a new look for this site.

22. Get a bank account - I had one for a couple of years until I overdrafted and could never pay it back thanks to nearly being killed,losing my job and the mountain of medical debt incurred from being hit in the face with a brick. I plan on getting that situation straightened out and getting a new account.

23. Live - I want to make sure that during the next year that I actually live my life. I want to be less stressed and more relaxed about things. I want to wake up feeling confident and knowing that today will be a great day. If I can accomplish most of the goals on this list,I'll be able to live with myself and live well.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fiscally ridiculous

Earlier today,new Illinois congressman Mark Kirk decided to stop by all of the cable news morning shows to talk about the budget. In particular he talked about extending unemployment insurance and the possible extension of the sweeping tax cuts made by former president Bush in 2003. Those tax cuts were only possible thanks to a tie breaking vote by former vice president Dick Cheney. As expected Mark Kirk is in favor of extending those tax cuts but not in favor of extending unemployment benefits because it would just add to the deficit. Of course he fails to note that extending unemployment benefits would cost 60 billion dollars but extending those tax cuts would cost more than 100 billion dollars in just one year. Now that we know a few facts here's Mark Kirk trying to make a case as to why tax cuts are great but giving the unemployed enough help to pay for food is a horrible idea.

Midnight Distraction

Once again I'm posting a blog about places with odd and screwed up names. Of course these people failed in their quest of finding the right keywords in naming their businesses and as a result I'm fairly sure business suffered as a result. Look at and laugh at the two very unfortunately named places below. Oh and don't forget to share.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The former president speaks

On Monday afternoon our most recent president before our current president will be on facebook. Of course if you already have a facebook page you probably know that former president George W Bush has a fairly popular page on there too. Now is your chance to ask him a few questions before he goes on live at the facebook headquarters in California on Monday. Click on the picture below to ask the president a question.

Random act of failure

It seems like every week I post a blog on here talking about the need for proper advertising and hiring people who know how to spell. This blog is no different from that. In fact this blog is a double dose of bad advertising by way of horrible word choice and suspicious picture choice. Enjoy the photos below and don't forget to share this with your friends.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Midnight Distraction

The recession has been tough on us all. Lots of people have lost jobs,fallen behind on bills,had to sacrifice and some have even lost homes due to the down economy. In an economy such as this you kinda have to do any and everything you can think of thats legal to make some money. Its kinda the reason behind me having this site. Of course if I had the stunningly good looks and wasn't a 6 foot tall and somewhat overweight male I'd do what these laid off flight attendants are doing in Mexico. Click on the first photo to read more about them and click on the second photo to see their facebook page.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Afternoon Distraction

Everyone knows that president Obama is a huge basketball fan. He not only loves the Chicago Bulls,he also frequently plays basketball at the white house. What a lot of people didn't know(until now) is that the president is not above being in a very physical game of basketball. In fact a game got so physical earlier today that the president needed twelve stitches to close up a wound he got from being elbowed by another player. To read more about that click on the photo of the president below. Oh an of course here's a video of the president playing basketball and not getting hurt.

Black Friday

Today is that wonderful American holiday known as a "black Friday". Though not technically a real holiday it is treated as such due to it being the day after thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. On black Friday you can expect to find everything on sale for ridiculously low prices. If you can handle the long lines,brawls in bed,bath and beyond,tussles in target and scuffles in sears,black Friday may be your type of day. Look,laugh and enjoy the ridiculousness below. Oh and don't forget to share if you're not out beating down old ladies for a new blu-ray player.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this edition our hero lets us know about something we may have not paid attention to. He lets us know that the TSA pat downs and the surrounding controversy is all going exactly how he predicted it would in his bestselling book "The Overton window". He also takes a little time to school us and let us know that Joe Biden wrote the patriot act in 1995. Of course that last sentence falls apart when you type in "patriot act" on google and Joe Biden is nowhere to be found but you do run into John Ashcroft and Viet Dinh. Viet Dinh happens to be the main architect and creator of the patriot act.Listen and be baffled as Glenn starts a ridiculous conspiracy theory.

In the second piece to this masterpiece theater of insanity Glenn invites a guest on his show. This guest happens to be former governor of Alaska,bestselling author,former vice presidential candidate and fox news contributor Sarah Palin. During the segment they talk about the TSA and its security policies,what would happen if Sarah actually went through a scanner and her dislike of the idea of anyone checking her kids for bombs. In the middle of all of this Glenn takes a little time to make a bit of a creepy,borderline sexually harassing comment. Oh and Sarah agrees with profiling "the type of people who could do damage to an airplane". Listen,enjoy and read between the lines in a conversation between two conservative giants.

Midnight Distraction

What you're staring at is not fake. It is however very impressive. What you're looking at is the Hermitage of St. Columban in Trentino, Italy. Its a church that was built back in 1391 and is only accessible by climbing a mountain. Want to see more photos? Click on the amazing piece of photography below.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Limbaugh lunacy

In this edition El Rushilino spits a little bit of the truth at us. He lets us know that checking white people for explosives and sharp objects at airports is no way to keep America safe. He knows this because all terrorists happen to be young,male,Muslim and Arab. This also includes the guy that tried to blow up a plane over Detroit/Romulus a year ago. That guy happens to look like this. With that said listen to and be amazed by Rush and his call for racial profiling.

Random act of failure

Every once in a while I'll post a blog about the importance of proper advertising and making sure you get the right people to do that type of work for you. Of course this is another example of someone doing the exact opposite of what I just said. Look at,laugh at,enjoy and share the photo below.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Song of the day

Everyone that knows me knows that I'm constantly searching for great new music to add to my collection. In that quest for new music I always hit up the regular music sites and of course youtube. Thanks to that quest I ran across this song from a group of rappers known as "Big Bang" and their song "Fall Back" featuring Hell Rell of the Diplomats. Listen to,enjoy and share the song below and if you like the song as much as I do you can find out more about them by clicking here or clicking on the huge banner right below this paragraph.

Something you may have missed

During the hubbub of all the insanity taking place during the midterm elections and the media gloating over being right about predicting(and somewhat helping) a republican victory everyone kinda missed a historic moment. The historic moment I'm talking about comes in the form of freshman congressman Hansen Clarke who represents Michigan's 13th district,a district that I happen to live in. Why is he so historic? Well outside of beating longtime congresswoman and the mother of former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick,Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick,he's also the very first Bangladeshi-American elected to congress. Want to learn more about the congressman that still stays just blocks away from where I used to live? Click on his photo below.

International embarrassment

Last Friday reason for this site's name and Minnesota representative Michelle Bachmann appeared on the BBC to speak on a myriad of issues with host Emily Matilis. During the discussion representative Bachmann repeatedly tried to hit her talking points of small government,lower taxes,lower spending and Barack Obama not being an American. Unfortunately for her Emily Matilis actually challenged a few of the things that Mrs Bachmann was saying. Not only did she challenge her but she used quotes and facts from reputable sources to do it. Watch below as the British laugh at what passes for a politician over here in America.

Just killing time here

The video below pretty much sums me up to a tee. The fact that it gets everything so right shows that the people behind this video share a lot of common interests with me. With that said watch,enjoy,laugh at and share the video below of what its like to be a lions fan.

stating the obvious

I missed this yesterday because I was watching football but I'm sure you're gonna like this as much as I did. Former president Jimmy Carter appeared on CNN's "Reliable Sources" to promote his book and discuss a myriad of issues. Among those issues was the insanity of cable news. Look,listen and be amazed as the former president makes an astute observation about what we currently call news.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Afternoon Distraction

For the first time in a long time I can honestly say that I laughed at an entire episode of Saturday Night live and not just parts of it. Whatever they did to make last nights episode with Anne Hathaway on it ridiculously funny,they need to do it again every week for the next few years. With that said here's one of the best moments from last night's show.

Midnight Distraction

What you're staring at is a protest. What are they protesting? I have no idea and I'm sure that you don't have an idea either. Want to find out what they're protesting? Click on the photo below and learn more about the worlds sexiest protesters.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just killing time here

I haven't posted anything on here in a while and to make up for that malfeasance here's a new post on this site. Look at,laugh at,enjoy and share the photo below.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Song of the day

I know that like me,many of you really don't care too much about Prince William getting engaged and married to Kate Middleton. Of course I only mention them because apparently Prince William's brother Prince Harry is throwing an engagement party for his brother and he wants legendary west coast mc Snoop Dogg to perform at the party. Click on the photo below to read more about it and with that said here are a few of my favorites from Snoop.

A moral responsibility.

Every once in a while I find myself somehow almost completely agreeing with the pope. This blog post is one of those times.As many of you(myself included) may not have known,currently there is an international papal conference on health care going on in the Vatican. Yesterday the pope delivered a message to the participants of that conference. In that message he calls on governments to fix the inequalities of its healthcare systems and provide universal access to healthcare regardless of ones social status,economic status or ability to pay. He even called healthcare an "inalienable right". To read more of what he said just click on the picture of the pope below.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just killing time here

Not content with just winning on the football field,the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to take their winning ways into the field of environmentalism. They're planning on making a few major changes to Lincoln Financial Field that will make the field not only more energy efficient but completely self sufficient. Click on the photo of eagles QB Michael Vick to see what they're doing to make the stadium better for the environment and better for the city of Philadelphia.

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this edition Glenn Beck is a little upset at senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia. He's a little upset that Jay Rockefeller isn't exactly a fan of the "news" channels that we currently have on cable and satellite providers in this country. Glenn accuses the senator of wanting to censor free speech. Listen to and enjoy that clip below. Oh and click on the picture of Glenn Beck to see who's trying to censor his free speech.

Midnight Distraction

I love football. I love playing it. I love watching it on tv. I love seeing games in person. Not much beats the thrill of seeing two teams in a grueling battle for football supremacy. Of course there are two things I love more than football and thats women and women. Luckily this clip combines both in the best way possible.

Two Girls Streak College Football Game - Watch more Funny Videos

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A dose of insanity

For the last few years idiots and nutjobs have been saying that Barack Obama should not be president based on the fact that he wasn't born in America. Of course this ridiculous argument becomes invalid when you realize that the president's birth certificate has been public for years and that there was an announcement in the local paper in Hawaii announcing the birth of Barack Obama in August of 1961. This of course does not stop people like Texas state representative Leo Berman from introducing a bill to make sure that certain people were actually born in America. Click on his picture below to read more about the bill.

Glenn Beck Craziness

Glenn has a little bit of advice for his listeners. He wants his listeners to strongly consider investing in gold. Why invest in gold? He wants the listener to invest in gold because the world is going crazy and paper money might become obsolete. Of course he warns the viewers that buying gold could be difficult. He wants people to take the proper precautions and hide their gold,hide the coins and hide the guns too because the government is snatching up everything out here. Listen,enjoy and be sure to buy lots of gold and then have it shipped to my house as a birthday present.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Afternoon Distraction

By now everyone knows that Bristol Palin is famous for a couple of reasons. She's famous for being the daughter of former Alaska governor,former vice presidential nominee,fox news contributor and best selling author Sarah Palin. She's also famous for getting knocked up and suddenly becoming a huge fan of abstinence. With that said she's been surviving on dancing with the stars and while taking a break from dancing she decided to talk to teens about the importance of pausing before you play. Watch the video below as Bristol talks to "The Situation" about the situations you can get into if you use your situation in the wrong situation.

Glenn Beck Craziness

Glenn Beck has a few concerns to get off of his mind. He's a little concerned that terrorists could strike at any time. He doesn't see body scanners,pat downs and having federal air marshals around as a good way to keep us safe. He does have an idea to stop terrorists if they try to strike us on airplanes. His idea is quite simple and elegant and extremely effective. He basically notes that since we can get licenses to carry guns,why not carry guns on airplanes? We all know that a suicide bomber on an airplane is only afraid of one thing and that thing is getting shot before the bomb can go off. We also know that if you accidentally shot a hole into one of the many windows on a passenger plane that nothing bad can happen,ever.Listen and be baffled by the clip below.

Random act of failure

Something I noticed not too long ago is that I have not been in a physical fight in a long time. I've been in some pretty awful and potentially deadly situations in the last couple of years but I have not been in an actual fight. I think this is attributed to me being grown and having a lot of self control. I also know that if I get into a fight I might not be able to stop once I've gained a clear advantage. With all of that said I'm about 100% sure that I'm not supposed to do what the guy in the video below did during his attempt to fight.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just killing time here

Kinda wasting time here but its a bit of good news. The good news is that the third installment of Harold and Kumar is done filming. This means that not too far in the future I'll be laughing and hoping that its better than "escape from Guantanamo bay". In some other and slightly related news,the guy that plays "Kumar",actor Kal Penn is returning to his job as the assistant director of the office of public engagement in the white house. To read more about that click on his picture below.

Limbaugh lunacy

In this edition our hero talks about the insidious healthcare bill. He lets us know that the bill was basically a political plot by the Obama administration to make republicans look like the bad guys. He and the woman he's talking to lets us know that poor people already had extensive medical coverage and because this is America no one was left out in the cold. Rush lets us know that if poor people need medical help they can just go to the emergency room and get it done basically for free. Of course if you're poor you probably can't afford medical coverage and you're only going to go to the emergency room when its something extremely serious. Something serious like a guy trying to kill you while you're walking home from work. Listen and be amazed below as Rush shows us why he's very deserving of the millions of dollars he makes every year.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Picture of the day

What you're looking at is a photo of former president Bill Clinton. If you somehow did not know that you're either an idiot or you're my young cousin who happened to be born the same day that former president George W Bush was elected to his first term as president. You may be wondering why I decided to post this photo. Click on it and find out why.