The greatest of all time calls it quits!

Obama Crosses the line twice!

Game Over!

We're finally out of Iraq.

99 Problems

He got 99 problems but Mitt ain't done.


20+ weird things you may or may not have wanted to know about Sarah Palin.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Song of the day

It is the last Friday of the year 2011 and I'm honestly kinda happy to see this year disappear. Today's song of the day happens to be an audio/visual mashup of insanity. The song has the distinction of being the most popular song on Youtube during this past year. Before the original upload was taken down it had over 100 million views. The re-upload has more than 15 million views. The visual comes from one of my favorite movies of all time. Sit back and enjoy a Friday mashup of Rebecca Black and Ice Cube and try not to judge me for knowing every line in the movie and every line of that song. Also,this is my favorite internet video in 2011,point,blank,period.

Just killing time here

I for one am always happy when someone announces an engagement. It's good to see people in love and willing to take that next step and get married. I don't even get annoyed when I see women posting photo after photo of their engagement rings on Facebook. If you're going to be that woman,check the photo for any and everything weird.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Random act of failure

I'm not a gymnast. I can't flip to save my life. Of course my complete lack of talent lets me know a few things about proper techniques,of which I have none.A backflip is something that most of you should never even attempt to try. Of course if you do it and don't have the proper training you're an idiot who's almost asking to mess up. Below are two videos of people flipping. One of them has success and the other person somehow avoids dying. Click,enjoy,be amazed and share.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just killing time here

My computer is a mishmash of ridiculousness,insanity and craziness. I may have thousands of random pictures on my PC and a good chunk of those are on this site. Here are 3 that I somehow forgot to post on here. Look at and be amazed by these amazing photos.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Midnight Distraction

Now that the war on Christmas is over and the godless liberals have won again,we can now focus on all of the fun that good,clean,conservative,Christian Americans had during the day. For most of us this fun included food,music,enjoying a day with the family and of course presents. The presents are there as a small symbol for how much we love each other. Everyone with a brain knows that and are pretty happy with what they got even if it was a pretty awesome hat that was slightly too small for their head. Of course with me being a guy who can pretend to not be a jerk on some occasions I happily gave that hat to a family member who didn't have an OJ Simpson sized head. These people however have less than 0 reasons to be upset and yet they are. Click for a bigger view of some Christmas grinches.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Madness

I don't know if you noticed this but some people think that the president and his family may actually hate Christmas. They think that he hates it to the point that he wont even call it Christmas. In fact they think that he may be one of those weirdos that calls it Xmas because he hates Christ and anyone that supports him. Even Sarah Palin worries about the president and his views on Christmas purely based on his Christmas card that didn't have enough Christmas in it.

With that in mind I give you the video below. According to the man in this video is named Chad McGhee and according to his twitter page he describes himself as a man who loves pro wrestling(obviously),high school football and the lord. This man who loves the lord and is a proud and strong Christian also has a few problems with "president" Obama. He takes the time to call him out on his lack of faith,his hatred of Christ and his illegal war on Christmas. He also takes the time to direct some of that anger at Michelle Obama for kinda suggesting that a bacon double cheeseburger and fries which are really just a pile of kit kat bars dipped in caramel isn't exactly the healthiest lunch for a 6 year old,even if the kid has a diet soda. Click on and enjoy 4 minutes and 30 seconds of sheer madness that has to take a few breaks to catch it's breath.

If you missed it

If you missed it last night,Rachel Maddow was in a tiny bit of a snarkastic mood. She took a tiny bit of time out of her show which is usually filled with political insanity to talk about Christmas cards. In particular she was talking about Fox's outrage over the Christmas card sent out by our secret Muslim of a president who also happens to be a black nationalist who goes to a church run by a man who hates America. That's right,they're upset at president Obama over a Christmas card. The card somehow doesn't depict "faith,family and freedom" according to the lovely Sarah Palin and of course world renowned lesbian,Rachel Maddow had to take offense to that because she hates real Americans. Despite how dumb this is,it's only the second stupidest thing you're going to read or see this week. Click on the video below to see some liberal get upset at real Americans who just want the white house to act more like a white house.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Afternoon Distraction

Many people who know me,know that I'm not the biggest fan of Newt Gingrich. I am however a fan of hilarious pranks being played on Newt Gingrich. It seems that someone is having a ton of fun with the domain name "" and I'm enjoying it like crazy. Thanks to a tweet by liberal radio host Nicole Sandler,who probably isn't related to Adam Sandler,I was able to find out about this neat little trick someone connected with some campaign has been playing on Newt with that domain name. If you type in on your browser and decide to go to that site it will redirect you to 1 of 5 sites filled with negative articles or things that opponents have used to attack the republican contender with. You may get an article about how his campaign is struggling or you may end up on the homepage of Freddie Mac. To test your luck,click on the picture of Newt below.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It's closing in on those sexy late night hours where everyone feels like they could and should seduce that someone special. Us humans have many ways of seducing each other so there's really no right way to do it. Of course there are a few wrong ways to do it. In the video below you'll get another crash course in how not to use the power of seduction.

Ad of the day

In this "Ad of the day" we get republican presidential contender Rick Perry telling some hard truths about his opponents. He lets us know that Mitt Romney is really just some rich jerk who has never known what it's like to even be in the same room with normal Americans and as far as I'm concerned that is spot on. He also lets us know that Newt Gingrich is a bit of a liar and as far as I'm concerned huge ethics violations and fines makes Rick Perry correct in this assumption. Click and enjoy the ad people.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Everyone loves porn

Not too long ago I wrote about how if SOPA went through it could basically spell doom for most of the internet. The bill basically puts us at the mercy of record companies and media conglomerates. As expected internet companies,including Google have come out against this piece of legislation. Despite the broad support for it on both sides of the aisle there have been some who have spoken up against it in general,like Nancy Pelosi. Even though this bill has ignited a hot debate one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that we should leave porn free and open for everyone. To find out exactly what the hell I'm talking about click on the image that has somehow led over 600 people to this site.

Afternoon Distraction

Did you know that Regis Philbin held the world record for most time in front of a tv camera? Well now you do and that little bit of trivial pursuit-like knowledge now has this site getting hits from facts and chicks. Yes,I feel good about that little accomplishment.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Just killing time here

As everyone with a TV,internet,radio or a friend that watches the news knows by now,Kim Jong Il has died at the age of 69. Kim Jong Il was the ruthless and insane leader of North Korea who would much rather spend money on trying to get a nuclear weapon to aim towards the United States instead of paying for infrastructure,food and healthcare in his country. Everyone knows that he was hilariously parodied in the movie Team America,World Police. And we all know that Kim Jong Il loved Michael Jordan but did you know about his habit of being the single largest buyer of Hennessy? Now you know and if you want to know more about him and his drinking habits and love of Bond movies,click on the photo below.

Picture of the day

The last US soldiers have left Iraq thus meaning that the war in Iraq is officially over. I for one am happy to see that war finally come to an end and I thank every single one of our soldiers who sacrificed so much for a country that doesn't always show it's appreciation. Thanks for everything.

Right below the photos is video from a US predator drone showing the last convoy of US trucks heading out of Iraq.

Props to Richard Engel from NBC for the pictures.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Random act of failure

Sometimes things just have the word bad idea written all over it. I can probably spend all day listing those "bad idea" moments in my life but that would turn this thing from a few run-on sentences into a an hour and a half of reading. Instead I'm just going to enjoy the fact that none of it was caught on film. Unfortunately for this guy his moment of stupidity was caught on film for the amusement of the world. Watch as one kid tries an idea that he should have trashed before he got the courage to try it,on camera.

Friday, December 16, 2011


In America,in 2011 you can have a pretty reasonable expectation to not be discriminated against when you're doing something like applying for a job,trying to buy a house or trying to get into a school. In fact people have been fighting for years to make sure that there is some level of equality when it comes to that. In the state of Michigan that may change very soon. If one local legislator has his way a ton of local ordinances would be completely wiped off of the map. At the state level,Michigan has laws that protect people from being discriminated against based on race,gender,religion,national origin,age,height,genetic information and marital status. The state however does not protect you from that discrimination based on sexual orientation. In a lot of different towns in this state there are protections for LGBT people. These towns include Detroit,Ferndale,Ann Arbor,Saugatuck,Grand Rapids and Saginaw. If house bill 5039 goes through those particular protections will no longer be available. To read the bill click here. To see a video that goes more in depth about the bill click this entire sentence.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random act of failure

It's getting very close to Christmas and everyone is excited for this momentous yearly celebration of the birth of Christ. Christmas has always been celebrated by giving gifts to those closest to you. I plan on giving a couple of gifts out this year to a couple of people. With that said I now have to figure out what type of gift to give. I don't think I'll be buying any box sets of history channel DVDs. In particular I wont be buying the Hitler DVD box set seeing that I don't have any white supremacists in my family.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Afternoon Distraction

Just because he's not running for president anymore doesn't mean that Herman Cain has fallen off of the face of the earth. In fact he's still reaching out to millions of people to spread his message of wholesome conservative values. He's doing this through youtube videos. In the video below we get a touching Christmas message from the tomato paste maven himself. Click,enjoy,be amazed and pass it on.

Picture of the day

Once again the picture of the day catches Fox news being a little weird with their graphics. In the last edition I happened to find a photo of them doing a little bit of fuzzy math. In this edition we get to notice how Mitt Romney suddenly looks like he's been hitting the tanning booth pretty hard.

Midnight Distraction

It's late at night and everyone needs something good to look at. In my last post on here I happened to be the first guy on the scene of something that on any other day,in any other town would have been on the news. In fact you can click here to see that. As you can obviously tell I spend a lot of time watching the news. Outside of learning tons of vital info,it's also filled with great looking women and unintentional comedy. In the video below you get to see a male reporter say what the viewers were really thinking.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Midnight Distraction

Sometimes I search the internet for craziness and other times it just shows up in a blaze of glory. Tonight is one of those blazes. Click on the video below to see what's going on right outside my window as of me writing this blog post.

Before I do this here are a few facts about the fire below.

1. It started around 1:30am and didn't get put out until about 3:15am

2. The video is kinda short because it was freezing cold and I couldn't breathe in all of that smoke.

3. No one got hurt in the fire.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Picture of the day

Fox gets caught going out of the way to make the president look bad. Just take a look at how 8 suddenly becomes higher than 9.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Still wasting time

As a kid and as an adult I have been very weak to peer pressure at times. I don't think I'm the only one that has that type of flaw. Of course it never led me to do something that would severely injure myself and make me sing like Michael Jackson. The guy in this video did just that. Click on the video below and watch as one young man becomes a rather unattractive young lady.

Death By Nutshot - Watch MoreFunny Videos

Just killing time here

It's kinda late and I'm kinda bored. With that said my boredom is being broken by ridiculousness which I will now post on here. I hope you enjoy the ridiculousness below.

In this first bit of craziness we get to hear about the greatness of white porcelain. I may not be a white porcelain expert but after seeing this commercial about white porcelain, I feel like I may know everything there is to know about white porcelain. Also,I kinda know that middle aged men should never wear lightly colored jean shorts outside of the year 1987. Click on the ridiculousness below.

White Porcelain - Watch MoreFunny Videos

Friday, December 9, 2011

Raise my taxes

In some news that may surprise a few people,Jay Z is in favor of spending even more money. Of course we all know that Jay is worth tens of millions of dollars,has sold a ton of records,married Beyonce and often boasts on his songs about the money that he's able to spend. Now he wants to spend a little more of that. Of course this spending will be something that will help America. What I'm saying is that Jay Z wants the president to raise taxes on more affluent Americans such as himself. In an interview with CNN he let it be known that he has no problem paying a higher tax rates as long as he knows that the money is going towards good causes like paying to fix our crumbling infrastructure and education. To see the entire interview,click on the video below.

A dose of insanity

The Herman Cain train to the presidency may have been permanently derailed but,Herman and everything associated with his campaign will live on in our hearts forever. Everything from the sexual harassment lawsuits to the hilarious Mike Tyson parody and of course the worlds most simplistically stupid tax plan. One more thing that will live on is the horribly catchy song from his campaign commercials and appearances. Thanks to being bored I decided to dig into it and found out that it was sung by former American Idol auditionee,Krista Branch. Click,listen and be amazed by one of worstbest campaign songs ever imagined.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Saving democracy

Some of us may or may not have been paying attention last year when the supreme court ruled that it's ok for corporations or unions to donate infinite amounts of cash to political campaigns. This basically means that Wal-Mart can spend a billion dollars influencing the next presidential election. Don't think that they wont do it. Now that it's legal it's going to happen. Fortunately there is one guy who's trying to put a stop to some of that nonsense. That man is Bernie Sanders,the independent senator out of Vermont. In his first ever proposed constitutional amendment,senator Sanders wants to reverse the narrow and very controversial decision made by the supreme court that grants corporations slightly more free speech rights than us normal people. To read the entire amendment,click on the photo below.

Midnight Distraction

No matter how you spin it,rape is never the fault of the victim. By the very definition of the word it's not the victims fault. Of course some people don't completely agree with that notion. In an attempt to show being a drunk 16 year old can lead to making horrible decisions,the Pennsylvania Liquor Control board put out an ad detailing some of the bad decisions you can make while drunk. Basically what I'm getting to here is that the ad says that because you decided to get drunk,you got raped and it's your fault for being a drunken whore. Click on the photo below to see a bigger version.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If you missed it

If you're anything like most of America you aren't tuned into C-span 25 hours a day. If you were tuned in to C-Span you may have noticed the house of representatives passing a couple of bills. One bill that kinda slipped by most people's collective radar however is a bill that now gives congress the ability to veto whatever it feels like vetoing. If you read that last sentence and thought that it made 0 sense,you're not alone. To help explain what exactly is going on,click on this entire sentence and be amazed. And if you want to read the entire bill click on the photo below.

Ad of the day

In this amazing ad we get to see Rick Perry point out that he's a man of strong Christian faith. He also lets us know about Obama's war on traditional American values which include letting gays serve openly in the military and not having prayer be an official policy in school. Click on the ad below to see what a real American Christian looks like. One who may not be a fan of Hillary Clinton after what she pulled yesterday.

If you missed it

If you happened to miss this earlier or were watching Fox who somehow was the only cable news network to not carry it live,you missed a good one. What I mean is that you missed a speech by secretary of state Hillary Clinton that is creating waves all around the planet. In this lengthy speech on gay rights,secretary of state Clinton outlines why we as a society should stop being so discriminatory towards gays and lesbians. She also touches on how some people's homophobia has gone from liberal use of the word fag to unabashed violence. Click on the video below to see quite possibly one of the most soul stirring speeches you will see in your lifetime.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Afternoon Distraction

This is already on a few other sites but this is something that I haven't seen before and it's mindblowingly hilarious. In the video below you get to see legendary funnyman Chris Farley portraying Newt Gingrich at an actual republican house committee meeting. In the beginning of the video you get to see future current speaker of the house John Boehner and his epic tan introducing current former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich who then introduces Newt Gingrich as portrayed by Chris Farley. Click below for comedy gold.

Don't believe the hype

If you haven't been paying attention to the circus that is the republican primary,you've been missing out on some great TV. The latest bit of hilarity is Donald Trump hosting an upcoming republican presidential debate. To hype up this momentous occasion,fox news has been promoting it day and night. Of course this doesn't mean that the normally fiercely loyal fox viewers are buying into the "Donald Trump is a big deal" hype. Just take a look at the video below.

Just killing time here

I've always been a big fan of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. They kinda shaped my early childhood with their love of kung fu movies and pizza. In fact I'm still a big fan of both of those things today. Oh and in this awesome piece of merchandise the turtles dish a bit of helpful advice for men everywhere.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ad of the day

I haven't posted one of these in a while but since it's election season you may be seeing a few of these in the near future. In today's ad we get republican dark horse Ron Paul letting us know that he and he alone has been trying to get the debt and deficit under control for years. In this ad he lays out his plans to cut several departments including the departments of interior,education and ending the department of housing and urban development. The whole ad comes across like an old school WWF raw promo from the attitude era. Click below to see how Stone Cold Steve Austin Ron Paul will save America from the crushing debt that it has.

Quayle to endorse Romney

If you've been following the republican primary process you may have noticed that Mitt Romney has been the most consistent candidate when it comes to the poll numbers. With his ability to consistently be at or near the top Mitt has been able to garner the support of a lot of different types of republicans. Today is no exception. News has just broken that former vice president and spelling bee champion Dan Quayle will be endorsing Mitt Romney for president tomorrow. To learn more about it click on the photo of Mitt below.

Trumped up

I may or may not have posted something about Donald Trump not too long ago. In fact I think I did mention that he's going to be moderating a republican presidential debate on December 27th. To promote this new reality show,he appeared on "The Today Show" to talk with Matt Lauer. During the interview Matt brought up the fact that Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman both think that the debate hosted by the worlds greatest hair model is a joke and beneath anyone who's running to be president. Click on the video below to see what he had to say in response to them actually saying something that made a little sense.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just killing time here

As a teenager I went to great lengths to try to impress women. In fact as an adult I can still be swayed into doing something stupid to quite possibly impress a woman. I don't think I'm the only guy who has this flaw. I think the guy in the video clearly has the flaw and for that I'm thankful because it made me laugh. Click,watch and enjoy the ridiculousness below.


Today is football Sunday and fans all around the country are excited for another week of professional football. Well,you're excited if your team doesn't play in the cities of Indianapolis or Minneapolis. Everyone else is pretty excited though. Some of the most excited fans(outside of Lions fans like me) are Denver Broncos fans who have been led by their young quarterback Tim Tebow to 4 straight wins. Tim Tebow is exciting the league by being a quarterback who can run but seriously can't throw. Oh and he's also exciting the league with his displays of prayer which has now become known as Tebowing. Of course Tim Tebow has faced a little bit of criticism for his wacky throwing mechanics and lack of accuracy but that doesn't stop fox news from getting to the real core of that criticism. Of course the real source is liberals who hate anyone Christian and they really hate it when a sports figure shows that he loves God and not that Muslim God but real God. Click on the video below and watch as Fox shows us why the liberal media is anti-Tebow.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Random act of failure

I never ever saw the point of planking. Maybe it's because I call that sleeping and I'm already great at doing that. Of course if I really want to plank,I kinda want to do it on top of Rosario Dawson. Click on the video below and see a girl who isn't Rosario Dawson do some planking and fail miserably at it. Oh and share this with your friends.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Trump Card

If you've been one of the people paying attention,you know that the GOP primary buildup has been a gigantic circus. We can now say that it's going to become an episode of the apprentice with even stupider contestants than Gary Busey,Meatloaf and Nene Leakes.That's right,hair model and all around economic expert Donald Trump will be the moderator for an upcoming republican presidential debate. Click on the photo to learn more.

If you missed it

If you,like most of America missed last night's episode of Piers Morgan Tonight,you missed a good one. The talk show focused very heavily on the latest scandals to effect presidential contender Herman Cain. To address the issues,scandals and allegations,Piers decided to have Herman Cain's attorney,Lin Wood(best street name ever)on the show. The discussion got heated pretty quickly and below is some of the ridiculousness. Click,watch and be amazed as an attorney deals with the increasingly tedious task of trying to reestablish the moral character of Herman Cain.

At least he has Rick Santorum to pray for him.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Video of the Day

If you haven't been paying attention,today is World AIDS Day. People all around the world have been doing everything they can to raise awareness about,treat and help prevent this deadly disease. Fighting the spread of AIDS has been the one thing that this government has been able to agree on. In the video below you'll get to see "The Beginning of the End of AIDS". In the clip you'll see stirring videos about how AIDS is devastating the planet. You'll also see speeches by President Kikwete of Tanzania,former president's George W Bush and Bill Clinton and a speech by current president Barack Obama,in which he lays out his plan to continue the fight against AIDS and reach the goal of an AIDS free generation. Click on the video below for all of that and appearances by Bono,Elton John and Alicia Keys.

Fair warning: This is a very long video.

Photo of the day

Today is world AIDS day so this photo makes perfect sense. Click on this photo from the facts and chicks website to see more info.

War on Stupid

While I was busy turning 24 yesterday,the rest of the world didn't stop to simultaneously wish me a happy birthday,give me a birthday card and the best cupcakes I have ever had. What did happen however was this stupid segment on Fox. In this segment you learn several things which I'm going to list below.

1. Kimberly Guilfoyle is great looking despite her ridiculous looking last name.

2. She doesn't seem to realize that Christmas actually is a religious holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus thus giving Lincoln Chaffee a good argument against not having the entire state celebrate it.

3. Eric Bolling is retarded. I don't mean this in an insulting way. I mean that he may be slightly disconnected mentally and it's starting to show on tv.

4. When all else fails,blame Obama.

5. There's a slight undertone of bigotry in this segment against Muslims.

6. A bunch of white people talking about how awful multiculturalism is comes across a tiny bit racist.

7. They don't seem to realize that Xmas is the same as Christmas. In fact the word dates back at least 1000 years and that's just in English.

8. Eric Bolling hates Obama and Muslims. This is painfully obvious in this segment.

9. Everyone in this segment is stupid.

10. How do you mispronounce Kwanzaa?

11. Click on the video below and be amazed.