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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Opinions and things

It's been a while since I've been on here but I have a lot of opinions and feelings to talk about when it comes to this country and the people in charge of it. With that said, here goes.....

I totally get that some people aren't exactly fans of President Obama. I fully expect the people that make up the opposing political party to have massive philosophical differences with him. What I don't expect is for several dozen members of congress to flat out violate the Logan Act and try to sabotage the ongoing negotiations with Iran. That is flat out treasonous and a felony, which is punishable by prison time and the loss of the right to vote in some states.

Ariana Grande yells on songs and her last name is hilarious irony.

Being so petty as a politician that you can't even show up to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday is fucking ridiculous.

If conservative talk radio has taught me anything, every racial group not called white people, and "straight" white men in particular, is somehow planning on eliminating white people and ruining America.

If conservative talk radio has taught me anything, white people are extremely insecure and maybe 75% of the opposition to President Obama is based on the fact that this country is around 70% white but has a black person in charge of it.

I don't understand how being a not even thinly veiled racist is good for voter turnout, but every election I get proven wrong.

Hillary still wont win.

Chris Christie also wont win.

Why is it hard to admit that we have a problem with race in this country? Is it because it means that not all of us come out looking great? Is it because today is just a higher tech version of the same thing going on from 50 years ago? Is it because our over the top racism and bigotry in this country shatters the image of our supposed heroes?

If Elizabeth Warren does somehow decide to run for president and wins the primary, the GOP is going to paint her as a socialist lesbian.

Speaking of gay people, why does the idea of two random gays getting married offend a supposed libertarian like Rand Paul? People like that always come across as weird and closeted to me. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he has a gay porn collection.

I'll repeat this, gamergate is about whiny pussies. If you're a guy mad because a couple of women have the gall to say "How come all of the female character have to suck?", you're a pussy. If the very idea of women speaking about something makes you want to hurl threats about rape and murder at their children, you're not just a pussy, you're a criminal. The whole thing smacks of white people problems and insane entitlement. Are nerds really that entitled that they can't take the idea of chicks who weren't going to fuck them anyway, saying that they wont fuck them and that the game kinda sucks because of the over the top sexism in it? I'm willing to bet that as soon as I tweet this out, some dweeb is gonna show up in my mentions talking about ethics in gaming journalism while totally missing the point that gaming has never had journalism and the biggest offender is Nintendo Power. Oh, and here's an Anita Sarkeesian video.