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Sunday, June 30, 2013

The debate rages on...

As you may already know, the supreme court ruled against DOMA and California's Prop8 last week. While this is a huge victory for gay people everywhere and particularly in my birth state of California,what does it mean for people outside of the golden state? Here in Michigan,marriage is defined as being between one man and one woman thanks to a 2004 vote on gay marriage that banned it outright. That bill also bans same sex domestic partnerships for government workers thus denying benefits for partners of gay government workers. That fact doesn't get mentioned at all in the video below thanks to the woman in it trolling everyone. In more recent times, the people of Michigan have had a bit of a change of heart when it comes to gay marriage according to a slew of polls of registered voters. Luckily,today, the local fox station decided to take up the question and debate on it. Watch below as the usually ludicrously loud Charlie Langton and the only reporter to ever use me as a step ladder,Taryn Asher moderate a debate on gay rights that gets ridiculous in a hurry.

Fox 2 News Headlines

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Just Killing Time here

I have nothing to do on this Saturday. Enjoy some ridiculousness.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pic of the day

America's first black president standing in the very spot where the majority of American slaves were shipped from.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Video of the day

Earlier I had a post with some of the more crazy-eyed responses to the supreme court ruling against the defense of marriage act. To say that some people are not happy with it is an understatement. One person who is pretty happy with it is congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. When asked earlier about the rambling,cryptic sounding response to the ruling by fellow congresswoman and my future wife, Michele Bachmann, she had this to say.

Gay is OK?

That's basically the message that slightly more than half of the supreme court sent to the country today. In a 5 to 4 decision the court struck down the defense of marriage act on the basis that it's pretty much government sponsored discrimination. I for one totally agree with the majority on this one. In a truly free United States, we can't have the government sanctioning discrimination just because two dudes kissing makes another guy feel all weird. For the most part the decision has been met with cheers from the gay community,a mostly nonchalant attitude from most others and a few crazy eyed angry responses about the end of the world coming on thanks to the fruit basket explosion of gayness released upon this country thanks to this decision. Below are some of the crazier responses. Also,click here for ridiculous responses from our elected leaders.

Rush Limbaugh thinks that striking down DOMA is part of the disintegration of these United States.

In fact he's pretty pissed off at the court over this decision.

He even thinks that this now turns the court into basically a bar where the winner is just the guy with the most backup. Yes,I do realize that the last sentence makes 0 sense but neither does the link that you're about to click on.

Glenn Beck now believes that this decision on DOMA will lead to America throwing the bible away and adopting polygamy as a policy. Probably Muslim polygamy though. I think Rand Paul is with Glenn on this one.

And the super hot Laura Ingraham has now come out to say that the DOMA ruling will make Catholics "Persona Non Grata" in America.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Faux outrage

Recently it was revealed that the government was collecting phone data from Verizon customers. Obviously this has caused many people to be up in arms about their civil liberties being violated by Obama personally going through their iPhones. People are angry at this blatant invasion of privacy that has been going on for at least the last seven years via the patriot act. You can bet money that people are going to be telling you to calm down. Some might even call this the biggest overreach in the history of American government that this particular president has the nerve to do something like continue a scaled down version of what the last guy was doing. Of course these same people tend to look the other way when it comes to every website collecting and selling their personal info to shady,foreign businesses and ad agencies. They'll look the other way on the actual physical following,profiling,stalking and harassment of many different minority groups. They don't mind the fact that there's probably an FBI agent in front of every mosque with a listening device in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Of course all of this pales in comparison to the government vaguely getting the numbers of people who felt like it was a good idea to pay Verizon over $100 a month just so they can look cool with an iPhone. I actually sat down and thought about why people were outraged about iPhone users being tracked but not so much about things like racial profiling, the house of representatives trying to deport children of undocumented immigrants and stop and frisk. The answer hit me right before I started typing this. I found out that you can't exactly get the iPhone 5 on discount cell carriers like Virgin Mobile or MetroPCS but you can on Verizon. What I mean by this is that iPhone users are generally more affluent and therefore much better Americans than those lazy blacks,disgusting Mexicans and shady Arabs. This follows the same pattern that I have seen my entire life. We can look at the TSA and their random searches as an example. People were totally fine with them searching mostly Middle Eastern looking people and other assorted minorities. It became a problem once they started searching the wrong kind of people. This pattern repeats itself over and over on every issue of civil liberties and supposed disrespect of those liberties. Maybe one day (white)Americans will get as upset about racial profiling and their black neighbors being beaten in the streets or their Latino neighbors constantly having their citizenship questioned as they are about not being able to get high on playgrounds without the government going through their iPhone.

On an even more personal level as someone who has been followed around stores,stopped by cops while simply walking down the street and falsely accused of crimes for fitting a vague description of being black on a Thursday, I have 0 problem with the government knowing that some woman out there has a picture of my package. I just hope that they enjoy the picture as much as I enjoyed sending it. I put a lot of effort into getting the picture just right. Also, I'd take that over always being followed every time I go across 8mile or too far up Woodward. Racial profiling,our broken education system and our unwillingness to find real solutions and Nancy Grace having an orgasm about a murder trial on live TV are things to be mad about. This NSA thing is irrelevant bullshit.