The greatest of all time calls it quits!

Obama Crosses the line twice!

Game Over!

We're finally out of Iraq.

99 Problems

He got 99 problems but Mitt ain't done.


20+ weird things you may or may not have wanted to know about Sarah Palin.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Just killing time here

By now everyone has seen this classic video of a man going off on a reporter for what seems like no reason. In the video the man keeps talking about people "struttin that ass!" and its hilarious. Since its been released to youtube it has had a ton of hits and now people are starting to do remixes of it. Check out one of the best remixes below.

Random act of failure

As a kid I always loved the zoo. There was just something about being able to see elephants,lions and tigers up close that was amazing. If I ever have kids I'm definitely gonna take them to the zoo as a fun learning experience. Of course I would never want to work at the zoo. The video below tells you why i could not work at a zoo.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Video of the day

In today's video of the day,television legend Andy Griffith reflects on the year that was 1965. He tells us about why Medicare is a good thing and he even points out a few of the good things about the new healthcare law. Watch below as Andy Griffith delivers the good news to seniors and everyone else in this country that plans on getting old one day.

If you missed it

If you missed the daily show like I did last night you missed out on a good one. As you may have noticed,yesterday the president sat down with the ladies of "The View" and Elisabeth Hasslebeck. A ton of people enjoyed the show and the interview. Of course there were a few people that were upset by this. Those people were pretty much Fox news. Watch below as Jon Stewart rants about the president,the dignity of the office of president and media hypocrisy.

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Some morning crazy

While I was gone yesterday I missed Glenn Beck and his crazy rantings on fox. Of course this doesn't mean that you have to miss it. Watch below as Glenn Beck talks about terrorist ideology,the change in our culture and how Homer Simpson may be helping change the face of communism or something.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random act of failure

A couple of weeks ago I posted this random act of treadmill failure. One thing I can say about the guys in that link is that they were at least trying to do something semi-productive. Well I can say it for the first video,not so much for the second. Unfortunately the same cant be said for this idiot below.

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this edition our hero discusses religion. He discusses how this administration is trying to change the face of religion in this country. What he's saying is...Obama wants to take away your freedom of religion. Listen below as Glenn Beck warns you of the impending loss of religion.

Midnight Distraction

It's late at night and if you're still up and not trolling through 4chan or Pornhub you're probably on Facebook. Come to think of it everyone is on there. I'm on there,people I may know are apparently on there and so are 250 of my family members. While on Facebook you may run into a few insane things. Luckily a few sites have cataloged the insanity for us. Click on the ridiculous picture below to see more Facebook madness.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Afternoon Distraction

I haven't posted anything here in a few hours and I'm about to make up for it. Everyone that knows me in real life know that I'm a football fan. What may shock you more than that is that despite the constant less than mediocrity I'm a Detroit Lions fan. Anyone that knows anything about football knows that the lions have never been to a super bowl. In fact their last championship came nearly a decade before the super bowl was thought up. Of course lions fans have rejoiced in the fact that on a video game we can get the team to win enough games to make the playoffs and if we're good enough they might win the super bowl. This development has lead me to a long love affair with football video games and Madden NFL 11 only makes me want to play more. Watch below as the fictional New Orleans Saints repeat as super bowl champions and get to do something that has never happened in a sports game....until now.

I wonder how long its gonna take until someone gets pissed off about it.

A dose of insanity

Ok so its really more like an overdose of insanity. In today's dose of ridiculousness we hear from several conservative radio hosts and their takes on different issues. Issues ranging from "flying Muslims to the moon",making fun of the president's daughters and something about Obama and boy scouts. Lets listen to the insanity below.

Jim Quinn makes fun of the president's daughters,the president's parenting skills and laughs about the kids getting kidnapped.

Rose Tennent and Jim Quinn discuss Muslims.

If you're a Christian and you voted for Obama you will be going to hell.

Rush Limbaugh talks about stiffing boy scouts.

What would you do?

Earlier today on "Morning Joe" or as I like to call it "The show I'm not watching because I'm too busy staring at Robin Meade",Mike Barnacle asked representative John Shadegg of Arizona what would he do to reduce the deficit. During his long winded question he pointed out that no one really has a specific answer to that question. As it turns out John Shadegg didn't have an answer to that question either. Of course it wouldn't seem so bad if he wasn't so big on deficit reduction to the point that it was his reason for being on tv today. Watch below as we don't get an answer to an easy question.

Just killing time here

As everyone knows relationships don't always work out. Sometimes they don't work out because the two of you just happen to grow apart. Or maybe it doesn't work out because of trust issues. More often than not though its because someone decided to step out on the other one. Thats right I'm talking about cheating. According to this New York times article from 2008 about 1 in every 4 newlyweds will cheat within the first few years of marriage. With that said watch below as some less than faithful behavior turns one mans life upside down.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If you missed it

If you missed it on the Colbert report last night you missed a good one. A man from the Detroit suburb of Warren,MI was interviewed about being the kingpin of a piracy ring. The ring of piracy and theft was a ring of one man. Watch as Stephen Colbert interviews a criminal kingpin,his wife and the mayor Jim Fouts of Warren about the scourge of piracy in the area.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
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Every once in a great while someone that you totally dislike seems to somehow make some sense on something. This is one of those times. Watch below as Bill O'Reilly correctly describes Glenn Beck as insane,crazy and a little dumb.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Midnight Distraction

Everyone that knows me knows that I seriously want to go hunting one day. I seriously want to get a rifle and a hunting license and go out and shoot a few deer. I've been wanting to do that since I was a kid and just never got the chance. I plan on changing that sometime in the near future. Of course if I do kill a deer I won't be doing what this guy did with his. Watch below for one of the most ingenious and ridiculous ideas ever.

The president speaks

And this time he's speaking at the 20th anniversary of Americans with disabilities act event. Click on the video below to see the video of the event. Of course if you were one of the many people here earlier you would have seen it live. Watch and enjoy the 46 minute long video below.

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this edition our hero,Glenn Beck discusses how the white house may be out to get him. He lets the loyal listener know that the white house is going to be investigating them and anyone associated with Glenn Beck in an attempt to discredit him and everything he does. He lets us know that the president personally hates him and that the advertiser boycott is strictly because of president Obama's hate of Glenn Beck. Listen below as Glenn shines the light of day on what the white house is trying to do to a man who once described himself as a rodeo clown.

Midnight Distraction

Its midnight over on the east coast and its gonna be midnight soon in other parts of the country. Of course this can mean only one thing when it comes to this blog....It's time for something hilarious. This time the hilarity comes courtesy of one man who decided it would be great to impress a few friends by showing off his athletic ability. Watch below as one guy comes close to showing off for the last time ever.

Oh and while we're still on the same subject watch this classic act of failure.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

If you missed it

And I'm pretty sure you did. If you didn't you still might want to see this again. A couple of days ago president Barack Obama sent a video message to the Netroots Nation 2010 convention in Las Vegas. If you're wondering what all of that is click here to find out what Netroots Nation is all about. Now that thats out of the way watch below as the president addresses the crowd of progressive bloggers and Rachel Maddow lists a few of his accomplishments since becoming president.

A moment of insanity.

Today on Fox they discussed president Obama and the possible legacy he could have. During this discussion Brit Hume mentioned that the president seems to be hypersensitive to racial issues in an attempt to not look like a "black" president. If that last sentence seemed a little weird to you,you're not alone. Watch and listen below as Brit Hume baffles us with his take on Obama and his possibly racist agenda or something.

talk about lucky

I consider myself a fairly lucky guy considering some of the bullets I've dodged in my life. That last sentence is only somewhat of a metaphor but thats not what this blog post is about. This blog post is about a man that is not only lucky but clearly knows how to operate under pressure. Watch below as one man makes a life saving decision at exactly the right time.

Pilot Ejects From CF-18 Before Crash - Watch more Funny Videos

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Just killing time here

Kinda wanted to just post this because the picture is hilarious to me. Click on the picture below to see more pictures and videos like it.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this edition our hero,Glenn Beck discusses the dark times that we live in. He preaches to us about how we expect and should demand miracles. Listen below as Glenn discusses the possible end of the world.

In part two of this double dose of crazy Glenn discusses the end of our country. He lets the viewers know that the treacherous Obama administration is in a pursuit to end all happiness. They're trying to take our money,our life and our liberty from us. Listen below as Glenn speaks some "truth" about the Obama administration.

A moment of insanity.

As everyone may or may not already know Arizona has a new immigration law that has people up in arms debating it. Critics of the law point out that things like "reasonable suspicion" seem like an excuse to do racial profiling. Supporters of the new law say that this law will decrease illegal immigration and decrease crime. On Fox news earlier today they decided to debate the law and by debate I mean they all kinda agreed on it and said that there is no way it can possibly lead to racial profiling. The reason behind this is insane and you should click on the video below to see it.

Just killing time here

Kinda killing some time here but this should be well worth your time. I know that personally as an adult I hate it when some kid is ridiculously good at something that I'm not good at. It annoys me to know that some 12 year old could kick my ass when it comes to skating. Below is a video of a kid that might not even be that old but could definitely kick everyone's ass when it comes to roller blading. Watch,enjoy and share the video below.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Running away

A few days ago republican senatorial candidate from Nevada,Sharron Angle held a press event to discuss her ideas for improving the state. Of course this seems all well and fine and is something politicians routinely do. This event would have been pretty forgettable if it wasn't for what happened after it was over. Watch below as Sharron Angle avoids answering questions from the press at a press event that she put on in an attempt to get good press.

A moment of insanity

This moment of insanity comes from "Varney & Co" on Fox Business Network. In a discussion about health care the discussion goes from the normal Fox News anti-health reform law rhetoric to complete ridiculousness. In this discussion they go from health care,to FDR,to discussing gold prices and why president Obama wants to take away your gold and guns. Watch below as Andrew Napolitano goes from 0 to crazy in less than 6 seconds.

A day in pictures.

Kinda killing time here but I need to post something on this site just to make sure that I have something. Yesterday as you may have noticed I wasn't here at all. The reason behind this is because I spent most of yesterday downtown and enjoying a tigers game. Enjoy some pictures.

Just arriving downtown

another random pic of downtown Detroit

staring at the entrance

why are there random Angels fans at a Tigers v Rangers game?

We all said "Hi" to Ernie on the way in to the park.

We have a carousel inside the park!

the view from section 133,row 28

I love the view from here.
Texas manager Ron Washington

You know exactly who that is.

A player that should have been on the all star team.

Quite possibly the American League MVP.

Papa Grande comes out to finish off the hapless Texas Rangers.

I had a blast at the game and I could honestly post about 100 more pics but I'm not gonna bore you with that. I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to share this post.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just killing time here

I don't know how this happened. I don't want to know how it happened. I don't want to know why it happened but I do want to watch this again. Click on the video below to see quite possibly one of the funniest things ever. Watch,enjoy and pass it on.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In today's edition our hero warns us about an upcoming terrible event. This terrible event is known as Muslim family day at Six Flags. For everyone that doesn't know about Muslim family day(this would include just about all of us),Muslim family day has been going on at different Six Flags theme parks for the last 10 years. Anyway our hero compares this to a theoretical Japanese day in Hawaii in on December 8th,1948 when pointing out that Muslim family day 2010 will be taking place on September 12th. Glenn Beck clearly sees this date as a way for Muslims to mock 9/11. He also doesn't realize the irony of him saying that despite the fact that he had originally planned for his 8/28 rally to be on September 12th. The whole point of his 9/12 project is to "Bring the people back to the way they were on September 12th,2001". If you think that this is needless fear mongering you may in fact be right but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't listen to the clip. Listen to Glenn Beck and his awesome sound effects below.

Picture of the day

What you're staring at is a picture of the crisis command center that BP has to help them take care of the oil spill. This place is said to have some of the best technology available when it comes to stopping oil from reaching our shores and destroying our beaches. Of course all of this means that its a total fake of a photo made by BP. Click on the picture below to find out more about how BP tried to fool everybody into thinking that they actually had a crisis center.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Random act of failure

I've never claimed to be the smartest guy in the world and never will. Of course I do know that I'm smarter than some people. In the video below you will see a man that I'm 90% sure that I'm smarter than and you'll learn why being drunk doesn't mix well with fire.

A moment of insanity.

As everyone in America knows there has been a huge fight in congress over extending benefits to people who are currently unemployed. The benefits have mainly blocked by republicans who are concerned over how the extension of benefits would effect the deficit and how would those benefits be paid for. Both of those are very valid concerns but they're offset by the fact that these same republicans have asked for the tax cuts made by former president Bush to be extended. And to add on to it they don't want to even discuss how they would pay for the hundreds of billions of dollars in tax cuts for the richest 2% of Americans. Watch below as Florida senatorial candidate Marco Rubio explains why he's against spending $33Billion for unemployment benefits but is in favor of spending more than 20 times more on a tax cut.

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this edition our hero,Glenn Beck talks about how this nation is becoming increasingly divided. He mentions how this particular president is leading in the Balkanization of America. He talked about the actual need for race riots in this country and how everything is just an evil plot. Oh and he happened to mention that you can buy a poster for his speech in August for only $100. Listen to the clip below and be as confused as I am by this rant.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this edition our hero discusses racism. He starts out the discussion by wearing some stylish glasses and saying that this government is racist against white people. As the discussion continues he lets us know that the government is trying to start riots in the street just to push across a racist agenda. Listen below as he connects the new black panthers with the president,Van Jones and somehow ACORN.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Just killing time here

When I was a kid I kinda had a habit for doing ridiculous things on my bike. In fact it would have been weird if you didn't see me riding down the street with the front wheel completely in the air. It also would have been crazy to not see me trying to jump my bike off of the top of some hill. While doing this I crashed and burned several times but I can honestly say that I didn't cry when it happened. Of course kids these days aren't as tough as I was and everybody has footage to prove it. Watch below as one kid thinks up a bad idea and it goes as expected.

Kid Takes Painful Faceslide Across Ramp - Watch more Funny Videos


As every single comic book and video game nerd in America knows Comic con starts next week. This event is basically like a comic book fan's wet dream. Imagine going to a place where everyone likes the same thing you like but they love it so much that they're willing to show up in costume just to see a seminar about the Green Lantern movie thats supposed to be coming out next year. Thats basically the essence of comic con and even if you aren't a supergeek its still really interesting and you're gonna have fun. Of course there are a few people who are going there but they aren't planning on having fun with super heroes and Kevin Smith. These people are going with the specific intent to ruin the festivities and cause a scene. These people are known as the Westboro Baptist Church and I've written about them before. The last time I wrote about them they were trying to cause a scene in front of the elementary school that the president's daughters attend. The "church" is known for protesting the funerals of fallen soldiers just to push their anti-gay agenda. They're also certifiably insane as seen from this video with "church" founder Shirley Phelps-Roper. I've never agreed with Sean Hannity on anything but I'm with him 1000% when it comes to that crazy woman. Now if you want to know why these idiots are protesting comic book fans,click on the picture below.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In today's edition our hero discusses the government and the financial reform bill. He lets us,the loyal listeners know that the bill is nothing but Marxism. He also lets us know that the bill lets the government can see all of your financial records. Of course everyone knows that this has been legal since the patriot act was signed into law a few years ago but lets not let facts get in the way of a nice rant. Listen to the rant below and feel free to share it with everyone.

Oh and Obama is taking away charitable donations,creating fascism and doing abortions in Asia or something.


I can't count the amount of times I've seen a store and thought in my head "I'd love to trash this place,steal some stuff and then burn down the entire building.". Of course since I'm a somewhat sane individual I have never even attempted to do anything in that thought. Some people however are less sane than I am and judging by the video they're also not nearly as smart as I am. Watch the video below as a simple arson becomes way too complicated.

Another Arsonist Sets Himself On Fire - Watch more Funny Videos

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In today's edition our hero reaches out to the people. Of course by reach out to the people it means that he's gonna take calls on his daily radio show. During the discussion with a loyal listener they discuss why Nancy Pelosi is godless and why being a liberal literally means that you're an enemy to Jesus. Listen to the clip below and become flabbergasted.

He also thinks that John Conyers is gonna burn in Hell. Glenn himself doesn't believe in it but he hopes that John Conyers dies and goes straight to the Hell that he doesn't believe in.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Midnight Distraction

I'm not afraid to admit that I could stand to lose a pound or 12 and I'm seriously working towards that. Of course to lose that weight I have to do things like jumping jacks,lifting weights and running. The guy in the video below doesn't have to lose weight but he apparently likes being in good shape. Watch below as one man shows the world that he's able to run at full speed on a treadmill but his friend isn't nearly as lucky.

its almost as bad as this classic act of failure.

Afternoon Distraction

When I'm not being lazy or blogging I like to get out and enjoy some athletic activity. One of my favorite things to do is play basketball. I'm not exactly an all star but I'm not too horrible either. Before I tore my ankle up I could actually dunk with relative ease. One thing I couldn't do however is hit a shot from 100 feet away. The guy in this video can for some reason hit those types of shots. Watch below as one man hits an impossible shot.

Amazing Trick Shot From Behind Bleachers - Watch more Funny Videos

Glenn Beck Craziness

In today's edition our hero,Glenn Beck talks about the NAACP and their resolution to condemn racist content coming from the tea party movement. Ever since this resolution was passed tea party members have been up in arms. Even Sarah Palin took some time to point out her disdain for the NAACP pointing out that there always seems to be an "Obama is a Hitler monkey" sign at every tea party rally. Of course in the middle of all of this chaos,Glenn Beck has a few things on his mind. First and foremost he's still wondering what Michelle Obama was doing at an NAACP event. He's also wondering if she had something to do with that resolution condemning racism. Listen to and enjoy that insanity below.

Oh and he doesn't like her outfit. Listen to his fashionable commentary below.

Of course Glenn is a man that knows a lot about fashion. Just look at this hot new design for the fall.

Just killing time here

Kinda wasting time here but hopefully you'll enjoy it. Sometimes its hard to avoid peer pressure because no one wants to look like a square in front of their friends. Of course sometimes you just have to say "NO" to peer pressure. Especially when its a bad idea thats only going to get worse. Watch and enjoy the ridiculousness below.

Kid Trampolines Over Hedges Into Car - Watch more Funny Videos

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Limbaugh lunacy

In today's edition of Limbaugh lunacy,our hero El Rushbo discusses the first lady and her speech to the NAACP yesterday. During this discussion he wonders out loud if she was saying something that was intentionally meant to go over the heads of white Americans. He brings this up by mentioning that she may have in fact been talking to the new black panthers at one point during her speech about health,education,life and fighting childhood obesity. Listen and enjoy the ridiculousness below.

Kinda looks like Rushington F Limbaugh esq wasn't the only one to wonder about those "controversial" comments. Two other staples of "real" American media are also wondering if Mrs Obama may in fact be some sort of black liberation militant spy sent to Washington DC to destroy everything that we hold valuable.

A moment of insanity.

In Missouri there's a senate race going on between Robin Carnahan and GOP/Tea Party candidate Ed Martin. Of course all of this seems normal considering that this is an election year but it gets ridiculous when you find out that Ed Martin has a history of weird comments. Recently he did an interview on a radio show in Missouri and it got weird from there. Ed Martin went on to talk about religion,religious freedom and how his opponent Robin Carnahan and president Obama are working to take away our rights to choose Jesus as our lord and savior. Of course there may be some that agree with him because there are a lot of people that think the president is a Muslim and we can't have those obvious ethnic religions in a Christian country.Listen to the craziness below.

Of course this guy also thinks that his political opponent literally works for the devil.

Midnight Distraction

Its still around midnight in some parts of this country and of course that means that I need to post something on here.When I first saw the video below it kinda shocked me. I seriously wasn't expecting that kind of reaction but I have to say that it was hilarious. Watch and enjoy the video below and be thankful that your kid isn't like this.

Awakened By Airhorn, Kid Freaks Out - Watch more Funny Videos

Of course that kid could always be this kid.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

In this edition Glenn lets us know about how the left is preparing to hand out some "social justice". Of course by social justice he means that "the Negroes are attacking!!! RUN!!". Seriously though he's letting us know that the radicals in our government is gearing up for a race war. In this race war black people are supposed to attack and apparently kill all white babies. Speaking as a black man that happens to live in America I can say that Glenn's theory wont be happening anytime soon. Of course we could always unite with Latinos and form like Voltron and take down the evil empire. Listen to and enjoy the insanity below.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Free Music

I haven't given away anything in a couple of weeks so now seems like a good time to do it. This free music comes courtesy of Rick Ross who is currently going around the country to promote his upcoming album "Teflon Don". The song you're about to get is called "Aston Martin Music" and it features Chrisette Michelle and Drake. Click on the picture to listen to,enjoy and download the song. Oh and feel free to share this blog with everyone.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Respect your elders

I don't know about ya'll but when I was a kid I was always taught to respect my elders. I was told that constantly by my grandparents and was told that I could get in trouble for not showing respect. As a result of this I'm usually extra nice to older people despite the fact that sometimes some old people don't deserve respect. Below you're gonna see why you should respect your elders and what happens when you don't. Watch,enjoy and pass it on.

Old Man Lifts Fridge Over His Head - Watch more Funny Videos

Old Man Owns Five Dudes In Station - Watch more Funny Videos

Random act of failure

As anyone with a brain can tell you its never a good idea to try to do flips off of objects. Especially if you aren't a trained professional,an Olympic gymnast or a 12 year old Chinese girl. Unfortunately these people have never heard of those general rules when it comes to back flipping off of things. Watch and enjoy the clips below.

Of course when done right it looks spectacular but you wont see that here.

Midnight Distraction

I'm not gonna waste your time writing a long and rambling paragraph that goes totally around the point of the blog. Instead I'm going to be short and to the point. I'm going to avoid things such as talking about my childhood or talking about my love of sports. In fact I'm going to just get right into it. Watch and enjoy the video below and remember to share with your friends.

Funny 80's Ad: You And Your Johnson - Watch more Funny Videos

Friday, July 9, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

A couple of days I did a post about how our hero was able to connect our illegitimate Muslim,communist,socialist and Marxist president Barack Hussein Obama with the new black panther movement. Today our hero,the great and honorable Glenn Beck tells us how the media and the black panthers are coordinating to make him look like a villain.....which is not the same as a villian. Listen to the clip below and be impressed with this spectacular display of knowledge.

Just killing time here

I know its still early where you're at and you're finally thinking about eating breakfast. Why not have a Candwich? Stephen Colbert explains what a Candwich is and what it does in the clip below. Watch,enjoy and be amazed.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Emergency Thought for Food - Candwich Setback
Colbert Report Full Episodes2010 ElectionFox News

Insanity on a computer screen

If you've been following this blog since I first started it in 2008 you know that the above title used to be the name of the actual blog in general. Back then I had no real idea of what direction(s) I wanted to go in but I knew that I wanted to write. Eventually I settled on making the blog about politics,music and general stupidity. Since then this blog has gone from barely getting 100 hits total in its first month to over 2000 hits in the last few days. Now that I have that out the way I want to bring to you a great edition of insanity on a computer screen. In this edition one man talks about soccer,its connection to satan,sodomy,socialism and Barack Obama. Watch and be amazed that people this dumb are actually allowed to vote in this country.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Glenn Beck Craziness

Today I'm not gonna post a clip of his radio show. I'm not gonna post one of his daily rants on tv or anything that involves audio. Instead of that I'm going to let our hero do the speaking through a single picture that shows why he's so much better than you at everything. Look below and notice the failure.

Just killing time here

Ever since I could remember I'd always had a thing for the game of poker. Its by far my favorite gambling related activity. As a teenager my love for the game grew for 2 very important reasons. The first reason happened to be the fact that ESPN started televising the world series of poker on tv and its amazing to see that you can win millions of dollars on one hand. The second and equally as important reason is that I found out about strip poker. Of course none of that is going on in the very sexy video below but since there is a poker table involved I just thought I'd write about it anyway. Watch the clip below and enjoy some very hot girl on girl action.

Hot Girl Crashes Through Table - Watch more Funny Videos

A not so random connection

I bet that you didn't know this but legendary Miami,FL based rap group 2live crew is officially endorsing Elana Kagan as a supreme court nominee. Ok so maybe the whole group isn't endorsing her but the frontman,Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell is. In a column for Miami New Times News,the man thats known for such songs as "Banned in the USA","I wanna rock" and the classic and controversial "Me so horny" states why he endorses Elana Kagan as a supreme court nominee. In his endorsement he takes the time to point out that Elana Kagan has made a career out of upholding the constitution even when it wasn't popular. He does this by specifically pointing out that she was one of the people that defended him and 2 live crew against obscenity charges stemming from the content of their album "As nasty as they wanna be". In her brief that defended the album Ms Kagan wrote that the lyrics "does not physically excite anyone who hears it, much less arouse a shameful and morbid sexual response.". In other words even though there was a ton of profane language and sexual references the lyrics weren't going to make you go out and sexually assault somebody. I bet that whole connection surprised you. You can read more of Uncle Luke's statements by clicking on the picture which happens to be right below the very song that they had to go to the supreme court over. Listen,watch,click,read,enjoy and pass it on.

Oh and it looks like Fox news fans aren't too happy about this either.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Afternoon Distraction

On a hot day like today people would kill to be near a beach. I know I'd love to be at a beach right now,swimming,relaxing in the water,staring at a bunch of women in bikinis. Even though I love the beach I know that there are some things you just don't do at the beach. One of those things you shouldn't do at a beach is try to impress people with something you may or may not know how to properly do. Watch below as one guy makes that terrible mistake.

Glenn Beck Craziness

In today's edition our hero talks about how we are increasingly under threat from the new black panther party. In the first video he plays a tirade by a single black panther member and he uses this to break into his reasons as to why Obama is a racist. Listen to the next couple of clips to see how Glenn Beck is able to connect the president to the new black panther party.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just killing time here

Kinda killing some time here because I seriously haven't posted anything on this blog in several hours but you're gonna like this. Below is a video that teaches you how to speak in Estonian. After watching this I am officially convinced that Estonian is a really dirty language. Watch and enjoy the clip below.

Estonian Language Lesson is Dirty - Watch more Funny Videos

Limbaugh lunacy

In today's edition El Rushbo talks about how president Obama has failed America. In it he talks about the recession and about how there was no recession until after Barack Obama became president. I will type this sentence again.......There was no recession until after Barack Obama became president. All of this was created by Barack Obama and the democrats. No recession happened until after Obama got in office if you don't count that whole international recession that nearly collapsed the entire planet that happened to start in 2007. Listen to and enjoy the insanity below.

the racist tax

Last year during the healthcare reform debate I wrote about how one of the provisions in the then bill would put a ten percent tax on indoor tanning. Ever since then people have been chiming in one way or another. Of course I don't see the big deal about putting a tax on tanning but then again I would never have the need to tan. Others however aren't so indifferent about the tax. Everyone from Snookie from "Jersey Shore" to Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain have chimed in with their dislike of this particular tax. Of course all of that kinda seems tame compared to Jim Quinn who has basically equated the tax to racism because of the fact that black people aren't exactly lined up around the block to get tans. Listen to and enjoy the insanity below.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Just killing time here

Kinda wasting time here but this is another good one. For the last couple of years Sarah Palin has been in the national spotlight for several reasons. Of course everyone knows that she's the former governor of Alaska,a former vice presidential candidate and now an author/woman that does speeches for 100k while talking about how much of an average American she is. Of course from time to time she does do meet and greet situation with supporters. During this particular meet and greet one supporter was very excited to see her. Watch and enjoy the video below.

Special shout out to the Immoral Minority for being the first ones with this video. Click on the picture to go to that blog.

off to a bad start.

A couple of years ago,John Cusack was out promoting the movie "Grace is gone". As with every promo tour for a movie he had to do a ton of interviews and try his hardest to not look annoyed with being asked the same 6 questions by hundreds of people in several different languages. Normally none of this would be a big deal and no one would care. This time however was a little different. In an attempt to kiss up to a celebrity one student-journalist/film student decided to talk about how much she loved him and his movies.....and it gets hilarious from there. Watch and enjoy the clip below.

Just killing time here

Kinda killing time here but as with every blog like this I try to make it funny or at least interesting. The picture below is probably the type of picture you don't want to see your mom in. Look at it,enjoy,click on it to see more and feel free to share this on every site you can think of.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Song of the Day

This time its a double dip of classic hip hop music. When I think of the 4th of July I think of fireworks,grilling and tons and tons of patriots celebrating the freedoms we're allowed here in America. One of our greatest freedoms is the freedom of speech and these 2 songs have a lot to do with that freedom and how far we're really allowed to stretch that freedom. First up is "Banned in the USA" by legendary Miami hip hop pioneers the 2 Live Crew. The song is a response to a decision by a Florida court that ruled that their previous album was obscene and thus unfit to be sold. The decision would later be overturned by the supreme court. And yes before anyone asks or tries to point it out they sampled Bruce Springsteen.

Next up is the song "Fuck tha police" by NWA. At the time of its release it gained so much controversy that the FBI and Secret Service actually sent letters to express their displeasure over the song. The group was also banned from playing in several venues because of the song. Oh and the song was banned from radio despite the fact that there was a clean version of the song. Of course this song is kinda average(at best) on the scale of outrageousness that can be heard in music.

Oh and there's a family friendly version of this song. Check it out and enjoy.