The greatest of all time calls it quits!

Obama Crosses the line twice!

Game Over!

We're finally out of Iraq.

99 Problems

He got 99 problems but Mitt ain't done.


20+ weird things you may or may not have wanted to know about Sarah Palin.

Monday, November 30, 2009

My birthday gift to you

The brand new Southern Flamespitta volume 3 mixtape by none other than the southern flamespitter himself Short Dawg. this is another free and legal download for you to enjoy so go enjoy it.......right now by clicking on the blue words

and now a sample of short dawg's previous works

Do you know what today is....

Its my birthday and it feels great despite whatever problems i may be having in life birthdays are always special because it means i have avoided being shot to death for a whole year and thats just great. I'm not the only one celebrating a birthday today so are several celebrities and historical figures. a few of which kinda surprised me.

people born on my birthday

Clay Aiken
Prince Akishino - he's the son of emperor Akihito
Senator Richard Burr
Shirley Chisolm
Dick Clark
Kaley Cuoco - very sexy actress from 8 simple rules
Elisha Cuthbert - one of my favorite actresses based on looks
Bill Gates Sr - the chairman of the bill and melinda gates foundation and father of Bill Gates
Billy Idol
Bo Jackson
and a ton of other people. the list can be found right here. of course you can make this birthday extra special for me by

1. telling your friends to visit this site
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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ben Stein kills whatever credibility he used to have

Recently terrible actor/I honestly dont know what the hell he's famous for(someone over the age of 40 help me out?) Ben Stein went on Fox News to talk about president Obama and the sweeping socialism he's bringing to america by discussing goals in cuttiing down on carbon emissions and trying to reform healthcare to make it more competitive,affordable and more effective.To me it sounds like another angry white guy pissed off that a negro is in charge of all of America (yes i know Shaq is black but rush limbaugh knows 2 black people and he's clearly a racist so this isnt that much of a stretch) So basically Ben Stein is making shit up for some reason to get on tv to promote who the hell knows what. watch,listen,laugh,enjoy and comment always comment

Getting ready for the finals

Tomorrow just isnt my 22nd birthday its also the restart of the health care debate which means we can expect to see members of congress once again make the obvious case as to why we need to pretty much completely overhaul the current system. We'll also see members of congress try to make the case as to why we should barely change anything and some will explain why the current system is so awesome(hint:it sucks). so get ready for cutthroat debate,personal attacks,crying,whining,bitching,moaning and people making shit up. here are a few things from the debate that have either been proven to be factually wrong or just made up or just plain retarded

1. end of life care = a government panel deciding to kill you. not true just dumb fear mongering

2. the bill will lead to rationing of healthcare - if you believe making coverage somewhat more affordable will lead to rationing you are truly dumb

3. the only people without healthcare in this country are slackers who refuse to work for a living - most of the people without health coverage here have jobs but cant afford insurance but they also make too much to get covered by medicaid(I was in that situation when i got seriously injured)

4. Canada has a terrible healthcare system - while its not perfect. its way better than our 37th ranked system which just barely edges out slovenia and the damn near desperately poor country of cuba

5. healthcare is just reparations for black people - fucking retarded on so many levels and glenn beck should be ashamed of himself. I'll post the video a little later.

6. the healthcare bill is just too long - we have college educated united states senators that are voting against the bill because 2000 pages is just too much to read in damn near 8 months. I read a whole harry potter book in less than a month in 7th grade but you dumb fucks cant read a bill that we pay you to read? get the fuck outta here with that bullshit. pictured below is the bill thats too long to read. its about the same size as a GED study guide

7. a public option = socialism - not true at all. most european countries arent socialist at all but they have some sort of nationalized health system

8. expect to hear all of this shit again starting Monday November 30th

pictured below cutthroat debate

Glenn Beck discusses why universal healthcare will be reparations for the Negroes.Dont blame me for the shitty audio quality I didnt upload those videos

My birthday is tomorrow

which means that i'm gonna be a whole year older but you can help make my birthday better by doing these simple things for me

1. visit this blog often

2. tell your friends about this blog

3. comment and comment often

4. be sure to click on one of the ads every once in a while. when you click on the ads it helps support the blog and we all know that this blog can use all the support it can get.

I have tons of new things coming soon so keep an eye out for more music,craziness,news,politics and randomness but for now here's a song thats been on my mind all day

Friday, November 27, 2009

just killing time here

Paul Pierce did what looks like one of the best dunks of the year but it was a really dirty move. you'll notice the dirt as soon as you see it

Video of the day

this chick lowers her attractiveness by breaking up my favorite system ever. she broke an XBOX 360. thats $200 worth of broken fun. I hope his warranty covers that "accident" but i doubt microsoft is gonna cover that

EMBED-Hot Psycho Girl Destroys Boyfriends Xbox - Watch more free videos

Bonus vid: me smashing up a gamecube 2 years ago when i was way fatter than i am now. obviously i'm the first one to swing at it

The Black Friday sale

well its not really a sale and more of a free and legal give away thanks to the big boss dogg snoop dogg and his twitter page. He's giving away copies of his brand new I Wanna Rock mixtape produced by dj whoo kid and dj skee. Enough of me talking about nothing. lets get to a video of a classic snoop song,a picture of some sort and the link

click right here to get that mixtape and enjoy it because its fuckin great!!

and now a classic snoop song

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

changing the climate

the white house recently announced that president Barack Obama himself will be attending the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen,Denmark on December 9th. This is a huge change in policy from the Bush years where man made global warming was denounced as basically a lie. During his time at the conference the president will announce his plan to cut down on carbon emissions and general pollution in the United States by 30% over the next 15 years as part of a plan to eventually cut them down by 80% from the current levels. Many climate organizations see this announcement and his visit as very encouraging and it shows that the US is serious about fighting a global issue.

"President Obama's personal involvement in this historic event shows the U.S. is serious about protecting the climate and creating a clean energy future for the world, said Jennifer Haverkamp, managing director of International Policy and Negotiations at EDF. "With the President attending, the odds of Copenhagen producing real progress leading to a final, effective agreement in the coming months just shot up."

Its good to see us finally get serious about this issue even if the president is only going to be there for a couple of days at the most. Oh and he wont be the only US delegate over there here are some of the other people going to the conference

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson

-- Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar

-- Commerce Secretary Gary Locke

-- Energy Secretary Steven Chu

-- Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

-- Assistant to the President Carol Browner and Council on Environmental Quality Chair Nancy Sutley

- Climate negotiator Todd Stern and deputy national security adviser Michael Froman

so yeah we are not fuckin around anymore its time to start making some changes. now only if we could get those goddamn Canadian iceholes to help out we could really make some progress

to read more about how the president and the white house are planning to fight global warming click right here

Video of the day

In todays video of the day I'll be showing you a clip from last nights episode of Hannity on fox news featuring former white house press secretary(basically the mouthpiece for the president) Dana Perino. In the clip theyre discussing the Obama administrations handling of the tragic events at fort hood and whether or not it was an act of Muslim terrorism(hint:this is fox news so of course Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein had something to do with it). the discussion is basically what you would expect from a bunch of white people on fox discussing non-white,non-Christian people committing a crime. the discussion takes a weird turn when Dana Perino(Basically W's mouthpiece for a few years) claims that there were no terrorist attacks on american soil under his presidency. thats right 9/11 DIDN'T HAPPEN AT ALL!! the world trade centers disappeared due to liberal media bias and magic tricks by Muslims

Glenn Beck craziness part 3

In this video crazy Glenn pretty much makes shit you're probably saying to yourself "what else is new?" well this time he's telling soldiers not to re-enlist in the army because Obama will tell everyone that the soldier is a baby killer,use them as a political device,congress will use you as a pawn and Obama will leave you laying out in iraq to rot and die while he sits in his home sipping champagne like an uppity negro. for this video and more psychotic craziness check out and and join him in a campaign to get this psychopath off of our tv's and radios

Glenn Beck craziness part 2

Glenn Beck discusses why he wont take a backseat to a chick and its mainly because he doesnt like women and would much rather stare at a mans ass.

but after all of that time wasting here's a video thats rather hilarious even if it is a bit sexist

but this next video isnt that funny. it just highlights why glenn beck needs to be taken off of tv

Hip Hop gets political

and pretty awful sounding. below you're gonna see a video by some douchebag rapping about patriotism(mainly the not having Obama or anyone not republican in charge kind of patriotism) to a beat that sounds like it should have been rejected years ago with a flow thats pretty bad at best.

funniest youtube comment on this song: freshsamantha12 - Oh sweet baby Jesus please no.

to wash that awful taste out of your mouth here's a song from a couple of decent political rappers. Dead Prez

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a whole mixtape for free!!

are you a fan of Idle Warship?!? of course you are

do you love free music?! you know you do

does all of this sound good to you right now? yes it does

well you're in luck because the good people of Idle Warship are just giving away the new mixtape Party Robot. i have it. i've heard it and its amazing. go get it NOW!!

photobucket picture of the day

a couple has sex on a national landmark in Australia

read more after the pic

Shocking pictures have emerged of a stark naked couple having sex on clock tower in the middle of a busy shopping centre.
The Australian couple were snapped after startled onlookers noticed them clinching in the precarious, and extremely public, position on the edge of the balcony.
The photos were taken in the heart of Sydney on Friday afternoon, at the historic clock tower opposite the bustling Broadway Shopping Centre.

this could've lead to a huge mess for the people staring down below. its the type of rain you dont want to get on you and now here's a song that kinda matches the situation

Video of the day

I really need to get back in shape and start riding a bike again. this would be perfect for me. its stylish and space saving really space saving

Fail of the week

The GOP is considering having a purity test to see who's really a republican and who isnt. the test goes off of the logic of former president Ronald Reagan who considered someone who agreed with him 8 out 10 times a friend. the test consists of ten principles which will be listed below

(1) Smaller government, smaller national debt, lower deficits and lower taxes by opposing bills like Obama’s “stimulus” bill
(2) Market-based health care reform and oppose Obama-style government run healthcare;
(3) Market-based energy reforms by opposing cap and trade legislation;
(4) Workers’ right to secret ballot by opposing card check
(5) Legal immigration and assimilation into American society by opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants;
(6) Victory in Iraq and Afghanistan by supporting military-recommended troop surges;
(7) Containment of Iran and North Korea, particularly effective action to eliminate their nuclear weapons threat
(8) Retention of the Defense of Marriage Act;
(9) Protecting the lives of vulnerable persons by opposing health care rationing and denial of health care and government funding of abortion; and
(10) The right to keep and bear arms by opposing government restrictions on gun ownership

now that you've read the principles here comes the fail train

It turns out that republican God and former president(also the guy in charge the last time unemployment was this high) Ronald Reagan would've failed the test and failed extra hard. Keith Olbermann explains below

Concierge healthcare

Is just more proof of a broken system.I'm glad that Dr Nancy Snyderman actually took some time out of her busy day of struggling through her show to have a couple of doctors argue both sides of it. while its good that we have doctors that specialize in preventative care the way its set up now not many can afford to pay for it.

Song of the day

Young Dro featuring Young LA - I dont know yall

click right here for the download

to get this song and more check out THE JUKEBOX and tell her I sent you there

Monday, November 23, 2009

WTF? part 5 of who the hell knows how many

What the F is this? well its a song about side hugging because regular hugs are sinful,evil and can lead to AIDS from crotches rubbing together for some reason. anyway enjoy this awkward song about hugging(why?) and check out such lyrical masterpieces as "Imma rough ride her/fill her up with Christ love" I thought they were Christians when did they start singing about boning and bustin nuts in mouths? and to add to this who the hell finds regular hugs sexual? you have to be a really sexually repressed and deprived person to get off on regular hugs oh and the G-Unit style gunshots and sirens in the song really add a touch of class and elegance

the impact report

Today the health and human services secretary Kathleen Sebelius released an extensive report detailing the state by state impact of the senate health bill and i have to say it looks like it could be pretty good for the state of Michigan which means its gonna be good for me personally. lets hope this gets passed for my sake just incase something else crazy happens to me. below are some highlights of the benefits the state will eventually be receiving

1.3 million residents who do not currently have insurance and 459,000 residents who have nongroup insurance could get affordable coverage through the health insurance exchange. <------I could've used that months ago and could still use it now

279,000 seniors would have their brand-name drug costs in the Medicare Part D “doughnut hole” halved. <---------my grandmother could really use that one. she already pays way too much money for her medicine

1.6 million seniors would receive free preventive services <---------more help for grandma

109,000 small businesses could be helped by a small business tax credit to make premiums more affordable <---------we should've done that years ago. it would've been good for me a few months ago

and now here are some of the more immediate benefits from the health care bill(if it passes) that the state of michigan will be receiving

1. Insurance companies will no longer be able to impose lifetime limits on the amount of care you receive

2. 9 percent of people in Michigan have diabetes2, and 29 percent have high blood pressure3 – two conditions that insurance companies could use as a reason to deny health insurance coverage. Reform will establish a high-risk pool to enable people who cannot get insurance today to find an affordable health plan<----- this one basically covers two things that run in my family all at the same time

3. 31 percent of Michigan residents have not had a colorectal cancer screening, and 17 percent of women over 50 have not had a mammogram in the past two years.4 Health insurance reform will ensure that people can access preventive services for free through their health plans. It will also invest in a prevention and public health fund to encourage prevention and wellness programs. <--- why this isnt free now is still puzzling to me because if you can catch the disease earlier you can kill the disease,save time,save effort,save money and save a life

4. An estimated 192,000 people from Michigan have early retiree coverage through their former employers, but early retiree coverage has eroded over time.5 A reinsurance program would stabilize early retiree coverage and provide premium relief to both early retirees and the workers in the firms that provide their health benefits. This could save families up to $1,200 on premiums. <---- my grandfather would've loved this one

5. the plan would actually reduce the price of prescription drugs by close to 50% for seniors enrolled in medicare and this starts in 2010 not 2014 as once speculated

6. the lowered costs of providing care will save the state of michigan hundreds of millions of dollars which is very helpful considering the current budget crisis

7. the bill reduces the amount of uncompensated care Right now, providers in Michigan lose $2 billion in uncompensated care each year which states subsidize at least in part. Instead, under reform, uncompensated care would begin to be reduced immediately as more uninsured people gain coverage.

8. currently the uncompensated care in this state gets covered by slightly raising taxes on everything. with the reduced amount of uncompensated care taxes might actually start to get lower on a few things

9. last year alone people in the state of michigan spent almost $11 billion in out of pocket costs for everything from check ups to surgeries and without health reform it will be up to almost almost $17 billion in out of pocket costs for this state that has just under 10 million people. this means that on average last year everybody here would've spent about $1100 in out of pocket costs if everyone had insurance but since12.5% of the people here dont have insurance those out of pocket costs are really around $1255 per person for the people that have insurance. thats entirely too much money and with the bill a lot of people (three quarters of a million) would get a tax credit to ease those costs

10. theyre finally gonna put everything on computers.....because its about to be 2010 and we shouldnt be doing this like we did it in 1950
Physicians spend on average about 140 hours and $68,000 a year just dealing with health insurance bureaucracy.For the 34,091 physicians in Michigan, this adds up to 4.8 million hours and $2.3 billion in costs.By simplifying and standardizing paperwork and computerizing medical records, doctors will be able to focus on caring for their patients instead of dealing with bureaucracy. <-------we're wasting 2 billion dollars on paper and bullshit. we can save money and the environment with this one

11. Primary care physicians would receive a 5-10 percent increase in pay thanks to the bills heavy focus on preventative care

12. Approximately 1.1 million people, or 11 percent of Michigan’s population, cannot access a primary care provider due to shortages in their communities. Health insurance reform will expand and improve programs to increase the number of health care providers, including doctors, nurses, and dentists, especially in rural and other underserved areas

The Michigan Health report

Health Reform dot Gov

state health facts

lets crash a party

the good people at Billionaires for wealthcare decided to head to one of those tea parties that fox news so heavily promotes as millions of real americans angry about Obama bringing socialism to the states by wanting to provide somewhat more affordable healthcare to people and expanding coverage to everyone(including the poor). In this video you'll see that tea parties really are a serious thing and they should be on the news because if we've learned anything is that when a small group of middle aged white people get together and yell things that kind of rhyme America is in for some trouble. enjoy the video

Bonus video Chuck Grassley and Bob Corker meet the billionaires for wealthcare with tons of enthusiasm (its at the end of the video)

the funniest thing in this to me besides from the complete stupidity of the teapartiers and the extreme levels of sarcasm by the billionaires is the fact that the crowd of regular people started to gravitate away from the teapartiers and towards the jokesters

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Incase you missed it

the american music awards basically sucked big time but here's a funny moment from it

If reverend X was white

He would be Glenn Beck and he would have a ton of followers. seriously think about this. in my last post i posted several videos of "the spirit of truth" starring Reverend X(real name Don Vincent) and in those videos he makes wild accusations about how the world is ending and how everyone who basically doesnt agree with him is a part of the anti-christ in so many colorful words. Well I'm here to say that Glenn Beck is exactly like that but with less profanity,more racism,better production values and a huge marketing campaign being funded by a popular television network. Glenn Beck is the white Reverend X and besides from it being hilarious this is actually quite dangerous when you realize that there are millions of people that follow this guys every word and agree with him using God of all people to justify his psychotic stupidity

Sacreligiously hilarious

I honestly wish i could've seen this live just so i could have something to laugh about for days at a time. if you've never seen these videos be prepared to hear a ton of profanity and to laugh like never before. Is it real? yes it is. this was actually a public access tv show back in the late 90's and the only reason it was taken off the air was because of nudity and not the swearing or constantly making shit up about the bible so......basically he was like a republican but funny as hell,with a decent taste in music and the ability to dance with a cane in front of a chroma key screen.

random but i've never seen the third video until i started looking for material for this blog.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mark Foley wasnt alone

I got sent this link via twitter and it basically shows a gigantic list of elected officials,political pundits and a ton of right wing nutjobs who arent what they say they are and by that i mean theyre a bunch of child molesters and rapists. I didnt make it up hell its even on the Daily Kos and that site is respected way more than this one is. try not to throw up after you see the long list of disgusting atrocities

some of the highlights of the list
1. one of them was convicted of molesting his own kids
2. a priest on that list advocates fathers exposing themselves to children
3. one of those guys fucked a mule.

pictured below is a man who should've been on to catch a predator

random and weird but I always thought to catch a predator was one of the funniest shows on tv. nothing makes me laugh more than seeing scumbags getting caught

Song of the day

the saturday song of the day is basically here because its been stuck in my head and the song is.. fabolous - imma do it

Friday, November 20, 2009

there he goes again

thats right the president is up to it again. he's trying to indoctrinate our children by talking about volunteering and serving the community. we dont need that shit in America. if you cant get it yourself with no help from a group of investors without risking any of your capital or having to put up collateral you dont fuckin deserve it.Now it seems that Obama is trying to get to our kids by sullying the reputation of one of our most beloved activities. thats right people he's running an ad during the thanksgiving football game. when i'm watching the lions get blown out 44-19 i dont want to see Obama popping up on the screen talking about "help your neighbor and stay in school" fuck that!! here's the ad featuring the president with Drew Brees,the man with the best head of hair in the NFL Troy Polamalu and Demarcus Ware. just look at the socialism oozing off of the screen

photobucket picture of the day

Today is the 67th birthday of vice president Joe Biden. Happy Birthday Mr vice president. Try not to do anything too crazy out at the strip club tonight

Song of the day

Snoop Dogg - Buck em.

one of my favorite tracks ever from the beat to the lyrics you cant go wrong with this song. Snoop really brings the heat on this one

free music

this time its the song "Google Me" by Detroit emcee Al Nuke. check it out,enjoy it and download.

Google Me

WTF? part 4 of who the hell knows how many

Probably the weirdest thing I have ever heard done to a 2pac song. Keep ya head up but please put the camera down until you get those keys figured out.the best part of this might actually be the guy in the background in the beginning. he knows whats about to happen but decides to roll with it anyway for 10 earsplitting minutes. if you watch closely(or casually) you'll notice that the A/V isnt synced at all. how the hell did that happen? Look,Listen,laugh,learn,enjoy and comment

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Only the good parts

I'm reposting the best part of one of my previous posts

My personal experiences with the medical system

A few months ago I was attacked coming home from work because some dumbass teenager thought it would be a good idea to sneak up on me and hit me with a brick in the back of the head. luckily i heard him sneaking but before i could turn completely around to see what the hell was going on I was hit in the right side of my face with a brick. Miraculously I wasnt knocked unconcious by that even though it did knock me into a fence and the ground breaking my mp3,giving me a slight concussion,breaking my orbital bone and actually knocking my eye slightly back into my skull. below is a picture of me before and after the attack(I look like the before pic now)

a week after being hit in the face,going to the hospital,the eye doctor and receiving several thousands of dollars worth of treatment that i still cant afford.

now being hit in the face with a brick is frustrating as hell and its attempted murder but what pissed me off more was the experience after i went to the hospital. the first thing i was asked in the ER was how was i gonna pay for it. not "what happened?" or "do you know who did this to you?". After several trips back and forth between the ER and the Kresge eye institute I learned that I would need an extremely costly surgery to put my eye back in the right spot(when they measured it,it was about 6mm back from where the other eye was). They could've done the surgery the next day but because of my lack of insurance and not being eligible for medicaid they couldnt do it. so now its a few months later,the swelling has gone down,my vision has improved and my eyes look long as you dont reall stare closely at them. oh and it still bothers me from time to time and i dont have as much peripheral vision as before. So sure its great that i didnt get any brain damage or die but i basically spent a ton of time in the ER for them to send me to the eye doctors who did a great job getting my eye back to a decent level but couldnt do a much needed surgery due to a lack of insurance by me and it only cost me a little over $11,000 and stories like that are happening everyday and with way worse results than just shoddy vision and headaches. If you really think that this is a good system to keep you're either an insurance executive,stupid or have no soul...........which one are you?

oh and to add an update to this I got another bill today for $260 in extra medical bills

Obama stole the election

Well atleast thats been the cry from several conservatives for the past few months and now thanks to a massive poll by Public Policy Polling it turns out that the majority of republican respondents think that Acorn defrauded voters and stuffed the ballot box to the tune of somewhere near 10 million votes to help Barack Obama win the presidency. Before today I thought it was just a fringe few that actually believe that(like the conspiracy theorists who are in favor of legalizing cocaine but against gay marriage) but it turns out a lot of people really think that Obama stole the election. this belief could be just part of the reason why there is so much anti-government sentiment lately. either that or the fact that some people simply cant handle seeing a black man in office. you may think i'm being paranoid or crazy but a quick search of youtube and the Google will show you that i may in fact be on to something and now here are a few videos of people who generally dislike Obama for one reason or another

the full poll results

As a sports fan

seeing an accredited news organization make this mistake is just beyond crazy to me. Everyone knows that the rivalry is U of M vs Ohio State. not MSU and Ohio state. its just one of those small annoyances that gets to me

photobucket picture of the day

Lady Gaga tweets about her account being hacked a few days ago

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

so wrong yet so funny

I know I'm not supposed to laugh at stuff like this but eff all that. this is funny!

The President speaks

recently president Obama sat down for an interview with Ed Henry of CNN and he spoke on a ton of issues from meeting with his brother,to sarah palin,to the economy and on why he makes the decision he makes. its an interesting interview and well worth the time you're gonna spend watching it

I've never understood this

Watching the news today there was a ton of coverage about Sarah Palin promoting going rogue in Grand Rapids.During the coverage a reporter asked a woman why she was there to see Sarah Palin and the answer was basically along the lines of "Sarah Palin is just like the rest of us and she should be president". President? Really? I'm not saying that her experience as a former city council member,former mayor of Wasilla,Alaska and former Governor arent good qualifications to at least try.Anyone can try if they have the right money or support system but I never got why people wanted the average guy to be president. Personally I dont want someone like me to be president. I've never been to college outside of a couple of training courses to help other people vote. High school was hard enough for me. Most of the regular people I know dont have several college degrees,they love to drink on occasion,wont turn down a good party and to be serious with you they dont have thick enough skin to deal with the type of scrutiny that comes with being a public figure. Now imagine that person being in the white house.would you want someone with that type of demeanor and that type of temper in charge of everything? would you want a total hothead talking with foreign leaders and getting into fistfights with the president of France?I want you to really think about that. Think about your best friend. I'm sure he's a cool guy but you probably wouldnt let him drive your car on most days and with that logic you know you wouldnt let him be the one in charge of making decisions on the economy,taxes,defense,education,agriculture and the law. I know I wouldnt let any of my friends or family for that matter(especially some of my family) make those decisions and neither should you. lets stop voting for the regular guy and start voting for the qualified guy. it wont hurt anything and it keeps our best friends with us at the bars,clubs,picnics,football games and just generally there because as soon as the average guy gets elected to anything he immediately becomes a sellout douchebag. thats just my opinion though

just killing time here

here are a couple of dunks from piston player Will "the thrill" Bynum

Something that always annoyed me....part 1

I've always been annoyed by record companies that would post videos on youtube but take away the ability to embed the video and post them on your own personal website. why do they do that? it helps nobody. it doesnt get the video anymore views and 9 times out of 10 it leads to people just ripping the video off of youtube,posting it again in lower quality and having to deal with copyright lawsuits. they can stop all of that and keep me from being annoyed by just making those music videos able to be embedded. that is all and now here's a video.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More free music

Wu Tang Clan MC and all around great rapper Raekwon is giving away a free song but probably only for a short time. follow the link below to get to the music

this will lead you to the music. I promise

the twitter link just proves that its free and legal

Michigan for the win!!!

Well not really but recently Tim Conrad of Taylor,Michigan(a pretty nice town not too far from Detroit) won the world championships of rock paper scissors and with that officially became one of the worlds biggest nerds a God amongst people who play rock,paper,scissors and $7000 richer. seriously? $7000 for playing rock,paper,scissors? maybe i should start playing more often and go out there and win some extra cash. something i didnt know but there's a World RPS society. yes an organization specifically for people who play rock,paper,scissors for money. basically an organization for professional slackers who want to be serious

Want to learn more about the sport? well click this sentence!!

photobucket picture of the day

this comment from Media Matters pretty much sums up what i think about the photo

...Flag pins, bows, Michelle's belts, teleprompters, sercret communists... Does the right have one legitimate critic of Obama? Or is all this petty nonsense from petty people?

sometimes I really wonder if fox wants to take us back to the days where blacks were on the back of the bus,women couldnt vote and if you were gay you either got shot or had to work for fox news(kinda like Sheperd Smith). I think Fox news would love to see a return to klan supremacy and good old fashioned racist fun

pictured below good old fashioned racist fun

A history of crazy

the good folks over at crooks and liars have put together a video highlighting some of the more crazy moments from glenn beck....from just this year. personally i'm still laughing at this video. When Glenn Beck isnt crying he's finding a way to jump to conclusions,stretch the truth and not actually do any real exercises in research. dont believe me? well look at the video and spot the over 25 proven lies and a ton of shit made up on the spot.what shocks me more about the video is the number of "experts" and elected officials who agree with him. who the hell elected these crazy ass people?

Monday, November 16, 2009

the Carrie Prejean sex tape

cant be seen in the video below but instead its a pretty funny parody starring some random attractive white woman that i dont know and total douchebag Perez Hilton who has made a ton of money and a career out of 1. making shit up 2. being an angry little bitch. either way this video is funny.

Chuck Norris isnt running for office

because he'd have to murder half of the people involved in politics with an awesome spinning kick to the back of the face. As he explains in this video he has no time for disagreements only time for ass kicking,name taking and dying his hair an unnatural shade of blackish brunette or something.

Bonus videos Chuck Norris doing what he used to do best......Kicking ass,scaring kids and general craziness

still talkin about healthcare

yes i know this video is a couple of months old but Chris Matthews makes a ton of good points in this video despite Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski's best efforts to attempt to make up an argument against him.

I love how offended Mika gets everytime Chris says something about Joe

Bob Scheifer speaks on Sarah Palin

he says she has "no future in politics"

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Running out of ideas

Recently on Fox News(I use that word losely) an episode of the O'Reilly factor aired and it featured this segment in the video below. in the segment O'Reilly questions the presidents parenting ability due to the fact that he mentioned that his daughter basically got a B- on a test but thanks to changing her study habits and working hard she raised it up to an A. Apparently Bill-O thought that it may have been bad to mention that in public(whats so bad about a B?) because it might actually make the little girl upset and bring down her self esteem. watch as Bill O'Reilly and a psychiatrist try(and fail) to find some sort of fault in there and then morph it into a greater discussion on parenting and interacting with children

tweet of the day

this one comes from Detroit MC Al Nuke and i cant say i disagree with him

Al Nuke goes in on the Detroit Lions

safe sex aint safe no mo

Yes the economy is in the toilet right now but this is just ridiculous. according to the BBC thousands of counterfeit condoms may be in the UK thanks to a very unscrupulous company making fake versions of Durex brand condoms. the condoms were first discovered in Ireland and now it has the Medicine and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency on high alert. below is a picture of real Durex condoms

the fake packages look similar but the lettering is all screwed up. Its a shame that someone would think its a good idea to play with public safety just to illegally make a few bucks.

the source of this story

this wont be the last time(hopefully)

I actually set a trend among Detroit tweeters on twitter. dont believe me? well click right here to see the proof . Mine is number 3 on the list

Fox news is still dumb

They're making a big issue out of the president being a good guest while going to Japan and doing a customary bow when meeting the emperor over there.Also in the vid dick cheney's daughter making a joke about heart attack cheney running for president in 2012. the main point of this is that fox is retarded

Bonus Vid liz Cheney and James Carville get into a huge argument on Larry King live leading to Larry putting both of them on mute

Song of the day

the last day of Atlanta hip hop week here at the blog(check the other song of the day blogs) and we've come down to this a triple shot of songs played at every single NFL game. first up a song that was only a minor hit but became the essential song for kicking off high school,college and pro football games. here's archie eversole with "we ready"

next up is a song that was a huge hit back when it came out and just kinda stuck around. here's Bonecrusher featuring Killer Mike and the king of the south T.I. with "Never scared" off of his(Bonecrusher) debut album "Attenchunn!!"

the last video is a song thats played everytime an opposing team catches a penalty at a Detroit Lions game but unfortunately not played enough for the lions to have a shot at winning. here are lil jon and the eastside boyx featuring the ying yang twins with "get low"

Saturday, November 14, 2009

photobucket picture of the day

this girl is awfully confident and stuck up for someone who doesnt even post a picture of herself. what you dont see in the pic are the 98 other answers(all within a 5 minute span) of people telling her to go fuck herself and how much of an ugly whore she is. hopefully this taught her to not be so much of a bitch in the future

you can read all of the answers right here and add a few of your own

and yes you can see all of the stuff i was downloading at the bottom of the screen. I promise you it wasnt German porn

Video of the day

Oli Lemieux and the people at cirque du soleil doing some amazing trampoline training. watch,enjoy and be utterly amazed while listening to a pretty good song that i dont know the title of at the moment

cutting in line crosses the line

A woman in Missouri is facing up to 15 years in prison for being just kinda rude and cutting in line. now if that didnt sound terrible enough the case has been moved from the town where the "crime" happened to a town thats known for having klan members and maybe 15 black people total. the town is also known for having some of the strictest judges and sentences in the state of Missouri. hopefully she doesnt get thrown in prison for 15 years over it but even the local news seems to think that she might end up going away for a long time over something small.

If you havent noticed the woman in question is a negro

UPDATE: Ms Ellis will not have to serve any significant time in jail but she will have to do a few days in jail before the year is out and will be on an unsupervised probation. If she can avoid any trouble for a year the incident will be removed from her record

I never knew.....

Just how weird Glenn Beck was.he's seriously fucked up in the head

In the first video a passage is read from Glenn Beck's book where he talks about boning his sister. yes Glenn Beck is an incestuous monster

In the second video an email by mark sanford is read and acted out.........enjoy

Friday, November 13, 2009

the debate over the upcoming 9/11 trials

the debate got kind of heated on the situation room with wolf blitzer today. so far i'm noticing that the favorable/unfavorable views on this issue seems to be along party lines for the most part

Steve King calls the Obama administration criminals

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) sat down for an interview not too long ago where he went off on the Obama administration. Steve King is known for saying things like Obama is gonna be a dictator and that Obama was a little too familiar to Middle Eastern people and probably a terrorist in this latest video he calls the Obama administration a group of gangsters. now this bugs me because lately everytime a minority does anything of significance (like become the president) theres always someone there to call him a criminal and try to tear him and the people around them down. you can argue policy all day but at least try to keep some common decency

that someone he's thinking about in the video is crazy cat lady/second best looking republican to ever be elected to anything(behind the hilarious Sarah Palin) Michelle Bachman

well it only took an hour

it only took about an hour and people are already pissed at Obama over wanting to bring the 9/11 conspirators to trial in the good old US of A. this time its Senator John S McCain and a ton of others that are angry at the president read about it right here

new level of desperation

seriously though who does that shit? what am i talking about? I'm talking about the tampa man who called 911 looking for some sex. Besides from it being pretty illegal to play around when calling 911 the dispatchers usually arent that good looking.I'm just sayin. read more about it right here people !! and you can hear the phone call/see the mugshot by clicking here

free music

yes I know I've been posting a lot of political stuff lately because its funny as hell but here's some music for you to feast on. here's Al Nuke,Streetlord Juan and Seven the General with feasting time. To hear and download the song click on the picture below.

To hear more Al Nuke just google him.

glenn beck craziness

Just because I find him hilarious. He's clearly acting(and doing a great job at it) but whats even funnier is that people believe 95% of the stuff he says. below is a video of him crying about something he made up in his mind during a wet dream about Barack Obama

Thursday, November 12, 2009

more ways to bug joe lieberman

if you're as sick of lieberman as i am you now have a new place to find out ways to get rid of him mainly so go there and find new ways to annoy a US senator tat barely if ever does his job. and now here's a video

Sarah Palin is a lying skank!!

at least thats the sentiment of the anonymous McCain campaign official that took the time to be interviewed by the AP. he pretty much put all of her business on the street and you can read it all.... right here!! we all know Sarah inst about drama. she even told Oprah that she wasnt about it.this blog post was short so here's a song to help pass the time while you read

Song of the day

Young Jeezy-Trap or Die

totally not a positive message but I effin love this song from the aggressive lyrics to the pounding beat. its just all around awesome and yes i know the video and sound isnt totally synced up but its pretty much one of only a few versions of this song on youtube that isnt off of a mixtape with the DJ all through it

Environmentally sexy

People are finding all sorts of ways to try to save what we have left of an environment from recycling to driving hybrid cars to trying to live a completely vegan lifestyle but have you ever thought of saving the environment while in the throws of passionate lovemaking with that someone special? probably not but as it turns out you can do it,and do it well. I was shocked to find out there were vegan condoms but this video explains that there's a ton more things to try out besides from vegan condoms.

cruelty free sex.......if you're into that kind of thing

In case you missed it

Last night Sean Hannity responded to Jon Stewart airing him out over playing old Glenn Beck footage and claiming it was new footage. Enough of me trying to explain it. see my last post for the Jon Stewart video and then see this post for the response. or do it backwards. I really dont care

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Video of the day

not cool at all

When did it become cool to compare anything to 9/11 let alone the president? let me know because i thought it was still kinda offensive to use a terrorist attack for an excuse to say some dumb shit but thats just what colorado republican senator Dave Schultheis has done on his twitter account. Now I get it that some people dont completely agree with the President on policy issues but that shit is just wrong. oh and to add to it when you try to access his twitter account its suddenly "private". seems like someone is a little scared to tweet in public now

I think chuck norris might have lost it

it seems that the man known for being all kinds of awesome has been losing his mind lately when it comes to everything Obama but specifically in this video he talks about healthcare. he actually believes that the healthcare reform plan being pushed through the government will actually allow the government to come in your house and regulate the way you parent your own children. watch below as FNC's Neil Cavuto attempts to talk some sense into him

Song of the day

keeping with this weeks theme of Atlanta hip hop here's a song thats basically a southern classic.

Pastor Troy - No Mo Play in GA

You can fight for comprehensive health reform today!!

Senator Joe Lieberman(a man who would've been vice president if bush wouldn't have stolen the 2000 election)and other senators(especially the republican ones) are planning to fillibuster health care reform if that reform includes a publicly available government run plan which is similar to medicare and medicaid. He(Lieberman) would much rather see healthcare be completely run by private companies(like it is now).sure he fought for the patients bill of rights but since then he's fought tooth and nail against just about everything in the current plans for healthcare reform and is now threatening to block it from even getting to the point of a final vote. Personally I think it has more to do with him being an outcast amongst democrats and his plans to support republican candidates in 2010. so basically he's trying to stop progress just to be a dick. On another note he's totally against spending money Unless its for defense/war but he voted against having a timeline for us to get out of iraq. with the amount of money we've spent in iraq and afghanistan in the last few years blowing shit up and getting nothing in return it shouldnt be that big of a deal to draft a ten year plan to get the United States better health care currently we're ranked 37th in the world behind countries like the UK,France,Canada and Cuba. fuckin Cuba!! Quit standing in the way of a better future for America. Move past the bullshit and personal grudges and help lead America to a better tomorrow <-------I'm all for military victory but we're wasting money not finding Bin Laden

call senator Lieberman and others and let them know that you wont stand for his shit anymore. tell him to man up and quit being such a bitchmade pussy. the number to his office is below

Connecticut Office
One Constitution Plaza
7th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 549-8463 Voice
(800) 225-5605 In CT
(866) 317-2242 Fax

I'll be posting the numbers of more senators frequently.

call sam brownback and tell him your sick of his shit too

photobucket picture of the day

this guy seems like he might need to tell his woman the truth

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

photobucket picture of the day

Info on me

here is the long list of sites where you can find me

this one obviously

and now here's a video

Song of the day

continuing on with the salute to atlanta hip hop here's a double shot of music from the youngbloodz. first up from this always dope atlanta based duo is 87 fleetwood off of their 1999 album against da grain. it sucks that there was never a video for this song

now to add a theme within a theme within a theme here's another song off of their 1999 album against da grain. 85/Billy Dee featuring daddy fat sacks himself Big Boi from the grammy award winning group Outkast

yes i know theres a video for this song but youtube wont let me embed that video