The greatest of all time calls it quits!

Obama Crosses the line twice!

Game Over!

We're finally out of Iraq.

99 Problems

He got 99 problems but Mitt ain't done.


20+ weird things you may or may not have wanted to know about Sarah Palin.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

bad mixtape covers.........2

oh yeah its back. i've been listening to alot of music lately and in that listening i've been noticing how terrible some of the recent mixtape covers have been looking.

1. TI is not captain america,at all boy+santa hat=disaster

the title is kinda weak too

3.damn just damn

4.pac and biggie get into the christmas spirit

5.what the fuck?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

this flyer is a failure

so yeah i was at the i am music tour last night and..........
1. it was a great show
2. traffic was a bitch
3. this flyer fails on alot of levels

jim class heros? t-payne? keisha cole?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

wtf?(part 2 of who the hell knows how many)

I actually kinda want one of these things.

ever wanted to shoot your alarm clock in the morning? well the gun o'clock lets you do just that but unfortunately the gun isnt useful for other things(such as shooting at people) but the thought of waking up and shooting something is always a good one for me.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

once again the japanese are beating us in innovation

nunchaku baseball. thats right baseball and not a bruce lee movie

(yes i know bruce lee was chinese)

wtf?(part 1 of who the hell knows how many)

why in the hell are there nintendo hoodies? I like mario and I kinda like hoodies but i dont want a damn mushroom hoody and i dont want to look like a videogame billboard.

you wouldnt wear this would you?

if you wear this you should be beaten by a group of nerds for looking like a jackass

(blog was inspired/ripped off from another blog)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

this is still funny to me

hell yeah

just felt like saying this

if you have a music page on myspace with 17,000,0000 plays and about 17 friends you gotta stop that cheatin plays shit. it just makes it easy for the rest of us to see that you aint that good at the "music" you do

Monday, December 15, 2008

of course you want free music

click below to download a free song by gotti,lil nick,t1 and drebone

(you're gonna enjoy it)

freestyle megamix

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I've heard of a diamond in the rough but damn...

they can turn you into a diamond once you die and here's the proof

dont ask me how i came across that

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

never knew scarface had so many issues

he comes off as kinda crazy in this interview

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

badpiff mixtape series..........volume 1

yeah i'm not gonna post the music player in here because i want the suspense to build on these tapes

heres the link

listen and enjoy

best lyrics : "imagine if you suddenly hear footsteps of feet"
best song : I can rap(ja rule,mike jones,bubba sparxx and atmosphere diss)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

postin it before everyone else does

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

this made me laugh a little bit

just follow the link folks

Sunday, November 16, 2008

100 favorite songs from the south(with videos)

of course its hip hop people.

(not in order)
1. miracle - bounce
2. pastor troy - no mo play in GA
3. mike jones- still tippin
4. lil boosie - set it off
5. the geto boys - real nigga shit
6. tru - hoody hoo
7. master p and lil romeo - i need dubs

8. trick daddy - nann
9. pittbull - 305 anthem
10. UGK - the game belongs to me
11. slim thug - like a boss
12. ludacris - southern hospitality
13. pastor troy - ridin big
14. 3 6 mafia - who run it

15. chamillionaire - hip hop police
16. chamillionaire - evening news
17. 3 6 mafia featuring UGK - sippin on some syrup
18. jt money - who dat
19. ludacris - ho
20. slim thug,bun b and TI - 3 kings
21. lil wayne - tha block is hot
22. choppa featuring lil wayne and jody breeze - see ya lil daddy
23. ying yang twins - salt shaker
24. boyz in da hood - dem boyz
25. dem franchise boyz - ridin rims
26. UGK - gold grill
27. 8ball - time 2 hit da club
28. ludacris featuring UGK - stick em up
29. young jeezy - trap or die

30. big tymers - number 1 stunna
31. petey pablo - u dont want dat
32. trae featuring gorilla zoe and young joc - throwaways
33. lil jon and the eastside boys featuring krayzie bone and mystikal -i dont give a fuck
34. lil troy - wanna be a baller
35. pimp c - pourin up
36. lil keke featuring 8ball - southside

37. lil keke - 25 lighters
38. paul wall - sittin sidewayz
39. 8ball and MJG - space age pimpin
40. jody breeze featuring jazze pha - stay fresh
41. youngbloodz featuring lil jon - damn
42. BG featuring tone tone - how ya livin
43. young buck,TI and ludacris - stomp
44. lil jon featuring ti,bun b,nas,ice cube and jadakiss - grand finale
45. 3 6 mafia featuring chamillionaire - dope boy fresh
46. pastor troy - vice versa
47. archie eversole - we ready
48. bubba sparxxx - ugly
49. trillville - some cut
50. crime mob - knuck if you buck
51. 8ball and MJG - pimp hard
52. lil flip - this is the way we ball
53. skip and waco,juvenile - nolia clap
54. juvenile - 400 degreez
55. juvenile - ha
56. juvenile - u understand
57. trae featuring young joc - in the hood
58. trae - swang
59. young joc featuring short dawg - patron
60. short dawg - cruisin
61. lil wayne and short dawg - me and my drank
62. tela - tela
63. TI -stand up
64. lil scrappy - no problems
65. lil scrappy - gangsta gangsta
66. short dawg featuring kdeezy and juan - flip flop paint
67. rich boy - boy looka here
68. rich boy - get to poppin
69. tum tum - caprice musik
70. petey pablo - raise up
71. UGK - dirty money
72. UGK - let me see it
73. Pimp C - knockin doors down
74. david banner - cadillac on 22's
75. david banner featuring lil flip - like a pimp
76. slim thug - i aint heard of that
77. paul wall and lil keke - break em off
78. trae - restless
79. UGK - choppin blades(by now yall have noticed that i'm a ugk fan)
80. trick daddy - thug holiday
81. trick daddy - i'm a thug
82. ludacris - number 1 spot
83. ludacris - welcome 2 atlanta
84. UGK - Pimpin aint no illusion
85. tela - sho nuff
86. 8ball and MJG featuring LLoyd - forever
87. 8ball and MJG - dont make
88. dirty - hit da floe
89. dirty - rollin vogues
90. dirty - twinkies
91. cadillac don and j money - inside peanut butter,outside jelly
92. TI - chillin wit my bitch
93. TI - why u mad at me
94. TI - my life
95. scarface - my block
96. scarface featuring 2pac - smile
97. snoop dogg,c murder,silkk the shocker, mia x , fiend and goldie loc - ghetto symphony
98. youngbloodz - u way
99. youngbloodz - 85 south
100. silkk the shocker - the shocker

Friday, November 7, 2008

some of the songs i like

feel free to add these to your playlist

this is not a list of the 110 best songs but 110 songs that i happen to like for one reason or another

1. Ludacris - grew up a screw up

2. paul wall - sittin sidewayz

3. mike jones - still tippin

4. pastor troy - no mo play in GA

5. Blade Icewood - blood sweat and tears

6. miracle - bounce

7. lil jon ,bun b, t.i., jadakiss, nas and ice cube - grand finale

8. Stat Quo - like that

9. Dem franchise boys - white tee (the original one not the shitty remix with jermaine dupri on it)

10. slim thug - like a boss

11. the clipse - grindin

12. gotti ,T1 and Drebone - grindin (that was almost too obvious)

13. lil jon and the eastside boys featuring chyna white and too short - just a bitch (the original one)

14. too short - blow the whistle

15. pimp c featuring mike jones and bun b - pouring up

16. eminem - role model

17. snoop dogg - drop it like it's hot

18. lil wayne - the block is hot

19. three six mafia - bin laden

20. dr dre featuring eminem - forgot about Dre

21. D12 - pistol pistol

22. Proof - gurls wit da boom

23. K doe a.k.a. K-deezy - in my hood

24. fat joe featuring R kelly - we thuggin

25. fat joe - lean back

26. 50 cent - many men

27. 50 cent - in da club

28. T.I. - be easy

29. T.I. - U dont know me

30. lil boosie featuring young joc - zoom

31. 8ball and MJG - you dont want drama

32 . stack bundles featuring 8ball and MJG,paul wall and pitbull - i'm on

33. 8ball and MJG featuring lloyd - forever

34. lil jon featuring jadakiss and styles p - knockin heads off

35. lil scrappy - no problems

36. jim jones featuring cam'ron , the game and lil flip - certified gangstas

37. cam'ron - oh boy

38. eastside cheddar boys - oh boy

39. blade icewood - ride on me

40. jay z featuring UGK - big pimpin

41. bone thugs in harmony - thuggish ruggish bone

42. lil jon featuring nas and the bravehearts - quick to back down

43. D12 - 40oz

44. UGK - let me see it

45. eminem featuring obie trice - drips

46. obie trice - cry now

47. akon featuring styles p - locked up

48. E40 featuring keak da sneak - tell me when to go

49. eazy e - we want eazy

50. westside connection - bow down

51. ice cube - today was a good day

52. lil flip - this is the way we ball

53. lil jon featuring T.I.,trick daddy and lil wayne - stand up

54. trick daddy - shut up

55. trick daddy - bet that

56. bizzare - today was a bad day

57. jim jones - we fly high

58. cam'ron featuring kanye west - down and out

59. da backwudz - i dont like the look of it

60. cam'ron - live my life

61. D12 - devils night

62. 2pac - i get around

63. 2pac - dear mama (obvious choice)

64. 2pac featuring big syke and dj quik - loyal to the game <---------thats the good version of the song

65. dj quik - yous a ganxta

66. proof featuring 50 cent - forgive me

67. cam'ron - let me know

68. black rob - whoa

69. notorious B.I.G. featuring the hot boys - hope you niggas sleep

70. DMX - whats my name

71. dmx - lord give me a sign

72. trae - swang

73. pimp c - knockin doors down

74. boogie down productions - south bronx

75. method man and redman - da rockwilder

76. method man - METHOD MAN

77. wu tang clan - cream

78. wu tang clan - triumph

79. the beastie boys - intergalactic

80. the D.O.C. - the formula

81. nwa - fuck the police

82. juvenile - back that ass up

83. juvenile - i got that fire

84. big tymers - still fly

85. young buck - let me in

86. rah digga featuring busta rhymes - imperial

87. Warren G - regulate

88. nate dogg - i got love

89. snoop dogg featuring R Kelly - thats that shit

90. bad azz featuring snoop dogg - wrong idea

91. T.I. - 24's

92. ludacris featuring UGK - stick em up <----------that song is a classic

93. ludacris and timbaland - fat rabbit

94. young joc - dope boi magic

95. purple ribbon all stars - i'm on it

96. purple ribbon all stars - body rock

97. slum village - ease up

98. san quinn and EA Ski - hell yeah

99. kurupt - callin out names

100. kurupt - the streets is a motherfucker <----------that whole album was good

101. G - Unit - stunt 101

102. slick rick - childrens story

103. nappy roots - ballin on a budget

104. ll cool j - going back to cali

105. ll cool j - i need love

106. ll cool j - i'm bad

107. the game - westside story

108. lil jon featuring lil scrappy - what you gon do

109. lil scrappy - money in the bank

110. T1&Drebone, Gotti - U aint got none (another obvious one)

in 2 years

rodney stuckey will be among the better point guards in the NBA. you dont believe me? just think about it. everyday of his career he has had to play against some of the best pg's in the game and when he does get playing time all he does is score,rebound,defend and assist. his speed,skill and athleticism is the reason why the pistons probably wont keep iverson around too long and we all know iverson is pretty damn good to say the least

Thursday, October 23, 2008

skinny pun

Saturday, October 18, 2008

weirdest song remixes on youtube

part 2

75 cent - fuck yo couch nigga

you cant deny that he made good use of that sample and the beat and lyrics are pretty good

Thursday, October 16, 2008

bad mixtape covers

below are a few mixtape covers that i ran across while wasting time on the internet.the artwork alone makes me not want to buy or even download these mixtapes but fortunately for some of the artists i'm a fan of their work

its obvious why this one is terrible

fuckin bears. bears!!

lets try not to die laughing at how they photoshopped lloyd banks

damn people are dumb

taken from world star hip

if obama wins i have a feeling these people are gonna go on a lynching spree through ohio

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

weirdest song remixes on youtube

part 1

lil wayne and eli porter - a milli(keep it 4 real)

by the way this where they got the sample from gets that bad

Saturday, October 11, 2008

random rap moment 1

yes i know i'm fat

this economy hates me

it really does.

In the last 2 weeks I have personally found out how terrible this economy really is. I got laid off from a job that I really loved that payed a decent wage and to add to it they still owe me money as i write this blog(I better fuckin get paid!!).On friday I got fired from a job that didnt pay as well. I kinda saw it coming though considering how slow business had been in the last couple of months. Now I'm stuck wondering whats my next move in an economy thats making it harder and harder each day to find work for the unemployed. I have a feeling I'll get it together and I'll be back working somewhere doing something in the next couple of weeks

if this wasted your time write a comment about it

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

just some thoughts

Am I the only one that finds it annoying to watch the news when theres no real news being shown?

case in point: remember when paris hilton was sent to jail?
remember how it was the only thing on all the major news networks all day?
do you also remember that during that same day gas was going up(again) and we were still in the middle of 2 wars?

now i dont mind some celebrity stuff on tv every once in a while but leave that shit to entertainment tonight

Sunday, October 5, 2008

ultra fail

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

fuckin woooooooooooow

Saturday, October 4, 2008

welcome to blogspot

thanks for viewing this. give me a few hours and you'll be filled with T1's opinions on things and you'll be getting videos of both of us doing random things. your experience here will be a great one............T1