The greatest of all time calls it quits!

Obama Crosses the line twice!

Game Over!

We're finally out of Iraq.

99 Problems

He got 99 problems but Mitt ain't done.


20+ weird things you may or may not have wanted to know about Sarah Palin.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just killing time here

Not too long ago I kinda got the idea in my head that I should probably stop being part of the problems here in Detroit and find a way to be a part of the solution. My first idea was to make a smartphone app that tracks the city's bus system in real time thus making it easier for riders to figure out how long they're gonna be standing out in the cold waiting for a ride. When the mayor decided to fire a ton of bus drivers,I put that entire idea on the backburner(of course if someone wants to help me do this,I'm happy to be helped) and decided to find other ways to improve lives. In that quest I found out that I could do things like volunteer,clean up a neighborhood and maybe even get into philanthropy. Since I'm gonna be testing out all 3 of those at some point this year I should probably learn about all 3. With that said on Thursday morning I'll be online watching a group of goal oriented,solution based people discuss different ways to help improve this city that I call home. Click this entire sentence to watch what I'll be watching. Click on the picture below to learn more about Detroit 4 Detroit.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Live Primary Results

As everyone knows,it's the night of the Michigan and Arizona republican primaries. In Arizona,Mitt Romney has already won it by a wide margin. In Michigan however,it's still a bit of a close race. In fact it's a little too close to call at the moment. With that said click on the photo below for live results and click on the video below for live speeches from the candidates themselves. Oh and it looks like Romney kinda won with rich people here in Michigan.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ad of the day

Today's ad comes courtesy of republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. In this ad,which is laced with horrendous background music,we get to hear a few facts about Rick Santorum. We get to hear that the mix master is only fiscally conservative when it's politically helpful and that he doesn't really stick to his principles. It's all pretty basic attack ad stuff but what makes it stand out is that he's running this ad in my state of Michigan. A state in which Ron Paul is so much of a non factor that he's barely polling in the double digits. Also,Rick Santorum is starting to notice a pattern of Ron Paul really sticking up for Mitt Romney at critical times. This has been backed up by some research done by the people over at ThinkProgress With that said click on the video below and enjoy.

Can we start ignoring Santorum now? ALL of us? Please?

GOP "candidate" Rick Santorum dials up his crazy just a little higher, when he states (on TELEVISION!) that separation of church and state makes it tough for him to keep his lunch down. Can we all just agree that he's the scariest presidential candidate in history? Just when we thought Bachmann was as crazy as one could get.

His argument is that separation of church and state demands that people of faith have no role in what he calls "the public square." Laughably, his idea of including people of faith in politics is applying their rules and beliefs to people who do not subscribe to them. See his views on abortion, birth control, etc. He admits to wanting to adhere to BIBLICAL standards when making public policies.

But yeah, Rick -- this is TOTALLY about excluding people of faith and not protecting others from being oppressed by Christian rules that they do not recognize. YOU FIGURED US OUT.

You can read the transcript of the interview here.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Governor of Virginia is either a huge liar, or ...

... too stupid to google what "transvaginal" means.


Are we really buying this excuse? Let's be honest with ourselves. McDonnell knew there was a transvaginal ultrasound in that bill, and he knew EXACTLY what that is and what it means. What's bad: shitty, misogynist politics. What's worse: trying to play dumb when you get called out for them.

McDonnell is a misogynist troglodyte. Look at him backpedal HARD for that VP nom. Dance, monkey! Dance!

Rick Santorum's Alleged Former Lover Speaks Out:

And you'll never believe what gender his lover is! I'll even give you two guesses. (Har, har.)

It is doubtfully real (come on now, HUGH JOHNSON?) but Santorum hates gays in a way that almost seems personal. I wouldn't be shocked if the accusation were true, if not this specific story. There's rarely a bigger homophobe than a closeted or (lol) "reformed" homosexual.

Please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true, please be true. PLEASE.

Photo of the day

Mitt Romney stopped through Detroit today to give a speech about the economy at my old place of employment and home of the Detroit Lions,Ford Field. The speech was a big hit that drew in 65,000 people to the large and impressive stadium. We did however find out that he has 4 American cars.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random act of failure

New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin has been on an incredible run during the last few weeks. He's gone from barely avoiding being cut by the team to becoming the starting point guard to becoming a breakout star in the NBA. I guess what I'm saying is that he's been going Linsane on the NBA and it's players for the last few weeks. Of course with anything that's even kinda good,people will jump on the bandwagon. Below is a photo of a guy who has decided to join in on the Linsanity but wants to be a little cheap about it. I guess it's still better than the video below that though.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Falling off

You may have missed this but not too long ago,Michigan senatorial candidate Pete Hoekstra released an ad that was roundly condemned by everyone as racist and idiotic. The ad caused a huge backlash and it's becoming obvious that it has damaged his campaign in a big way. How badly is his decision to be openly racist hurting him? His opponent is now up double digits in what was once a close race. Click on the photo below to see how much of a lead Debbie Stabenow has opened up on Pete Hoekstra.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The president sings

Who knew that the president was a blues singer? I didn't know about this and I'm a bit surprised. Click on the video below as President Obama sings with blues legend and one of my favorite artists of all time, B.B. King.


Sometimes there are moments in this world that make absolutely no sense. If we're lucky those moments will be limited to people saying completely idiotic things in a public forum. If we're unlucky,those senseless moments will manifest themselves in the form of violence. The senselessness in the video below took place not too far from where I used to work. It amazes me how people will think that it's a good idea to shoot up a house but that doesn't amaze me as much as the fact that this entire thing wont even be talked about a week from now. Click on the video below to see the chief of police basically plead with the city to help solve a senseless murder.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Just killing time here

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a big fan of gymnastics. In fact I've posted about it before on here. Also,if you're clicking the links in these sentences you may notice that I'm kind of a big Alicia Sacramone fan. With that said,click on the video below to see a guy who isn't quite up to her level of Olympic excellence.

Santorum Surge

In this edition of the Santorum Surge we get to see the mix master himself stop by one of my favorite local political talk shows,Michigan Matters. In the video below he gets a pretty softball interview from host Carol Cain. In the interview topics range from poll numbers to the economy to how Rick's wife would do as a first lady. We also get to see him get tripped up when talking about bailouts. Click on the videos below to see how Rick is fine tuning his message for the people of Michigan.

Oh and Rick just picked up an endorsement from Megadeth member David Mustaine.

Too bad Bayer Aspirin can't cure STUPIDITY.

If it did, I'd recommend that this guy put an entire bottle between his ears.

A Santorum supporter shares his thoughts on contraception.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

If you missed it

Well,if you missed it last night,you missed one of the better episodes of Saturday Night Live in a long time. In particular you missed SNL alum,Maya Rudolph portraying first lady Michelle Obama. In this sketch the first lady talks about her campaign to help stop childhood obesity. Click on the video below to see her,a fake president Obama and Joe Jamal-Biden.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Manhood Bill!

Amazing. Please watch and if you want to see Sweet Bee when she isn't on here,click right here.

Note from Sweet Bee: I didn't make this video, but I agree with everything said and endorse it. You can follow the brilliant creator of the video at @jessofrva.

Another sad repercussion of "Personhood" laws.

One woman testifies about how the personhood laws will make her in-vitro fertilization illegal.

The in-vitro process sacrifices tons of fertilized eggs. I mean, a woman can't be expected to carry every single egg... can she?


Thursday, February 16, 2012

The War on Women's Rights

On the heels of the Oklahoma state Senate's vote to pass the "Personhood" legislation and send it to a state House that is 2:1 in favor of the bill and Virginia's recent effort to require transvaginal ultrasounds before abortions (PS, they threw that "personhood" thing in there too, don't worry!) one has to wonder: has the entire country lost their minds? These bills bring up some scary future law possibilities, and set some pretty terrifying precedents.

Let's start with the obvious one: the government can now require a woman to undergo a medical procedure that is not medically necessary. A transvaginal ultrasound is uncomfortable. It requires the technician to stick that ultrasound probe into the vagina. This means it is invasive, too. No one else is uncomfortable with that? Recently, a VA legislator presented an addendum to VA's bill that would have required men to have digital rectal exams before receiving Viagra prescriptions. This was dismissed as preposterous and the motion was not passed (however, the bill requiring the ultrasound, continued to move forward.)

I mean I get why it was preposterous! The government REQUIRING a medical procedure? That seems pretty scary. One that isn't necessary? That's scarier. Ultrasounds are not cheap either. An abortion can cost about $500-700. Ultrasounds can cost anywhere from $200-400. The law does not make provisions for those without insurance or adequate income to cover those costs.

The message is, if you're a woman, we don't trust you to make the decision without mandating this frivolous medical procedure. PS: you have to pay for it, we're going to mandate it, but it is your responsibility to pay for it.

If you're a poor woman, we hope you enjoy celibacy (just make sure you don't get raped!) Otherwise you're going to be forced to have that child -- oh, and we don't care if it is too dangerous for you to give birth. PS: we plan to demean you for the rest of eternity, you welfare dependent, food stamp and WIC using WHORE!

But wait, It gets worse.

Let's look at the word "personhood." It sounds like a nonsense word, doesn't it? Well, personhood will confirm the government's stance on when life begins-- and that "when" will be at conception. This is dangerous. It has already begun a war on abortion, and even a war on birth control. Apparently, taking birth control violates an unborn organism's rights. (The unborn organism that seems to have more rights now than the adult female, by the way.) Let's forget all that for a second. What about miscarriages? Remember that Georgia lawmaker that attempted to make a law stating that any abortions (even in cases of rape or incest) AND miscarriages would be considered "prenatal murders"? (If you don't, refresh your memory here)

So now, we've given a zygote more rights than an adult female, we've given the government power to mandate unnecessary medical procedures, and we've set the stage for laws to be passed that punish women who suffer miscarriages. In the meantime, we've also stripped women of the ability to PREVENT unwanted pregnancies by limiting access to (or potentially taking away completely) birth control measures.

When is the white Christian male's war on EVERY OTHER GROUP's civil rights going to stop? As states line up to pass marriage equality, we're simultaneously living in a country that seems to have no issue with stripping women of the right to make medical decisions regarding their own bodies.

The Senate vote in Virginia is monday. Bob McDonnell, who has proven himself to be a misogynist enemy of women everywhere, has stated that he will sign the bill into law. Have I mentioned that he's Mitt Romney's #1 pick for VP?

Come on, America: we can do better than this.

When will EVERY human being OUTSIDE the womb receive equal protection and consideration under the law?

If you missed it

With all of the insanity surrounding contraception these days coming from the GOP and Catholic bishops and the ridiculousness about Occupy Wall Street coming from cable news you may have missed what's going on in Virginia. With that first sentence out of the way,you may be wondering what I'm talking about. Well,what I'm talking about is a new law in Virginia that requires women who are seeking an abortion to submit to an invasive and medically unnecessary vaginal probe. The governor of Virginia,Bob McDonnell is a front runner to be a republican vice presidential pick and something like this wont really win him a lot of favor with women. With that said he's completely in favor of this law. Also,they're required to do this vaginal ultrasound without the woman's consent. Also,there's a ridiculous law in Oklahoma that needs a little more attention. Below is a video of someone much smarter than I talking about why this completely sucks for not only the women in Virginia but for America in general.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Song of the day

It's Valentine's day and I'm in a good mood for some odd reason. Since I'm in a good mood I'm gonna post a few songs that capture the spirit of the day. All of these songs happen to be from the amazing,talented and did I mention amazingly talented Turquoise Jeep Records. Click on the videos below to be taken into a dream world of musical magic.

Random act of failure

It's Valentine's day and love is in the air. In fact you can taste the love in the air and it tastes delicious. Of course with today being a special day,you're going to have to get that special someone a gift. This is of course if you have a special someone and aren't some single,bitter and lonely loser who's sitting at home crying into a pillow while drinking sub-par wine. If you're not that guy,here's a gift idea.

Still Surging

I've previously written about the Santorum Surge on this spectacular site. In fact I've written a lot about the mix master. Now here's a little bit more good news about the world's favorite mixing maestro. Lately he's been wiping the floor with Mitt Romney and now that floor wiping is extending to the state that Mitt and myself have called home in our lives,Michigan. Rick Santorum is actually polling ahead of Mitt Romney in the very state where Mitt Romney's father was a well respected governor. So,how bad is Santorum beating Romney in his home state? Click on the photo to find out.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Santorum Surge

Rick Santorum has been surging like crazy lately. Between mopping the floor with Mitt Romney last week and getting tons of free publicity for his stance on the issue of birth control,Santorum has been on everyone's lips. One thing that's an overriding theme with the mix master is that he's a proud and devoted Catholic. I for one am a fan of Catholicism and because of that I've noticed a few weird things about Rick. Things such as him totally using Catholic bishops in his political exploits to talk about why contraception is evil in any form. This wouldn't be that much of a problem if it wasn't for the hypocritical nature of this latest ploy. If you're kind enough to click on the picture below,you'll see 10 other things Catholic bishops and even The Pope himself are against that Rick has no problem endorsing.

Obamacare is working

I kinda forgot to post this last week but it's pretty good. While I was preoccupied with life,The Detroit News kinda ran a story talking about the effect that Obamacare is having on everyday Americans and particularly,people like my grandma. And by people like my grandma,I mean senior citizens who aren't exactly making Steve Jobs type of money. In this story we find out that the average Michigander saved a nice chunk of change on prescription bills last year. How much did they save? Click on the photo below to find out.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Picture of the day

Everyone knows that there is massive income inequality here in America. We live in a land where a guy like Mitt Romney actually pays a lower tax rate than a guy at a Chrysler factory. We live in a land where we're constantly gutting things like food stamps,education and public safety in favor of another tax giveaway to the rich and unneeded incentives to companies that outsource to other countries. Have you ever wanted to see how bad it really is? Well,below is a helpful chart that leads to more helpful charts about how weird this country really is.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just killing time here

In some news that shocks almost no one,John Boehner is a man who loves to have a tan. In fact if it wasn't for the fact that he's from Ohio,he'd basically be "The Situation". Also,in some news that shocks no one,the indoor tanning association superPAC has donated $5000 to John Boehner. Considering that president Obama put a 10% tax on indoor tanning,they're going to do everything they can to stop him and considering Boehner's almost Snooki-esque love of tanning,this seems like a good choice. To see who else they've donated to,click on the picture below.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ad of the day

In this ad of the day we get republican candidate Pete Hoekstra going after democratic incumbent Debbie Stabenow,who he has nicknamed Debbie "Spend it now". In the ad an Asian woman talks in a clearly fake and borderline racist characterization of an Asian accent. Through this ad filled with broken English we get to hear about how Debbie "Spend it Now" helped run up the debt in America. Of course this ad isn't sitting well with the Asian community here in Michigan and they're pretty upset at the stereotypes in it. To see the ad that's causing controversy in my little town,click on the video below.

Here's a bit of an update. Outside of the vaguely racist looking site that Pete Hoekstra is running,the HTML code in it is kinda racist. Or at least it was before it was changed after Gawker pointed it out.

One more update: The actress in this commercial doesn't even like this commercial.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just killing time here

As I do every so often,I search youtube for ridiculousness. Most of the time I find nothing but unsigned rappers trying their hardest to get themselves seen by adoring fans who don't know that they're fans yet. It was during one of these quests that I found out about a rapper by the name of Ceddy Bu. Ceddy Bu happens to be a rapper from Louisiana who sounds a whole hell of a lot like incarcerated rap star Lil Boosie,who also happens to be from Louisiana. Oh and Ceddy has a very distinctive look about him. Check him out in the video below.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Midnight Distraction

Baseball season is only a couple of months away. In fact I'm pretty excited about the 2012 Tigers team. We did exceptionally well last year with a slightly understaffed and very injured team. With the re-signing of Gerald Laird as a backup to Alex Avila and the blockbuster signing of Prince Fielder,the Tigers are looking to do major damage. With great teams,comes great quantities of fans. Fans from all walks of life who just want to sit in Comerica Park and enjoy a game and take photos. In the photo below,2 ladies from Boston happen to take a nice snapshot of them enjoying a Red Sox game. There is absolutely nothing weird about these 2 women whatsoever.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Just killing time here

I forgot to post this earlier but Jon Stewart took some time to go after Mitt Romney for his comments on Wednesday morning. It's extremely hilarious and worth a watch. With that said,click on the video below,laugh and be bludgeoned by hilarious political BS.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Song of the day

In something that I'm sure most political blogs missed today,Mitt Romney just narrowly avoided a lawsuit. The almost lawsuit stems from Mitt using a song without permission,which is eerily similar to the almost legal trouble that Newt Gingrich got into the other day over "eye of the tiger". In this latest edition of musicians not liking the GOP,Somali born,Canadian raised rapper K'naan threatened to sue Mitt Romney to stop him from playing the American version of "Wavin' Flag". The Song was released in 2010 and was used by Coca Cola as a theme song for the 2010 World Cup with remixed versions of the song being made for several of the countries in the competition. To avoid getting sued by K'Naan,the Romney campaign has agreed to stop using his song. A song that K'Naan has said he would gladly let President Obama use during his reelection campaign if he wants to. If you want to hear where Romney used the song,skip to the end of his Florida victory speech. If you just want to listen to the extremely upbeat song without the political muckraking,click on the video for the song below.

Trump Card

In some news that surprises no one,Donald Trump has found a way to get free TV time. Tomorrow morning in Las Vegas,the man with the worlds most luxurious hair,will make an announcement. What is this announcement about? Well it pertains to the presidential race. He's going to let America know that Obama is once again lying about being an American. Also,he's going to endorse someone. To find out who,click on the picture below.


Coming off of a blowout victory in Florida,former anchor baby and smooth autograph writer,Mitt Romney sat down for an interview with CNN this morning. During the interview he discussed where his campaign goes from here and the mission of his campaign. Of course during his mission statement he let it slip that he doesn't really care too much for poor people. Click and listen to him get questioned about that statement below.