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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

is it just me?

Anyone that knows me in real life knows that I love the tv show "the biggest loser". Everything about that show is awesome to me.....especially Jillian Michaels,but why is it that every time I watch that show i get a huge craving for junk food. The show basically preaches about how bad junk food is for you(just look at the fatties on there) but that still doesnt stop me from killing a big bag of doritos and some cheese dip(shut up! you know its delicious as hell). Is it just me or do you do the same thing? let me know

sidenote Allison Sweeney is sexy. not that good of an actress but sexy

song of the day

slum village - get dis money

probably one of the coldest beats ever

Monday, September 28, 2009

I kinda want one of these

I only want it to show off with. I cant see the need for using one of these in any non-military situation

Thursday, September 17, 2009

song of the day

the brothers johnson - strawberry letter 23

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

For a long time.......

I've been thinking that alot of the anti-Obama rhetoric was basically coded racism. It turns I may have been right and I'm basing it on the theory that if white people are calling it racist it has to be extremely racist. How did i come to this theory? well i'm gonna try to explain. Its a proven fact that certain names(the negro sounding ones) are pretty much a negative when trying to get a job. A Jamal or a Tanisha is alot less likely to get a job than people named Jim and Mary even though they have the same credentials. Even with this data some people still dont see this as a racism or even a problem.In fact white people are usually the last ones to say anything is racist when its not against them. When you combine that with the long history of racism in this country and the fact that for the most part this country was kinda built to help out wealthy white men it has to mean that something seriously terrible is going on when a wealthy white man like jimmy carter would go out and publicly say on tv that he's seeing a lot of racism in the anti-Obama rhetoric.

to sum it up.......
if he calls it racist,it may be racist

if he calls it racist it IS very racist

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