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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Waging War

In recent months, America has finally had the long delayed talk of increasing the minimum wage. I for one am all in favor of increasing it because you can't live off of $7.25 an hour. Also, how is it possible to work full time, in America and still be below the poverty line as a single person? How is it possible that a person working full time needs food stamps? In all seriousness we as a nation should be more embarrassed by this fact than we are by the fact that most of what's on Facebook is gibberish. That and the fact that every other time we've raised the wage the economy didn't crash and in fact it kinda made things better. Of course if you want to see all of that laid out but funnier, click on the video below.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Picture of the day

This one needs little to no explanation. With that said, I'm going to urge everyone to actually watch the state of the union tonight.

Laura Ingraham is an idiot

Not too long ago, Michigan governor Rick Snyder announced a plan that he hopes will help improve the economy in my place of residence, Detroit. His plan pretty much comes down to asking the feds to grant more VISA's to highly skilled people who want to live and work in the city. By more, I mean that he's looking for 50,000 over the span of 5 years. IF this idea is approved and works how the governor thinks it might, it will make Detroit an attractive place for future immigrants, increase the population of the city by thousands, increase the tax base substantially and may even result in a few extra businesses opening up which means that there will be some jobs available for residents. I personally might not like most of Snyder's policies but I'm smart enough to realize that having more people in this city means that the city gets more revenue to use for things like basic services and (hopefully) improving some of the infrastructure problems. Of course, not everyone is on the "Let's not be idiots when it comes to immigration" bandwagon. One of those people against it is Laura Ingraham, who it should be noted, does not live in the state of Michigan. Following in the footsteps of Oakland County(not in Detroit) executive L. Brooks Patterson, who has built a career out of saying borderline racist things while bashing Detroit in an attempt to keep state dollars flowing in to Oakland County, Ingraham is now suggesting that America build a wall around the city to keep the immigrants and blacks, especially the blacks, from getting out and harassing kindly white people in the real parts of America. Click, listen and be amazed.

A game of inches

One of my giant pet peeves happens to be people who don't vote. I honestly have 0 respect for those people because voting is literally the least you can do and you don't do it. In the past we've seen elections come down to very small amounts of voters either voting or not voting. Of course, nothing beats the craziness that happened in Virginia because 11 people decided to vote. Click, be amazed and think about this the next time you're making a Facebook status.

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Random Act of failure

You ever wonder why MSNBC's ratings are consistently in the toilet? Well, if you did, this is why. Watch as a congresswoman gets interrupted so we can hear about the biebs. Well, I guess this is better than interrupting a speech on national security to go on Facebook.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Just Killing time here

I don't know if you knew this but I also run another site. In fact it was just started today and this post is basically a preview of the type of content on there.

"your vagina is your busins but once another life is involved they have rights too"

Translation: This guy respects your personal space and rights until you or he finds out that you're pregnant. Once that happens, get ready to have your life become meaningless in his quest to save a baby that he may in fact not give one fuck about once it's born.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Random Thoughts

I'm supposed to be working on English homework but for the life of me I can't think of what to write. So to clear my brain and get things going the right way, I'm going to write out some random thoughts that have been bugging me that are entirely too long to tweet.

1. I should just get a loan and use the money to outright buy a house. It's not really that expensive in Detroit.

2. Expanding on that first thought... Why do so many people here blow their tax returns on things like Cartier frames and rims that don't even fit the car that they're driving when you can literally buy the mostly fine house down the block and never have to pay rent again? I don't get that at all.

3. What's the deal with every single of my classes this semester giving me a writing assignment? Even my CIS class wants me to do entirely too much writing on things not related to computers.

4. It is never OK to ever compare anything to slavery unless it's actual slavery. I get pissed off when people compare shitty jobs or a mother in law that shorted them after spending all day helping them move to slavery.

5. You probably can't compare things to the Holocaust either. Nothing that happens on your iPad will ever reach the level of a genocidal maniac trying to exterminate most of his own country.

6. People who complain about the lack of a white history month should not be allowed to speak to adults in America. Especially considering that white people make up around 70% of the American populace and everyone else combined makes up about 30%.

7. I don't actually know my lineage. I know that I have some English and Irish(on my mom's side) in me but since I'm obviously black that means that I'm of African descent. I don't know which parts of Africa I come from and that bugs me. My niece who's considered "mixed" will have an easier time finding out at least half of her lineage thanks to the fact that her dad's side is totally Irish.

8. The racial double standard in America is astonishingly clear and noticeable when you compare the debates surrounding Richard Sherman's excited post-game interview to the debates surrounding Justin Bieber driving drunk and drag racing through a neighborhood. The fact that a guy with a masters degree from a prestigious university is a thug for not cursing while yelling during an interview but a public urine enthusiast and vandal with a known drug problem is a misunderstood kid for coming very close to killing several people tells me everything I need to know.

9. I have a hard time watching cable news due to the fact that it's mostly a circle jerk for the people that work there.

10. Speaking of awful journalism, I don't get the fandom surrounding Glenn Greenwald. He has views that I agree with but it's too easy to spot the obvious bullshit in a lot of his articles and on top of that he's thin skinned. Kinda like Kanye West working for a newspaper.

11. Ray J was always an awful singer and I don't think that America should ever forgive him for making Kim Kardashian famous by having boring sex with her. I know I wont forgive him.

12. No one in America gave a shit about the deficit until a black man was placed in charge of white people's money. It has to be weird being a white person who has never even had a black supervisor to be living in a country with a black president. If we really cared about the deficit we'd get rid of no-bid government contracts, cut the budget for congress, invest in renewable energy and get rid of private prisons altogether seeing as their a gigantic waste of taxpayer money.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Video of the day

The big issue for white hipsters and people who would have never been arrested and then thrown in jail for having a joint is legalizing marijuana. Despite my first sentence, I'm in favor of legalizing it, taxing it at a very high rate and then using that money to pay for healthcare. Of course, on the other side of me on the kush spectrum is Nancy Grace. She's been dedicating hours upon hours of her show to pointing out dangerous things done by people while high on marijuana. Of course, as recently as 2013, she was singing a totally different tune. Watch below as Nancy Grace destroys Nancy Grace in an argument on the dangers of marijuana and the psychological state of people who use it.

- Watch More Funny VideosNancy Grace Vs Nancy Grace

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Angry/wimpy Black Man

It's MLK day and the day after the NFL conference championship games. To say that today is a day that has people talking is kind of stating the obvious. Last night, after 4 teams were whittled down to two teams, the focus quickly turned to the upcoming super bowl. Of course before we get to that we have to get to the fact that Seattle corner back Richard Sherman has been the name on everyone's brain today. Of course for me, Richard Sherman is symptom of a bigger issue that I've noticed during my 26 years of life.

This all stems from his post game interview where he loudly exclaimed that he's the best defensive player in the NFL. Somehow this rubbed some people the wrong way(despite his numbers backing up his claim) due to the fact that he was loud, boisterous and willing to trash talk another player. I personally have 0 problem with this because sports is basically a struggle between players to assert athletic dominance and sometimes the way to help assert that dominance is through self reassurance and even a good dose of trash talking. What bugs me however is that being loud, animated, boisterous and sure of yourself is looked down on despite the fact that we as a nation tune in to see players be exactly that. I find myself wondering how I would have been if it were me, instead of Richard Sherman who made the play that every kid playing the sport of football dreams of, the winning play, the play that sent your team to a super bowl and a fan base of millions out in to the streets to celebrate. How would I react to being asked about that play only a few seconds after making it? Would I show raw emotion and call out a player who in the past had gone out of his way to be a complete and total ass towards me? Or would I give a canned answer followed by slick product placement for Bud Light? Looking at the circumstances, I find it hard to believe that I, nor anyone else would show anything other than raw emotion that may even come across as a bit of a rant.

With that said, why is it so fine for someone like Jim Harbaugh to get loud, throw a hissy fit, go on profane tirades and invade the personal space of others but totally classless for a player to voice his honest opinion(without being profane) on the sport during an interview? Is it the sheer optics of seeing an imposing black man yelling in the general area of a waif-ish white woman? Is it our sliding scale of sportsmanship that says it's fine for hockey players to beat each other bloody but the same action among NBA players is considered thuggish, a bad look for a race of people and against what's considered decent in American society? Or could it be that we as Americans have yet to come to terms with the hypocritical nature of wanting someone to excel at their job but being offended when they mention that they're excelling at their job?

Whatever it is it seems to be a huge double standard that goes beyond just the realms of professional sports. We openly celebrate politicians such as New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for being a loud, assertive, authoritative and even dominant alpha male while at the same time being caught off guard and even offended when President Obama shows some of these same traits on occasion. When the president does on occasion show his frustration with the continuing gridlock in congress, he gets painted as an angry black man, a bully and even a racist when he even bothers to mention that racism still exists. This characterization isn't just from his political opponents but also from people who otherwise agree with him on policy issues and the blogosphere on all sides of the political spectrum. Of course the other side of this is that President Obama is often portrayed as a complete and total wimp thus making his occasional showings of public frustration even more jarring to people.

As a black man, and as a man in general, the one thing that you can't be seen as is a wimp. You really can't even be soft spoken or the quiet type in a lot of situations. From personal experience, I can point out that not being loud, assertive and trying to dominate the conversation can lead to people questioning your loyalty, ability and motivations. It also instills a false belief in people that you're a pushover and therefore gives them a right to routinely and purposely go out of their way to disrespect you. Even in a work situation that doesn't involve running full speed in to 300lb men who are shouting profanities about your mother at you, this can and does happen. No one wants to be that guy. No one wants to be the wimp and most guys really aren't angry alpha males who feel the need to go out of their way show the world that they're the angry alpha male. There has to be a middle ground somewhere and I'm sure that most people fall in to it. Of course, until we acknowledge that middle ground and stop having a weird double standard about it, guys like me will always be left out in the cold as either too aggressive, too arrogant or weak depending on how we decide to answer a question on any particular day.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Doing the right thing

In a rare move that actually expands our rights as citizens, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the feds will no longer be allowed to profile people based on religion, gender, country of origin and sexual orientation. This move is basically an expansion of what counts as "racial profiling" and it's a huge win for everyone, particularly Muslim men who were targeted pretty much at random for being out and about and brown during the last decade. If you want to read more of the good news, click on the picture below.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Video of the day

Earlier today, I kinda caught a glimpse of New Jersey governor and yoga enthusiast Chris Christie conducting a press conference about a scandal of some sort. It turned out that he was spending an hour and a half talking about how his right hand manwoman ordered for one of the busiest bridges on the planet to be partially closed, during rush hour for the simple fact that a democratic mayor didn't endorse republican Chris Christie's reelection campaign. In the middle of this long, rambling and oftentimes nonsensical news event, the governor mentioned that he had 0 idea that his chief of staff, the person who has to run everything by him, sent out an order to purposely ruin traffic and cost New York and New Jersey time and money in the process. The fact that the guy in charge didn't know about something that could backfire on him being done by someone close to him made me think of a classic scene from "The Simpsons". Mainly, this one.