Wednesday, September 16, 2009

For a long time.......

I've been thinking that alot of the anti-Obama rhetoric was basically coded racism. It turns I may have been right and I'm basing it on the theory that if white people are calling it racist it has to be extremely racist. How did i come to this theory? well i'm gonna try to explain. Its a proven fact that certain names(the negro sounding ones) are pretty much a negative when trying to get a job. A Jamal or a Tanisha is alot less likely to get a job than people named Jim and Mary even though they have the same credentials. Even with this data some people still dont see this as a racism or even a problem.In fact white people are usually the last ones to say anything is racist when its not against them. When you combine that with the long history of racism in this country and the fact that for the most part this country was kinda built to help out wealthy white men it has to mean that something seriously terrible is going on when a wealthy white man like jimmy carter would go out and publicly say on tv that he's seeing a lot of racism in the anti-Obama rhetoric.

to sum it up.......
if he calls it racist,it may be racist

if he calls it racist it IS very racist

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You're right, that even white people, such as myself can see that the hostility toward our President is about race.

I see it in my brother in law's attitude, so it's pretty difficult to deny it when it's right in your face. Even harder when other family members defend him, and make the classic defensive arguments about best friends, spouses, (as proof the guy isn't a racist) oh and that bad experience as a kid (as an excuse for his racism.)
In terms of how racist things are, I thought they were pretty serious before President Carter's comments. To be honest, I wasn't sure if I was seeing more than was really there, because not surprisingly people in my family insisted that it's only there because I'm looking for it. So, President Carter basically confirmed what I already so. It doesn't make me feel better. Just more ashamed.

you've got idiots/racists in all colors of skin. i wouldn't give to much credence to the idea that anti obama is racial, it's A. a back lash for having good reason to despise bush, all those bush supporters are now able to aim at someone..our president.

ofcourse there are going to be people that hate or make choices based on race, but those people are idiots and really shouldn't get any credit nor be payed attention.

we can either ignore ignorance and make the best of what we have or we can try to reason with ignorance which is unreasonable past a certain point. grown ups that are still fooled into skin color being anything but aesthetics and protection from the sun ...are sadly in an illusion either based on culture or a cloudy desire to be proud of a culture.

any reasonable person realizes that each culture, especially these days, has people of every skin tone, especially in america. at this point there is no excuse for ignorance, but i understand how it can be easy to believe in something if that's how you were raised. it doesn't make it true but if some one thinks skin color is reason to make a choice, then sadly they can't help it, just like they stop at red and go on green, it's embedded in their "right and wrong" area of their brain.

it's a shame. because there is ignorance and it does create giant rifts in understanding, tolerance and acceptance of one another. but there's a point where one should reach and realize, you have to make the best of what you got and get away from those that stifle your growth and progression and to be frank, ignore the idiots when possible. and lastly but possibly most important, don't generalize a group of any one based on a few r even many idiots. it's just not fair to your self or others.

i ain't defending racists, in fact i feel sorry for them.

one more thing, one should be proud that all a bunch of morons have to get riled up about is skin color. that should solidify why obama or anyone is "good" for america.

i'm not saying he is good or bad, i did vote for him, that's not the point, to me the point is...

if all some one has to be mad at is skin color, then the person being hated on is the winner, end of story. idiots and appologeticians can go home.

just my opinion, thanks for sharing t1 and wuggaslady, we don't have to agree, right?

first and foremost I'm actually glad that my rant on racism(with huge errors in grammar) made enough sense that two intelligent people could express their opinions on it and secondly I wouldnt mind racism so much if it werent for the fact that some idiot racists tend to be very violent.