Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gay is OK?

That's basically the message that slightly more than half of the supreme court sent to the country today. In a 5 to 4 decision the court struck down the defense of marriage act on the basis that it's pretty much government sponsored discrimination. I for one totally agree with the majority on this one. In a truly free United States, we can't have the government sanctioning discrimination just because two dudes kissing makes another guy feel all weird. For the most part the decision has been met with cheers from the gay community,a mostly nonchalant attitude from most others and a few crazy eyed angry responses about the end of the world coming on thanks to the fruit basket explosion of gayness released upon this country thanks to this decision. Below are some of the crazier responses. Also,click here for ridiculous responses from our elected leaders.

Rush Limbaugh thinks that striking down DOMA is part of the disintegration of these United States.

In fact he's pretty pissed off at the court over this decision.

He even thinks that this now turns the court into basically a bar where the winner is just the guy with the most backup. Yes,I do realize that the last sentence makes 0 sense but neither does the link that you're about to click on.

Glenn Beck now believes that this decision on DOMA will lead to America throwing the bible away and adopting polygamy as a policy. Probably Muslim polygamy though. I think Rand Paul is with Glenn on this one.

And the super hot Laura Ingraham has now come out to say that the DOMA ruling will make Catholics "Persona Non Grata" in America.


But...we're violating THEIR right to be bigoted morons! LIBERTY!!

Stop stepping on their rights to violate your rights.