Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Poll Position

To say that politics often veers into the lane of ridiculousness is a gross understatement at the very least. A large part of the political process has to do with polling. Polls let us know how voters feel on things ranging from the candidates and their personal opinions to more important issues such as gay marriage,immigration reform and education. In the state of Georgia,the people behind Public Policy Polling put out a hypothetical situation and asked voters who they liked. This hypothetical included civil rights legend and real American hero,Dr Martin Luther King Jr and TV chef,sugar maven,butter aficionado and plantation fetishist Paula Deen.

In a normal world,Dr King would clearly rank highly positive when it comes to how people view him but you and I both know that this post has ridiculousness in it. In reality,in Georgia,among the people who were asked this question who happened to be republican voters,Paula Deen is much more popular than Dr King. In the year 2013, a TV chef who thinks that the wrong side won the war is more popular than a guy who was killed for having the audacity to ask that people of color not be beaten in the streets for wanting to have lunch. This goes to show that we in this country have a very long way to go when it comes to not being idiots.

On a side note Paula Deen's recipes are so-so at best. There are so many better southern cooks.