Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Follow the money

If you live in Michigan like I do, you may have seen one of the hundreds of political ads currently filling up the airwaves. If you're also like me, you may be wondering who's paying for the overabundance of commercials. It isn't me, you, Sharkiesha or even the candidates themselves. In fact, most of the money for these commercials, radio ads and internet pop ups are coming from outside groups. How much is "most" of the money? Try 7 out of every 8 dollars spent on political attack ads coming from groups not based in Michigan. Adding to the mayhem is the fact that a lot of the funding isn't publicly disclosed, and some of the ads are misleading at best. Basically, the political agenda on TV isn't being driven by the voters or spun by candidates, but increasingly controlled by a group of unknowns who are willing to ruin this state in order to get a little bit richer. Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, this is a gigantic problem. If you feel like reading more on how some rich guys in Washington are trying to control Michigan, click here.