Monday, July 21, 2014

Broken System

Something that I haven't talked about a lot on here is the broken prison system here in America. This is pretty awful considering my personal stance against the entire idea of privatizing prisons and the weirdly, purposefully racist ways we enforce and prosecute criminal activity in this country. Case in point: somebody like me will definitely go to prison if I get caught with more than a gram of kush, while the average Livonia resident probably wont go to jail even if he had a brick of coke. At least California is acting like they notice the disparity. Add up the myriad of racial disparities, even when it comes to committing the same offenses, the complete waste of money private prisons are, the high recidivism rates and the rampant abuse and you have a recipe for disaster. Click on the video below to be not surprised by the level of care that we don't put towards our prison system.