Thursday, July 8, 2010

A not so random connection

I bet that you didn't know this but legendary Miami,FL based rap group 2live crew is officially endorsing Elana Kagan as a supreme court nominee. Ok so maybe the whole group isn't endorsing her but the frontman,Luther "Uncle Luke" Campbell is. In a column for Miami New Times News,the man thats known for such songs as "Banned in the USA","I wanna rock" and the classic and controversial "Me so horny" states why he endorses Elana Kagan as a supreme court nominee. In his endorsement he takes the time to point out that Elana Kagan has made a career out of upholding the constitution even when it wasn't popular. He does this by specifically pointing out that she was one of the people that defended him and 2 live crew against obscenity charges stemming from the content of their album "As nasty as they wanna be". In her brief that defended the album Ms Kagan wrote that the lyrics "does not physically excite anyone who hears it, much less arouse a shameful and morbid sexual response.". In other words even though there was a ton of profane language and sexual references the lyrics weren't going to make you go out and sexually assault somebody. I bet that whole connection surprised you. You can read more of Uncle Luke's statements by clicking on the picture which happens to be right below the very song that they had to go to the supreme court over. Listen,watch,click,read,enjoy and pass it on.

Oh and it looks like Fox news fans aren't too happy about this either.


LOL This might not be a great idea - siting former Mayer of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick... Can you imagine what might happen at the parties in Miami mansions?! lol I know I'm not going to dance there ;-) Bad joke - pls forgive me!
Anita @ModelSupplies

You only have to worry about dancing at one of Kwame's parties if you're stripping and Carlita happens to walk in the room. If she sees you dancing for Kwame,don't expect to go home the next day.

Reading Anita and you...LOL. I love 2LiveCrew back in the day. They had a new sound that was just FUNKY. Me So Horny is so badass. As for the explicitness of their content, yeah, it goes overboard.

Way back then... almost 20 years ago I didn't care, though. Politics and rap music go hand in hand. Pardon the expression, but it's true. It's a way to get even more publicity. It's a you do me, I do you arrangement.

The content is way overboard but thanks to our constitution,overboard is perfectly fine. Rappers actually love it when some politician gets pissed off at their song. Its the best promo anyone could ask for. Oh and is it weird that I kinda grew up as a 2live crew fan?

Dope article. Great find.