Friday, February 6, 2009

my big problem with the internet........

my main problem with the internet isnt the huge amounts of gossip,rumors,false information on real issues or the lack of sites dedicated to tina fey. my main problem is how easy it is for people to act an ass on the net. i've written about e-thuggin before and while its annoying its not nearly as annoying as the outright retardedness shown on youtube under any music video(especially if the person or artist is popular). it also annoys me when i read shit like this under videos.....

imadsamara2 (4 weeks ago)
blow my cock cause i jizzed in my pants

now what the fuck does that have to do with "blow the whistle" by too short? and it wasnt even aimed at anybody just random nonsense and honestly it annoys me because i shouldnt be reading some comment by some kid talkibng about obama is the anti-christ under a jim jones video.