Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Just a few thoughts

I know that the gun control debate has been going on recently and personally I feel like we should have been having this conversation a long time ago. I know that since we live in a country full of idiots that we'll never have a society free of crime,violence and murder. The issues that lead to those things go much deeper than saying that we should get rid of assault weapons(great idea) and extended clips(also a good idea). Crime,the reasons behind it and why certain crimes tend to happen in certain places vary. In Detroit, most of the crimes have something to do with money. From drug deals gone bad,to robberies,carjackings and even failed robberies. These are the types of acts committed by desperate people who don't see any other way to survive in a town where opportunities are starting to become scarce to say the very least. A lot of this crime would probably not exist in my city if we took care of the most basic things like hiring more cops,turning on the street lights and having a school system that focused more on molding kids to lead successful lives and a little less on undermining students and teachers in the name of saving a few bucks(which they're also failing at doing). Another thing that would help is universal background checks on all gun sales. I do realize that criminals will find ways to get their hands on a gun if they're really determined to do so but we should do everything we can to make it harder for that to happen. On top of that, I find it a little weird that every couple of weeks I can go out to a gigantic flea market downriver and buy any gun that's in my price range with no questions asked but I need a prescription to get extra strong deodorant. I find it a little weird that a company is actively running a background check on me right now just to see if I'm a good fit to work inside of a freezer but no one is going to run one on me if I decide to go to Wal-Mart and buy a few rifles and some nachos. Oh and once they're done running the background check, they're going to ask me to take a drug test. I'm perfectly fine with the background checks,drug tests and hours of questioning to get the job driving a pallet jack inside of a 100,00 square foot. I just hate the fact that we don't go to the same lengths when letting people purchase guns. Even the NRA used to agree with me on background checks. What pisses me off even more are the nutjobs who happen to be against simple background checks. Nutjobs like my ex-masturbatory aide, Ann Coulter. She actually thinks or wants us to think that she thinks that background checks will lead to a holocaust-like scenario brought on by King Hussein Obama. Click below and be amazed by an idiot.