Thursday, February 7, 2013

Marco Rubio discusses rap music

I guess I should start this out by pointing out that there isn't much that myself and the republican senator from the great state of Florida agree on politically. Of course seeing that I'm not one of those people who spends his entire life being bitter and angry towards anyone that doesn't follow my exact ideology 1000% of the time. If I were that type of person,I'd never vote and would spend my days yelling at passing cars in my underwear on street corners. Since I'm not that type of guy, I decided to give this interesting video a look. What surprises me isn't the fact that a man in his 40's spent his college years listening to 2 of the greatest rappers of all time, it's the fact that I actually agree with his views on 2pac's lyrics. Also, I agree with his assessment of early to mid 90's rap music. Click on the video below to be amazed.