Thursday, March 7, 2013

Droning on

If you were on Twitter on Wednesday you may have noticed Rand Paul being the top trend most of the day. This is due to his stance against the Obama administration wanting to have the legal capability to target and kill Americans with drones if it ever came down to an outlandish situation that warranted a drone. I for one do not like the idea of drones at all outside of using them to spy on people. Of course with that said I think Rand Paul and his filibuster happen to be complete bullshit. In fact I kinda dislike most of the people who suddenly found it horrible that we might use a drone to possibly one day shoot at an (white)American in America one day for being a terrorist. I find it a little ridiculous that no one has a problem with the nearly decade of us using drones to kill people in other countries that we aren't at war with but are outraged at such tactics possibly one day being used here. I find it funny that Rand Paul, a man who is on record as being cool with discrimination and for some reason voted against the violence against women act is now being hailed as a guy who cares about civil liberties. In fact he was one of only 8 to vote against that bill but now he's the new champion of civil rights for one shitty filibuster. If you really think that he gives a shit about you,you are an idiot. Also, if they wanted to, congress could introduce a bill to outright ban the use of drones and if that fails to get enough votes someone can always sneak it in a more popular bill. Of course that would get in the way of some of the money Rand's comrades are making from drone makers. Just sayin....

There's more that I have to get off of my chest as I type while listening to some of the finest southern rap music available. I for one am sick of fake outrage. In the other paragraph I pointed out that we as a country did not give a shit about drones until the possibility of one of us being shot came up. Why is that? Were those entire neighborhoods being hit by missiles in Pakistan and Yemen less important? Are we only using moral objectivity to raining robots of death when it comes to saving our own asses? And thanks to the precedent we set years ago, what's stopping the Russians,Chinese,North Koreans or Iranians from getting drones and shooting at people in the United States right now? Is it only legal because we do it? Someone give me some answers! This all seems like something that I see on the news way too often. A black kid gets shot in Detroit and no one cares but if one suburbanite gets killed it becomes a national outrage. Basically we're cool with savagery as long as it happens to the right people who happen to not live around us. When most of you move past your double standard on drones and life in general you can talk to me. Until then keep pretending to care while openly showing that you could not care any less. Congrats to Rand Paul on not wanting Americans to get shot by drones in America but that filibuster is the most transparent,grandstanding bullshit I have seen in a while.


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