Monday, March 25, 2013

Bad Choices

Everyone knows that for the most part life is a series of choices based on circumstances,situations and strategy. Yup, it's kinda like a video game. As with any video game, there are some things that are totally out of your control. This is even more true in real life. In real life you always have to deal with insane,unplanned and ridiculous variables. Because of these variables things such as choice are nonexistent. For some people these variables range from being too short to ride a roller coaster to being born with a debilitating disorder. For many millions of people this variable was being born into slavery. Slaves had no choice. For them it came down to stay a slave or face certain death in an attempt to escape. Of course most of you knew this but if you ask the fine people who wrote United States History for Christian Schools, 2nd ed., slavery itself was a choice and probably not a bad one. While the fact that a textbook with this amount of ridiculousness in it even exists is offensive enough, what's worse is that this is being taught in schools that are funded by our tax dollars. Specifically it's being taught in Louisiana. Louisiana is a state that has a governor that believes that private schools should be able to operate without any oversight whatsoever. This is also while he has 0 problem funding private schools with scarce public money. To read more and be amazed by the idiocy of Bobby Jindal, click this half of the sentence.