Thursday, December 12, 2013

Afternoon Distraction

I never thought that I'd be on a roll of hilariously awful failure when it came to the sad passing of one Earth's greatest heroes but,somehow it's happening. A couple of days ago I posted about how the local news station here put up the wrong graphic to remember South African leader and icon for freedom, Nelson Mandela. Between then and now there has been a public memorial service and a swarm of media coverage covering everything but the life of a man who did what most figured would be impossible.

Some of this media coverage has focused on President Barack Obama. While this would be perfectly fine if it was about the eloquent words that he spoke at the memorial service in front of what could have been a billion eyes, it isn't the case. The majority of the coverage on the president from the memorial service comes from him firstly, not immediately hitting the president of Cuba with a stone-cold stunner and secondly, him taking a picture with the prime ministers of Great Britain and Denmark. A lot of the coverage has had to do with the look on the face of the first lady while this was going on. I find it strange that people are so quick to want to hope that something is going wrong in the marriage of two people that none of us know on any sort of personal level. With that said, the good people at spirit airlines decided that this would be a good way to market their airfares and play on an old racial stereotype of the angry,jealous and irrational black woman. Click and be amazed.