Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The year in review(the personal side)

The year 2013 was a pretty big one for me. In fact it was probably one of the better years in my life in a general sense. Firstly; I actually heard the words "you're hired!" 3 different times this year, secondly, I did something that I had put off for far too long and started going to college and thirdly, it was a huge year for my immediate family and my sister in particular.

In 2012, I was basically doing any and everything possible to just try to get by and honestly, I was failing pretty hard at it. This year made things a lot easier for me. By no means am I rich, living in a lap of luxury or even what can be considered lower-middle class. What I'm really saying is that it feels good to have some sort of semi-consistent income coming in. With all of that said, the next paragraph is going to be spent describing the jobs I've actually done this year.

As stated earlier, I did get "hired" 3 different times this year but I'm currently only working one of those jobs. You may be wondering why I'm only working one job and it's pretty easily explainable in the next few sentences. The first job ended due to inconsistent hours, verbal abuse and a complete and utter disregard of the line of common decency from the manager who was only making $1 an hour more than I was. The second job just had the type of hours that I would not be able to work due to me not having a car. I'm currently working at and enjoying the 3rd job which was a 2nd job from 5 years ago but now it has a slightly higher payday and it's shockingly easy to me.

Another big part of 2013 for me was finally starting college. For years, I had put it off, made excuses for not going and just generally avoided the subject. In 2013, my lack of a job and the fact that I was getting very few call backs for jobs that I should have had made me change that and I don't regret it. The college experience has been one of the better experiences of my life and I owe it to a few people for pushing me in that direction.

A big part of why college is so great for me is that I finally get to prove to myself that I'm not a total dumbass. I was actually able to surprise myself with how well I did during the first semester. Of course the other part as to why college is so awesome is that I get to constantly challenge myself to learn and do something new. I'm at the point now that I'm actually trying to look in to internships. If everything continues to work out, 2014 will probably be even bigger and better and it'll include tons and tons of blog posts.

As for the third point, I don't need a ton of sentences or paragraphs to sum it up. In simple terms........this happened in September.

I'm an uncle and that alone gives me more than enough reason to keep trying to do better.