Saturday, January 25, 2014

Random Thoughts

I'm supposed to be working on English homework but for the life of me I can't think of what to write. So to clear my brain and get things going the right way, I'm going to write out some random thoughts that have been bugging me that are entirely too long to tweet.

1. I should just get a loan and use the money to outright buy a house. It's not really that expensive in Detroit.

2. Expanding on that first thought... Why do so many people here blow their tax returns on things like Cartier frames and rims that don't even fit the car that they're driving when you can literally buy the mostly fine house down the block and never have to pay rent again? I don't get that at all.

3. What's the deal with every single of my classes this semester giving me a writing assignment? Even my CIS class wants me to do entirely too much writing on things not related to computers.

4. It is never OK to ever compare anything to slavery unless it's actual slavery. I get pissed off when people compare shitty jobs or a mother in law that shorted them after spending all day helping them move to slavery.

5. You probably can't compare things to the Holocaust either. Nothing that happens on your iPad will ever reach the level of a genocidal maniac trying to exterminate most of his own country.

6. People who complain about the lack of a white history month should not be allowed to speak to adults in America. Especially considering that white people make up around 70% of the American populace and everyone else combined makes up about 30%.

7. I don't actually know my lineage. I know that I have some English and Irish(on my mom's side) in me but since I'm obviously black that means that I'm of African descent. I don't know which parts of Africa I come from and that bugs me. My niece who's considered "mixed" will have an easier time finding out at least half of her lineage thanks to the fact that her dad's side is totally Irish.

8. The racial double standard in America is astonishingly clear and noticeable when you compare the debates surrounding Richard Sherman's excited post-game interview to the debates surrounding Justin Bieber driving drunk and drag racing through a neighborhood. The fact that a guy with a masters degree from a prestigious university is a thug for not cursing while yelling during an interview but a public urine enthusiast and vandal with a known drug problem is a misunderstood kid for coming very close to killing several people tells me everything I need to know.

9. I have a hard time watching cable news due to the fact that it's mostly a circle jerk for the people that work there.

10. Speaking of awful journalism, I don't get the fandom surrounding Glenn Greenwald. He has views that I agree with but it's too easy to spot the obvious bullshit in a lot of his articles and on top of that he's thin skinned. Kinda like Kanye West working for a newspaper.

11. Ray J was always an awful singer and I don't think that America should ever forgive him for making Kim Kardashian famous by having boring sex with her. I know I wont forgive him.

12. No one in America gave a shit about the deficit until a black man was placed in charge of white people's money. It has to be weird being a white person who has never even had a black supervisor to be living in a country with a black president. If we really cared about the deficit we'd get rid of no-bid government contracts, cut the budget for congress, invest in renewable energy and get rid of private prisons altogether seeing as their a gigantic waste of taxpayer money.