Thursday, January 9, 2014

Video of the day

Earlier today, I kinda caught a glimpse of New Jersey governor and yoga enthusiast Chris Christie conducting a press conference about a scandal of some sort. It turned out that he was spending an hour and a half talking about how his right hand manwoman ordered for one of the busiest bridges on the planet to be partially closed, during rush hour for the simple fact that a democratic mayor didn't endorse republican Chris Christie's reelection campaign. In the middle of this long, rambling and oftentimes nonsensical news event, the governor mentioned that he had 0 idea that his chief of staff, the person who has to run everything by him, sent out an order to purposely ruin traffic and cost New York and New Jersey time and money in the process. The fact that the guy in charge didn't know about something that could backfire on him being done by someone close to him made me think of a classic scene from "The Simpsons". Mainly, this one.