Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Picture of the day

Currently in the state of Michigan, the legality of banning gay marriage is on trial. The entire case stems from a Detroit-area couple who want to adopt each other's children but can't due to not being married, and they can't get married because they're a lesbian couple. To change this, the two women decided to sue the state of Michigan to get the 2004 ban on gay marriage overturned. As expected, this issue is a deeply emotional one that brings out people on all sides of the issue to debate about it.

Seeing as this trial is not only taking place in my town, but literally down the street from where I attend college, I had to stop by and see the swirl of activity surrounding the courthouse. As I stepped off the bus and in to the 12 degree weather with the chorus to Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz's "Knockin Heads Off" blaring in my earbuds, I could see a crowd near the federal courthouse. There were news vans, cameras, random people walking back and forth from office building to office building and none of them stood out as much as the silent protest in front of the steps. They literally said nothing while walking back and forth in a loop in front of the building. The closest any of them came to speaking to me was the nasty look I got when I asked if I could snap a photo of them. I guess it's better than having my morals questioned. Those photos are below.