Thursday, March 31, 2011

hypocrisy in action

Last year members of the tea party swept into power with promises of getting rid of handouts to lazy people, cutting government spending and completely getting rid of government waste. They also got in on the platform of being against everything that President Obama is in favor of even if it means going against something they themselves say they're in favor of. Now it seems that not only has no one been able to cut spending or even propose any sensible solutions for it. It's recently come to light that several members of the tea party have been actively profiting from wasteful government spending. This time the wasteful government spending comes in the form of farm subsidies to people and farms that clearly don't need the money. Of course when I first heard about it,it reminded me of Michele Bachmann who got over a quarter of a million dollars in subsidies for her family farm because they were struggling to make ends meet. Check out the video below to learn more about it and to learn a lot more about it click here.