Saturday, March 19, 2011

My week

I've had a weird week and what better place to get some thoughts and feelings off of my chest than here in this blog. With that said lets get this started with me listing things that have annoyed,shocked and amused me in the last week.

1. I'm beyond the end of my rope with the bus service in this city. I have to catch 2 buses to work and half of the time they aren't on time. I'm pretty lucky that I leave out from the house early enough to make up for the slowness of the bus most of the time.

2. Speaking of buses I saw some interesting things on the bus this week and luckily for you and the people at google I don't have pictures of it.

3. You may be wondering "Well,What the hell did you see?" and I'm gonna answer that in the next one.

4. What I saw on Wednesday was a couple getting a little too handsy on the bus. By handsy I mean he had his hand way up her skirt on a crowded bus.

5. The coverage of the earthquake and disaster in Japan is annoying me. Its annoying me because the news is focusing on what it means for people in America who drive Priuses in a weak attempt at saving the environment. No one gives a fuck about your Prius. Get off of your ass and donate some money to the red cross to help some people who desperately need it you pretentious son of a bitch.

6. Rick Snyder has quickly proven that he really couldn't care less about the people of Michigan.

7. I planned on hitting a bar or two for St Patty's day but I was so tired that I slept most of the day.

8. How did I miss this?

9. I'm also convinced that Michele Bachmann is really an actress who is parodying an extreme right wing politician. Kinda like a Stephen Colbert who happened to get elected to congress several times. No real person can be that dumb.

10. Congrats to the Michigan Wolverines for beating the hell out of the Tennessee Vols on Friday.