Saturday, January 3, 2009

new year,new goals

so yeah its 2009 and its time for a since its time for a change i might as well outline some of the things i want to change/do/improve on this year

1. get a decent job. i'm sick of bouncing from dead end job to dead end job that doesnt pay anything and always end with me being laid off. its seriously prohibiting me from doing what i want to do and its the reason why i havent been able to do the next couple of things on this list such as.........
2. get my finances in order: I have a small amount of debt which would be totally manageable if not erased completely if i were actually making money and if i dont do that i wont be able to do number 3 on this list............
3. get a car: to be honest i'm just sick and tired of walking,catching a ride with someone else and worst of all waiting an ungodly amount of time for the bus and end up late to whereever i should be at. and on another note i'd love to have a pontiac. i just happen to have a thing for pontiacs

4. get in college somewhere:it can be wayne state or it could be wayne county community college. i really dont care just as long as i'm in a college working towards a degree in international business or business logistics. so yeah basically i want to eventually be that guy in the suit that gets paid $125,000 a year to tell other people what other people are going to buy

kinda like that nigga but without the line of sex toys in my likeness

5.get in shape: not just lose weight but lose a few pounds and get my body looking right. this may be the hardest thing to do or possibly the easiest depending on how i go about doing it. if it all works out correctly i'm gonna be walking around shirtless for no damn reason in the winter

6.sell some damn music: yeah i do music and in the past i have sold a few beats/tried my ass off to get songs that i've helped make played on internet radio stations(you wont find any currently) and it feels good to know that people think that the music i've helped make is kinda good but i wanna make it better so in 09 i'm gonna make it alot better and learn to play an instrument while i'm at it so i can be kind of a one man version of kool and the gang