Saturday, January 10, 2009

things that need to stop in 2009

1. hating the radio - this one is obvious for me. people bitch and moan all day about how all they play is crap on the radio but they fail to realize that the radio basically plays whatevers popular at the moment and just because your favorite rapper isnt popular doesnt mean that the radio is a big government conspiracy to ruin your listening experience and make you a slave of some sort some way or another

2. hating soulja boy - I'm not really a fan of him and to be honest a lot of his music is just asstastic garbage but I'm not gonna hate on him. It just seems weird to me that alot of older rappers really hate him when their records stop selling(Ice T,Ghostface Killah,others). quit hating on him and get back to making your music and maybe it'll start selling again and on the net people really seem to hate this dude to the point that they'll watch his videos on youtube,rate it,subscribe and then write a comment. they'll call him broke or a bitch in the comment while not realizing that he just made almost a dollar off of them just stopping by to hate

3. rappers beefing through youtube - you aint tough nigga. we're really supposed to take you serious because you got your boy to record you with your shirt off threatening random people that you refuse to name. my whole life i've always heard that beef involves minimal talking and alot of violence.quit talking tough and get back to making albums

4.saying hip hop is dead - really? its dead? you just made a rap album and hip hop is dead? so why did you just make the album? another thing that annoys me about it is that people love saying hip hop is dead but cant explain why or how. the usual common answer is "soulja boy killed it" or "the south killed it" or a combination of the two. people who say that usually dont look at the fact that soulja boy actually does 2 of the main elements of hip hop(rap,breakdance) while most rappers dont or the fact that hip hop isnt always about struggling or being a drug kingpin or both at the same time

5.old rappers being pissed off at younger rappers - see number 2 on this list

6. rappers trying to sing for real - I dont really mind you doing your hook even though i would prefer to hear an R&B singer singing a hook.I dont really mind a rapper experimenting with autotune but if another rapper does like kanye and makes a whole album of singing out of key i swear i'm gonna go to a best buy store and break every last one of those cd's. it didnt sound good with kanye(sounded pretty bad actually) and it wont sound good with 99.99999% of rappers.

7.nerdcore - I think its great that nerds want to rap about dungeons and dragons and mac osx but damn would it kill some of them to focus more on the rapping aspect of rapping and not on how many times you can mention a computer in the song

the fuck is this shit?

8. e-thuggin - nigga you aint tough. it seems like people have really become angry on the internet lately. people are really quick to throw insults and threats at eachother now.this is happening alot now because people hide behind pictures of naruto cartoons on the internet and spend all day trying to start arguments on real rap talk or myspace. clearly most e-thugs would never even attempt to do or say 95% of the things they say on the internet in real life. about 60% of those wouldnt walk out of the house if they didnt run out of cheetos and diced ham

yeah theres alot more i can rant about but i'm tired. leave a comment and leave more comments


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