Friday, October 9, 2009

Misplaced Priorities?

It was announced that BET would be doing a documentary style show about Michael Vick and alrady people are angry about it to the point of wishing death on him. I dont see the reason for the Vick hatred when we have people dying everyday over foolishness. Have we lost all compassion for people that theyre less important than animals? Are we really that uncaring to our fellow man that their deaths dont mean anything yet we can have outbreaks of protests over a few animals dying.Where are the protests for the kids who have to deal with losing their family members to murder? Where are the protests for healthcare reform? Where are the protests for the wars we have going on? Why arent we so angry over homelessness in this country? Yes abusing,torturing and killing animals is terrible but these animals arent people. we walk past people in need of help everyday and the most we can do is make a rude comment about how they should "get off those drugs" or "get a fuckin job". With all of this going on in the world why are a few pitbulls so important? Is it because of who was behind it? Is it due to his race? Is it because we've ignored the problem for years and now we need someone to blame for it? Somebody answer that for me


Oh my beloved T, how I do adore u. Your questions are so well founded as we both know they are. but the answer to your questions in all its aspects is HUMANITY/EMPATHY/COMPASSION. it is just as wrong to wish death on Mr. Vick, I agree. what lacks in all that is wrong, the health care debates, homelessness all that u have stated including Mr Vick IS the lack of compassion, HUMANITY, empathy. if we can not show that for what we as ppl consider a lower species, than how can we expect that same compassion and humanity to be shown in the more pressing issues as u have stated. Then to be rewarded for such actions where the average person would not be, is the problem. Be glad these ppl are up in arms cos they ARE the same ppl who are fighting for just the issues that u stated. if we see that as injustice than we are even more bound by our compassion & HUMANITY to c the even more hardpress issues with even more compassion. and more likely TO do something about it. I am one of them. The problem with Mr Vick is he should now put his efforts into exactly what u speak of instead of making a show about his trials he has suffered from his own indiscretions. He should aspire to be the Michael Jordans or Magic Johnsons of the world, who have made such strong contributions to our society, who are TRUE ROLE MODELS FOR OUR CHILDREN. Again the same ppl who are speaking out in disgust about Mr Vick are the animal lovers, the treehuggers, the save the environment ppl that are yelling just as loud at the same time, help those who need healthcare, help those who need food, help those who are just in need. MR Vick has offended their sense of compassion/empathy/humanity. They are the same ppl who cant deal with the Glenn becks, Michelle bachmans, rush Limbaughs, of the world either. The true problem, there arent enough of them. in our mind mind they are all the same, insensitive, selfish, even evil and self serving. the more we c them get in THE PUBLIC EYE the more it turns our stomachs.