Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where has it gone?

What happened to being humble? What happened to having manners? What happened to humility? It seems that these things are missing from the internet. Why is that? We arent that bad in real life. Infact some of us are quite nice in person,but why are we so damn angry on here? It seems as if the internet is a haven for people to be angry,hateful,racist and just generally say things that they would never even whisper out loud in real life. the anonymous nature of the internet and the fact that you can literally do a ton of mischief and get away with it lends to this internet culture of mean spiritedness. I have personally received death threats over the internet before just for saying things like "I didnt really like that song too much". Obviously thats a cowardly act done behind a screen and thats where the real problem lies. People on the internet have huge delusions of grandeur. From the internet thug to the girl who spends all day on myspace and facebook talking about how pretty she is(when she's a 7 at best) or the anonymous blogger who spends all day trashing celebrities they dont know or will never meet. With all this said those delusions of grandiocity are just a cover for a real problem with these people and thats low self esteem,very low self esteem.People with normal self esteem usually dont feel the need to say how great they are all the time or trash others to make themselves appear great.Just get over yourself internet people. We can see that all of your tough talk,trash talk,"overconfidence" and celebrity worship is really just a cry for attention. Dont take your life frustration out on us just try to fix it in real life

chill out tough guy you arent scaring anyone