Saturday, October 17, 2009

My favorite Wu-Tang tracks

first up is in my humble opinion one of the best hip hop songs ever produced. to be serious though i feel like all of these songs are top quality and top tier rap song but the chorus of this song is probably the realest thing i've ever heard and it made understanding the world and why people do what they do so much easier.

this next song is awesome for so many reasons from the amazing descriptions of women,to the various flows to the melodic hook to the smooth beat this song has everything you could want in a song and lots of it

the youtube description pretty much says it all "best video of all time" and i cant put up that much of an argument against that but to add to it the beat is just incredible and method man absolutely kills it on this one.

I honestly wish they would've made a video for this one but unfortunately that didnt happen but with that said enjoy my favorite song off of the ghostface killah classic album "supreme clientele"

cold beat,colder flows and 3 presidential mc's. nothing more needs to be said

I'd kick my own ass if this song wasnt in here. one of my favorite beats ever and when you add raekwon murdering the track to it,its basically unstoppable. I dare you to find 10 tracks better than this by anyone not named pac,biggie or big l

i dont even need a description here but just know its good. scratch that its great

the best song on digital bullet and the sexiest video out of this bunch you've been watching. the rza - la rhumba