Monday, October 12, 2009

my obligatory nicki minaj post

for those of you who havent heard of her(all 9 of yall)Nicki Minaj is a rapper who just happens to have the weird balance of looking good and having some decent rhyming skills. so obviously that combo has helped her get a big buzz on the streets and on the net it doesnt hurt that she's a part of young money(lil wayne's record label). while the buzz has been great not all of it has been positive. as with anyone that comes up in the music industry there are going to be people who spend their lives trying to tear you down and thats the case with the video below. I'm sure most of us couldnt care if she has fake breasts,or fake hair or that she may or may not wear asspads. most guys shouldnt care considering that if given the chance we would all still sleep with her and any guy that says otherwise is a liar or possibly even gay. there i said it. the real fact is that she was fine looking before she got all the enhancements and alot of us became fans of hers because of those enhancements+her ability and if we suddenly act like she somehow lost her ability because she has fake breasts we werent looking at her for the right reasons to begin with.

On a sidenote this video was probably done by some fat ugly chick with nothing to do or some dude thats mad about not being able to get in her


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