Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The MLB weighs in

As everyone knows by now Arizona recently passed the toughest immigration law in the country. Since then people have been up in arms debating about it. Some say the law is a good first step in ridding this country of illegal immigrants who come here to commit crimes and steal our jobs. Others have been saying that the law is basically thinly veiled racial profiling. Now we have MLB players and managers weighing in on the issue. Before you get to that though check out this segment from MSNBC in which they discuss an effort by some to boycott the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Now that you've seen that click on the picture of Adrian Gonzalez to see what several members of the San Diego Padres have to say about the issue.

Also weighing in on the issue is Rod Barajas of the New York Mets who happens to be an American born player that lives in Arizona which means this law personally effects him and his family. Click on his picture to read about why he doesn't agree with the new law


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