Saturday, September 25, 2010

Random act of failure

Being a man of limited gun experience I may not know everything there is to know about weaponry. However I do know that certain guns have a lot of recoil. I also know that the recoil can embarrass the hell out of you. Watch below as a man fails to look cool while trying to look cool.


At least that guy has enough common sense to safety the shotgun before pulling up his pants(?)

Ditto what Albert said. :)

I was too busy laughing to notice that but its good to see that you two gun experts noticed it.

Sara, has her finger on the trigger. Anyone who knows anything about guns know you hold you finger along side the trigger unless you are really ready to fire. Clearly she has not a clue about guns.

Well, Anon Before Me, look at those eyes. She is a complete dullard and should have no access to guns, particularly one pointed at the camera with her finger on the trigger. But maybe I don't give her enough credit. Maybe she's sending a subtle message to her followers; "Always be ready to take out a Librul Media rep, even photogs, at any moment!"