Thursday, September 30, 2010

A gigantic milestone

This blog here marks a huge milestone for this site. This happens to be the 1000th blog posted on this site. I'm actually a little shocked that I've posted so many but it feels good. With that said lets go over the highlights and facts in list form.

1. The first blog on this site was maybe 4 sentences long and was posted on October 4th 2008. See if you can find it while searching on here.

2. Originally this blog was going to just be me spouting off whatever was in my mind.

3. On December 3rd,2009 I changed the name of this blog from "insanity on a computer screen" to The Gangster Government.

4.The most mentioned people on this blog in order are Barack Obama,Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

5. In order these are the most popular posts ever posted on my blog.

August 17,2010 Midnight Distraction

A random act of failure from August 27,2010.
An afternoon time killer from August 10,2010. I think the photo is why its so popular.

6. the least popular blog ever posted was this song of the day from a few days ago. Show it some love and enjoy some music.

7. According to this site is currently the 591,486th most popular site in the United States. Earlier this year it wasn't even in the top 1 million.

8. The URL for this site is named after myself and my older brother.

9. I have only posted 2 photos of myself on this site. Both of those photos can be found here.

10. My favorite posts of all time are Kop a chicken and "high off hope and change"

11. the word chicken has only been mentioned in 3 blogs. This is one of them,Kop a chicken is one and the other is this one.

12. My most popular individual political blog posts are this one about Michelle Obama and this ridiculousness about Louie Gohmert.

13. I plan on eventually getting my own domain name. In fact you can help by continuing to visit here,telling your friends about it and having them visit,search around the site and click on a few things.

14. My favorite videos on this site are the Phil Davidson video and the Basil Marceaux campaign ad.

15. I've had 6 different layouts and 3 different ad networks since I've had this blog. I plan on changing the layout sometime in the future.

16. This is the end of this post and here's a picture to make your day feel better.


I, too am a huge fan. You rock! I also like that picture. Makes my day a whole lot nicer.

WOW~!! Seems like yesterday~!! The is a FANTASTIC POST to celebrate~!! I'm a HUGE fan, too~!!
Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies

WOW~!! Seems like yesterday~!! The is a FANTASTIC POST to celebrate~!! I'm a HUGE fan, too~!!
Anita Nelson @ModelSupplies

Thank you for the love. I appreciate that a lot.

I can see myself being mayor but I don't know if the rest of the city can see me as mayor.

You are prolific! Congrats on your longevity and unending creative production! I love your trivia and factual stats. Keep up the awesomeness, T *huugggs* G

Congrats! You've come a long way, dear A-Train. Keep on keeping on. I'll be here next year to see more milestones!

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